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Popular Flamenco Guitar Teachers Near Phoenix

Charles W.

Mesa, AZ
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Jaxon W.

Mesa, AZ
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Byron N.

Laveen, AZ
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Charles W. Mesa, AZ

About Me

I am an international recording artist and seasoned performer. I have been playing music since the early age of 8 yrs old. I have always been inspired by music and love to inspire others with music. Some of my accomplishments include putting an album out with Universal Records as a Nashville recording artist, having over 7 albums out internationally, and recording and playing with some of the biggest names in the music industry. I am a classically trained musician as well as an innovative and experienced teacher. I have been teaching for over 15 years and have seen many of my students go on to become top-notch performers themselves while pursuing successful careers in music. In addition to being a private music teacher, I have also taught at many schools in the valley including the Center for Educational Excellence School, Grand Canyon Preparatory private charter school and the Arizona Music Academy. I teach all levels of guitar, bass, and drums and tailor every lesson to the individual student’s needs and personality. My annual recitals are live-performance concerts featuring bands and other performing groups formed from among my students along with solo performances. My students also perform regularly throughout the community and are successful in their musical endeavors at all ages. I teach a wide range of genres and styles from classical music, blues, jazz and rock to heavy metal with an emphasis on becoming A-Level lead guitar soloists and song writers. I teach songwriting skills, music theory, and have even helped many of my guitar students be able to sing better while learning their main instrument.

*** Lesson Details ***
I make my lessons fun and informative and have had many students stay with me for up to 7 years. I show you everything you will ever need to know about music theory but in a very useful applicable way. I teach popular songs from any artist and classics that have stood the test of time and show you how to become a great song writer of your own giving you an insider’s knowledge about how to perform and have the audience standing asking for more. No matter if you want to become a pro lead guitar player or just play to have fun I can show you how to sing and play the guitar or piano at the same time or singing songs from church as well as your favorite rock or pop songs with confidence.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Just my own guitar and amp they need their own equipment.

*** Specialties ***
Classical, flamenco, rock, heavy metal guitar. I have also developed new classical guitar techniques that I call the "trem" stroke and the "harpeggio"

Jaxon W. Mesa, AZ

About Me

I am a graduate of ASU's guitar program, where I got my Master's Degree in Music- emphasis in Guitar Performance. I have been playing the guitar for 19 years and teaching for 10. My main style is classical, and due to the technical training I have had since I was very young, it has been very easy for me to learn and master other styles such as Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop, Country, and other styles of guitar. I have a passion for performing and have played hundreds of solo and ensemble concerts. As a classical performer I was the Oregon State champion in their guitar competition for both 2005 and 2006 and won 4th prize at the Sierra Nevada International Classical Guitar Competition 2014. I have played concerts all over the United States as well as in Spain and Mexico. As a performer of other styles I have played in many bands and have won high school battle of the bands competitions and recently placed 2nd in BYU's battle of the bands 2011. I was a regional finalist in Guitar Center's "King of the Blues" competition as well.

I really love spreading the knowledge I've learned over the years about the guitar, bass guitar, songwriting, music theory, and everything music related to my students. I find a huge sense of fulfillment in seeing my students understand and enjoy learning and making beautiful music. I have a high level of knowledge and skills that I am very willing to use to teach students from the most beginner to the most advanced. Former students of mine have achieved lofty goals ranging from making it into a music program at the college level to winning their school's talent show to being accepted into their school's jazz band.

*** Lesson Details ***
My curriculum is based around YOU. I push my students hard, but I make sure they're always having fun and enjoying playing. I like to get my students playing real songs as fast as possible so they can see results immediately and get excited!

Note: I am trained and specialized in teaching children fingerstyle guitar. I have taught hundreds of kids in schools, privately, and in groups over the last two years. The method I use is proven to give kids the best possible start to music and maximize their potential. If you have children and you want them to learn good technique and music principles through guitar, you don't want to look any further, I promise.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have stools, music stands, and an amp here so all you need to bring is your guitar!

*** Travel Equipment ***
I do not provide any equipment.
Student must have their own guitar and amp if they play electric.
I do have guitars available for rental.

*** Specialties ***
-Children's fingerstyle guitar
-Proficient in Suzuki method
-Specialist in classical guitar, though proficient up to highly advanced in any guitar style (blues, rock, country, jazz, pop, etc)
-Also very experienced teaching songwriting and music performance

Byron N. Laveen, AZ

About Me

Byron N.

Byron has been teaching guitar for over 20 years to students of all ages.

- My experiences and education helps a student by allowing them to learn music thru guitar and at the same time being able to give them real world advice on how to approach the music business.

- Students benefit from working with me because they come to a teacher that that can give them answers to their questions in technique, theory and business from real world & real life music business experience unlike some teachers that only focus on book answers and have no practical experience.

- What sets me apart from other teachers is that I live what I'm teaching everyday and perusing music in all aspects and not just reaching only (meaning high level recordings, videos, public relations, web design, etc..) everything that you need in the modern world of the new music business.


Byron was first bitten by the musical bug at the age of 5 upon hearing The Beatles and was then turned on to the likes of Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, Jimmy Page, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani, all of whom influenced his playing, along with Dream Theater, Rush and jazz and classical music. When he was 18 Byron formed his first band, Sacred Heart and played the Cleveland club circuit up to NYC landmarks such as CBGB and The Cat Club. Currently based in the Southwest Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona area Byron is recording and playing the West Coast.

Byron’s current project is a new song and video release entitled "A New Freedom" featuring Jeremy Colson/Drums and Philip Bynoe/Bass from the Steve Vai Band and Mark Boals/Vocals from Yngwie Malmsteen's early records. This recording further explores Byron’s talents as a lyricist, in addition to composer.

The song was produced at Steve Vai's recording studio "The Mothership" on June 10th, 11th & 12th 2013 in Los Angeles by Greg Wurth who has also engineered on all of Steve Vai's projects. The Mastering is by Maor Appelbaum who has mastered for Rob Halford, Armored Saint, Sepultura and many others. Video is produced by Scottsdale, AZ based Echo Star Cinema/Steven Esparza and has been released world wide on You Tube and iTunes.
Prior to this most recent project, February 8th, 2013, Pure Steel Records – Germany, re-released a limited vinyl Re-Master of the 1992 album Amon-ra - “In the Company of the Gods”. This was the second re-release by Pure Steel Records of Byron’s past works. Featuring Byron N./Guitars, Dan Mattingly/Vocals, Kris Dugan/Drums, Ken Dugan/Bass and Jimm Motyka/Keyboards. This release included 4 - 1993 bonus tracks. These tracks featured Byron N./Guitars, Kris Dugan/Drums, Ken Dugan/Bass, Steve Revay/Keyboards and Brian Miller/Vocals. The gateway fold artwork for this album was created by renowned German artist Timo Wuerz.

The first re-release by Pure Steel Records – took place on April 27th, 2012 when Sacred Heart - "The Vision" - music from the original 1989 Cassette, saw the light of day as a new CD at the mighty "Keep-It-True" Festival in Koenigshofen. Germany. The CD was Re-Mastered by studio guru Bruce Maddocks in Los Angeles in January of 2012. A video production of ‘I Am The Walrus’ – originally released in 2006 on ‘The Force Within’ album - preceded these projects in August 2011. Produced by Steven Esparza & Robert Turchick with a special guest appearance by Cathy Rankin. Shot on location in Scottsdale at 98 KUPD S – ‘Arizona’s Real Rock Station’, The Water Mark “Horse Gargoyle” Sculptures & Yip Dog Studios.

The year of 2009/2010 was a great year for Byron and his band, Byron N. Group (BNG), they released 5 songs with vocals and lyrics by Ray Richter, Joseph Hengesbaugh/Keyboards & Piano, Fletcher Little/Bass, Scott Monos/Drums, Dave Clark/Drums & Percussion (Demon’s Wing & Dreamcatcher), and Brian Glodde/7-String Bass (Demon’s Wing & Dreamcatcher); with special guest violinist – Wanda Sobieska on The Game. During this time the band opened locally in Cleveland for the likes of Ratt and Y&T.

In 2009, the Byron N. Group contributed to a White Snake Tribute album ‘Shredding Skin’, on which they performed ‘Slip of the Tongue’. Byron N./Guitars, Ray Richter/Lead Vocals; Joseph Hengesbaugh/Keyboards & Piano, Dave Clark/Drums & Percussion and Brian Glodde/7-String Bass Guitar.

Byron made a decision to move forward with his solo career after his commissioned performance as first guitar with Richard Hendrickson’s rock opera “Ozone Hour” in 1997. In 1999, he released the four song Ep Byron N. Group. Byron exercised his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist and producer with his next release '2000,' where he played all instruments and produced each track. '2000' was so well received that he was given the opportunity to play on the Japanese release of the tribute album 'Warmth in the Wilderness,' in honor of Jason Becker; N. paid homage to Becker with his rendition of “It’s Showtime."

After the success of '2000', Byron put together a new manifestation of Byron N. Group (BNG) and composed, recorded, and produced '100 Worlds.' The album was mastered by the legendary engineer Nick Webb (Duran Duran, Gary Moore, Roy Wood, etc) at Abbey Road Studios. "I got in touch with Nick thru a friend of mine that used to work for Yamaha Instruments Europe," Byron relates. "Abbey Road would be one of his clients for studio gear and he had visited Abbey Road many times. When he found out I was looking to Master my CD he immediately introduced me to Nick and the rest, as they say, is history."

Byron N. Group's Digital Nations debut, The Force Within, is their third full length effort and fourth release overall. Recorded at Byron N.'s own Pacifica Studios, the album is a tour de force of guitar acrobatics and prog rock sensibilities comparable to the masters of the genre. Also handed over to Nick Webb at Abbey Road Studios - this was one of the last projects Webb did before his retirement. It's also Byron's first album to feature cover art from world renowned artist Hugh Syme (Rush, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Dream Theater, etc) "I could not imagine when I first saw Hugh Syme's work years ago with early Rush albums that later on he would also be doing art work for me," Mr. N. says. "What a great feeling it is to be working with such a master artist that brings out the vibe of the music thru the CD cover. Art that totally represents the band."

The opus kicks off with "Satrianimal", which is, exactly as the title suggests, a tribute to Joe Satriani. "Since Satriani has been the master of guitar to many of us guitar players it felt only natural to write an original song with a twist on the song title that tributes his name and music in that flavor," Byron states. The album's title track follows and is an epic 8 minute plus run, incorporating several different genres bridging crunchy riffs with uber melodic soloing all the while focusing on the song and how it fits into the realm of progressive art rock. The Force Within closes with Mr. N's take on The Beatles classic "I Am The Walrus," which ironically, enough, was, of course, recorded at the very same studio The Force Within was mastered - Abbey Road.

Byron talks about the inspiration, both musically and conceptually for The Force Within: "The inspiration came from the human element that we all have about knowing that you can do anything. It's the inner spiritual being within all of us that allows amazing things to happen. That human element is 'The Force Within.' Hugh Syme captured this concept perfectly with the artwork. The boy with the WWI gas mask represents the perils of humanity, the open fields represent the openness of potentiality, the storms represent changes in life and the rainbow represents the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that is "The Force Within" element in each of us.”

One interesting tidbit about the mastering of the album: "Nick Webb let me play the piano that John Lennon recorded ‘Lucy In The Sky’ on - amazing vibe!!!" Talk about taking your dream full circle ...”

Other earlier works that Byron participated in, include:

Electro Motive Force – producing 4 songs featuring Byron N./Guitars, Chris Barwise/Bass, Steve Revay/Keyboards and Jay Brown/Drums.

Voices – which produced 5 songs and featured Byron N./Guitars, Sal Sammartano/Bass, Steve Revay/Keyboards, Jay Brown/Drums and Troy Davis/Vocals.

Prodigy – this band also produced 4 songs and featured Byron N./Guitars, Sal Sammartano/Bass, Steve Revay/Keyboards, Jay Brown/Drums and Brian Miller/Vocals.

The band Mercury – created only one song, and featured Byron N./Lead Guitar, Mike Thorpe/Lead Guitar, Larry Richardson/Bass, Dave Davies/Drums and Jeff Little/Vocals.

Heavy Artillery was a compilation album of local Cleveland bands as a dedication to David (Holocaust) Iannicca – produced by Bill Peters and released in 1990 – Sacred Heart contributed ‘Time After Time’. The line-up on this track featured Byron N.Lead Guitar, Mark Herholtz/Lead Guitar, Ed Edwards/Bass, Brian McIntyre/Drums and Keith Van Tassell/Vocals.

*** Lesson Details ***
Professional Guitar Lessons Delivered To Your Home

As a teacher I build customized curriculum around each student so lessons and practicing become more enjoyable. This puts students on the fast-track to achieving what they want and becoming the guitarists they want to be. I instruct on any level of student from brand new beginners to someone seeking to learn advanced music theory and guitar techniques.

When students take lessons from me I have a responsibility to provide them with a professional guitar lesson. Specifically, that means that I listen carefully to the past week's guitar assignment and provide feedback on the application of the concepts and assign new material that will help them reach their long-term goals.

Students also need to contribute to the lessons in order for the lessons to be effective by asking any questions on what may not be clear and by practicing the required amount of time per week to master the assigned lesson. Students need to make sure they understand my expectations as a teacher so they have good time management in personal rehearsal to get the most out of each lesson before moving on to the next one.

At the end of each guitar lesson I ask my students to agree to practice the specific lesson assignment that works with their learning style within the time they have for that week. I remind them that the quality and quantity of their daily practice determines how well they will accomplish their goals. The hope is to inspire everyone to practice and reach their goals over time so that they become the players they dream to be.

My Style Specialties: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, KISS, The Beatles, Van Halen, Metallica, U2, Led Zeppelin, RUSH, UFO, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Flamenco, Classical, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Composition/Songwriting and Studio Techniques.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Guitars are available for students along with computers, music stands, metronome and blank sheet music. Living room w/ seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
They should have a guitar, music stand & metronome ready.

*** Specialties ***
Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker, Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, KISS, The Beatles, Van Halen, Metallica, U2, Led Zeppelin, RUSH, UFO, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, Flamenco, Classical, Jazz, Gypsy Jazz, Composition/Songwriting and Studio Techniques.

Deborah "Dee" F.

Scottsdale, AZ
Learn More

Mark A.

Mesa, AZ
Learn More

Christie K.

Glendale, AZ
Learn More
Deborah "Dee" F. Scottsdale, AZ

About Me

*** Travel Equipment ***
Books. Students must have their own instrument (keyboards are acceptable for taking piano lessons). I always council students on brand, quality of instrument they are purchasing before they buy it.

*** Specialties *** I have been a public school music educator for over 20 years, and have taught band, orchestra, and choir which enables me to teach many instruments and voice. I also have been a language and reading tutor for over 6 years and have worked with students with special needs for over 10 years.
I studied classical guitar with master guitarist, Christopher Parkening, at Montana State University where I graduated with a B.M.E. . I also did graduate work at MSU in composition. I teach Suzuki piano and violin. I am an accomplished composer/songwriter with many published and recorded songs and isntrumental works through ASCAP. I endeavor to make learning fun, and enjoy teaching students of all ages!

Mark A. Mesa, AZ

About Me

I am not only a Grammy winning musician with over 15 years of touring and recording experience, but also a classically trained performer and instructor. I teach various instruments covering all styles and levels and believe in making your learning experience fun and interesting.

Music and the adventure in learning music has been my life's greatest experience. As I travel on that journey, the greatest thing is being an instructor and having the opportunity of taking my students along and sharing the gift of music and feeling the joy of discovery as we play, perform, compose and whatever other elements of music that come before us as we advance towards our goals.

I invite you to hop on board, buckle up and get ready for one of the greatest rides life has to offer.

*** Lesson Details ***
My philosophy with regards to teaching and sharing my experience with students, is firstly to create an environment where learning is fun. This serves to keep a student interested and motivated to learn.

How I do this is to allow the student to choose the music they are interested in, then for myself to provide them with the tools necessary to learn and perform their music. These tools include the theoretical and practical information, knowledge and technique needed to play the songs, then recording and performing these songs and learning by listening back as well as practicing to backing CD's.

I have over the years been fortunate enough to learn several instruments and not only perform and record them but also work them into my teaching program. I teach voice to beginners and intermediate students. With a focus on correct breathing and projection techniques, then we utilize professional backing tracks for practice

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students must have their own instruments to practice.

*** Specialties ***
My official training is in the Segovia technique of classical guitar, but I have performed and taught varied genres from folk to country, rock and pop. Jazz and Latin are included in my repertoire, and I also have experience in gospel and contemporary Christian music. I won a South African Grammy in 1992 while performing with the group Jo Day.

Christie K. Glendale, AZ

About Me

Hello! Teaching is one of my greatest passions in life, and sharing my love for music, language, and the maths and sciences has been a phenomenal experience. I have taught mathematics of all levels and biology, chemistry, and physics at a private academy in Palo Alto, California every summer since May of 2008. I have also given music lessons through the CoachArt organization to children and their families in hospitals in Los Angeles. For the last few years I have focused on completing my degrees in Biology and Jazz Guitar from the University of Southern California, and have continued to pursue my love for science as a medical student training to become a physician. In my free time I still love to teach and hope to inspire students to get out there and tackle a new skill or indulge in a lifelong hobby.

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