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Popular Acting Teachers Near San Francisco

Kathryn K.

San Rafael, CA
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Margaret G.

San Francisco, CA
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Pierce Peter B.

Menlo Park, CA
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Kathryn K. San Rafael, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Film Acting, Film and TV Acting, Jazz Voice, Method Acting, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Shakespearean Acting, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice, Spoken Word, Stage Performance, Theater Acting, Vocal Training, Voice Acting

About Me

If you want to sing or act for fun or as a profession, or are auditioning to get into a particular high school of performing arts or college or have pro auditions, I can help. If you have a child one who is, clearly, a performer, send them in and we will have a blast!
I have been singing, recording and acting my entire life. I am fortunate to work as a singer and songwriter. I teach young people and adults and I love it. I will collaborate with you to bring your performance to life.
I believe every person has a place in my studio.
Just one thing about me. I'm really nice. I teach from a place of thinking anything is possible. I don't crush dreams.
I have been in show business so long that I know anything IS possible! I am generous with what I know. I have a lot of experience in acting, singing, recording, songwriting and film work and will help you in any way.
I studied at Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (CCM). In New York City I was under the care of opera teacher, Leona Matthews, as well as with Word Baker at the Herbert Berghof Studio. As an adult I worked extensively with Mark Monroe in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I currently work as a coach, recording artist and as a composer.

*** Lesson Details ***
I will work with you to discover your authentic singing voice or to bring your full self to your work as an actor. My background in acting and singing performance is Method. I will give you technique, which will include vocal exercises to secure a strong foundation (pitch, tone, breathing, vowel production, etc.) for your voice. There are basics we all must learn and practice and they work. You can expect to be able to sing for the first time, or to sing better, or to finally feel great about your vocals! You can work on songs you would like to sing or I can assign material for you to work on. We will decide. And, more than anything, we're going to accomplish what you want and we will have fun doing it! Please note: If you are a parent bringing me your little one I will ask you to join in if you wish as your child will be allowed to experience many instruments as they wish including grand piano, drums, cello, electric guitar, electric bass, electric keyboard, ukulele and other various instruments. Emphasis will be on allowing little ones to experience the love of music as I offer beginning structure.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have instruments or bring your own. Grand Piano, Drums, Cello, Electric Guitars, Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitars

*** Travel Equipment ***
Keyboard, Guitar, Mac

*** Specialties ***
Acting - Method
Singing - Technique and performance

Margaret G. San Francisco, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Classical Voice, Opera Voice, Singing, Vocal Training

About Me

I am an opera singer and I teach and perform in and around San Francisco. I love teaching and sharing my knowledge of singing and the musical arts with others. I believe with the right instruction and determination anyone has the ability to sing!

I have training in classical singing as well as in musical theater, pop/rock, gospel and blues. In order to sing these different styles it is important to know how the voice works functionally so that it is trained properly and remains healthy. I use the Somatic Voicework™- The LoVetri Method because it is a body-based method of vocal training which draws from many disciplines, and is based upon voice science and medicine as well as traditional classical vocal training. It can be used for almost any singing genre such as musical theater, pop/rock, jazz, blues, and opera. I believe that learning how to sing is not only fun but also increases confidence, improves general music skills, and develops mind/body coordination skills.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons consist of breath and body work, vocal warm-ups and exercises, and work on songs.

These skills can help any singer become more aware of their voice and how their body works as an instrument. Students are trained, like an athlete, to build up vocal strength and stamina to sing songs and styles of their choice.

In addition to private lessons I host student voice recitals twice a year. Performing in the recitals is not required but encouraged. This gives students the opportunity to perform in front of family and friends and to share their lovely voice with others!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Separate music room with mirror, chairs, music stand, and keyboard.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I use a 76 key Yamaha Keyboard at my home studio. I encourage the student to provide any kind of piano or keyboard with at least 61 keys if wanting lessons from their home.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite
have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.

Pierce Peter B. Menlo Park, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Singing, Stage Performance, Theater Acting, Vocal Training

About Me

Hello! Thanks for checking out my teacher profile. I'm an experienced teaching artist with an extensive background as a professional singer/actor.

As a singer/actor for over 30 years, I've performed leading and featured roles in the Broadway productions of Sir Cameron Mackintosh's 'Les Miserables' and 'Martin Guerre,' the national touring company of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' and in many productions at major professional regional theaters around the country, as well as in concerts, cabarets, TV, film, and in recordings.

As a teaching artist for the last 18 years, I have taught classes, workshops, private sessions, and master classes around the country, and am currently on the faculty at San Francisco's American Conservatory Theater Young Conservatory. I enjoy sharing my experience, knowledge, and unique insight with singers and actors of all ages (9+) and levels of experience.

Please see the Experience and Education sections below for more information.

I offer two types of sessions (please note that these sessions are priced differently):

PERFORMANCE COACHING (Acting, Audition Prep, Music Performance, Stage Performance, Theater Acting)
VOICE LESSONS (Broadway Singing, Singing, Vocal Training)

Please see below for explanations of these sessions.

Being a great singer requires much more than just a great voice! This work focuses on the art of song acting, auditioning, and performance for singers and actors in musical theater and other genres of music performance. Whether you're preparing for a specific audition or performance, or just doing the important work of training, cultivating, and improving your song acting and performance skills, this work is essential for singers. I work with singer-actors and actor-singers of all levels of skill and experience (adults, teens, and kids).

In this work, you'll learn:
+ how to eloquently interpret song lyrics with depth and understanding.
+ how to make the song your own while still being truthful to the lyric.
+ how to color your journey through the song with the dynamics.
+ how to best use body language, blocking, and movement.
+ what to do with your hands and eyes.
+ when to sustain a note and when not to.
+ when to "sing pretty" and when not to.
+ how to relate to your audience whether in a performance or audition.
+ other important principles and techniques for great song performance.

*** VOICE LESSONS (for males only) ***
Because my expertise in singing is in using my own vocal instrument, I primarily work with men and boys (age 9+) who are interested in singing musical theater, standards, pop, and rock. Females (ages 9–adult) may be accepted on a limited basis.

My voice lessons are focused on enhancing the beauty and individuality of your true, natural voice. You will work on improving your breathing technique, using your whole body as your instrument, and working through any vocal problems and/or replacing any bad habits you may have. When appropriate, to prepare you for auditions and/or performances, voice lessons also include Performance Coaching (in song acting and performance).

Kathleen B.

Menlo Park, CA
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Lacey M.

Emeryville, CA
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Molly R.

Hayward, CA
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Kathleen B. Menlo Park, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Opera Voice, Singing

About Me

I am a classically-trained opera singer. I have a Bachelors and Masters in Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy (teaching), and have sung professionally in the U.S. and Europe. I have sung Opera, Operetta, Musical Theater and Concerts, as well as choral and cantorial singing. I have been a finalist and winner of vocal competitions in both the United States and Europe.
I have been teaching voice since 1980, and have worked with students of all ages, from 14 to 75. I have also directed and designed for musical theater and opera. Because I love singing, I want to bring that to my students as well, whatever kind of music they want to sing.

In addition to music, I also teach English (ESL), Accent Reduction, German, U.S. & World History. I have my CBEST Credential And ESL Certification. I do private tutoring and teach classes.

*** Lesson Details ***
I believe that learning how to breath is the key to good singing. After 3 months of study, my students will have learned how to breathe, which improves both their singing and speaking voices. Good breathing is the key to good singing and a healthy voice. With a healthy, well-trained voice, my students can be valuable members of any vocal ensemble, and enjoy their singing, For solo singing, good breathing is most important, whether singing opera, musical theater or pop music, because it gives a beautiful, full quality to the voice.
I always begin a lesson with warm-up exercises, to check breathing and vocal placement. Once the (vocal) engine is warmed-up, then we begin to sing. I try to get to know my students, so that, together, we can choose music that will enable them to reach their goals and is both fun and challenging for them to sing.

In addition to music, I also teach English (ESL), Accent Reduction, German, U.S. & World History. I have my CBEST Credential And ESL Certification. I do private tutoring and teach classes.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Separate studio with Piano
I have a MacBook Pro laptop computer + stereo speakers, to provide recorded accompaniment, when necessary.

*** Travel Equipment ***
If a student wishes to have on-site lessons, I require that a piano or keyboard be available for the lessons.
I usually travel with my MacBook Pro laptop computer & stereo speakers, to provide recorded accompaniment, when necessary.

*** Specialties ***
I am a trained opera/oratorio singer, but I teach Broadway, Pop, choral and classical singers.

I have had many international students who didn't speak English well. Music is an international language that helps me communicate with all of my students!

Lacey M. Emeryville, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Film Acting, Improv Acting

About Me

Since a young age I have been influenced and surrounded by gifted individuals that have impacted my life and my career. Growing up in Los Angeles, California I have inherited many of my creative gifts from her Grandmother Connie Russell a famous singer and actress and her Grandfather Michael Zimring, an agent for William M. Agency. They gave me a great appreciation and understanding of what it took to be successful as an artist. I started my career by doing modeling at age five and went on to do dance performances at age seven.
I continued to broaden her horizon by acting in plays, painting and singing. Later in life I took these gifts and decided to teach adults, and children the importance of self confidence and creativity. I have worked in many organizations with the intention to transform lives through the performing arts. Including a Creative Director for Performing Arts Academy, where I taught performing arts for two consecutive years, creating and implementing a powerful curriculum which incorporated improv, the arts and self empowerment.

For the past five years I have taught ages five to 45 modeling, dancing, acting and singing at a Talent Agency in Los Angeles, and San Francisco. I have also been proud of being a choreographer for the musical Westside Story in San Francisco. As well as a musical director for Jungle Book. I currently holds a BA in Musical Theater, and is am pursuing a Masters degree in Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy.

Lessons with me will be all about building the confidence to tackle any character you need to!! I will assist you with continually getting out of your own way and surrendering into the moment with each character you are playing. We will laugh, be silly, do some fun improv warm up exercises every time and it will be so stimulating, you will definitely want to come back for more.

My approach is a humanistic approach so you will learn about your deep strengths as an actor. And within each lesson you will learn to tap into those strengths and grab them from your tool box at any given time. We will also work on camera a little bit each time so you can get comfortable being in front of a camera. That way you can watch back yourself and learn what works and what didn't work.

I will constantly be your Cheerleader and cheer you on to be the Best you, you can be!! Who wouldn't want a cheerleader by their side? One who has a lot of experience in Educating others to become professional stellar actors. Let's do this!!!

*** Examples of some Lesson's although these are usually crafted depending on my actors needs ***

Lesson 1 Topic: Improvisation:

Big Picture/What Do My Students Need to Absolutely Understand or know how to do at the end of this hour? What Improvisation IS, WHY they are learning it, and HOW to do it.

1. Explain, Entice, Engage what improv is.
2. Key elements- strong character type choices, strong objective, keep it moving forward via objective and physical actions.
3. Improv skills enhance scripted work
4. Improv sharpens your reflexes & creates more interesting choices
Feedback/Recap/Assignments-Use the WWG/WCBI feedback model. Encourage them to watch Who's Line Is It, Anyway to see improv at its finest.

Lesson 2 Topic : Scene Study.

These classes are helpful when an actor wants to learn how to analyze text. Most performers work from a script that has already been written. In order for an actor to convey the meaning of this text to his or her audience, he or she must be able to understand the meaning of the text on a number of levels. Once you have learned to listen and respond to your fellow actors, you must learn how to clearly communicate the meaning behind your given response. Scene study classes teach actors how to read and analyze a script so that he or she can derive what aspect of the text is the most important or meaningful in each scene. It is important to know what each character is aiming for with each cue, either verbal or physical. This class will give you the tools needed to uncover which emotions and situations actually drive a scene forward with urgency and help the actor answer the question,Why must my character say these words now? etc

Lesson 3 Topic: Physical Acting and the Five senses

Big Picture/What Do My Students Need to Absolutely Know how to do at the end of this hour? How to powerfully use their 5 senses to bring their scene work alive.

1. Explain the what, why and how. Explain the 5 senses.
2. Conduct a closed-eye process with students. See pg. 30.
3. Then play the game on pg. 32
4. At the end, ask them how easy it is to use your 5 senses now? Whether using real or imagined sensory experiences- reinforce how easily and powerfully they can use this tool in every type of acting- stage, screen, commercials and improv.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Digital JVC Camera, and TV to watch back clips

*** Travel Equipment ***
JVC Camcorder to Lessons

*** Specialties ***
Improv, Comedic and Dramatic Monologues, Musical Theater, Singing, Blocking Scenes, Dance

Molly R. Hayward, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Child Acting, Classical Voice, Country Singing, Ear Training, Gospel Singing, Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Singing, Speaking Voice, Theater Acting, Vocal Training

About Me

I have been teaching for 12 years: kids, teens-even beginner vocalists in their sixties! Rockers, an "Idol" finalist, church musicians, lapsed opera singers, preschoolers. These are just a few of singers I have worked with, in person, in the classroom, and Online!

What you get in voice lessons with me: laughter as you learn! I have learned solid classical vocal technique from the very best, and I believe everyone deserves the same useful tools, no matter what it is you like to sing. I am patient and customize each and every lesson. Need more time on ear training? No problem. Are you feeling more confident, and want to focus more on song polishing? I'll help you with that,too! Confidence an issue? I am a pro with shy people. I'll get you out of your shell, relaxed, and having fun right away. So we can free that voice of yours!

I have been singing for 20 years. Performances with the Lira Ensemble and Opera on Tap Chicago, and in master classes with international opera stars Alan Held and Lorna Haywood. Coaching with Collaborative Works Chicago and Rossini Opera Festival. Additional studies in Rock Vocals, Voice Care, Improvisational Comedy, Holistic Voice, Acting, Foreign languages, Dalcroze. Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.

Certified CoreSinging Instructor- one of only a few in the U.S. trained by Meribeth Dayme, PhD, respected clinician and author.

I think if you can speak, you can sing. I am a people person passionate about music and singing, and want to be the teacher you'll trust with your voice. Come laugh and learn with me!

*** Lesson Details ***
I teach in person (East Bay, California) and online via Skype or FaceTime!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Sing and See Software

*** Specialties ***
Beginner vocalists! Very shy singers. Children, teens. Lapsed singers, and older beginners, too.

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