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Kerry F.

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Culver City, CA

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Male Ages Taught: 5 to 99
Female Ages Taught: 5 to 99


My life in music began when I was 4 years old, sitting beside my Mom while she sang and played the piano. Soon, I began singing and playing as well. At six years old, my first year in public school, I picked up the cello, which began my love of the stringed instruments. Then I decided that I wanted to move on to louder instruments, so I played trombone and baritone horn, of the brass family. By the age of ten, I’d already become a junior rock n’ roller and had my fill of studying classical instruments at my public school. I then began taking electric bass lessons at a local music store in the NY suburbs where I was raised. About a year later, I realized that I wanted more to do with my fingers, accompany my instrument playing with my voice, and have the option of going from rhythm to lead playing. While I learned a lot from bass and also enjoyed it very much, I realized that I needed to play guitar. It was my destiny. I started taking private lessons from a locally renowned guitarist and continued with him for about 3 years. From him, I learned many styles, modes, rhythms, leads, licks, riffs, and lines. Shortly after I stopped taking formal lessons at around 15, I quickly started playing in bands. I've played in several successful bands in both NY and LA, and have played on some highly respected venues on both coasts, including The Turning Point (Piermont, NY), The Gig (LA), and Comedy Central’s own Hudson Theater (Hollywood).
It’s been nearly 25 years now, and playing guitar stands strong for me as the best instrument ever! I've written/performed/taught virtually every style of guitar, specializing in rock, blues, reggae/ska, and punk. I have a relaxed, yet impassioned approach, which I've used to teach aspiring guitarists of all ages.

*** Lesson Details ***
During a lesson with yours truly, students can expect to HAVE FUN! I have a relaxed, yet impassioned approach, which I have used to teach aspiring guitarists of all ages. I like to encourage people to take their time, as it's better to learn slowly and increase speed as skill develops, rather than learn fast and sloppy and stay that way. The curriculum I employ is based on student's needs. Generally, it consists of a combination of light text for learning to read music, and heavy practice of scales and songs. Also, students can expect to learn a lot about music history and theory through dialogue related to the type of music that interests them.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Room converted to music studio: Guitars, desk, chairs, window, computer. stereo and amps.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide my own guitar/amp and could provide a guitar/amp to a student, but it's much better for them if they can provide a guitar/amp for themselves.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in rock, pop, reggae, ska, punk, folk, country, rap, and blues.

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