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Jason N.

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Fairfax, CA

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Background Check: Last verified 02/06/2014
Jason passed a background check on 02/06/2014 that included the following:
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Male Ages Taught: 5 to 99
Female Ages Taught: 5 to 99


Hello, my name's Jason and I love Spanish. I majored in Spanish at UC Davis, lived in Mexico for 3 years where I completed a Master's degree in Counseling, studied Spanish Literature and Psychology at the University of Costa Rica for 7 months and have traveled around a few other Latin American Countries.

I can do conversation classes and academic ones too. I have a lot of material and activities to facilitate fun learning. My command of the language is almost native. I prefer to work with those who really want to learn, just so we both use our time wisely.

*** Specialties ***
-Spanish conjugation
-Spanish vocabulary
-Spanish grammar

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