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Male Ages Taught: 5 to 99
Female Ages Taught: 5 to 99


I am a tenor that recently earned his MA in music from San Jose State. I completed my BA in Music from Fresno State. I am currently earning my teaching credential in music and love to help students reach their singing potential. As an undergraduate student (and in high school) my voice was classified from everything from bass to tenor and this led me down some tricky roads. This experience has helped me understand that the voice is constantly changing and the only way to survive is to have a solid technique. The technique I teach is strongly rooted in classical singing, but with this foundation you will be able to know your voice well enough that you can sing whatever genre you like without damaging your voice.

As a performer I love to perform many different styles. My training is rooted in classical training and I have many operatic roles under my belt. I also love musical theatre and made my professional musical theatre debut last summer as Seaweed in Hairspray. I also love to sing R&B and pop in my free time.

*** Lesson Details ***
In my lessons I like to help you find your true voice. We will begin with warmups to get your whole body ready for the very physical act of singing. We will work on technical exercises to help strengthen the voice so that it can be used to sing any type of music you like to sing. To help you become a well rounded musician, we will work on reading music and interval training. Knowing how to read music will help you have a leg up when it comes to honor choirs and and school groups! My goal as a teacher is to always make you feel like you have accomplished something in the lesson. We will work on new concepts that might takes some time, but I will never let you leave a lesson on a "sour note." Working like this will allow us to stay motivated and keep progressing! I have learned over the years that I will teach you many new things, but you will teach me new things as well! I can't wait to meet you and learn new things about the voice together!

*** Studio Equipment ***
practice rooms or classrooms in music school seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide a keyboard. I will need the student to provide a chair for the keyboard. The student will need an area in the home where they feel they will not be distracted.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.I am a classically trained singer, but also sing musical theater, pop, and R&B.

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