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Popular Music Teachers Near Tallahassee

Andrew G.

Tallahassee, FL
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Cheryl P.

Tallahassee, FL
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Yegues S.

Tallahassee, FL
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Andrew G. Tallahassee, FL

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

I am a classically trained pianist who has been playing for all of my life. Some of the most complicated pieces are part of my own repertoire, from Chopin to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. I can play almost anything that is put in front of me, as well as anything I hear. My goal is to let students grow as a musician to be able to play piano for their own entertainment and pleasure.

*** Lesson Details ***
Playing piano is a gift, which is what I want to bring to my students. It is a talent that needs to be learned, and I am the teacher who will bring it out of the student. I'm the most patient, laid back, humorous, and easy-going teacher a student can have. I like students to enjoy their lessons, so the curriculum is up to them once I establish the basics. I'm the teacher who will give the most enjoyable lesson each week, and I aim to spread the talent.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Studios each with a grand piano

*** Travel Equipment ***
I do not usually provide equipment, but I am willing to provide any material that may be needed, such as books to teach from. I expect my student to provide anything he or she may want to use, such as a metronome or a specific song book. I will provide sheet music as needed.

*** Specialties ***
Classical piano pieces are my specialty. I enjoy playing and teaching popular classical songs, because the student would enjoy showing that they can play a song that everyone knows, such as Fur Elise by Beethoven. Also, a method I have is to play the song for the student to see if he or she likes it before I start teaching. It is good for a student to hear what it sounds like first.

Cheryl P. Tallahassee, FL

Subjects Taught

Music Theory, Piano

About Me

If you want a teacher who will ignite a passion for music in you, and push your pianistic abilities to new heights, you have come to the right place! As a teacher, I put my student's enjoyment of piano first and foremost, but I will also challenge and motivate you to push yourself and expand your mind musically. My goal is for you, or your child, to have a fun and enriching musical experience! Be you a beginner or an advanced student, you will have a lesson infused with patience and enthusiasm, paired with my years of musical experience and knowledge.

Cheryl began piano lessons at the age of seven, in Robertsdale, Alabama. She participated and placed in many competitions up through high school, performed in studio recitals, and also enjoyed performing in the piano ensemble Multi-Keyboard for several years.

Awarded an academic and music scholarship, Cheryl received her Bachelors degree in piano performance at Texas Christian University (TCU) under the tutelage of Dr. Tamas Ungar, founder of the Piano Texas Institute (formerly known as the Cliburn Institute). Cheryl continued to participate and place in competitions throughout college, and give solo recitals. She attended the Varna International Piano Master Class in 2005, and on placing in the concerto competition, performed the first movement of Schumann's piano concerto with the Varna Philharmonic Orchestra. Cheryl graduated from TCU with academic and musical honors in 2006.

Awarded a Teaching Fellowship, Cheryl continued her piano studies at the University of North Texas with professor Adam Wodnicki. As a TF, Cheryl taught UNT students private piano lessons, and also group piano classes, to both music majors and non-music majors. She also taught private piano lessons to students of varying ages and skill levels at UNT's Community Music School. Cheryl returned to Alabama to perform Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with the Baldwin Pops Band in 2007. She received her Masters degree in piano performance from UNT in 2008.

While in Fort Worth, Cheryl maintained a small private studio while serving as the pianist/organist for two churches. She also accompanied high school Solo and Ensemble competitors for five years.

In 2012 Cheryl was invited to teach with TCU's Music Preparatory piano division, and taught there until moving to Florida in 2013.

Cheryl has performed as a chamber musician and a collaborative pianist for seven years, and has had master classes and lessons with piano greats such as Arbo Valdma, Veda Kaplinsky, and Jan Kadlubiski. She currently teaches from her home studio in Tallahassee, and accompanies the choir at St. Louis Catholic Church.

*** Lesson Details ***
Every student is different, and for that reason I informally assess each student at the first lesson in order to decide which books/music to assign. I use a selection of method book sets for most students. Some students I focus mainly on a classical approach. Classical pieces and method books provide an important foundation on which to build other skills. Once a firm foundation has been established, it is easy to branch into other musical genres. Every student plays "fun" pieces (movie and/or popular, etc.) in addition to the main teaching approach!

I tailor lessons to each student's needs and likes, but all my students learn fundamental pianistic concepts, which might include scales and/or exercises to improve technique and finger dexterity. I emphasize playing with a fluid arm technique, letting your wrist guide your fingers, and using your arm weight to make a more resonant and beautiful sound.

A typical lesson might progress as follows:

1. Warm up of some sort.
2. Review of piece nearing mastery, or of memorized piece.
3. Focused instruction on works in progress, and introduction of new piece/s. This includes sight reading and concepts to practice and improve upon for the next lesson.
4. Brief focus on a new scale, exercise, or technique.
5. Review of last week's theory assignment.

If you are an advanced student and/or have longer lessons, the bulk of time will be spent focusing on pieces being learned.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Upright Steinway piano and artist bench.

*** Specialties ***
My specialty is classical music. I believe that a strong background in classical music is important for any musician, regardless of their musical preferences. I usually assign scales and arpeggios, and occasionally use technical exercises and studies in lessons. That being said, I allow for student input, and will also teach music such as church hymns or pop songs, or any other piece you or your child are interested in. I will work with you to achieve all of your musical goals!

If you are thinking about a career as a musician, or planning on majoring in music performance or pedagogy in college, I can help you with the musical skills you will need: theory, sight-singing, sight-reading, accompanying, performing, memorizing.

Yegues S. Tallahassee, FL

Subjects Taught

ACT, Algebra, Basic Math, Biology, Chemistry, Elementary Math, Flute, Geometry, Guitar, Math, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion, Pre Algebra, Pre Calculus, PSAT, SAT

About Me

I have taken flute lessons from the flute professor at FSU as well as guitar lessons from Dr. Leo Welch here at FSU. I have given multiple lessons and master classes on both flute and guitar. I have also been a music theory tutor for many students. I have a lot of experience with both giving and receiving lessons, so I have learned many ways to adapt to any situation.

I love laughing and making jokes, which is one of the most important aspects of any teacher. Lessons should be something to look forward to rather than dreading to spend time practicing. I do prefer being more laid back as a teacher, but still know when it's time to get more serious about the work.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am laid back most of the time time, but I still expect whatever we assigned to be practiced for the next/current lesson. I will expect some form of technique exercise to be played as a warm up to each lesson as well as non-instrumental warm-ups like breathing. As a student, you can choose repertoire to work on, or I can provide music and etudes depending on the skill level.

I can provide rhythm, theory, or note reading worksheets if applicable to the lesson, or if the student is interested in improving themselves in any of those categories.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I will provide a stand and chairs. The student should bring their own stand if they know they have a good one for their height, but it is not necessary. The room will have a piano which will help with ear training and tuning.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide all of my repertoire and bring what will be needed as well as make copies. I expect students to have a stand and 2 chairs, however, I can bring a stand if necessary. I can also provide a metronome if needed.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in most styles mentioned above. Flute will be the most diverse because that is my primary instrument, however, I have enough knowledge of multiple styles to be able to teach effectively.

Music Lessons in Tallahassee, FL

Did you know that singer Ray Charles, vocalist Jim Morrison, and rapper T-Pain grew up in the city of Tallahassee? Even though Florida’s capital is primarily known for having one of the most high-tech economies in the state, this town of over 360,000 people has managed to produce some of the country’s best musicians too. Regardless of the seemingly saturated market we believe that Tallahassee has plenty of room for new musical talent. Who knows, if you’re passionate about music you may even become one of Tallahassee’s rising stars.

However, before you can make yourself famous in your hometown you will first need to gain a solid background in music. With that said, we suggest you consider enrolling in our Tallahassee music lessons with one of our professional and certified music ...

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