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Popular Drum Teachers Near Utica

Sandy L.

Southfield, MI
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Terry P.

Farmington, MI
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William E.

Warren, MI
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Sandy L. Southfield, MI

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion, Songwriting, Trombone, Trumpet

About Me



Born and raised in Detroit, Sandy studied music from an early age. He obtained a bachelors degree from Eastern Michigan University and a masters degree from Wayne State University in music education.
Sandy provides private music lessons to children and adults alike. In addition to working as a music educator in the Detroit and Southfield Public School Systems, Sandy taught music for Cranbrook Institute's Horizon Upward Bound program and night school for Mary Grove College in Detroit. Sandy once served as music director and guitarist for "The Miracles" and has performed with many top Motown Acts including Freda Payne, Martha Reeves, Sweet James and The Fantastic Four, The Originals and most of the Funk Brothers. Sandy performed or recorded with James Jamerson Jr bass guitar, Ralph Armstrong bass guitar, Marcus Bellgraves trumpet, Ernie Rogers saxophone, Dennis Coffee guitar, Ron English guitar and many more. He also recorded or performed with the late Uriel Jones drums, Richard "Pistol" Allen drums, Levi Mann organ, Rudy Robinson keyboards, Joe Hunter piano, Johnny Griffith keyboards, Maurice Davis trumpet, Lefty Edwards saxophone, Thomas "Beans" Bowles sax & flute, Earl Van Dyke keyboards and Robert White guitar known for his famous guitar line on "My Girl" by the Temptations. He also wrote the music for two songs, performed by William "Wee Gee" Howard, one of the former lead singers of the Dramatics; "You've Been A Part Of Me" and "Don't Make Me The Reason".

*** Lesson Details ***
You can expect a laid back teacher with well over 40 years of teaching and performance experience to educate you or your child/children. My lessons will be focused the following areas; Note reading - playing chords and chord progressions - learning scales - proper and useful warm-ups - learning the blues and blues progressions - speed exercises - and allowing the student to pick the songs they would like to learn to play

*** Studio Equipment ***
The In-Studio lessons are taught in the family room which includes music stands, amp, trumpet, guitar (electric), electric keyboard and four piece drum kit..

*** Travel Equipment ***
The student must have his on trumpet or guitar. I will provide the music stand guitar cord and guitar amp.

*** Specialties ***
I teach jazz, classical, blues, rock and popular guitar and trumpet. I know and teach my students how to read and wright music. I teach students how to learn songs by ear. I teach them useful warm-ups, scales and chords. I teach them all they need to know to be a good musician.

Terry P. Farmington, MI

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting

About Me

Terry P. is a composer, producer, and a multi-instrumentalist specializing in guitar and piano. He has been teaching all types of people at all levels for over eight years at Axis Music Academy in Southfield, and has taught over 8,000 lessons. Terry has a Bachelors of Music with a concentration in Composition and Theory from Wayne State University. In 2012, Terry was awarded the prestigious Kresge Arts Fellowship in the performing arts category.
This is Terry's bio from the Kresge Arts In Detroit website:

Terry had already started making a lasting impact on the local rock scene €“ in his influence over other artists and his musical innovations €“ prior to studying music composition at Wayne State University. Terry has used this classical training toward his goal of elevating the musical consciousness of popular music audiences by exposing them to compositional techniques they would otherwise never hear without listening to classical music. Terry, a multi-instrumentalist, has focused his efforts on the exploration of these techniques in contemporary genres, specifically progressive metal. In recent years, he has employed himself as a private instructor and has started scoring music for film.

*** Lesson Details ***
I make sure that lessons are fun for the student, and that the student is learning material that they like. At the same time, I make sure that my students become well-rounded musicians by teaching them skills in reading and music theory. Lessons are tailored to the student, and my approach varies with everyone I teach. I will fast-track you toward your goal while supplementing your lesson experience with exposure to new things that will challenge you in a fun way. I have learned to play almost every instrument and will teach just about anything, although I am strongest with the piano and guitar. I am open to teaching all ages, all genres/styles, and have even taught students with various disabilities. My extensive training also makes me a good tutor for undergraduate music students taking classes in ear-training and theory.
Beginning students should expect to be playing a handful of their favorite songs after studying with me for a few months, and as well they will have a basic understanding of reading notes on the instrument, and a basic understanding of music theory fundamentals. Advanced students will find that they are continually inspired and challenged.

*Special note about locations taught*

I am centered in Ferndale, but would like to keep my travels north of 8 mile road. If you live south of 8 mile but still feel that you live in a safe neighborhood, we can deal with locations on a case by case basis.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide my own instrument and practice amp. for guitar/bass, the student must have their own instrument and amp. piano students must have their own piano and drum students must have their own drum kit. I can bring books and other materials and may recommend that students buy certain books etc.

*** Specialties ***
For piano, I specialize in classical, and can teach anyone from 5-year-old beginners to advanced players. I can teach any style.
For guitar, I specialize in metal and progressive rock. I can teach any ability level and any style.

William E. Warren, MI

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Audition Prep, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Classical Piano, Composition, Conga Drums, Country Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Hand Drums, Marimba, Music Performance, Music Theory, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Songwriting, Xylophone

About Me

*** Travel Equipment ***
I am able to provide a console piano, drumset, and an acoustic guitar. I expect guitar students to bring a guitar.

*** Specialties ***
I use many different methods and teach all styles of music

Scott S.

Waterford, MI
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Clinton Township, MI
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Joshua M.

New Baltimore, MI
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Scott S. Waterford, MI

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Arrangement and Composition, Audition Prep, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Composition, Country Guitar, Drum, Ear Training, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

Scott began his music career at Berklee College of Music in 1985 and continued his education at WMU and WSU as a Jazz Performance - Composition Major. He has studied privately with Ken Taft, Gene Butler, Mikhal Caldwell and Joe LoDuca.

As a performer Scott has been in a wide variety of bands and is a founding member of the Frank Zappa Tribute 'Ugly Radio Rebellion' and Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute 'CrossFire'. With 28 years experience as a music educator Scott has done an estimated 20,000 private lessons as well as classes, clinics, College Prep courses and is a member of The American Guild of Music. He is a versatile teacher and motivated performer and is fluent in most every style of music.

"I can teach you everything you need to know to accomplish your musical goals!!! Music should be fun and my approach is to ensure a rewarding experience for every individual student"

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons can be scheduled for once a week or every 2 weeks, 30 min - 45 min and 1 hr available.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Home Studio: a dedicated music room with a baby grand piano, electric guitars; acoustic guitars, bass, drums... full digital recording studio and rehearsal space!

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide all teaching materials and personal equipment, the student needs to have their own instrument... guitar rental is available!

*** Specialties ***
I am open to any and all methods, genres and styles...

I have more availability than is shown here and try to be flexible with scheduling...

JOSEPH H. Clinton Township, MI

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting

About Me

With my Bachelor's/Master's Degree and 13 years of experience in education, it will be an honor for me to add more to students.

*** Lesson Details ***
Music study helps people young and old to overcome shyness and build confidence. It empowers them as they refine their special talents.

We will study ear training .

My Method: Listen, Sing, Clap, Play, Read and Write. With these tools you can look deeper into the elements that make up music.

Children don't learn to read before they can talk. So why should anyone have to try to read before they can play?

That is how music is taught, traditionally and why a huge percentage of students just quit or have a miserable time with piano lessons. Music should be fun. Period.

We will always have a lot of fun, but there is a lot to do, so we need to be efficient and not waste time. My teaching method is a combination of the best methods I have found. It is backed up with the same solid principles that I received when I was a student myself. If you choose to continue and pursue a classical education at a high level, you will be well-prepared.

*** Studio Equipment ***

dell inspiron n5050 core i3
two dell monitors
M-Audio's Fast Track Pro USB Digital Audio Interface (PC and Mac)
Amplifier kenwood KR-V126R
2 speakers aiwa
2 speakers Jamo
Sennheiser HD 201
Digital monitor audio technica
Korg triton
Roland Fantom FA 76
Steel acoustic guitar
‚½ Steel acoustic guitar

*** Travel Equipment ***
In My Home Studio:
3 digital keyboard in a recording control-room,dell inspiron
Korg triton, Krog trinity plus, Yamaha PSS 170
n5050 core i3, two dell monitors, M-Audio's Fast Track Pro USB Digital Audio Interface, Amplafier kenwood KR-V126R 2 speakers aiwa, Sennheiser HD 201, Digital monitor audio technica, Steel acoustic guitar, ‚½ Steel acoustic, guitar tuner, and Drabouka.

If you are taking any kind of music lesson,
we recommend a tuned piano or digital keyboard.
If you like, I can suggest several different models of keyboard that I have researched and of which I approve.

*** Specialties ***
I teach people of all ages
first to play by ear and to have fun while they study.
Then I back up ear training with solid theory so they can read and write music.
In school I studied many traditional methods and
I have distilled my own distinct method from them. Though I am classically trained, I specialize in improvisation.

Joshua M. New Baltimore, MI

Subjects Taught

Audition Prep, Composition, Drum, Ear Training, Marimba, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion, Xylophone

About Me

I studied music performance at Central Michigan University under the instruction of Dr. Andrew Spencer. There I focused on many aspects of music including music theory, ear training, composition, arranging, and most importantly performance. I've studied and performed countless percussion instruments, and currently teach and perform in the Detroit area.

For myself, music is not a choice. Music wakes me up in the morning, gets me through my day, and helps me wind down at night. Music keeps me organized and focused through goal setting and prioritizing. Music is how I communicate, without it, I'm speechless.

Now, for you, my potential student (or parent), music may play a different role in your life. It may be entertainment, it may be a social exercise, it may be family, it may be injury recovery, it may be therapy, it may even be that deeper calling that I spoke of previously. What music is for you, is not for me to say. However, through music, we will both develop a deeper understanding of ourselves, and in doing so, will better know what you are capable of achieving. We will learn to set goals, and to prioritize. We will build confidence through accomplishing these goals, and we will unlock potential that may have been otherwise untapped.

***First Lesson***
Our first lesson will be an informal meet and greet. You'll get to know me, and I'll get to know you. We'll talk more than we'll play in this first lesson because I want to really understand your goals, and what motivates you. We'll discuss some attendance policy stuff, some instrument stuff, and I'll let you know what books* we'll be working out of. What books* we use will be based completely on what you want to study (i.e. drum-set, marimba, composition, ear training, percussion, music theory, performance).

I use books to supplement the overall hands-on experience. Rather than reinvent the wheel by writing exercises by hand, we will rely on the many brilliant musicians that have come before us. You could play through a book on your own, I'm here to give you some perspective about what the book is meant to teach.

***Lesson Details***
These lessons are going to teach you talent. Despite what many people believe, talent is not something you either have or don't, it's something that develops over time. I was not always good at what I do, but through patience and perseverance I was able to increase my skill and my confidence.

These lessons are very freeform in that we may be discussing how to play a drum set beat one day, and we may be talking about how to play a shaker the next. The lessons you buy are yours, and they are what you want them to be. We will be setting goals, and learning to prioritize, but it will be goals based on what you are working on. I sometimes think of it as a "Study Hall" for music. If you ask more questions, you'll learn more things. If you practice a few hours a week, we'll be able to progress further and faster.

***On-Line Lessons***
I personally believe this is the future of private mentorship. The fact that you can chose from hundreds of qualified teachers from around the world is amazing, and I strongly believe it will change how society is educated in the future. The expectation is that you have a functional webcam, and some way of capturing audio. Be prepared to purchase a separate microphone and camera if we are doing full drum set lessons. Drum set can get tricky when it comes to sound quality, but be not afraid, I will guide you through the optimal microphone placement. Lessons are available through FaceTime, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

Here are the peripherals I recommend:
Webcam - Logitech - C920 HD Pro Webcam ($99)
Microphone - Audio technica - atr2100 ($60)

***In-Home Lessons***
Nothing beats one-on-one personal training. In-home lessons allow us the luxury of On-Line lessons, with the added experience of having a live audience; me. If you are local to the Detroit area, and you have the necessary equipment already at home or nearby, I'll come to you for private training. Lessons that are done in person are ideal for marimba, timpani, xylophone, and I would encourage that they be arranged to take place at a local school or music shop. I do not provide equipment for in-home lessons, which is why I recommend getting a third party involved to supply the larger instruments. For those outside of the Detroit area, Online-Lessons are your best course of action.

***Why take lessons from me?***
I've been teaching music for nearly a decade, and I'm currently active in the music community. I embrace technology and utilize the amazing breakthroughs from recent years to create a lesson environment that is forward-thinking and streamlined. My experiences have given me the expertise to work with all students, whether they are young, refined with age, or in need of special accommodations. I pride myself on my patience, and I continually strive to better understand goal setting, prioritizing, and the motivating of others. My students learn life skills that are not taught in schools, and will be prepared for success in all that they pursue.

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