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Popular Bass Guitar Teachers Near Saint Paul

Diedrich W.

Minneapolis, MN
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Beau J.

Saint Paul, MN
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Eric C.

Saint Paul, MN
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Diedrich W. Minneapolis, MN

Subjects Taught

Accompaniment, Acoustic Guitar, Arrangement and Composition, Audio Engineering, Audition Prep, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Composition, Country Guitar, Country Singing, Ear Training, Guitar, Harmonica, Harp, Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I hold a Music and English degree from Hamline University, but that doesn't make me a good teacher. I've played professionally for over 25 years, have taught English as a Second Language, Hockey and Audio Engineering, taught people age 5 to 75, and have taught private music lessons full time in Linden Hills for the past 8 years €“ but this doesn't make me a good teacher. What makes me a good teacher is that I have an infectious love of music and a passionate commitment to helping people. I have owned my own home in Linden Hills for 7 years and I love living here and being a part of the community. You can find me taking advantage of so much that Lake Harriet has to offer: swimming, biking, walking, rollerblading, and of course taking in all the great concerts at the Bandshell.

*** Lesson Details ***
From the first lesson, my students learn, they grow, they feel good about themselves - and they get results. Whether adult, teenager or child, I find out what music inspires and I use this music to give access to learning regardless of level. Whether a Disney song, the Doors, or Debussy, I fuel your lesson with what lights you up. I am positive, attentive and also discerning. Quickly, I find out what learning style works best for my student; by ear, visually, or intellectually, and I spend the time to customize their materials and lesson plans to an extraordinary degree. If a student thrives with me being highly energized, or with me being more mellow, or if they have special needs, I'€™m able to adapt to what works best for my student. It is a joy and privilege to be a teacher, but especially a music teacher!

*** Studio Equipment ***
My favorite thing about my studio is that it's QUIET! Perhaps you know what it's like to have a lesson next to another lesson going on, or because of noise, you just can't hear yourself or concentrate. Another favorite thing is that it's right in the business district of Linden Hills. I have instruments, amps, laptop, stereo, mics...anything we need.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I often allow new students to use a loaner guitar of mine until they feel comfortable committing to purchasing their own. I help them find the right guitar for themselves by searching for used gear and accompanying them to the store. I offer music stands, guitar tuners until they purchase their own. I provide all audio files and written materials.

*** Specialties ***
I teach ALL styles. I most often teach students wanting to play and sing songs from pop, show tunes, alternative, country, rock, singer/songwriter and jazz standards. I specialize in songwriting and often my students create their own compositions regardless of level. Improvisation is also a key part of my teaching.

Beau J. Saint Paul, MN

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano

About Me

My name is Beau. The bass guitar is a great passion of mine and I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with others. I am eager to teach as well as continue my own personal journey as a musician. Initially self-taught, I attended McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, MN where I earned a degree in Bass Performance studying under Terry Burns, Gary Raynor, Jay Young, Jeff Bailey, and Charles Fletcher.

I have been performing professionally in various original and cover/variety/wedding bands for over 6 years. I also have extensive studio performance experience constructing and recording bass lines of many different styles. I also play in the local original band, The Fontanelles.

I am the weekly bass player for the contemporary and traditional worship services at St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church, and have also played bass in musical productions of Footloose and Godspell. People know me for being passionate, energetic, patient, and friendly.

*** Lesson Details ***
All students can expect to have a positive and fun, but focused and educational learning experience.

Beginner students will learn to navigate the fretboard, technique, pitch matching and ear training, scales, and learn to play bass lines and melodies to favorite songs.

As a student progresses, they will learn chord recognition and relations, music theory, more scales, more ear training, sight reading notation and chord charts, improvisational techniques and building walking bass lines.

*** Studio Equipment ***
-Fender 62' Reissue Jazz Bass
-Ampeg BA-15 (amp)
-Fender BXR-25 (amp)
-Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Driver
-Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synth
-MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
-Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner
-Boss RC-3 Loop Station
-Yamaha MO6 Keyboard
-MacBook Pro
-RME Babyface for recording
-iPad with various teaching apps

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide a music stand, amplifier, computer for musical playback and recording, my own bass or guitar, and a tuner.

Students should bring their own bass guitar.

*** Specialties ***
I find that developing a musical ear is vital as a student. To a student, I like to stress the importance of pitch matching and recognition, scales, chord recognition, as well as fingerboard technique. Students will learn to improvise walking bass lines, solo over various styles of music, sight read, and develop a personal repertoire.

As a player, I began playing rock, but am also passionate and experienced in jazz, funk, country, latin, pop, etc.

Also, you may be asked to sing sometimes! I believe in the importance of using our own natural instrument as a tool for musical growth in all areas (especially for bass players). You can practice music virtually anywhere when singing.

Eric C. Saint Paul, MN

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Audio Engineering, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Country Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

Performing and recording musician with several groups for over ten years. Current projects include, Hot Date and Batteryboy among others. I have been teaching private lessons and classes in community education to students of all ages since 2007. I have also taught music in early childhood education as well as music therapy programs at Minnesota Veterans Homes. I am always excited to witness my students joy as they reach and exceed their goals.

*** Lesson Details ***
Relaxed lessons geared toward the students goals. Various styles and techniques; Fun and efficient practice exercises; Improvisation; Patience and attention to progress; Wide Chord Vocabulary; Music Theory in a way that is easy to understand; Tone development and playing by ear.

Every student is an individual and responds better to different teaching styles as well as learn at their own pace. My goal as a teacher is to give you an enjoyable experience in learning a new instrument and to tailor the lessons based on your interests and goals. After the first few months a beginner student can expect to have learned basic techniques and useful skills to allow them to start playing simple songs and melodies quickly.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons are taught in a studio with amps, acoustic guitars and electric guitars, ukuleles, along with fretless and fretted bass guitars, drums, microphones, recording equipment and software, are available for a student to use during the lesson time.

*** Specialties ***
Simplifying concepts and process. Breaking down elements of how to play Pop, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Rock, Folk etc.

Yasmin B.

Minneapolis, MN
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Don S.

Minneapolis, MN
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Chris G.

Minneapolis, MN
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Yasmin B. Minneapolis, MN

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Piano

About Me

My music students are introduced to basic music theory, notation, and technique that enables them to play fun, simple melodies after the first lesson, and fun simple arrangements after the first month.
My students can expect lessons to suit their tastes and goals, whether they intend to pursue music formally, professionally, or for personal enjoyment.

I studied classical piano and theory with Sr. Cecile Amore, jazz theory and mellophone with be-bop saxophonist John Mastroianni, jazz piano with Noreen Grey Sauls, and jazz history with the late Bill Finegan- big-band leader and acclaimed arranger for Tommy Dorsey and Glenn Miller.

I enjoy playing classical music (primarily Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin) tango, and pop songs as well. I have played keyboards and bass guitar professionally and enjoyed some commercial recognition in California when invited to open for a well known Bay Area band ("Foxboro Hot Tubs" a.k.a. "Green Day") at The Roxy and a handful of other west coast venues.

*** Lesson Details ***
Expect this to be fun! All lessons will incorporate proper playing technique and elements of the most basic theory, no matter the style of music. If students can devote some time to practice every week, they will see results. If students practice daily, they may exceed their expectations!

With each new song or lesson to be learned, I walk you through each part so that your practice time alone is fruitful. I encourage students to tell me what they want to learn. Any arrangement, classical or pop, can be made accessible to any level.

*** Studio Equipment ***
In-Studio lessons take place in teacher's home.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student is expected to provide instrument.

*** Specialties ***
Ear training, sight reading, tablature, lead sheets.
solo and ensemble.

Don S. Minneapolis, MN

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Basic Math, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, English, Film Production, Film Scoring, Guitar, Hand Drums, Jazz Voice, Music Performance, Music Recording, Percussion, Reading, Screenwriting, Singing, Songwriting, Study Skills, TOEFL, Ukulele, Video Production, Writing

About Me

Upbeat, fun and patient. Professional performer/teacher with a BA in music (with honors) and English from Wesleyan University, graduate study in music education from University of St. Thomas and film production/screenwriting with honors from Minneapolis College (MCTC). I specialize in helping you to unleash your creativity and self-expression. Guitar, songwriting, composition/music production (Garageband, etc), computer-based "beat-making", ensembles, and pop vocal coaching. Tutoring and computer help also offered. Many years experience in K-12 music and digital media technology (audio and video) working with gifted/talented and special needs students as well as in-school artist residencies. Adult students are a specialty of mine and are most welcome as well.

*** Lesson Details ***
In individual lessons, instruction will be tailored to the individual desires and needs of each student. Fun "family-style" lessons with parent(s) and young children are also a new option.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Guitars, ukuleles, bass guitars, strum-sticks, various percussion instruments, ProTools Digi002, Garageband, Kurzweil 2500, Mac Pro Desktop computers, various keyboards, synthesizers and music composition/production software and amps.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Teacher brings instruments/supplies/books as needed, and can arrange to provide instruments for students as well.

*** Specialties ***
Individual or group instruction in folk, jazz, blues, rock, guitar/vocal performance coaching, songwriting, lyric writing, instrumental improvisation, digital media production/composition, iMovie, Garageband, "beat-making" and therapeutic music for youth, adult and special needs students. Tutoring/homework help in English, mac computers and basic academic subjects for K-12 and adult students. Technology (geek) help/support with computers, digital gadgets (especially Apple) for "non-techies".

Chris G. Minneapolis, MN

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

Hi I'm Chris G. I'm bringing 12 years of professional music experience, as well as a 2 year certificate from the Player's School of Music. One could say I'm formally self-taught. I started playing gigs from the young age of 18. I have a full range of styles and sounds I've learned over the years. If it's out there, I can teach you to play it.

I've played in bands with styles ranging from acoustic folk and bluegrass to loud rock and funk. I am all about music. I am a member of the music ministry at Substance Church of Roseville. I have successfully passed a back round check at my church. I desire to work with people of all ages to help them become better musicians. It's what I love to do. I have been teaching for over two years now, right out of music school.

Can't wait to show you all I have to offer. A professional yet fun approach.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons will vary based upon the level of the student. It includes harnessing the student's raw talent in combination with fun, practical approach to musical concepts.


-Learning to play your favorite songs. note by note.

-Student/Teacher Play-along and backing tracks.

-Learning different musical styles

-Learning Contemporary Harmony
(Diatonic Harmony and Nashville numbers system)

-Learning to Spell Chords

-Learning Scales

-Sight Reading (highly encouraged, not required)

We dive into learning a song that the student wants to learn. I'll prepare two assignments to be practiced through to the next lesson. We review, we either move on or stay on the assignment until they've grasped the concept. We simply continue to learn songs and musical ideas together until the student knows how to teach themselves.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lakland 5 String Bass

-Lakland 4 String P Bass

-David Eden WT 1000 Amplifier

-David Eden 2x10 Cab

-David Eden 4x10 cab

-David Eden 2x12

-Gallien Kruger 1x12 Combo

-Nord Stage 2 88 Key Piano

-Alvarez 6 String Acoustic Guitar

-Line 6 Modeling Guitar Amp

*** Travel Equipment ***
Lakland 5 String Bass

-Lakland 4 String

-Alvarez 6 String Acoustic Guitar

Galien Kruger 1 x 12 Combo

*** Specialties ***
My best quality is helping a student learn how to function and play well with a band. I'm very ensemble minded. When you learn from me, you learn from an active working musician and educator.

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Whether you are a beginner Bass guitar student, intermediate Bass guitar student, or advanced Bass guitar student, a TakeLessons Instructor can help you learn or enhance your Bass guitar skills. Your choices for a Saint Paul Bass guitar instructor come from a variety of backgrounds, making it easy to find one that matches your interests and skill level. Each Bass guitar instructor's specialties are listed on their profile, along with helpful ...

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