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Chris U.

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Park Forest, IL

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Male Ages Taught: 5 to 99
Female Ages Taught: 5 to 99


If you are interested in Music Production, especially with computers, I am looking for you. If you are looking to take your music to the next level - improvisation and composition, then I want to work with you. If you or your kids have an aptitude for music, I want to explore that with you.

I am a musician, composer, and producer of television and film scores, teaching college courses in music production, composition, and private piano studies. My students range from beginners to piano teachers.

I am serious about music because it is the most fun and rewarding thing that life has to offer (in my humble opinion...) Let's get started.

*** Lesson Details ***
For beginning students I like to teach the way my beginning piano teacher taught me. She was patient and kind, she listened carefully to the pieces I worked on every week. She was funny and smart, she always had good advice to carry me through to the next lesson, especially when she could tell I hadn't improved as much as I ought to have. I stayed with her for 10 years.

For continuing students, we will figure out where you are and where you want to go. Personally, I like to mix things up a bit to break up the monotony and gain the skills that different styles have to offer. Bach, Brubeck, Beatles, B.B., and Beyonce. And that's just the B's.

For advanced students and students of music production, the sky is the limit. Jazz and Blues improvisation, playing in groups, recording, composing and producing. Whatever your instrument. It's what I do, and it's what I teach.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Church location: gathering room tables couches, television for parents, grand piano in sanctuary (multipurpose room) Audio workstation for digital recording, computers, microphones, recording studio gear.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect the student to have a keyboard or piano.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in jazz improvisation, blues, rock and classical piano, and music production. I have 20 years of experience writing television underscores for long form (hour long+) and docudrama productions on A&E Network and most of the local channels in the Chicago area. I have also scored two films.

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JamesG1 July 26, 2012
Cookie, grandmother

Hi there,I was very glad to finaly meet you on Xzabier's last day of lessons, and was very impressed with yupuir work with him. I think he learn a lot about the fundementals of the piano.I am planning to keep him going when he returne to GA.Again thank you so very much!Cookie