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Popular Guitar Teachers Near Santa Cruz

Travis C.

Watsonville, CA
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Peter F.

Scotts Valley, CA
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Oren S.

Soquel, CA
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Travis C. Watsonville, CA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

Travis grew up in a musical family in Santa Cruz, CA. His father was a professional guitarist and his grandfather was the head of the music program at Cabrillo College in Aptos, so naturally he grew up with an instrument in his hand. After years of toying with the guitar Travis began formal lesson at the age of 9, quickly developing into an exceptional musician. By the age of 13 Travis was in several rock bands and performing frequently. Once in high school, Travis had no doubt that being a professional musician was what we wanted to do with his life so he started studying jazz and classical piano at a college level, studying with jazz trumpeter/arranger Ray Brown and classically trained pianist Ivan Rosenblum. Travis excelled and quickly began playing in the top Jazz Combo at Cabrillo College and in the top Big Band as well as playing professionally. In 2013 Travis received his BA in Music for Film from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and currently resides in Santa Cruz scoring commercials, television and film as well as producing albums and working on his own projects.
Ever since Travis was 14 he has had an extreme passion to teach and pass on his musical knowledge. He started out teaching his friends and peers in high school for little or no money where he learned how to teach and gained valuable teaching experience. Eventually, he began teaching as a profession in the Santa Cruz area where he continued to hone the art of teaching.

*** Lesson Details ***
Travis has been teaching for over 8 years and has acquired extensive knowledge on the most efficient and fun teaching methods. Travis' goal for each student is for them to have fun while learning the instrument, and to pass on his passion for the instrument. Curriculum is different for each student, as not all students learn in the same way or want to learn the same thing. Travis teaches most genres including: all areas of rock, jazz, blues, funk, metal and more. He will cover topics including technique, soloing, chords, theory, sight-reading, developing your ear as well as learning about the guitar and how to take care of it. He is a patient teacher and devotes himself to each student.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect my students to have a guitar and if they are playing an electric, they need an amp at home.

*** Specialties ***
I excel at rock, jazz and blues guitar and have in depth knowledge of jazz theory and harmony.

Peter F. Scotts Valley, CA

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

Pete F. is an award winning singer/songwriter with a unique variety of skills. He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Contemporary, Urban & Popular Music. He has taught music in the United States, Costa Rica and Argentina.

*** Lesson Details ***
All musicians are born with a style. It is my job to help students explore and refine their individual styles and motivate them to work hard at progressing their unique skills.

What I Teach:
• Songwriting
• Singing – Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz
• Guitar – Intro level to advanced finger picking and percussive techniques
• Music Theory
• Music Performance

Above all, music is fun and inspiring. My lessons will embody both of these characteristics. In my experiences, students learn best when they are fully engaged in every lesson. I don't want music to feel like a chore or homework. Rather, my goal is for every student to love what they're doing and learning their favorite music. Then, the hard work won't feel like work at all because the reward is so fulfilling.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Guitar Amps
PA and speakers
Loop pedals and other effects pedals
Books and other learning materials

*** Travel Equipment ***
Amps (If necessary)
Small Keyboard
Books and other learning materials

*** Specialties ***
Guitar - Rhythmic and percussive styles
Loop Pedals
Ear Training & Music Theory

Oren S. Soquel, CA

Subjects Taught

Flute, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I completed a BA in Music at Marylhurst University in 2009 after professional experience as a multi-instrumentalist in performance, instruction, and personal study. I taught myself the basics of keyboard, guitar, and hand-percussion as a teenager. The next serious pursuit was hand-percussion in West-African and Afro-Cuban traditions, playing with performance ensembles and dance-troupes. This gave my musical world a firm foundation in the domain of rhythm. My experience with flute began on bamboo instruments mimicking the sounds I heard in nature. I went on to study “silver flute” in both jazz & classical traditions leading to the completion of my music degree at Marylhurst where I had the opportunity to nurture both pursuits, honing in on the repertoires of composers such as JS Bach and Olivier Messiaen, in addition to music theory, composition, and history. Aside from ’Western’ music I also branched off into Classical Indian music, or Raga, and the playing of the Bansuri & the Tambura. While completing my music degree I also delved deeper into acoustic guitar and songwriting, working mostly in the folk-tradition of early Bob Dylan and the like. I went on to complete a Masters degree in Special Education, acquiring numerous skill sets which carry over to my music instruction practice.

*** Lesson Details ***
The lessons I offer are always “student-centered” and a combination of work & fun. I do not use any particular method-books or curriculum; rather I approach each student as an individual, and seek to understand each ones learning-style and musical preferences, then proceed to recommend materials. The underlying concept in my own music-practice and teaching-practice is that of “disciplined freedom”, i.e. through the discipline of practice we earn freedom of expression in the Music. With beginners I encourage the establishment of a daily practice, and the development of mechanical mastery which will allow the student to go in any musical-direction they wish, highlighting the incremental goals reached along the way. With advancing students, we delve deeper into theories of musical harmony and concepts of artistry & personal expression.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stands; Korg 12-track portable-studio.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide music stands as needed.

*** Specialties ***
Flute: Western classical, Indian classical - Raga; Wooden flutes: Bansuri, Native-American flutes. Jazz / blues ; Middle-eastern music / scales specific to the region.
Guitar: Acoustic, Finger-style, Songwriting.
Tambura - drone instrument from India: Raga theory, singing Sargam, toning/chanting

John S.

Santa Cruz, CA
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Michael G.

Santa Cruz, CA
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Amanda Rose L.

Aptos, CA
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John S. Santa Cruz, CA

Subjects Taught

Algebra, Arithmetic, Basic Math, Calculus, Cello, Elementary Math, English, Guitar, Math, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Physics, Piano, Pre Algebra, Singing, Songwriting, Viola, Violin

About Me

Currently singing in L'harmonia - quartet of soloists focusing on renaissance polyphony, and Ariose, a chamber choir singing a diverse repertoire of musical gems.

Currently teaching "Chorus" a small group of kids singing pop songs. Also teaching guitar, piano, and composition lessons.

I have a doctorate in music composition from UCSC, and have written a lot of music for a wide variety of instrumental and vocal forces. I studied traditional music in Korea for one year on a research grant from the Korea Foundation. I enjoy having a creative musical mind, and find great delight in the musical creativity of my students.

I also am a computer programmer in Python and Matlab, doing back-end for a music app "JamBandit."

Music is a great joy and pleasure in my life. It's very meaningful to me to help students gain skills and confidence so that they can realize their desire to be musical.

*** Studio Equipment ***

Drum set

*** Specialties ***
Music composition
Music Theory

Michael G. Santa Cruz, CA

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

Music is universal and resonates in every human being. Share your heart song is about opening up your child to the beauty and wonder of music.

While I focus on music training and education (theory, ear training, improvisation, technique) it is all designed to help your son or daughter find their muse and discover musically what moves them. If we can discover that, we can unlock a lifelong, never ending passion for making music and self-expression.

Share your Heart Song offers private music lessons to children and adults on guitar and piano. 

Amanda Rose L. Aptos, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Algebra, Basic Math, Broadway Singing, Classical Guitar, Dance, Elementary Math, Film Acting, Flute, Guitar, Improv Acting, Jazz Dancing, Language, Math, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Pre Algebra, Pre Calculus, Reading, Singing, Songwriting, Spanish, Speaking Voice, Theater Acting, Theatrical Dance

About Me

In the school of life we are always students. 3 years of Classical Opera and Vocal Jazz Improv training, 23 years of dance training, 10 years of flute training, and 10 years in theater from staring in shows to tech crew heads, I believe together we can uncover where you stand as a triple or even a quadrupal threat in the budding industry. Recently I've obtained my Associate's in Music, Dance and Certification in Digital Technology of Music, which gives me a lead on today's most recent DAW programs, recording gear, and software. As well as the musical experience from lounge singing, to classical vocal performance, channeling live hip hop and spontaneous spiritual synergy with sound I've blend my professional training with artistic intuition in front of dancing audiences of hundreds and thousands of people all around the world. My sense of humor brings a light hearted yet disciplined approach to developing our body as an instrument of emotion, enthusiasm, and energy. Theater games, recorded vocal/instrument exercises, and online resources would give you the opportunity to train on you own time to further what you learn in our sessions, and develop a rehearsal schedule fitting for your life. With multiple auditions, thespian conferences and raw theater and performance experience. Our session would prepare you for the path you wish to continue on with your professional performance career. Thanks for taking the time to tune into my bio, I look forward to harmonizing my gifts with yours. Sincerely, Amanda Rose.

*** Lesson Details ***
Finding Your Authentic Voice
Showing Up Prepared for Your Gig
Finding The Professional Artist
Flute Training
Classical Opera
Jazz Improv For Voice
Classical Guitar
Rock/Pop Guitar
Music Theory
Digital Music Technology/Live Recording/Studio Mastering

*** Studio Equipment ***
Logic Studio Pro, Ableton Live, MIDI Controller/Keyboard, Reason, SM 58 Stereo Mics, Mirrors, Piano, Acoustic/Classical Guitars, MacBook Music Stands, Fire toys, studio monitors and headphones, mic stand, percussion instruments, videos, tap master, DVDs, wifi, flute. mirrors, theater makeup, sewing machine.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Logic Studio Pro, Ableton Live, MIDI Controller/Keyboard Reason, WiFi, MacBook, Flute, Classical/12/6 string acoustic guitar, mirror, technique books and cds, staff paper, pencils, theater makeup, dance shoes.

*** Specialties ***
Flute, Jazz Improv, Classical Voice, Improv Games, Jazz, Choreography, Fun!

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