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Popular Online Chemistry Tutors

Kristin B.

Pittsburgh, PA
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Benjamin K.

Indianapolis, IN
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Deanna H.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Kristin B. Pittsburgh, PA

Subjects Taught

Bible Studies, Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, Science, Violin

About Me

I began studying violin in 1991 when I was 7 years old. I have been under a teacher or orchestra director almost continuously since that time up until the last couple years. More recently, I joined a folk band in Mississippi and performed here and there, once even being requested in Panama City Beach! I began teaching students in 2001 and have taught since then. I have a passion for showing others my love for music and inspiring the same love within them.
I studied music under Mr. Matt Stott in Vero Beach, FL for 3 years and then moved to Miami for college. At FIU, I studied under Mr. Ivan Chan and Ms. Cathy Meng Robinson of the Miami String Quartet.

While at FIU, I studied Biology and Chemistry as a double major for 3 years until I discovered that, while I excelled at the program of study, I didn't want to be a doctor. Not seeing any other palatable jobs in those fields, I went on to get my Bachelors' degree in Psychology within 2 years. I immediately went to Graduate school in Mississippi to study Marriage and Family Therapy. I obtained my Masters' degree and returned to Miami to work part time as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapy Intern. My husband was deployed with the Army National Guard to the Middle East during my time in Miami. When he returned, he took a job in Pittsburgh. Here in the 'Burgh, I primarily have tutored in the Sciences, but am looking forward to teaching music once again. I enjoy teaching students and bringing the light of music into their lives. I look forward to meeting you and to working with you as you take the journey into the beautiful realms of music.

*** Violin Lesson Details ***
I strongly believe that each student is different and therefore I tailor each students' lesson to their needs and strengths. I am a flexible teacher, willing to teach what you want to learn. I will give you a strong foundation of classical technique and then help you develop your skills so that you can succeed in any genre of music.
I do not have a very strict approach to teaching; I prefer to inspire by encouragement. However, if a parent prefers a more direct and structured approach, I can teach in that way also. Student motivation is very important, so I like to encourage my students by offering them reasons to be motivated. These differ for each student.
I mainly use the Suzuki method of teaching, but I can work in other pieces of music and other approaches that better suit the needs of my students. Within 3 months of studying with me, a committed beginner student can expect to have a functional, practical understanding of how the instrument works and have learned 2 pieces. I like teaching students to play songs right away so that they do not get discouraged or bogged down with theory and not get to experience the thrill of making music themselves.

*** Specialties ***
Foundational Suzuki, contemporary, folk, worship, classical

Benjamin K. Indianapolis, IN

Subjects Taught

Acting, Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, American Government, Anatomy, AP Biology, Arithmetic, Audition Prep, Basic Math, Bible Studies, Biology, Botany, Broadway Singing, Cell Biology, Chemistry, Christian Gospel, Classical Voice, College Admissions, Country Singing, Earth Science, Economics, Elementary Math, Genetics, Geography, Geometry, Gospel Singing, History, Jazz Voice, Life Science, Math, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Opera Voice, Physical and Earth Sciences, Physical Science, Pre Algebra, Pre Calculus, Science, Singing, Social Sciences, Social Studies, Stage Performance, Study Skills, Test Prep, Theater Acting, Trigonometry, Vocabulary, Vocal Training, World History, Zoology

About Me

My expansive breadth of interests has led me through years of experience in the arts and natural sciences. I'm a voice instructor, math tutor, and biology teacher. Now, I'm pursuing a career in opera and vocal performance.

I have extensively studied vocal performance and opera for many years and continue to add to my own technique. I have been in many operas and musical theater productions. I am currently performing in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat at the Booth Tarkington Theatre. I was a finalist in the MasterWorks Festival concerto competition. I have studied other vocal genres, such as jazz and pop. I have administered vocal lessons to every voice type at all different levels. I use the appoggio technique of breathing and believe all singing should be produced in a way that does not damage the vocal folds.

I have a bachelors degree in biology with a minor in art. After graduating college, I was a full-time high school biology teacher, volleyball coach, and director of the school musical. As a high school teacher, I learned first hand the kind of pressure and expectations that are placed on students in order for them to succeed. In college, I was the head student researcher on a two-year lab project. I took several upper level science courses including: biochemistry, calculus, organic chemistry, calculus based physics, cell biology, anatomy, and physiology. I studied marine biology in the Virgin Islands and am CPR certified.

*** Lesson Details ***
Voice lessons with me are fun and effective. You can expect to hear improved technique form day one, eventually reaching your long term goals. I teach an open throat technique called appoggio. It is the technique opera singers use, but can be applied to any music style. This technique allows the singer to sing with their entire voice using a relaxed larynx. I begin every lesson aligning the students voice through various vocal warm ups and exercises. We then work together to pick repertoire that will suit the singer'€™s voice and they will enjoy singing. During a lesson we will also cover performance presentation, acting, diction, rhythm, musicality, style, and interpretation.

During tutoring you can expect a personalized plan based on your goals and aspirations. Since every student is different you can be assured we will come up with a plan that is designed just for you. I am a laid back tutor but will be sure to get the most out of you after our time together. Most students see at least a one letter grade improvement. My main goal for every tutoring session is student learning and comprehension.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, recording equipment, large collection of sheet music, subscription to IPAsource (foreign language translations and pronunciations), several math and science textbooks

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in helping students find their true singing voice.

Deanna H. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Subjects Taught

Accent Reduction, Acoustic Guitar, ACT, ACT English, Acting, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, ACT Test Prep, Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Anatomy, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP English, AP English Literature, AP Exam Prep, Arithmetic, Arrangement and Composition, Audition Prep, Baking, Baseball, Basic Math, Basketball, Biochemistry, Biology, Bowling, Cell Biology, Ceramics, Chemistry, Child Acting, Choir, College Admissions, Composition, Cooking, Cosmetology, Country Singing, Creative Writing, Cross Country, Desserts, Drivers Education, Drum, DSLR Video, Earth Science, Ear Training, Elementary Math, English, English Literature, Essay Writing, Figure Skating, Film Acting, Film and TV Acting, Filmmaking, Film Production, Film Studies, Fishing, Flexibility Training, Floral Arrangement, Football, Gaming, Gardening, Geography, Grammar, GRE, Guitar, Humanities, Italian Cooking, Knife Skills, Language, Life Coaching, Literature, Makeup, Math, Meditation, Microbiology, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Middle Eastern Cooking, Modeling, Molecular Biology, Music Performance, Music Recording, Nutrition, Pageantry, Pasta Making, Philosophy, Phonics, Photography, Physical and Earth Sciences, Physical Science, Physics, Physiology, Poetry, Pottery, Pre Algebra, Psychology, Public Speaking, Reading, Religious Studies, Rollerskating, Running, Science, Screenwriting, Singing, Skateboarding, Soccer, Social Sciences, Social Studies, Sociology, Softball, Songwriting, Speaking Voice, Speech, Spelling, Spoken Word, Stretching, Study Skills, Surfing, Swimming, Test Prep, Theater Acting, Theater Acting, Video Production, Vocabulary, Vocal Training, Wakeboarding, Writing

About Me

I graduated from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

I have a Master's Degree (2013) in Education teaching various subjects and Masters in Biology (2013), both from Nova Southeastern University.

I teach various subjects for over 6 years using the traditional a methods.

I personalize every lesson, and always set goals for my students.

I teach any age and any level, and always stress that learning a new information needs a lot of patience, persistence and repetitions. My lessons are customized to my students needs, and are work in progress as they needs may change over time. I always encourage my students to tell me about their preferences, so I can incorporate them in their lessons.

*** Travel Equipment ***
The students needs to have their books & materials available as well as a pencil. I always stress with my students to be organized and prepared for their lesson, this way they will be able to focus better during the lesson. I also ask that the room where the lesson takes place to be free of any distractions, such other siblings or any other noise. The quiet environment helps in faster learning.

*** Lesson Details ***
30 minute lesson - Typically do 10 to 12 minutes of warm-up and the rest of the time is devoted to practical application of technique to your songs, as well as, performance aspects. I also offer hour lessons.

*** Specialties ***
Types of Style:

Musical Theater
Heavy Metal
Science-based courses

Types of Instruction Available:

Individual Private Study
Group Study

Ray H.

Sterling, VA
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Hank L.

Pittsburgh, PA
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Michele W.

New York, NY
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Ray H. Sterling, VA

Subjects Taught

ACT Math, ACT Science, ACT Test Prep, Algebra 1, Analytical Chemistry, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, Basic Math, Chemistry, Earth Science, Energy and Earth Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical and Earth Sciences, Physical Science, Physics, PSAT, SAT, Science

About Me

Ray L. H. has a PhD. in chemistry. He has taught college chemistry classes and has tutored students in the sciences. He has served as a judge at science fairs (school, regional, state, and national). He has a DoD Top Secret security clearance.

He has two grown daughters that are teachers. He was involved with Royal Rangers as an assistant commander. He has tutored at the U. S. Naval Academy, Arundel Community College, and privately.

Hank L. Pittsburgh, PA

Subjects Taught

Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Earth Science, Energy and Earth Sciences, Engineering, GED Test Prep, Physical and Earth Sciences, Physical Science, Physics, Science

About Me

Stop right there!
You finally found me: your one-stop shop for chemistry, physics, and generally-all-things-physical-science-related help!

Who I am: I am the senior form and function concentration teacher at the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy. My Pennsylvania teaching certifications are in chemistry, physics, and technology education. I have been at the school since it opened its doors in 2009. Prior to teaching, I worked as a chemical engineer and a stock trader. I've performed on Broadway (yes THAT one in NYC), and I used to play the bassoon. I love to ski and play with my two children.

Why I am here: I mentioned that I was a chemical engineer by education... but now I'm a teacher?!?? Why would I forsake a much more profitable career for one in education? Because I love teaching :) In the years that I didn't teach, I always found some hobby that involved teaching people to do stuff, whether it was being a ski instructor at Seven Springs, teaching tennis lessons, tutoring family friends, or teaching a session on stock markets and trading at CMU. I'm a teacher now, which means that I have most of my summer off. That's where you come in.

Why you should hire me: A book can teach you a lot of stuff, and if you are one of those few individuals who absorbs everything they see or read and become instant masters (think Neo learning Jiu Jitsu in the Matrix), then you don't need me, and really, you don't need anyone here. But if you're like most people, then some of the concepts might be a bit tricky and often a few helpful analogies and rephrasing of material is necessary. That's where I excel. If you struggle with concepts, I work to find ways to get the information into your mind in a way that might be more meaningful to you.

For example, I was teaching students about Newton's Third Law (action and reaction). I asked them if they had ever been driving down a highway and hit a bug. They answered yes, and then I asked them why the bug splattered instead of the windshield. Categorically, they gave me the incorrect answer of "well, the bug hit the windshield with more force, didn't it?" I didn't answer them, but instead I showed them a video clip of a drag race between a Lamborghini Aventador and a Bugatti Veyron. Both cars went 0-60 in under 3 seconds. Pretty impressive. I turned off the video and asked them the question about the bug again, and they seemed confused, so I nudged them a bit more. "How long did it take that Veyron to go from 0-60?" A student shouted out, "about 2.6 seconds!" Then I asked him, "and how long did it take that hovering insect to get from 0 to 60, which is how fast your car was going when you hit him?" Suddenly, light bulbs started to flicker... "that was instant, like milliseconds!" I smiled as others started weighing in. "Yeah, that bug went 0-60 in under a second, so its ACCELERATION was greater!" So I finally answered, "correct, the force of the bug hitting the windshield is EXACTLY the same (but in the other direction) as the force of the windshield hitting the bug. Using Newton's Second Law equation, F=ma, if the forces are equal, but the mass of the car is MUCH MUCH bigger than the mass of the bug, it's easy to see what happens...[huge differences in acceleration]. And that is what ultimately destroys the bug. It's like a phrase I once heard from a skydiver--it's not the fall that hurts. It's the sudden stop at the end that can kill ya."

I hope that example gives you insight into the type of tutor that I am. I hope to hear from you!

PS... you might think that my online rates don't reflect the standard discount that many other tutors here give their students. That is true. While I don't shun technology, I also understand its limitations. Both of my specialties (chemistry and physics) involve a lot of equations and drawings... these are easily conveyed in short time when face to face. But when having to draw on a camera and/or type equations with lots of subscripts and superscripts, a lot of time is wasted. I don't discourage online help outright, but I don't recommend it as an initial session. That is why my prices display only a modest discount.

Michele W. New York, NY

Subjects Taught

ACT, ACT Test Prep, Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, AP Chemistry, Basic Math, Chemistry, Earth Science, Energy and Earth Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, Essay Writing, Grammar, Math, Physical and Earth Sciences, Physical Science, SAT, Science, Study Skills, Test Prep, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing

About Me

Welcome to a new level of academic success! I am a certified high school science, math, and English as a Second Language teacher with experiences in both urban and suburban schools. I have had the privilege of teaching high school science to felons in Philadelphia; AP Chemistry to students in a thriving, suburban Nashville school district; Chemistry, Algebra I and II, and ESL to students in the Poconos; and college Chemistry courses in PA. I have also spent more than fifteen years tutoring students in science, math, ESL, writing, and SAT/ACT prep.

My passion and love of teaching is unwavering, which is why I spend a significant amount of time on my own professional development as an educator. In addition, I have had the opportunity to speak at a number of local, national, and international education forums, most recently in Oakland, CA at the National Association of Multicultural Education's International Conference.

As your tutor, I will provide you or your loved one with a quick, accurate assessment of skills and needs; create a personalized plan to best utilize the student's learning style(s); transfer my content knowledge in an engaging, creative manner (including the use of technology if suitable); provide a safe, nurturing environment for learning; keep you informed of your loved one's progress; provide flexibility in scheduling; and help your student build confidence in the subject matter by teaching and reviewing note taking skills and test taking strategies.

I will gladly provide references from former students and parents who can attest to my content knowledge, dedication to teaching, and professional attributes.

Best of luck in your search for a tutor and in all your future endeavors!

About Chemistry

Anyone who wants a career in health care needs to do well in chemistry. Nursing, medical, pharmacy and veterinary schools all require a strong chemistry background. If your son or daughter is having difficulty with high school or college chemistry, you may need to consider the services of a qualified chemistry tutoring program. Whether the problem is acids, bases or advanced lab techniques, our certified tutors can be of significant assistance. From the simplest concepts to university level applications, our staff is qualified to provide superior one-on one instruction that can really make a difference.

Sure, there are lots of alternative learning methods available, and some students do have success with pre-packaged instruction materials. It probably doesn't come as a


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