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Popular Dance Teachers Near Miami


Hollywood, FL
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Finley W.

Opa Locka, FL
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Brigette C.

Miami, FL
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Deb Hollywood, FL

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Dance, Music Performance, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice

About Me

I'm a passionate Performer/Vocal Coach who has been in the music industry for about 20 years. I also do professional music video's for artists. I've studied Brett Manning's teachings who is a celebrity in his own makings. I've performed in several cruise ships in all of South Florida. Helping and dedicating myself to upcoming artists is where my heart is.

*** Lesson Details ***
Students who study with me become more confident. I teach them how to sing with conviction
I'm very passionate about having my students climb to the top so discipline is necessary.
My lessons are exciting and creative so not only do you learn but you're anxious to come back
I also teach Performance and how to command a stage for those wanting to take it to the next level.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons take place in a comfortable private room. Thousands of instrumental songs to choose from to bring out the best that you can be! Recordings & Videos also available...

*** Specialties ***
Jazz, Blues, Soul, & Cabaret.... My lessons cater to the more serious students who want to grow as an artist.

Finley W. Opa Locka, FL

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Dance, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Performance, Music Theory, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I have a Bachelor's degree in Music from Liberty University, specializing in Church Ministry and Intercultural Studies. I achieved a primary in guitar and a secondary in voice. I have completed all Music Theory and Aural Skills training as well as courses in Arranging, Instrumental Performance, Dynamics of Instrumental Worship, Computer Literacy, and Song Survey/Writing. Currently I am finishing my Master's degree in Ethnomusicology. I have three years of experience teaching and tutoring. I also have almost a decade's worth of experience playing with church music ministries and performing at local venues. I have a great passion for music and teaching. My desire is for my students to find a love for their instrument and their art.

*** Lesson Details ***
Students can expect results! We are going to have lots of fun, but also get into serious music training. My teaching will have professionalism, genuine care, personalized attention, flexibility, and customized lessons. I am very laid back, easy going, and fun, but do have high expectations for students to set goals and achieve them. Lessons will be catered specifically to the students' individual needs. My hope is to instill passion and creativity. Students can expect to learn and grow in their art exponentially. I promise to work tirelessly in helping students unlock their maximum potential.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Office, seating for parents, amp, guitars

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide all paper resources, materials, and curriculum. If needed, I can provide a guitar.

I prefer the student to own their own instrument. Students may need to purchase additional resource material and equipment at the instructor's recommendation.

*** Specialties ***
I strive to be well-rounded in my musicality. I teach both from a theory and "by ear" perspective. My goal for students is to find a love for their instrument and to reach their full potential. I especially love modern folk music and jazz theory.

Brigette C. Miami, FL

Subjects Taught

Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Dance, Flexibility Training, Modern Dance

About Me

Brigette is a Freelance Dancer, Choreographer, and Performer based in Miami, FL. She received her BFA in dance (with honors, summa cum laude) from the New World School of the Arts in Miami in 2011.
Brigette has been dancing professionally since 2009 and has dedicated her life since a very young age to the art of dance. Due to her extensive dance training that began in her youth, Brigette speaks the language of dance and offers a wide range of dance education services for all skill levels of dance lovers, including flexibility training, modern dance class, and much more!

*** Lesson Details ***
All Ages: From the basics to assistance with the most advanced of dance techniques, I can offer you extensive coaching and insights to improving your dancing abilities.

If you are interesting in becoming more flexible, learning to stretch as dancers do, or learning to meditate in the most basic way, (or a combination of the those,) set up lessons with me and I will share my extensive knowledge with you, coaching you along the way.

*** Studio Equipment ***
- Slight Bounce ~ It's important for a dance studio to have a sprung dance floor - this allows for proper shock absorption when jumping and dancing.
- No Texture ~ Most contemporary dance studios have a marly (smooth rubber plastic combination) flooring laid on top of the sprung floor foundation which makes for a softer dance floor and wears less on a dancer's knees when practicing modern dance (in comparison to a wooden dance floor).

Mirrors come in handy for beginners to be able to keep an eye on themselves while watching and following the dance teacher during guided exercises.

Ballet Barre:
A ballet barre will be used in the training of ballet as it is a classic fundamental in the warm up and practice of classical, neoclassical, and contemporary ballet.

*** Travel Equipment ***
What you'll need for your in-home dance lessons with me:

1. Make room! Find an area of your house that provides you enough space to kick your legs, lie on the floor, and spin in circles with your arms open, without knocking over or hitting anything with your body. This way you can ensure there's enough room for us to dance and me to train you efficiently. If there are items in the way, this provides a potential safety hazard.

2. Check the floor quality. Wood floors are perfect because they provide a spring and shock absorption when jumping. Concrete and tile are not recommended for dancing. If you only have concrete and/or tile, I recommend that a rug be put down so that there is adequate cushion to prevent injury, and I can adjust my class for you so that we don't do specific movements that would be dangerous on a harder floor. Carpet is a bit too cushiony for dance, but can be worked with as well.

What you'll need for in-home stretching, meditation, or flexibility classes with me:

1. Make room! Find an area in your home where you and another person can lay on the floor with arms and legs extended. A good test for this is to see if two adults make "snow angels" simultaneously without hitting/touching each other or any other item in the room (including walls!).

2. A towel or yoga mat so that your face and body do not have to be in direct contact with the floor.

*** Specialties ***
Classical Ballet
Contemporary Ballet
Pas de Duex Ballet
Pointe Class Ballet
Modern Dance - Graham Technique, Limon Technique, Horton Technique
Contemporary Dance
Tap Dance
Jazz Dance - General
Acting for Dance
Flexibility Traning - For Dancers and Non - Dancers
Stretching Class - For Dancers and Non - Dancers
Guided Meditation Class - For Dancers and Non - Dancers
Health for Dancers / Diet for Dancers

Lanecia R.

Pompano Beach, FL
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Carlos P.

Miami, FL
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Amidd S.

Homestead, FL
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Lanecia R. Pompano Beach, FL

Subjects Taught

African Dance, Dance, Fitness

About Me

Lanecia also known as Nkachika will inspire individuals to get up and get moving. Nkachika has studied West African rhythms and dance for almost 20 years. Nkachika is a single working mom and knows how difficult it is to fit fitness into your routine. I have been featured in various south Florida newspapers at African dance performances from 2000 to the Present, like Miami Herald and Sun Sentinel. I have been teaching adults, children and teen classes for over 13 years! Nkachika has over 20 years of performing African dance, and providing fitness and creative movement experiences for individuals in the community. My classes usually start with 10 minutes of warm up, and some strength exercises with the legs. I start slow by showing the movement in detail without music, and then I add the music. Then I speed it up to provide individuals with high energy cardiovascular workout. I keep it fun and engaging. My lessons are very similar to HIIT training, which is high intensity interval training. I push individuals to go high energy and fast pace and then a chance to recover. I can also cater my lessons for individuals with injuries, and those who need a more low impact workout. My dance is for everyone. I fuse hip hop and African Dance, and fitness movements as well. You will not be disappointed. I am available for special group rates as well. I also teach African Djembe and Djun Djun and I am available to teach drum classes. I cater to beginners of all ages! I also have extensive experience with children and the special needs population.
Let me inspire you to get moving and Grooving!

*** Lesson Details ***
My classes usually start with 10 minutes of warm up, and some strength exercises with the legs. I start slow by showing the movement in detail without music, and then I add the music. Then I speed it up to provide individuals with high energy cardiovascular workout. I keep it fun and engaging. My lessons are very similar to HIIT training, which is high intensity interval training. I push individuals to go high energy and fast pace and then a chance to recover. I can also cater my lessons for individuals with injuries, and those who need a more low impact workout. My dance and fitness classes are for everyone.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have mats, weights of various sizes, and weight balls.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Can exercise equipment, and mats. I can also bring own stereo speakers for music if necessary.

*** Specialties ***
Children and individuals with special needs, and senior citizens.

Carlos P. Miami, FL

Subjects Taught


About Me

I started Dancing (self taught) when i was 12 years old. I then joined a hip hop dance team in high school sophomore year. I helped choreograph most of the dances for pep rally's, competitions, and out-side events. At the age on 16 i was recruited for a Dance studio called Focal Point which is one of the best Dance studio in the Florida. I experienced a totally different experience in Dance which taught me to take dance to another level. I started competing against other studios in the country. I entered work shops with the best choreographers in the U.S. I joined a Talent Agency called Icon Talent which gave me opportunities to be in the Sean Kingston Music Video and Lil Waynes Music Video and many more. My lessons will be precise and professional. I will teach you the fundamentals in hip hop such as funk,pop,dance hall, krump, etc. I promise you will enjoy every minute of my lessons.

Dance with your heart and your feet will follow.

*** Lesson Details ***
First off to any lesson we will stretch and get the blood flowing properly. Next I will show you some basics towards any style of dance you would like to learn. I then will get more technical with certain moves and have you learn it to your ability.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I carry a radio every where I go.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Head Phones, Radio, CD's or smart phone and change of clothes to dance in, and I have my own transportation.

*** Specialties ***
Break Dancing, Pop-lock, Krumping, funk, Disco, Popping, grooving, and robot. I also know some salsa moves.

Amidd S. Homestead, FL

Subjects Taught


About Me

Amidd S. is a talented young woman born in the island of enchantment "Puerto Rico" on March 22, 1992, in the city of San Juan. Professional dancer now living in Miami,FL with 15 years experience, which has a wide range of knowledge in the Egyptian dance, Turkish, Lebanese, American Tribal and Gothic. Amidd Shariff year after year, has been studying with great effort and dedication, every detail, every technique and every style, within this innovative dance, thus able to offer their students a better learning and full of new techniques skills.Year after year also making time to take workshops and classes with other professionals, and in this way, to strengthen and nurture her skills, while learning new techniques and new skills, which in turn allow her to give her students an education varied and very professional.


Amidd, making presentations with her professional dance group "Rabie Bellydancers", for all types of private activities, hotels, restaurants and others. Amidd S. and her group have performed in importants hotels and restaurants as, Al Salam, Jerusalem, Tierra Santa , Tantra, Hotel Gran Melia, Best Western Hotel, Taverna Opa (Dolphin Mall, Miami FL) among many others. Also their have participated in TV shows as Locas de Atar of Univision Puerto Rico and in competitions too, where where they have won trophies and vary prizes

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons available:
* Traditional Bellydance
* Tribal Fusion Bellydance
* Gothic Bellydance
* Males Bellydance

Levels available: Beginers to professional..

*** Studio Equipment ***

*** Travel Equipment ***
*Study material

*** Specialties ***
Traditional Bellydance:
*Turkish Bellydance
*Lebanese Bellydance
*Egyptian Bellydance
*American Cabaret Bellydance

Tribal Belllydance:
*Tribal Fusion Bellydance
*Gothic Bellydance

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