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Shelia L.

Pasadena, TX
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Joe C.

Cedar Rapids, IA
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Cara B.

Los Angeles, CA
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Shelia L. Pasadena, TX

Subjects Taught

Accordion, Music Theory

About Me

If you will notice - I am the only accordion teacher that only teaches accordion. That is what I play, that is all I play, I have studied with the best - Willard Palmer & Bill Hughes. I have owned and operated an accordion music school for over 20 years - with as many as 300 students at any one time.

I have conducted Master Accordion Workshops all over the US and in Alaska. I have produced instructional You Tube lessons and several DVDs.

I have had my own performing combo for 22 years and a history of strolling in Italian and German restaurants since I was 16.

I teach the piano keyboard accordion as well as the B & C system Chromatic. I also have written lesson materials for the 3 row Diatonic Accordion. I currently have an accordion teaching staff of over 6 instructors and 125 students.

*** In Studio Lesson ***
The student will bring instrument. AND Cd player (IPhone) - if using accompaniment selections or wants selections recorded for practice purposes.

*** On-Line Lesson***
Lesson material will be emailed in advance. Min. Charge based on selections used.

*** Lesson Materials ***
I use Palmer & Hughes instruction books and personally arranged selections for the taste of the student. I use personally produced accompaniment CDs for enhanced performance of students. I train classically and instruct to the style the student wants. Italian, German, French, Cajun, Tex-Mex, etc.

My philosophy - if it ain't fun - it ain't worth it!!!! Please check out our Facebook - Houston Accordion Performers

Joe C. Cedar Rapids, IA

Subjects Taught

Accordion, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Bassoon, Broadway Singing, Cello, Clarinet, Classical Guitar, Drum, Fiddle, Flamenco Guitar, Flute, French Horn, Guitar, Harmonica, Harp, Mandolin, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Oboe, Opera Voice, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Singing, Songwriting, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Ukulele, Upright Bass, Viola, Violin

About Me

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide my instrument. Expect student to have their own.

*** Specialties ***
All methods, styles, genres.

*** Play just to have fun or prepare for college, church and/or professional employment! ***

Cara B. Los Angeles, CA

Subjects Taught

Accordion, Bass Guitar, Broadway Singing, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing, Ukulele

About Me

Greetings fellow music-lovers!

I hold a Bachelor's degree in music, and I come from a multi-instrumental background. If you want to learn guitar AND piano AND ukulele AND... you get the picture -- you're in the right place. I've taught lessons for over 10 years, and I'm happy to accommodate your learning preferences to your lesson. It's all about you and what you want to learn.

I do have a background in classical training, so I'd encourage our lessons to incorporate some formal training with a lesson book to work on technique and learning basic music skills. Additionally, I will supplement this training with the things you want to learn. With a bit of practice and encouragement, I'm sure I can help you reach your musical goals.

Let's unwrap your musical potential!

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons will be tailored to your needs and wants specifically. Each lesson is different, so I can't give an exact "recipe" of what a lesson looks like. I do like to spend some time focusing on technique, and I value musicality as well, so I'll make sure you're not just robotically going through the motions.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I own guitars -- classical, acoustic, and electric -- as well as a piano, piano accordion, and ukulele. I will use these instruments to demonstrate techniques and songs I teach you.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect students to have their own instruments on which to practice. I prefer students to purchase a method book if necessary, but I also am willing to send copies of learning material electronically. I will also provide my own instrument to use for demonstration.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in various forms of rock guitar, including pop, rock, indie, metal and blues. I also specialize in classical guitar, including fingerstyle.

I focus mainly on traditional and classical piano, but I also play rock, pop, and blues. I also can teach basic piano accordion.

Jared J.

Burbank, CA
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Peter M.

Gansevoort, NY
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Ibi C.

New York, NY
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Jared J. Burbank, CA

Subjects Taught

Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Arrangement and Composition, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Bluegrass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Cello, Drum, Ear Training, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I have been happily playing music for over half of my life and it has always been the light in my day. Now it is my hope to shed that same light onto you or your child. I am a very friendly and fun teacher with a great deal of professionalism and patience, even more importantly I love teaching and I love music with a passion.

I have been playing an instrument since the 4th grade (cello) and, as I learned how music works, was slowly able to pick-up a greater variety instruments with an increasing degree of ease. In high school, I decided to pick-up the guitar just to "have fun and rock out". I joined a band, played in the high school orchestra, joined the high school jazz band and began to practice songwriting and cover songs. Still, it was not until after I took my first class on music theory that I knew how much I not only loved the thrill of playing music but the discovery of how it worked. With this experience I can show you or your child why learning an instrument can be not only an exciting experience but an interesting and enthralling one as well.

I have been teaching music for over 5 years and have had experience with children as young as 5 to adults in their late 80's. I am a very attentive teacher who can not only help get you moving in the right direction but keep you on that path until your are a self-sufficient musician. A status that allows you to learn whatever you want on your instrument by yourself, whether it be for business, pleasure or for mere self-improvement.

I have had the chance to study with graduates of the Musician‚¬Ä¬ôs Institute (MI), the California Institute of the Arts (CAL Arts) and Berklee College of Music. This has given me an inside look into how and what each institute teaches, as well as a first hand look at the techniques and ideas that the great players from these remarkable schools have come to produce.

My formal music education consists of 2 years at Pasadena City College where I obtained my general Associates Degree (much of the studies included music) and a semester at California State University Long Beach as a Jazz Guitar Performance Major. Additionally I have taken a great deal of classes in California State University Long Beach's teaching credential program, where I learned strategies and theories of how and what to teach my students - making me that much more effective at my craft. At Pasadena City College I studied with jazz/classical guitarist, Ron Berman, who has played with such jazz greats as Herb Ellis and Jimmy Wyble. At Cal State Long Beach I studied with jazz guitarist Ron Eschete, a former teacher at MI who has toured with the likes of Ray Brown, John ‚¬Ä¬úDizzy‚¬Ä¬Ě Gillespie and Jim Hall.

Most importantly I hope to show you or your child a new way to love and appreciate music. And to provide you with the ability to have the most fun on your instrument as possible.

I am also part of Takelessons Skype lessons program (lessons that take place on the internet via Skype) for those looking for a more convenient or affordable way to take music lessons from home.

*** Lesson Details ***
Throughout my lessons I always encourage basic skills including scales, sight-reading and technical exercises. But what I hope to give all my students is a basic understanding of music and their instrument, providing them with a practical ability to navigate the vast world of music for a lifetime.

Beyond these skills, I always have songs, styles and theory for you to work on but I am often more interested in what you as an individual want to learn on your instrument. Getting to learn concepts that you have chosen yourself will help encourage practice and will make the finished product all the more the rewarding.

I can custom tailor a teaching curriculum and/or style for any of my students: we can focus on learning songs, learning to read, how to write music, how music works, and even how to play specific styles of music (including funk, rock, jazz, Latin, flamenco, classical, country and blues). I also self tailor my own worksheets and set weekly goals with my students to help encourage practice, understanding and progress. For students interested in more advanced concepts, I can also teach ear training, music theory, advanced jazz improvisation as well as advanced playing techniques.

And... all this in a friendly and easy-going teaching environment.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Located in my home garage, it is equipped with a small stage, an upright piano, an electric keyboard, a PA system, amplifiers, a drum set, a lap steel guitar, a pedal steel guitar, 2 cellos, multiple guitars, a mandolin, a dobro, 2 5-string banjos, a 4-string tenor banjo, a ukulele and 2 electric basses.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide a guitar, cello (a full size), electric bass, a banjo, an amp, cords and the occasional pick to students (sorry no spare mandolin or ukulele). I would only require an outlet and room to practice in; if the student could bring a pick that would be fantastic as well! I can also bring acoustic guitars if an outlet is unavailable and if that is in fact the kind of guitar the student wants to learn.

For piano students, it is best that they have their own piano or keyboard at their home; if the student is unable to obtain a piano for the first few lessons I do have a mobile keyboard but would require a fair amount of setting up.

*** Specialties ***
Styles: Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Metal, Funk, Progressive Rock, Classical, Folk, Bluegrass, Country, Various forms of Latin Music, Blues, and a few others.

Instruments: Beginning to Intermediate - Drums, Accordion and Piano.

Beginning to Advanced - Guitar, Mandolin, Cello, Banjo, Tenor Banjo, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Dobro, Lapsteel guitar, Slide guitar.

I also teach the beginning and advanced concepts of:
Music Theory, Ear Training, Sight Reading, and Song Writing.

Peter M. Gansevoort, NY

Subjects Taught

Accordion, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

The only instrument I play is the accordion. I am familiar with the standard (Stradella) bass system, and free bass instruments. I have worked alone for over 40 years with acoustic, and electronic/midi accordions. I play the Bass. Many accordionists do not, they play the right hand and hire a bass player.

I have performed in Canada, the US all up and down the East coast, as far West as the Mississippi River, England, Scotland, Wales, Costa Rica. NY City, Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Lake Placid, Montreal, and many others I can't remember. I love the accordion, so it is easy for me to play. When you succeed, I succeed and it is my hearts desire to promote this beautiful, and extremely versatile instrument, and you with it. It's fun. Let's go.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons will begin with 30 minute sessions. Advanced, progressive students will need 1 hour sessions. You will master the treble and bass registers and be able to continually expand your proficiency. We can play all Genre's of music you want from traditional accordion to big band, swing, country, rock, classical. What ever you desire.

Lessons will be at your pace. They will be interesting. You will be recorded, and then again on the same performance 6 months later so you can see (hear) your own progress.

I teach, you learn, and your advancement will depend on your dedication to the art. You are the one who has to do it. This is fun, join me.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Recording equipment, lighting, seating, sight reading programs. Pleasant surroundings.

*** Travel Equipment ***
All equipment is portable. Travel is minimal however with the advent of online applications, I am available any where in the English speaking world.

*** Specialties ***
You get me, and I am the best at what I do. You can do it too.

Ibi C. New York, NY

Subjects Taught

Ableton, Accompaniment, Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Chinese, Cooking, Desserts

About Me

I am a Chinese, graduated from Sun Yat-Sen university.
I love singing when i was young, and i have learned guitar for ten years.I took part in many singing competitions and Won many awards.
I can teach you guitar face-to-face or on-line.
Of course,i can also teach you Chinese.

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