Chris A.

Chris A.

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Austin, TX

Broadway Singing

Levels Taught: Beginner - Advanced

I've worked with singers at many different skill levels on broadway music. One of the challenges that a lot of musical theater singers face, particularly those who are singing more contemporary and pop-rock musical theater songs, is that classical technique doesn't take you 100% of the way to the broadway sound. There are certain habits that are needed for all healthy singing, and then there are specific differences between each genre. In broadway singing lessons, I will give you specific differences between the genres, between singers of the same genres, and what you do differently in regards to vocal technique.

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Male Ages Taught: 13 to 99
Female Ages Taught: 13 to 99


I hold my B.A in Voice from the University of North Texas. I was a member of UNT’s A Capella Choir, ranked among the top five undergraduate choirs in the nation. I have worked with a range of vocal teachers from many backgrounds, from a metropolitan opera star to voice science academics to professional singer-songwriters. This breadth of experience and research over the last 11 years has enabled me to refine the art of teaching someone how to sing so that it is effective and feels good for the singer to do, no matter where they start. For me, seeing the joy on a student’s face when they are able to stay in tune for the first time, or hearing their excitement on the phone when they tell me they've won a $20,0000 college vocal scholarship, makes it easy for me to say that I really love what I do!

*** Lesson Details ***
I teach adults beginner to advanced, and teens who are committed to developing their vocal skill.

It is critically important to me that I give honest feedback, but not by judgement. I will never say to you "That sounds bad" for two reasons:

1) No one feels better and more motivated to practice when they are given a judgement over their singing.

2) The phrase or message of "that sounds bad" is completely useless for learning how to sing, because it doesn't describe what is happening. You can have perfectly healthy singing be categorized as "bad" simply because the listener doesn't like that genre!

I give feedback through details. So if you don't sound "good" to yourself, I will help you figure out whether you are making that sound in a healthy way. Assuming that the singing is already in tune, we make sounds we don't like when we are tightening our throat. This is about half the time. The other half of the time, we are simply singing in a sound color/genre that we don't like that we picked up in our singing for whatever reason, and it's fairly simple to change that.

Because I'm only going to teach you what works for you, we may have to try a lot of things to help you find the coordinations involved in singing, but you'll never be stuck with the same exercises that don't seem to help!

I work with the students that have tried other teachers but felt that the instructions weren't clear enough to apply, and had no explanation as to why they have to do a particular exercise.

I explain every exercise that I give in detail and I make sure that every exercise will work towards your vocal goals. I will explain what habits apply to ALL vocal sounds and what habits only apply to some, why some people can belt and why others strain immediately when they try, and help give you a map to navigate through all the sounds that your voice can make.

Confidence on Stage

Some of my students are perfectly happy with their technique but fear singing in front of other people.

Technique can be helpful for confidence on stage because you can remember what to do with all the nervous energy rather than just try to hold it back. Technique alone, doesn't equal confidence.

In lessons, we learn what it takes to develop your confidence on stage, and many times this has to do with building a solid memory of your song.

If you know your song backwards and forwards, every note you sing is memorized and 100% comfortable, and your mind and heart are on a mission to express the message of the song, nervous energy is just extra fuel to the fire on stage. This is good!

As a singer, one of the toughest things for me was memorizing my song and figuring out when a song was performance ready. Between my college experience with voice professors, professional singers of multiple genres, acting experience, and my own research, I was able to develop ways to both quickly and solidly learn a song.

During lessons we will take efficient routes to show you what parts of the song are the easiest to remember, which ones need more repetitions to remember, and how to get them solidly memorized so you feel ready to perform them.

Another block to confidence on stage, besides technique and memorization, is knowing where to direct your thoughts and focus when you're singing. If your song is memorized and practiced, we'll work on how express the message using concrete, specific ways to make your expression of a song come alive on stage.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano and Voice Recorder.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Here are your supplies you will want for every lesson:

-CDs and/or MP3s of your songs
-Notebook paper
-Recording device of some kind
-List of songs you would like to sing
-Sheet Music we are working on

*** Specialties ***
I teach vocal habits that make all genres to sing easier in every way.

I also teach:

Singing Harmony
Speaking Technique
Music Theory for Singers

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Vocal Coach Jan 2010 - Present
Synergistic Singing

In my studio, I work with a wide range of students, from absolute beginners in their sixties to teens that are auditioning for Music Theater Programs to adults making it to the next audition of The Voice.

Voice Teacher Jan 2011 - Jan 2012
Music Institute of North Texas


Bachelor of Arts in Music Aug 2007 - May 2011
University of North Texas


TMEA All State Choir Jan 2006

Student Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 by 5 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great option for singers I recently had a session with Chris and it was phenomenal. I'm mainly a songwriter but my sound has improved with the directions that my teacher gave me. Not only have I extended my vocal range, but I have also concentrated on my vocal control. The lesson of it all was foreign to me but makes a difference. I would highly consider Chris as an instructor because of the friendly and helpful online lessons I received. :) March 9, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fabulous! I think that Chris is a GREAT teacher. He tailored his lessons to meet my needs, and was quite professional during our sessions. His method of teaching breathing first, rather than start right in on Me and Bobby McGee, surprised me at first but it is very effective. I couldn't recommend him more. March 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Knowledgeable, patient, friendly teacher who catered perfectly to my skill-level and needs. As someone with only a small amount of vocal training and knowledge, I needed an experience that would cater to my current skill-level and encourage me to move forward. Chris made me feel completely comfortable and emphasized the importance of singing naturally. Chris offered me simple, concrete explanations of how the voice works and why we implement certain singing exercises - this makes our practice together fun and natural, and reveals the relative simplicity in applying certain vocal techniques. He was very personable, consistently offered more explanation when needed, and invited me to help shape the lesson experience by asking for my input and feedback. Most importantly, he gave me real recommendations that I could start applying immediately! Chris is very knowledgeable - I would definitely recommend his services and plan to have more lessons with him! March 4, 2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very Pleased! Chris shows great patience and makes lessons fun for my daughter. She has already shown great improvement in her confidence in just a few short weeks! May 30, 2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing Trying to learn to sing for on my own, I was unsuccessful Chris's teaching and methods showed me to sing the right way to and I made progress very very fast.. now I have a band and Chris is helping me ever step of the way.. I am truly inspired now that I have learned to sing the right way. He has completely exceeded my expectations. hope that I hope that I can stay with him a long time.. April 10, 2012