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Popular Trumpet Teachers Near Phoenix

Michael R.

Phoenix, AZ
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kurt t.

Glendale, AZ
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Jennifer M.

Gilbert, AZ
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Michael R. Phoenix, AZ

Subjects Taught

Acting, Cello, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Speaking Voice, Trombone, Trumpet, Upright Bass, Viola, Violin

About Me

Michael has worked with kids for 10 years in schools and arts programs to find fun and their best self through performance. He has taught orchestra, chamber music, jazz band and music theory in the public schools, while performing in local ensembles in and around the city. He also has studied drama, voice and movement and believes all these skills help in expressing yourself--no matter what pieces you want to play!

In addition to working with students K-12, he also loves working with adults. I try to provide a nurturing atmosphere for someone trying revive or discover previously hidden musical interests!

*** Lesson Details ***
We begin with what we love. The student usually chooses one of his or her favorite songs to interpret. Later, we add music, usually from the classical or jazz fields, that build our skills and help us feel successful. All technique is based on real music. Learning scales, keys and music theory become part of the music. By the end of 6 months, we will have a "repertoire" of several songs that express our best self!

kurt t. Glendale, AZ

Subjects Taught

Euphonium, French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba

About Me

*** Travel Equipment ***
stand, instrument

*** Specialties ***

Jennifer M. Gilbert, AZ

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Music Performance, Saxophone, Trumpet

About Me


My name is Jennifer and I am a Music Educator! I am an Arizona native and have been involved with music my whole life. I have played the clarinet for 14 years and am a graduate of Arizona State University with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. I also hold an Associate's Degree in Music from Eastern Arizona College and a teaching certification in instrumental music education. I reside in Gilbert, Arizona and I am currently a high school band director in Mesa, AZ. I have experience with performing in a variety of ensembles including symphony orchestra, concert band, jazz band, small ensembles, and more.

I currently perform with the Mesa Community College Community Band in Mesa, Arizona.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is very student oriented. I teach students of all ages and ability levels. Whether you are preparing for an audition, want to improve a specific technique, or are just starting out I can give you all the tools you need!

I teach lessons with every aspect of music in mind. This includes rhythmic exercises, tone production, sight reading, embouchure development, and much more. I also give my students the artistic freedom to chose what style/genre of music they are interested in performing.

I hold my students to high standards and expect them to practice and be prepared for all lessons.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music Stand, Tuner, Metronome

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect students to provide their own instrument and repertoire. I will bring my own instruments/recordings, and any other materials needed to teach.

*** Specialties ***

Amy Z.

Avondale, AZ
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Jeffrey O.

Phoenix, AZ
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Bryan E.

Tempe, AZ
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Amy Z. Avondale, AZ

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet

About Me

Hello there! If you are reading this then you or your child must be interested in learning how to read and play music. I am so excited for the journey you are about to begin!

My name is Amy and I am a certified music teacher. I graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in instrumental music education, and my primary instrument is clarinet. I have taught instrumental music for 8 years in the Valley.

I enjoy teaching students of all ages and abilities, especially beginners! I teach beginner lessons in piano, and brass instruments, beginner to intermediate level students in woodwinds, and beginner up to advanced high-school level clarinet.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons with me will be tailored to each student's needs and goals, however note and rhythm reading will be a strong component in each lesson - especially for beginners. I have a very laid back and patient personality but I do feel that practice at home is very important and expect it from my students in order to give them the best chance at success.

Students with intermediate or advanced ability on their instrument will have the opportunity to have lessons directed towards specific interests such as preparing for chair placement tests, honor band auditions, or solo and ensemble festivals.

It is extremely important that students taking piano lessons have an instrument to practice at home - a keyboard is fine if an electric or accoustic piano is not available.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a full size (88 key) digital piano with attached pedal in my home studio.

There is a lazyboy and magazines for parents who like to stay for the lessons of their children as well as a table and chairs for those that have work to do while their child is having his/her lesson. :)

*** Travel Equipment ***
I do not travel to student homes for lessons at this time.

*** Specialties ***
Working with beginners of all ages.

Jeffrey O. Phoenix, AZ

Subjects Taught

Arrangement and Composition, Bass Clarinet, Clarinet, Classical Piano, Composition, Ear Training, Flute, French Horn, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone, Songwriting, Trumpet

About Me

My Price:
There are a lot of people on this site who teach lessons; I've looked through profiles...and their prices. Many of them do not have degrees in music and/or their lessons are expensive. I am a professional musician and educator with the lowest rates I can afford. My pricing is low to be competitive and does not in any way reflect the quality of the lesson. I believe good lessons should be affordable to everyone at a weekly basis.

My Teaching Experience:
I have taught general music K-8 in a charter school and basically had to build a music program with no funding and almost no supplies. I left this job in favor of teaching privately because the staff and administration were horribly disrespectful and unappreciative of what I did for their school. Teaching privately allows me to teach music passionately without limits (and without administration who know nothing about music telling me what to do!). I can also focus on one student at a time, rather than try to manage an entire class.

I have taught private lessons for about 13 years. These have mostly been clarinet lessons because that is my primary instrument, but in the last three years, I've expanded what I can teach. At one time, I was teaching several high school students music composition, music theory, and ear training to prepare for college entrance as music composition majors. One of them did get into the Juilliard school and was actually placed in advanced classes because of the theory and ear training work I did with him. I've also taught one of my flute students for years, starting her at an early age first on recorder, switching to fife, and then on to flute. I currently teach several students from 4 yrs old-adult various levels flute, clarinet, and piano.

I have been a music theory/ear training TA at ASU for four years. I can definitely prepare anyone for college level music academics. Most high school band programs do not prepare students for the academic side of music study in college.

What lessons I teach:

Clarinet: All ages (starting 4th/5th grade) and levels
Flute: All ages (starting 3rd/4th grade with fife), beginner to high school level
Piano: All ages (starting at age 4-5) and levels
Recorder: All ages (starting 2nd grade) and levels
Trumpet: All ages (starting 5th grade) beginning only
French Horn: All ages (starting 5th grade) beginning only
Music Theory/Ear Training: recommended for HS students looking for intensive music study in college
Music Composition: recommended for HS students or adults who want to write music, or pursue music composition in college

Why I teach music:
I love music, and I enjoy passing my passion and knowledge on to others. Watching a student, grow, explore, and enjoy music is a great reward. Music gave me a voice to express myself, and a creative outlet, and I want others to have the same opportunity. I also enjoy the social interaction with students.

Why you should take lessons:
I have a lot to offer students (check out my specialties). A school music teacher or band director doesn't have the time to give one-on-one attention. Nor do they have the chance to go deeper into music with students. I will help you find music that you like at your level, and I will also teach you how to practice and correct bad habits.

My studio:
I teach in the living room of my apartment, which is clean and cozy. If you are a parent, my couch is a comfortable place to wait during the lesson, or you may sit outside on the swing bench in the courtyard (weather permitting).

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a firm believer in the humanistic approach to learning. I want to teach you what you want to learn, the way you learn best, doing activities that keep you engaged and add growth as a musician. Come to me with your questions, curiosities, and requests for what you want to learn ("How do I play two notes at the same time on the clarinet?" "What is this key for?" "I really want to play Sleigh Ride"). Please bring in any musical goals you may have for yourself. I incorporate meaningful scales and exercises that apply to the music that you are working on (they are not chosen at random). Conducting, ear training, music theory, and music composition are all incorporated into lessons over time (depending on the student's interest). I am aware of the state standards (they are my instinct anyway), but I ultimately analyze your interests and abilities and follow your lead, acting as your guide along the way. My teaching and activities are age appropriate.

If you are interested in music composition lessons, I give advice on your work, give ideas to continue your music, educate you on instrument capabilities, help with orchestration, open your ears to music by others, teach theory/counterpoint/form, give you advice on how to get your music performed, help you use Sibelius software, and help prepare a college portfolio if you are pursuing music composition in college.

*** Studio Equipment ***
~2 different toy pianos (Schoenhut and J. Chein)
~88key Yamaha digital grand piano
~Yamaha B-flat clarinet (available for use during lesson if yours is broken)
~Angel soprano recorder
~Alpine alto recorder
~Macbook computer with Sibelius 6 (for writing music)
~Music for Little Mozarts starter pack with the cute puppets and music board (for young beginners on piano)
~Music stand, clarinet stand
~Log Drum

*** Travel Equipment ***
I do not travel.

*** Specialties ***
Teaching to young ages:
If your child is showing interest in music at an early age, I can start as early as age 4 on piano. I use the "Music for Little Mozarts" series that come with cute little puppets, and the storybook lesson style is perfect. I also have 2 nice toy pianos that can be incorporated into the lesson. If your child wants to play a wind instrument at an early age, I start them on recorder at about age 7. I can then switch them over to fife (a smaller simpler flute) in a year or so, and then to flute -or- they can go from recorder to clarinet at about 4th or 5th grade.

Incorporating conducting techniques:
If taking lessons on a wind instrument, I teach conducting patterns and techniques so the student learns how to follow a conductor and what it means to lead musicians visually without speaking. Musicians rely a fair amount on body language to communicate while playing together. I've also found that incorporating conducting makes lessons fun, and it improves the student's sense of rhythm and control.

Incorporating music theory/ear training:
Music is more than just breathing and moving fingers up and down. Great musicians understand music and have good listening skills. Knowing how music works (music theory) actually helps students recognize patterns and learn music faster (or spend less time practicing). Ear training helps with intonation and playing music with others (you'll sound better and notice more detail in music!). I do activities that are age and ability appropriate; most young students love listening games with their instrument.

Incorporating music composition:
For variety, I teach students how to use Sibelius (using my computer) to write music for their instrument. This encourages creativity, an awareness of how music works, and helps them learn technology. Plus, they get the pleasure of writing their own music and playing it! I print the music, and it looks like real published music!

Music collection:
I love thrift shopping, and I collect lots of music for my students. Some music is copied, and some music I sell at the great price I paid ($1 or less!). Music can be expensive, so I try to save you the time and money if possible. I only get used music in good condition.

Bryan E. Tempe, AZ

Subjects Taught


About Me

From Bryan: *Teaching music and coaching young artists has always been my passion. I am a compassionate teacher, and I strive to keep lessons flexible and fun. I am willing to work with your schedule and will ensure that your lessons are worth it. Students of mine have gone on to become music majors, music teachers, and freelance musicians. Music is a beautiful art and activity that allows individual expression in ways that are safe, fun, and growth-inspiring. I love teaching music to students of all ages and look forward to hearing from you!*

Bryan has performed across the United States in various ensembles, from marching bands to symphony orchestras. Recent performances include: Principal Trumpet of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, Principal Trumpet of the ASU Symphony Orchestra, Lead Trumpet of the ASU Latin Jazz Band, several full-length recitals, and collaborations with David Hickman (AZ), Joe Burgstaller (CA), Neil Berntsen (NC), Sam Pilafian, Ronald Romm, Ray Mase (CO), Alan Gilbert (IL), Bobby Shew, Jeff Coffin, Mike Kocour, the Canadian Brass, Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble, the Copperstar Repertory (Broadway Musical) Company, Doko Benjo (Chicago-based Funk Band), and the Phoenix Boys Choir.

Bryan'™s studies have taken him across the United States to leading universities, summer festivals, and training orchestras, including De Paul University (IL), Northwestern University (IL), Arizona State University (AZ), Aspen Music Festival and School (CO), the Music Academy of the West (CA), Brevard Music Center (NC), the New World Symphony (FL), the National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Institute (DC), Dorian Music Camp (IA), Omaha Youth Orchestras (NE), and the Rafael Mendez Brass Institute (CO).

The youngest child of two musicians, Bryan was born & raised in Bellevue, Nebraska and began playing the cornet at the age of 8. Soon after, at the age of 13, Bryan was distinguished as the Outstanding Jazz Soloist at the leading local jazz festival. Other high school accomplishments include: three years as Principal Trumpet of the NMEA All-State Symphony Orchestra, a second outstanding jazz soloist award, the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, the 2001 Omaha Area Youth Orchestra's Concerto Competition winner, the 2001 Lincoln Municipal Band Concerto Competition winner, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln œNebraska Young Artist Award.

When away from trumpet performance & teaching, Bryan enjoys composing & arranging music, singing, song writing, playing guitar, audio recording, and designing & manufacturing trumpet mouthpieces & trumpets -- including a five-valve trumpet that Bryan designed & built as part of his Doctoral Dissertation Project at Arizona State University. In his free time Bryan enjoys walks, reading, and watching movies & sports. Current plans involve becoming more involved in teaching & community outreach, sustaining an active performance career, and developing a non-profit music business.

*** Lesson Details ***

Welcome to a friendly lesson. My goal for each lesson is to accept each other as we are on this day & in this moment, to give our best to each other, and to enjoy evolving together. EVERY student is treated with respect, a positive growth-oriented attitude, and in an understanding manner. Lessons are based entirely around the student's interests and by my professional judgement. Do you have a specific goal in mind? Tell me, and I would love to help you out!

Through private instruction, you will have opportunities to:

***” Learn, Explore, & Perform a Variety of Musical Styles.
***” Excel in School Ensembles.
***” Become Proficient at Jazz Improvisation.
***” Learn how to Project Your Sound.
***” Develop compassionate Self-Discipline that stays with you for life.
***” Study with Working Musicians who Perform in Various Musical Styles.

Example Lesson Topics:

***” Ensemble Music - learning music that a student will be performing in ensembles
*** Solo & Ensemble Contest Preparation
***” All-Region & All-State Audition Preparation
***” Fundamentals - I put an emphasis on basics. By practicing correct fundamentals, including smart ways to practice, we have set the stage to grow in everything else that we do.
***** Forming a Correct Embouchure
***** Mouthpiece Placement: Dispelling Myths
***** Mouthpiece Pressure: Science Debunks Popular Misconceptions
***** Flow Studies & Lyrical Etudes
***** Developing Clean Articulations
***** Playing LOUD & Projecting Your Sound: Power Exercises
***** Advanced Double-Tonguing & Triple-Tonguing Techniques
***** Focal Point (Tongue Position), Pucker, & the Force of the Wind
***** Developing Fluidity Throughout the Entire Range: Expanding Scales
***” Ways to practice productively & have fun doing it.
***** Practicing on the Mouthpiece Alone
***** Developing Endurance & High Range: Embouchure Strength & Efficiency Exercises
***” Literature & Style - lead trumpet playing, jazz soloing, playing in a band/orchestra section, classical solos, etc.
***” Music Performance - developing poise, style, & presence in all performance situations.
***” Equipment Advice - to make sure your chosen trumpet(s) and mouthpiece(s) are serving you well for each performance situation.
***** *Classical* vs. *œJazz* Trumpets
***** Specialty Mouthpieces
***** Specialty Trumpets in C, D, & E-flat
***** Piccolo Trumpets in F, G, A, B-flat, & C
***** German Rotary Valve Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Posthorn, Cornet, & Cornetto

Patience is a cornerstone, for both the teacher and the student, so we can be in the best mindset to master the challenges of playing the trumpet and performing music.

*** Studio Equipment ***

***” For guests who would like to relax or get work done during lessons: Living Room with large-screen TV, DVD Player, Toys, Board Games, Netbook for Internet Access, free WIFI, Snacks, Water Cooler, and Bottled Beverages.
***” Music Stands, Chairs, Water Cooler
***” Electric Piano with Sustain Pedal
***” Dozens of Trumpets, Cornets, Flugelhorns, and Post Horns
*** Practice Aids: Schulmann System, B.E.R.P., Silent Brass System, Breath-Control Gadgets
***” Repair, Maintenance, and Modification Tools: Valve Oil, Slide Grease, Horn Flush, Dent Removal, Slide Removal, Slide Expansion (for loose slides), Mouthpiece Trueing, Spot Silver Plating, Buffing, Soldering (parts that have broken apart)
***” Dozens of Mutes of various types and brands
***” Dozens of Leadpipes and Tuning Slides of various types and brands
***” Sheet Music Library: Method Books, Trumpet & Cornet Solos, Orchestral Parts & Scores, Jazz Standards, Big Band Charts, Improvization Methods (including Aebersold), Small-Ensemble Music (including Brass Quintet)
***” Manuscript Paper
***” Printed Books for musical study and reference
***” Reference Recording Library: thousands of hours of professional and personal recordings
***” Computer Resources:
***** Lesson Journal: for Recording and Tracking Assignments & Goals
***** Digital Sheet Music Library
***** Online Sheet Music Library
***** Digital Recording Equipment
***** Sound System
***** The Amazing Slow-Downer
***** The Tuning CD
***** Multimedia Resources
***** Music Notation Software: Finale 2003 and Sibelius 7.5
***** Aural Training Software
***** Digital Reference Recording Library

Students will be expected to bring the following, in addition to anything mentioned in lessons/conversations prior to the lesson, along with a growth-oriented attitude:

***” Instrument
***” Mouthpiece
***” Prepared/Assigned Materials
***” Spiral Notebook for taking notes
***” Other Items Required for your Assignments (Mutes, Additional Instruments, etc.)
***” 3-Ring Binder for Handouts
*** Large Folder for Music
***” Any Books that you may need to purchase (easy to find & inexpensive)

*** Travel Equipment ***

***” A Small Supply of Manuscript Paper
***” Laptop Computer Resources:
***** Lesson Journal: for Recording and Tracking Assignments & Goals
***** Digital Sheet Music Library
***** Online Sheet Music Library (in locations where Internet access is available)
***** Recording Software and Microphone
***** The Amazing Slow-Downer
***** The Tuning CD
***** Music Notation Software: Finale 2003 and Sibelius 7.5
***** Aural Training Software
***** Digital Reference Recording Library

Students will be expected to bring the following, in addition to anything mentioned in lessons/conversations prior to the lesson, along with a growth-oriented attitude:

***” Instrument
***” Mouthpiece
***” Prepared/Assigned Materials
***” Spiral Notebook for taking notes
***” Other Items Required for your Assignments (Mutes, Additional Instruments, etc.)
***” 3-Ring Binder for Handouts
*** Large Folder for Music
***” Any Books that you may need to purchase (easy to find & inexpensive)

*** Specialties ***

*** Pedagogy
*** Trumpet Fundamentals: including Posture, Embouchure, Breath Support, Tone Production, Sound Quality, Range Expansion, Dynamic
*** Range Expansion, Articulation, Flexibility, Slurring, Lip Slurs, Lip Bends, Sight Reading, and Others.
***” Aural Training
***” Music Theory
***” Musicianship & Artistry
*** Band Music
*** Orchestral Music
***” Small Ensemble and Chamber Music
***” Solo Performance
*** Jazz Big Band and Combo Music
***” Latin Jazz Styles
*** Traditional Jazz Styles
***” Jazz Improvization Methods
***” Contemporary Styles: Rock, Funk, Fusion, Commercial
***” Public and Private Performance Practice & Mindset


2011 - 2013 **” Doctoral Teaching Assistant: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
***** Teaching private lessons to music major trumpet students
***** Teaching the trumpet methods course
***** Judging music major brass juries
2011 ***” Arizona State University Summer Jazz Workshops Faculty Artist: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
***** Instructing the Traditional Jazz and Latin Jazz Workshop Ensembles
***** Teaching select private lessons, masterclasses, and sectionals
2009 - 2011 **”” Brass Area Instructor: Emmanuel Lutheran School, Tempe, Arizona
***** Teaching private lessons and group lessons for all brass instruments
***** Coaching sectionals
2010 **”” Trumpet Teaching Assistant Fellow: Brevard Music Center, Brevard, North Carolina
***** Teaching private lessons and master classes
***** Organizing the trumpet studio lesson, sectional, and masterclass schedule
2008 **”” Merit Program Artist Faculty: Music Academy of the West, Santa Barbara, California
***** Mentoring high-school-aged emerging trumpet artists
***** Teaching private lessons
***** Coaching the Young Artist Brass Quintet


2010 - present **”” Tucson Symphony Orchestra: Tucson, Arizona
***** Substitute Principal/Assistant Principal Trumpet
***** Principal Trumpet Audition Finalist.
2009 - 2013 **”” Copperstar Repertory Theatre Company: Gilbert, Arizona
***** Lead Trumpet
2009 - 2014 **”” Arizona State University Ensembles: Tempe, Arizona
***** Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Opera Orchestra, Musical Theatre Orchestra, Concert Jazz Band, Latin Jazz Band, & Trumpet Ensemble
2011 **”” Saguaro Brass Quintet: Tempe, Arizona
2011 **”” Salt River Brass: Tempe, Arizona
2009 - 2011 **”” Sustainable Symphony: Tempe, Arizona
2010 **”” Brevard Music Center Orchestra & Trumpet Ensemble: Brevard, North Carolina
2005 - 2009 **”” Northwestern University Ensembles: Evanston, Illinois
***** Symphony Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Brass Ensemble, Premier Brass Quintet, & Jazz Ensemble
2005 - 2009 **”” Doko Benjo (Independent Funk Band): Chicago, Illinois
***** Trumpet Artist, Background Vocals
2009 - 2010 **”” Chicago Philharmonic: Chicago, Illinois
2008 - 2010 **”” New World Symphony: Miami, Florida
2009 **”” Aspen Music Festival and School Orchestra & Brass Quintet: Aspen, Colorado
2008 - 2009 **”” Civic Orchestra of Chicago: Chicago, Illinois
***** Collaboration with Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble
2008 - 2009 **”” West Shore Symphony Orchestra: Muskegon, Michigan
2005 - 2009 **”” Evanston Symphony Orchestra: Evanston, Illinois
2008 **”” Music Academy of the West: Santa Barbara, California
***** Opera Orchestra, Angels Trumpet Ensemble Symphony Orchestra, & Brass Ensemble
2008 **”” Canadian Brass Guest Trumpet Artist: Santa Barbara, California
2002 - 2005 **”” De Paul University Ensembles: Chicago, Illinois
***** Jazz Orchestra, Trumpet Ensemble, & Brass Quintet
2004 **”” National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Institute Orchestra & Saint-Saens Septet: Washington, D.C.
2001 - 2002 **”” Omaha Symphony Orchestra: Omaha, Nebraska
2001 - 2002 **”” Omaha Brass Ensemble: Omaha, Nebraska

Recitals And Solo Appearances:

2014 **”” Doctor of Music Recital: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
***** Trumpet & Piano works by Marcello, Haydn, Gasieniec, Morales, & Gershwin (arr. Turrin)
2012 **”” ASU Trumpet Ensemble: Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona
***** A Trumpet Festival: Featured Soloist: Torelli - Concerto in D (on Baroque trumpet in D) & Collins - Trumpet Mambo
2012 **”” Doctor of Music Recital: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
***** Trumpet, Organ, & Piano works by Molter, Telemann, Fasch, Honegger, Persichetti, & Peaslee
2011 **”” ASU Trumpet Ensemble: Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Scottsdale, Arizona
***** Trumpets from Around the World: Featured Soloist
Master of Music Recital: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
***** Trumpet, Piano, & Brass Quintet works by Bellstedt, Hummel, Boehme, Scheidt, Susato (arr. Ewing), & Benny Goodman (arr. Ewing)
Master of Music Recital: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
***** Trumpet, Organ, & Piano works by Manfredini, Neruda, Hindemith, & Turrin
Brevard Music Center: Brevard, North Carolina
***** Featured Soloist: *Tribute to Harry James*” & Molter -”“ *”œSymphony in C*”
Trumpet & Organ Recital: Millar Chapel, Evanston, Illinois
***** Works by Albinoni, Bach, & Viviani
Bachelor of Music Recital: Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
***** Trumpet, Piano, & Brass Quintet works by Haydn, Gregson, & Dahl
Bachelor of Music Recital: Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
***** Trumpet, Piano, & Clarinet works by Ketting, Ewing, Copland, & Hartley
Lincoln Municipal Band: Lincoln, Nebraska
***** Featured soloist: ”œHummel *Concerto for Trumpet in Eb*
Omaha Area Youth Orchestras: Omaha, Nebraska
***** Featured soloist: ”œHummel *Concerto for Trumpet in Eb*


2011 - present **” Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA), Trumpet Performance: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
***** Completed Residency in Spring 2014
***** Anticipated graduation in Winter 2014
2009 - 2011 **” Master of Music (MM), Trumpet Performance: Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
***** GPA: 4.00
2005 - 2009 **” Bachelor of Music (BMus), Trumpet Performance: Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois
***** *œMagna Cum Laude*
***** GPA: 3.969
2002 - 2005 **” Jazz Studies: De Paul University, Chicago, Illinois

Primary Trumpet Teachers

Mark Hughes - Brevard Music Center: Brevard, North Carolina
Neil Berntsen - Brevard Music Center: Brevard, North Carolina
David Hickman - Arizona State University: Tempe, Arizona
Raymond Mase - Aspen Music Festival: Aspen, Colorado
Josef Burgstaller - Music Academy of the West: Santa Barbara, California
Paul Merkelo - Music Academy of the West: Santa Barbara, California
Christopher Martin - Northwestern University: Evanston, Illinois
Adolph Herseth - Chicago Symphony Orchestra: Chicago, Illinois
Barbara Butler - Northwestern University: Evanston, Illinois
Phil Snedecor - National Symphony Orchestra Summer Music Institute: Washington, D.C.
Charles Geyer - Northwestern University: Evanston, Illinois
Steve Erickson - Omaha Symphony: Omaha, Nebraska
Ron Fox - Luther College: Decorah, Iowa
Lon Ewing - SAC Heartland of America Band: Omaha, Nebraska

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