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Popular Music Teachers Near Richmond Hill

Britta S.

Savannah, GA
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Takosha S.

Richmond Hill, GA
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Brian A.

Savannah, GA
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Britta S. Savannah, GA

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Singing

About Me

I am a graduate from CSU Northridge in vocal performance. I have studied under Adelaide Sinclair, Judy Scott and Marvelee Cariaga. Singing for the past eight years, I have performed in many operas, musicals, opera scenes, chamber music ensembles, and recitals. As seasoned choral singer who has been performing in choirs for ten years, I was, most recently, a member of the 2003 Choir of the World winning ensemble Northridge Singers from 2008-2010. I teach voice in a number of different styles including: classical, musical theater, pop, and folk. I am also an experienced sight-reader, and can instruct singers in sight-singing and musicianship.

*** Lesson Details ***
You can expect a strong grounding in basic vocal technique. A strong foundation will be highly emphasized. You will receive breathing and vocal warm-up exercises that address your own individual issues, as a singer. We will also go over basic musicianship, and sight-reading skills if you wish. Appropriate and fun repertoire will be chosen together and studied.

*** Studio Equipment ***
upright electric keyboard, mirror, sheet music

*** Travel Equipment ***
sheet music

*** Specialties ***
I can teach in pop, folk, classical, opera, choral, rock, and musical theater styles of singing.

Takosha S. Richmond Hill, GA

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I Attained a Master's degree due to a sincere love to teach hungry students. Within my professional history, I have been elected to become a certified trainer to teach representatives the importance of leading students to a higher education within the collegiate environment. It is my duty as a teacher, trainer and instructor, to empower students to believe and always be true to their voice and academic education.

In addition to voice teaching, I am an online college instructor covering general courses and business courses. I also provide continuing education courses for businesses and organizations. In addition, I am a home school teacher for my own children. Therefore, I am experienced in working with adult students and youth. Please see the list of subjects that I tutor and feel free to request a subject that may not be listed.

Voice and singing has been a part of my life since birth. I sing and lead others within the church and fellowship environments. While in the military, I formed a choir in Iraq during the Iraqi Freedom War and received the Director’s award. The choir was full of soldiers and airmen, and we were all given a sense of peace in the middle of war through the singing of blended angelic voices. I have performed in the U.S states and other countries for Generals, Colonels and the like. Locally, I support the military through events in singing the National Anthem for SCAD, Savannah State, and Armstrong Atlantic University. I also lead within the music ministry of Harvest Light Church.

I taught at Charisma Studios and worked side by side with students within the Broadway Dreams Foundation and many gifted people in Atlanta, Georgia. I have taught students within a Georgia State Youth Challenge program to challenge not only their voices but their character to move forward in life. I'm currently singing in Savannah and South Georgia areas. The voice inside of me grows daily and I live to share with others what I experience everyday of my life.

*** Lesson Details ***
When a student chooses to work with me, he or she will gain much strength through my teaching style. I enjoy listening to the student to pinpoint their individual need. I am very attentive to detail to ensure the student will receive everything that he or she has come to receive. I will do all that I can to the best of my ability, and with everything that I currently know and have learned. I learn from students everyday, therefore I am not the only teacher in the lesson.

When students reach the 3 month mark in voice, they will be able to hear themselves and correct their mistakes on their own. They will know if they are an alto, tenor or soprano or maybe all 3! These are the first steps to becoming a teacher themselves one day. At the 6 month point, students will have the confidence to be able to blend with other voices. If students pay attention and continue to practice they will be on their way to take steps to begin the solo and leading stages.

Within the aspect of academic tutoring, the students will learn new methods and techniques suitable for them in order to gain more confidence in the subject that is challenging them. Everyone learns differently, it is my passion to find out how the student learns and to apply the best practices and techniques to their learning experience to ensure their success in that subject.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Office/music studio setup with keyboard and computer.

*** Travel Equipment ***
The Voice
Subject Books and tools

*** Specialties ***
I teach students to sing from their diaphragm which helps them to breathe better while singing. It brings a smoother sound and it does not strain the voice. I also teach pitches and volume concerning specific songs being taught. The voice warm-ups and songs that are incorporated into the lesson, help to train the ear. It is important that a voice student learns how to hear the sound of music, so he or she can sing with any instrument including another voice:-)

Academically, I learn the student, so the student can learn.

Brian A. Savannah, GA

Subjects Taught

Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

I have a lot of experience teaching and playing.

My lessons will be extremely organized and will vary from music theory to improvisation to learning songs. I can also teach sight reading, or classical or jazz guitar, if students desire this.

I have most experience teaching kids when I was at Portman's music and then AMR Music later. I have taught adults as well.

I feel weird writing about myself and if you have any questions get into touch with me.


*** Lesson Details ***
Guitar started out for me as something that was fun. That's how I want it to be for my students. I understand if you had school and you couldn't have practiced as much as you like. I had those days when I was younger. I try to build technique through a mixture of songs and exercises. When teaching improvisation (how to make up guitar solos) I try to get students to start playing using a little theory. As students progress I'll teach new concepts that will make your playing sound more mature.

When I taught I learned that every student was different and that in order to be an effective teacher I had to learn the student.

I'm certainly willing to help the student achieve their goals, but I will also introduce areas of concentration that will improve musicianship. In my experience sometimes students were not immediately receptive though I could almost always see a change in attitude and musicianship.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stand, chairs and amplifier, acoustic guitar or electric, computer for materials, parents can sit in, keurig coffee maker for parents or students of age

*** Travel Equipment ***
This would depend on the student but would most likely be an acoustic guitar.

I may bring a computer or backing tracks, relevant books etc.

I would expect to be compensated for gas. I believe TakeLessons already includes this.

*** Specialties ***
I have been playing rock/blues the longest so I feel most comfortable teaching those styles. I also have an extremely strong music theory background.

Music theory is dangerous territory. You don't want to put someone in a stick shift when they only know how to drive an automatic. Music is a language and the key is to introduce theory where students speak the language then increase the presence of theory as students progress.

The best players are able to combine right and left brain. You don't want to play like a robot but theory will open doors.

I also have enough experience to prepare someone who wants to study music at the collegiate level for an audition; be it classical or jazz.

As someone who has experienced music and academia I could also offer insight into what it gives you and what it doesn't.

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