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Popular Spanish Teachers Near Monroe

Makala W.

Seattle, WA
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David L.

Seattle, WA
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Jonathan G.

Seattle, WA
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Makala W. Seattle, WA

About Me

I have loved music as long as I can remember. I know its cliché to say so, but it's true! :)

For me, having parents of different ethnicity and siblings that were much older than me, I was heavily impacted by the wide variety of music to which my family members listened. The force of this crayon box of rhythms and sounds captivated and affected me so much that it is the key experience that I draw from in making my own music today.

I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska (a small town in the center of the state) so my only option for entertainment and fun was getting involved in the arts! I started performing at a very young age as both a dancer and a musician. I studied classical ballet, modern dance, hip hop and street dance, and world dance traditions throughout my formative years, which helped me to gain rhythmical fluency. I started my formal music training when I began to play the cello. From then on, I was hooked on the sound and I immersed myself in music as much as I could; performing, competing, working in as many musical groups and productions as possible (as both a vocalist and cellist), and even teaching.

I moved to Seattle in 2003 to study opera at Cornish College of the arts, only to later change my major to Jazz, and then again to Latin music studies. Since graduating from Cornish in 2007, with my Bachelor of Music degree, I have been actively and diligently working in the local music scene; performing and recording with artists and groups of many different styles. Everything from various Latin genres, to Rock, to R&B/Soul, to Hip Hop, and Jazz. Through my music, I aim to reach out to people of all cultures. I also aim to teach my own students with the hope that they too can discover the same continuous love of music that I have grown to feel (and still am growing to feel) over the years. :)

*** Studio Equipment ***
88 key piano, (Yamaha keyboard), cello, various percussion instruments, guitars, library, computer, lessons are given in the living room.

*** Specialties ***
As far as voice goes, I teach all genres and styles but I personally specialize in the Latin genres. I teach all aspects of the music; rhythm, harmony, theory. I even teach performance; how to work with a band in real-time communication, song communication (or story telling as I like to call it), and developing ones own personal style. I believe that there is much more to singing than just vocal technique alone, so I believe in teaching musical fundamentals and functions so that my students will not only be considered vocalists, but competent musicians.

David L. Seattle, WA

About Me

Many years of drum instruction with students who have learned best with alternative learner-centered approaches including: extreme patience, slow to fast repetition of patterns and exercises, focused breathing, as well as sight-reading, rhythm and ear training. Students with: Asperger's, Autism, Dyslexia and related states have benefited greatly.

Jonathan G. Seattle, WA

About Me

I have nearly thirty years of experience working with students of all ages, both in private and group settings. I have also taught in Latin America - in Spanish.

Octavio F.

Seattle, WA
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Paola E.

Seattle, WA
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Paola G.

Mercer Island, WA
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Octavio F. Seattle, WA

About Me

I have been teaching and tutoring Spanish for the last 13 years, I have found that as a native speaker it is very easy for me to understand the doubts of any potential speaker. I have been tutoring all levels, from kindergarten and elementary school to college level as well as professional adults who just want to learn the language. My style is a direct approach and I focus my lessons and practice on the student's weaknesses, making the most out of his/her abilities and understanding. I combine written exercises with oral practices from the very beginning. Learning a new language involves more than just the words, it is a cultural experience, so I include in my classes a huge range of cultural background, music, dancing, history, geography, etc. Dare to learn Spanish?

Paola E. Seattle, WA

About Me

Hola! I am a Certified Spanish interpreter and teacher, and I also develop online learning content. Spanish is my native language and I like that my students get the most out of our time with me, so they get fluent as quickly as possible. I offer high-quality lessons that blend: -10 years of teaching experience as a qualified Spanish teacher, having taught at the Cervantes Institute in Argentina and Mexico, at Seattle Languages, and the Seattle Language Academy in the United States among other institutes -Lots of experience as a beginning level language learner, having studied or attained fluency in various languages including English, Portuguese, Italian, French, and German. -Cultural insights from a native Spanish who lived and worked in Argentina, Mexico and the USA, and traveled around various Spanish speaking countries in South America. I offer free orientations at my office space in Capitol Hill every Wednesday. Contact me at for more info, your questions are welcome! Gracias

Paola G. Mercer Island, WA

About Me

My name is Paola and I am from Spain. I live in Mercer Island and I would like to teach Spanish here. In Spain I am a teacher and I love teaching different things!! All levels, kids and adults =)

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