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Popular Dance Teachers Near Miami

Brigette C.

Miami, FL
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Meredith B.

Miami, FL
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Kate P.

Miami, FL
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Brigette C. Miami, FL

About Me

Brigette is a Freelance Dancer, Choreographer, and Performer based in Miami, FL. She received her BFA in dance (with honors, summa cum laude) from the New World School of the Arts in Miami in 2011.
Brigette has been dancing professionally since 2009 and has dedicated her life since a very young age to the art of dance. Due to her extensive dance training that began in her youth, Brigette speaks the language of dance and offers a wide range of dance education services for all skill levels of dance lovers, including flexibility training, modern dance class, and much more!

*** Lesson Details ***
All Ages: From the basics to assistance with the most advanced of dance techniques, I can offer you extensive coaching and insights to improving your dancing abilities.

If you are interesting in becoming more flexible, learning to stretch as dancers do, or learning to meditate in the most basic way, (or a combination of the those,) set up lessons with me and I will share my extensive knowledge with you, coaching you along the way.

*** Studio Equipment ***
- Slight Bounce ~ It's important for a dance studio to have a sprung dance floor - this allows for proper shock absorption when jumping and dancing.
- No Texture ~ Most contemporary dance studios have a marly (smooth rubber plastic combination) flooring laid on top of the sprung floor foundation which makes for a softer dance floor and wears less on a dancer's knees when practicing modern dance (in comparison to a wooden dance floor).

Mirrors come in handy for beginners to be able to keep an eye on themselves while watching and following the dance teacher during guided exercises.

Ballet Barre:
A ballet barre will be used in the training of ballet as it is a classic fundamental in the warm up and practice of classical, neoclassical, and contemporary ballet.

*** Travel Equipment ***
What you'll need for your in-home dance lessons with me:

1. Make room! Find an area of your house that provides you enough space to kick your legs, lie on the floor, and spin in circles with your arms open, without knocking over or hitting anything with your body. This way you can ensure there's enough room for us to dance and me to train you efficiently. If there are items in the way, this provides a potential safety hazard.

2. Check the floor quality. Wood floors are perfect because they provide a spring and shock absorption when jumping. Concrete and tile are not recommended for dancing. If you only have concrete and/or tile, I recommend that a rug be put down so that there is adequate cushion to prevent injury, and I can adjust my class for you so that we don't do specific movements that would be dangerous on a harder floor. Carpet is a bit too cushiony for dance, but can be worked with as well.

What you'll need for in-home stretching, meditation, or flexibility classes with me:

1. Make room! Find an area in your home where you and another person can lay on the floor with arms and legs extended. A good test for this is to see if two adults make "snow angels" simultaneously without hitting/touching each other or any other item in the room (including walls!).

2. A towel or yoga mat so that your face and body do not have to be in direct contact with the floor.

*** Specialties ***
Classical Ballet
Contemporary Ballet
Pas de Duex Ballet
Pointe Class Ballet
Modern Dance - Graham Technique, Limon Technique, Horton Technique
Contemporary Dance
Tap Dance
Jazz Dance - General
Acting for Dance
Flexibility Training - For Dancers and Non - Dancers
Stretching Class - For Dancers and Non - Dancers
Guided Meditation Class - For Dancers and Non - Dancers
Health for Dancers / Diet for Dancers

Meredith B. Miami, FL

About Me

As a dance instructor my goal is to provide dancers with the information they need to perform movement properly while also encouraging them to express themselves artistically. I believe in creating an environment where dancers feel safe to make mistakes and try new techniques and expressions. My teaching structure involves a full ballet, modern, tap, or jazz class, as well as a sacred time at the end of class where the student gets to implement the techniques of the day, expressing themselves in a piece of artful choreography. This way dancers not only experience strong fundamentals, they are rewarded with the reason they are drawn to dance in the first place…artistic expression. During this end-of-class choreography, they apply themselves as artists. There is a different excitement, and therefore a unique learning opportunity that choreography brings; it is crucial for dancers to experience, even at an early age. As a professional dancer and choreographer myself, it is my mission to ignite a lasting passion and a fearless artistry in each student that comes through my door.

Kate P. Miami, FL

About Me

Kate has been teaching private lessons since 2008 and is currently available to teach lessons at your home, at her] studio. Kate has helped students master skills in certain genres, get excepted in magnet programs, and helped student get comfortable on the dance floor.

Kate received her training at Florida International University in 2010 where she received a degree in Dance Education. As an expert in her field, Kate looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals. Kate's teaching style is Fun, Motivating, and Exciting.

Alison C.

Miami, FL
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Kenia D.

Miami, FL
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Jeffrey S.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Alison C. Miami, FL

About Me

I am currently a graduate student at the University of Miami studying Physical Therapy. I received my bachelors degree in Exercise Science from Florida State University this past year.

My real passion is for science. I fell in love with Biology in high school and began my teaching experience while tutoring Biology for my final two years of high school. I also tutored in Geometry and Spanish. In college, I was a volunteer teacher at a developmental center where I learned to work with children with disabilities.

I have been teaching vinyasa flow yoga for the past two years and am also experienced in Ashtanga and Yin. Yoga gave me relief from the pain of my ballet injuries and it helped me find peace. I hope to help others with the same.

I believe that education is incredibly important - not just for good grades, but for foundational knowledge for the future. Higher education is incredibly important and a solid foundation is necessary for success.

Kenia D. Miami, FL

About Me

I am a graduated student from York University, Canada. I have a combined Honors Degree, a Major in Drama Studies and a Minor in Hispanic Studies. I also have a certificate in Translation, Spanish-English, English-Spanish. My first language is Spanish and my second, English. I also have fluency in French and Italian language which I studied at university level. I am currently a member of the Toronto District School Board as Spanish Interpreter since the year 2000.

Jeffrey S. Fort Lauderdale, FL

About Me

I am a retired professional dancer with The Paul Taylor Dance company in New York City. I am 36 years old and I now live in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I have a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Dance and Multimedia Technology, and a National Yoga Certification.

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