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Seth D.

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Columbus, OH

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Male Ages Taught: 5 to 99
Female Ages Taught: 5 to 99


I started playing music about 18 years ago and have been playing drums for 16 years. I have played in styles ranging from, intimate free jazz duos to swingin' big bands. Acoustic indie folk to indie pop. Blues bands to country cover groups. All of which have been in a studio and recorded at some point. I like to bring this diversity and experience to my teaching, being able to give my students what they want to learn. And show them how to execute in professional situations.

I graduated from Capital University with a degree in Jazz Studies for Percussion, which is like a specialized performance degree. While there, I was in the top big band, top chamber percussion ensemble, and top small jazz combo. I was also in the wind symphony, rock band, and jazz percussion ensemble. Also, I was able to study all kinds of music and styles of playing. I picked up the bass and guitar, too.

I have been teaching for about 2 years and actively gigging for around 4 years. I am constantly trying to push myself to be better and learn more.

*** Lesson Details ***
First and foremost, I want you to learn what you WANT to learn. If you want to learn a bunch of grooves, we'll work on grooves. Technique? You got it. What it takes to be a full time musician? We'll hit it all. While working on what you want to do, we'll also be working on proper technique and music reading through various music books. I'll also throw some things that you might never have even heard of at you. And who knows, maybe you'll find a new favorite thing to play from that!

My BIGGEST philosophy when it comes to teaching is: Admit what you don't know and be honest. Period. I ask that my students stop me if I ever say something they don't completely understand. I love when my students say, “Could you say that again, differently?” or “I don't think I understand...” Why do I love that? Because, that tells me you are actively thinking about what I'm telling you. Just nodding and saying “yeah” to what I say might be polite, but it doesn't help you to think critically.

I also believe that the habits built through music lessons apply to ALL aspects of life. Being able to execute, be prepared, self discipline, schedule, be honest, and retain information are all things that can be sharpened through lessons.

After our very first lesson, I'll have you playing a beat or riff. And after a few months, you'll feel so much more comfortable behind your instrument and so proud of your new abilities, you'll want to show everyone what you can do.

*** Studio Equipment ***
In studio lessons are taught in separate music room with full drum set, amps, and guitars. Seating is available. One Cat. Parking is on the street.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide books, sticks, cymbals, and practice pads.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in Jazz, Brushes, Latin, Rock and all forms of studio drumming. I specialize in two mallet, Stevens grip, and Burton grip playing for keyboard instruments. For mallet playing, I specialize in Jazz, Improvisation, and Classical styles. Rudimental, Classical, and Contemporary snare drum and general percussion techniques are also my specialization. Rock and Pop, bass and guitar playing are also my specialty.

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A live performance of 2 songs with Fields and Planes from Columbus, Ohio.

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