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Popular Drum Teachers Near Oakland

Claudio R.

San Francisco, CA
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Rob F.

San Anselmo, CA
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Vincent R.

Danville, CA
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Claudio R. San Francisco, CA

Subjects Taught

Arithmetic, Basic Math, Drum, English, French, Percussion, Violin

About Me

Claudio R. is a recent transplant to SF from NYC/Seattle. He was born in Massachusetts and studied classical violin from the age of 6. He attended Vassar College where he earned a degree in violin performance. During college he started playing the drumset because of his infatuation with Jazz. Claudio attended The New School for Jazz and contemporary music on drumset and studied with Chico Hamilton, Joe Chambers, Ari Hoenig and Peter Retzlaff.

During his fifteen years in NYC Claudio performed and toured in a variety of musical situations. He has performed/recorded with hip hop legend Slick Rick, Lauren Hill, Praswell (Fugees), hip hop pioneer Doug-e-fresh, Adam Duritz (counting Crowes), Jason Mraz, and Jazz greats John Hicks, and Gary Bartz. He toured with afro-pop band Chris Berry and Pangea, tropical chart-toppers Xtreme, southern soulful singer/songwriter Lipbone Redding, and indie rock band Jonny Lives. For ten years he was the house drummer for Freestyle Mondays, NYC’s longest running hip hop open mic. In Seattle Claudio performed with pop band Richie Aldente, fusion group Gravity, electronica duo Fruit and Vegetable, and ran his own weekly jazz gig at Ballard’s 418 Public House. He was also the house drummer at Robert Lang’s recording studios.

Claudio taught basic musicianship and drumline in NYC public schools for six years. His teaching goals for drumset include establishing reliable technique that is useful in all styles, understanding differences and similarities between music styles, developing strong time and rhythm (through transcription and metronome games). Claudio is also adept at incorporating electronic elements in acoustic playing and can coach students on how to use programs such as Ableton Live in their setup for performances and as a practice tool.

*** Lesson Details ***

I’m looking forward to helping you learn drumset. I’m an engaged, patient, and enthusiastic teacher. I teach all styles of music and, together, we will get great results.

At the first lesson I ask new students about their goals. It’s important to me to discover why you are interested in lessons, and what type of music you wish to explore. I will ask you for a playlist of songs you’d like to learn and, from that, I’ll create a lesson plan that will teach you fundamental technique and the particular skills you need to play the songs you love.

Later, I’ll introduce new musical styles and you’ll learn fascinating facts about the role of drumset in music. I think it is important to understand music (and related drumset styles) in context, so I’ll frequently play examples of classic recordings and we’ll have conversations about the history of the instrument and the great drummers who changed the music through the drums.

Beginning students:

Nurturing your passion for drums and music is my number one goal for beginning students. I like to do this by finding a simple song for the student to play along with and give the student their first “grooving experience” by having both of us play along to the same song at the same time. Also covered: beginning technique, music theory, basic beat playing. I also encourage free improvisation on the drumset and teach the student how to create his/her own musical piece.

Intermediate students:

Intermediate students will: develop more flexibility in their time keeping by working on independence exercises, solidify reading basics, learn new styles (good for cross training), and examine stick mechanics more closely. Students will update their repertoire playlists to more challenging material as they gain new skill. We’ll set goals together based on the songs they want to learn how to play.

Advanced students:

Advanced students will learn advanced stick technique including the moeller stroke, advanced finger technique, and the Jojo Mayer valving system. We discuss how to improve time and feel by playing a with a displaced metronome as well as how to use the metronome in other non-traditional ways. Also covered: over-the-barline phrasing, odd groupings in even meters, even groupings in odd meters, latin drum styles, metric modulation, triplet based styles such as jazz and afro-cuban 6/8, and studio recording. Advanced students will also examine some of the modern modern drumset vocabulary (drum and bass, dubstep etc, blast beats etc.) and the drummers responsible for those styles.

I love music and I love sharing my passion for music with students, young and not-so-young. It is thrilling to see students progress in their abilities. In order to make progress, you must practice regularly. Please note that practicing everyday for 20 minutes is much more effective than practicing 3 hours the day before the lesson.

Note: due to the specifics in the lease, I can only offer lesson to adults in my private studio.

*** Studio Equipment ***
2 drums sets, congas, shakers, bongos

*** Travel Equipment ***
practice pads, basic drum set if necessary.

*** Specialties ***
When I teach drums I focus on mechanics, time, sound, feel, and coordination. I specialize in jazz, hip hop, funk, pop, electronic and rock music. I try to show my students the similarities between music styles and how mechanics, time, sound, feel, and coordination apply to those styles.

For violin I use the suzuki repertoire and incorporate music literacy at the same time.

Rob F. San Anselmo, CA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Music Recording, Percussion

About Me

Rob (aka R.J.): Born in Detroit, Michigan, RJ studied r&b and jazz from Motown drummers and Funk Brothers Benny Benjamin and Uriel Jones. From the age of fifteen he played in rhythm & blues and jazz combos around Detroit. He then studied privately with Berklee School of Music drum maestro, Gene Stuart, mallet studies with Mark Johnson at Michigan State University and earned a Bachelors Degree from Michigan State. He moved to San Francisco where he studied North Indian percussion and tabla with Zakir Hussain, trap set with jazz recording artist George Marsh. He is a consummate producer, performer, recording artist and teacher. He plays and teaches all styles of rhythm including jazz, funk, blues, rock, latin, and world fusion. He teaches drumset, congas, djembe, tabla, cajon and hand percussion. In addition to teaching privately, RJ has directed special week-long drum and percussion focused ensemble productions at Drake High School and Marin Academy and was Music Director at Cascade Canyon (K-8) School for two years where he directed variety shows and produced scores for the drama department. In his teaching practice all ages are welcome and all levels including: beginners, intermediate students, advanced players, and professionals.

*** Lesson Details ***
My approach to drum lessons is simple. I want my students to be excited about every stage of the process. I want to be as productive as possible with each student and want the lessons to be fun and focused.
I want beginning students to learn the essentials of good posture, correct hand positions or grips (how to hold the sticks in matched and military grip), how to best use their hands and feet to get around the drumset and to then develop a solid foundation of applicable rudiments, rhythms and patterns. In fact,
I have master drumset rudiments that help facilitate fluid movement around the drums in all directions. My studio is equipped with a top level TAMA drumset with Zildjian cymbals, congas, timbales, hand percussion, piano, vibes, excellent recording and listening equipment and speakers.
I provide the necessary foundations of rudiments, rhythms, patterns and grooves. Then I show how to combine these essentials to the drumset. I combine these developments with essential reading studies so the student learns to read drum music and charts from the very beginning.
I find out what kind of music the student listens to and likes and then I will use some of the more familiar tracks by those artists to help the student apply each pattern stylistically into actual arrangements…like a guitar teacher would teach some scales and chords, then apply them to actual songs. That way the student will remember the different patterns and remained engaged in the process. It’s a “see, say and do” approach.
I have a saying that I use: “FREEDOM follows FUNCTION and function follows FORM.” First you learn the forms (rudiments, rhythms and patterns). Then, with practice, you become functional with the forms, rhythm patterns and combinations. Then you are free to use everything you learn as it relates to the music. Your are “free” to create and improvise both alone and with others.

Within six month my students will have a firm grasp of essential rudiments, rhythms, patterns, sticking, single and double bass drumset techniques and be reading charts for the drumset.
Later on, as part of the student’s development, I will introduce them to different styles of music including jazz, African, Afro-Cuban, Latin and Brazilian rhythms and patterns so that the student becomes a well-rounded player.

*** Studio Equipment ***
My Private Studio is on the first floor of my house: there is a six-piece professional series TAMA drumset and an assortment of K. and A. Zildjian cymbals, a piano, set of vibes, timbales, congas, bongos, djembe and a variety of hand percussion. There are additional chairs to sit on, Parents are welcome to sit in on lessons.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Five and six piece drum sets, hard cases, three congas with cases, bongos in a hard case, timbales in a hard case, trap case for stands, cymbal case and stick bag.

*** Specialties ***
Trapset all styles, African djembe and shekere, Latin congas and timbales, Indian tablas.

Vincent R. Danville, CA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Percussion

About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Vinnie, and I am a San Francisco Bay-Area native, and have been an active member in the local music scene for the past decade. A recent graduate from San Jose State University, I earned both a MA & BM in Jazz Studies Performance (also holds AA form Cabrillo College in music), and studied with one of the most in-demand SF Bay-Area drummers, Jason Lewis. With a passion and dedication for teaching, I can help you develop the fundamentals necessary to play the drums in a variety of styles ranging from: jazz, rock, funk, Latin, and orchestral.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is supportive, yet challenging. I like to incorporate method books, which are great for reading rhythms and developing coordination. Also, i am interested in what type(s) of music my students want to focus on and help them with the material they are playing in their ensemble(s). After a few months, I aim for students to be able to read rhythms, play the basic rudiments, and gain coordination on the drumset.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Drumset, marimba.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Most students have a drumset or snare drum.

*** Specialties ***
Jazz drumming

Vir M.

Berkeley, CA
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Cliff R.

San Francisco, CA
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Ben L.

Mill Valley, CA
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Vir M. Berkeley, CA

Subjects Taught

Acting, Anatomy, Bass Guitar, Biology, Drum, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I am a graduate of U.C. Berkeley.;I have been teaching and performing music for over 15 years. I have toured the United States and other countries playing many types of music. I play Guitar and Bass and Sing † I teach in a fun style that emphasizes the students creativity. †Styles range from Rock, Folk, Electronic, Jazz, †African, World, Hip Hop to Country. †I can give you the skills to go to the next level. †From 5-99 years old!

*** Lesson Details ***
A typical lesson would look like this: †Depending on your level we would first work on some new chords and/or a new scale and how to play them. †We "jam" a little to get the feel. †I have a really great way of teaching theory that will get you playing what you want. †The second half we usually focus on learning a song of your choice or working on an original of yours. I am very personable and easygoing.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Have guitars and amps, basses and amps, drum set, microphones and recording equipment.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Have equipment

*** Specialties ***
Rock, World, Hip Hop, Folk, Electronica, Classical, Jazz

Cliff R. San Francisco, CA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Guitar, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

Cliff started his musical career as a young boy, taking classical piano lessons from the age of 4 until the age of 12. Discouraged by the strict format of his musical education, he picked up the guitar, and vowed never to take another music lesson. However, upon entering college, Cliff enrolled in drum lessons on a whim, and he has never looked back.

After discovering this new found love for music, Cliff earned not only a degree in English, but also a BA in Music from Santa Clara University, with a concentration in both guitar and drums. While this exposed Cliff to a strong classical background that included piano proficiency, conducting, and sight-singing, he also continued to foster a love for rock, funk, blues, and other popular music. As a result, Cliff has given performances in a variety of contexts -- including jazz, classical, and popular music. Inspired by his academic studies, Cliff continued his education, graduating with a Master's in Music from Boston University's prestigious music education program. Now that his studies are complete (for the time being) Cliff splits his time between recording with his San Francisco-based heavy metal band, and teaching high-school band in the East Bay.

More than a music lover, Cliff is also very passionate about education. In addition to teaching Collegiate-level aural skills classes, Cliff teaches music several different schools throughout the Bay Area, with students ranging from Kindergarten to 8th Grade. Additionally, Cliff augmented his ability to teach music at the highly regarded Walden School TTI in New Hampshire earlier this year. Whether you are a beginner drummer or guitarist, or a seasoned shredder, Cliff shares your enthusiasm, and will design a lesson plan that will take you where you want to go on your musical journey (and maybe to places you never even considered before!)

*** Lesson Details ***
As an experienced educator, Cliff believes that music should be FUN! As a result, Cliff divides his lessons into three sections: Technique, Theory, and Repertoire. If a student wants to be the next great virtuoso, we will focus on playing techniques that foster speed, improvisational skills, and facility with the instrument.

Would you rather learn more about how music works? Then lessons can focus on sight reading, exploring groove, harmony and, melody, and examining how different rhythms and scales function in real musical situations.

Rather learn how to play some songs? Bring in any music, either notated on sheet music, or on an iPod or CD, and we'll learn how to play like your favorite musicians, or how to make the songs your own!

All students get exposure to all three of these elements, but how much is up to the student. I want to help you to become the musician that YOU want to be!

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a guitar, amplifier, a practice pad and teaching materials, such as sheet music, drum charts, and iPod, and song books. I expect students to supply their own instruments, and they are welcome to supply any material they want to learn, such as CDs, songs from their iPod, guitar tabulature or sheet music.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite
have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest
feedback rating from students.

Ben L. Mill Valley, CA

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Percussion

About Me

Originally from West Virginia, Ben is quickly making a name for himself within the drumming community since moving to San Francisco in 2009. Having performed in a wide array of musical situations early in his career Ben draws on those initial performances to shape his current music experience.

While earning his degree in philosophy and music from West Virginia University, he had the opportunity to travel to China in the summer of 2008 to perform with the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra. During his time at WVU Ben performed with the ‚¬Ä¬úLittle Big Band‚¬Ä¬Ě, WVU‚¬Ä¬ôs premiere jazz ensemble, along with other Jazz and world music ensembles.

A teacher himself, Ben has had many influential teachers including: Tommy Igoe, George Willis, Tim Adams, Mike Dawson, Al Wrublesky, Scott Amendola, and Chuck Brown.

In addition to his freelance playing and teaching schedule Ben is a founding member of the band Abatis and a high school music teacher at Marin Catholic High School.

*** Studio Equipment ***
In my studio I have a Roland electronic drum set, practice pads, audio and video recording equipment, and access to my full library of method books and percussion publications.

*** Travel Equipment ***
When traveling for lessons I bring various method books, as well as a practice pad to our lessons. I expect students to have a drum journal to record our lesson notes, sticks, a practice pad, and a drum set if we are focusing on drum set instruction.

*** Specialties ***
I Specialize in many areas of percussion including; Concert percussion repertoire, drum set - jazz, pop, rock, funk, R&B, world - marching percussion, and contemporary marimba.

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