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Male Ages Taught: 5 to 99
Female Ages Taught: 5 to 99




Acoustic guitar instrumentals from the foot of the Rockies. Melodic and dynamic... organic and romantic. Drastic and frantic.
I cut the cables running through his exoskeleton's hollows. Its movements a fight: frantic, deliberate… a calculated rest punctuated with a mean twitch. I need this limb and one of its brothers took mine. I'd make it hurt more if I could. For both of us.
Face-melting acoustic folk-punk rock music.
-wordpress (as an alternative to dreamweaver)


Tag: “Creativity is my higher power!”
Bio (Short): I've been playing guitar for almost two decades now. Music has been a friend and teacher to me for as long as I can remember. I feel a passion playing guitar that I don't easily find elsewhere. Which is a good thing, because music is free!
Bio (long): I am an experienced, educated and patient guitar instructor who's accepting students of all ages. I teach acoustic and electric styles, including fingerstyle, classic and modern rock, blues, jazz, open tunings, and more.

I take a personal stake in my students' success by answering follow-up questions and giving extra study materials between sessions, if requested. I ensure that every moment we play, we enjoy it with a little bit of everything in each lesson plan. We learn exactly what you want to learn, what you are passionate about, then learn technique and music theory as it supports that main purpose.

My background:

* Attained a bachelor's degree in music and audio engineering from CU.
* Performing artist with 17 years of dedicated practice.
* Performances include the Fort Collins Art Museum, Loveland Art Museum, Fort Collins and Denver area galleries, cafes, restaurants, venues, and at hospitals for recovering patients.
* Recording engineer for a commercial Denver studio, recording and producing Denver area bands and musicians.
* I've operated my home and mobile recording studio for over a decade.

I am impressed by my students' constant improvement, and I have the fullest faith and gratitude in them. I have taught an autistic student and am experienced with children of special needs. I've seen them show extraordinary talent once I find their learning and thinking style. I believe that my best talent is playing guitar, but I think that the same potential is innate to anyone who's interested, beyond any boundary or limitation; there are none!

I am also available for performances of original and cover material! Two hour gigs a cinch! Please hear my acoustic instrumentals here:

I run a mobile recording studio and would also love to help you record demos and better! I can take my gear to your studio, with minimal set-up. High quality mics and a trained recording engineer to boot.

I'd love to hear from you! I'm eagerly seeking opportunities for lessons, performances and recording projects alike.

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