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Popular Drum Teachers Near Marion

Fred K.

San Antonio, TX
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Andrew C.

San Antonio, TX
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Felipe G.

San Antonio, TX
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Fred K. San Antonio, TX

Subjects Taught

Ableton, Arrangement and Composition, Audio Engineering, Classical Piano, Composition, Logic Pro Software, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Pro Tools Software, Songwriting

About Me

Hello Students/Parents,

My name is Fred, I am a graduate of Northwest Vista College (AA Music Technology) and Schreiner University (BA Music).

On piano I have studied with many fine pianists including Dr. Hsin Chan and Dr. Beth May of Northwest Vista college and Dr. Don Crandall, head of Schreiner University's music department. I have experience reading everything from pop charts to Bach. As such, I am comfortable helping students learn almost any style of music they are interested in.

On drums I have studied with John Godoy, principal timpanist of the Corpus Christi Orchestra and Don Gilbert the principal timpanist of Kerrville’s Symphony of the Hills orchestra. Additionally, I have played in ensembles ranging from rock bands to orchestras. My primary area of expertise on drum set is rock style playing but I am also comfortable teaching the basics of jazz.

On the music technology side of things I have experience with both recording and in the box production techniques, which is to say, making music with software on a computer. I got started with music production working on music of my own. Later I improved my skills by studying at Northwest Vista, acting as recording engineer for a small San Antonio music school, doing concert recordings for the Schreiner University concert band, and mixing albums for local bands.

*** Lesson Details ***
Lessons will vary depending on student goals and skill level.

Beginner piano students will be introduced to reading music and fundamental piano techniques. We will study these topics by reading out of the Faber and Faber piano books. Which book we use will depend on the students age and skill level. Down the line students will eventually be introduced to scales and chords as well. If the student is interested we can also study basic music theory and chart reading at this point. Pop and jazz tunes are usually written out in chart form and knowing how to read them can be very helpful. I also give students the option of learning basic singing techniques. I feel that every serious musician should be able to sing at least a little and singing helps train the ears better than anything. The singing aspect in entirely optional though. In addition to the basic Faber and Faber books students will also be given stand alone pieces to perform once they are playing at a solid beginner level.

Students studying drums will be introduced to the different parts of the kit and taught progressively more difficult beats and fills. Students will learn to read music as well as drum charts. Once the student has some experience playing and reading they will learn how to write drum charts of their own. This will allow them to learn any song they want to play.

Students wanting to learn music production will need to contact me to discuss their specific goals and what equipment they have available. At that point we can put together individualized lesson plans that target the students specific goals. Broadly speaking, students will be learning how to use technology to create music of there own.

My preferred digital audio workstations are Ableton Live and REAPER. I am also comfortable with Logic and Pro Tools if that is the student's preference. Lessons on Sibelius are also an option if the student to prefers to notate their music.

*** Travel Equipment ***
This would depend on the type of lesson and location of the lesson.

*** Specialties ***
On piano I focus mostly on classical piano technique and playing. However, if a student wants to learn fake book style playing or how to play with a band I am also comfortable helping them with that.
On drum set I specialize mostly in rock style drumming. But with a decent book I would be comfortable teaching most drum set styles.

Andrew C. San Antonio, TX

Subjects Taught

Audition Prep, Conga Drums, Djembe, Drum, Hand Drums, Percussion

About Me

I have been playing drums since I was 10 yrs old. Some might say its a late start, but I was a ready and driven as ever. Previously I had taken piano and guitar lessons for years, but I couldn't steer away from wanting to play the drums. I wanted to be a diverse drummer and coming from guitar and piano I wanted to learn to be a melodic drummer which I have worked on since. I will teach the art of drums in a form thats understandable and diverse. Everyday is a new experience linked from the last lesson, if you have a special interest in music we will work on it as I can teach samba, jazz, cumbia, r&b, hip hop, gospel, rock, blues, DnB, dance, electro and more. The world of drumming is opening up immensely and now is the perfect time to start, from sponsorships to drum- offs and DVD's to DJ Drum Set combinations which allows you to share the stage with another person and be a star . The necessity to have a quality, sound drummer in your band is in high demand, we will work on getting your chops up as well as being sound fundamentally, being creative and open- minded, appreciating those who have come before us and take a look at the direction of music as it has changed greatly and continues to do so every day. I have played with such acts as; Ellen and the Degenerates for 2 years, a local cover band who was in high demand. Nate Davenport a local talent with great ambition , great business mindset and an awesome voice, and I have been on a U.S. tour with Audaz De La Sierra including New York (Madison Square Garden) Chicago, Las Vegas etc. I have played for many bands starting with the church choir singing, and playing drums., all throughout high school with a successful band called Midnight Swim, Filio and I am now in a jazz collective.

*** Lesson Details ***
When taking lessons with me I divide the time that we have so that we are getting the maximum potential out of you and the lesson. There are some things that I'm laid back about and some things that I am very strict on, I will never become impatient with a student because every musician is different. I believe that some aspects of drumming you have to be strict on in order for you to learn and for you to do things correctly and there are others which are strictly to have fun with. We'll touch base on all of these things and I'll never let you leave the lesson without learning something new that you can take home and make your own. If you are a beginner, after 3 months you will be able to do basic rudiments as well as play along to music or a band of your choice. If you are more of the intermediate and expert level after three months we will have cleaned up your chops, studied the click track and composed a drum piece of your liking, and if you aren't with a band other than because you don't want to we will find you musicians for you to at least jam with. Discipline is key and there are many lessons that can't be taught in books and I will make sure to help you understand these. I have books that I do teach out of, we can discuss buying them for personal use but all you need is your mind and a pair of drumsticks and come ready to work and have fun!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Drum studio: 2 acoustic drum sets, hand percussion, additional seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
sticks, snare and set if needed. If the child does not have a drum set I would then expect them to buy my teaching aid and a pair of drum sticks.

*** Specialties ***
simple learning method ensures knowledge of base instrument and can be applied to any music. Funk, rock, blues, gospel, hip hop, samba, afro-cuban, bassanova, jazz.

Felipe G. San Antonio, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

Hi! My name is Felipe and I am a multi-instrumentalist who loves helping others learn how to play music and have fun while doing it. I received my Bachelors in Music from the University of North Texas where I specialized in Music Theory and Classical Guitar. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree at Texas State University.

l began playing music in High School when I taught myself how to play drums and guitar by playing along with CD's of my favorite bands. Since then, I have played in many garage bands and pursued an education in music.

My teaching style is very laid-back, yet can be very intense for student who are ready to get to the next level. I understand that all students, no matter what age, are different. I don't expect everyone to learn music my way but help to put music in terms that the student understands and feels comfortable with. I understand that some people learn things differently and try my hardest to make my lessons fit the students individual style. I don't shout chords at the students and expect them to just know them. I like to teach multiple versions of the same chords and work with the student to figure out which works best with them.

*** Lesson Details ***
The lesson pace will follow the pace you set. Everyone is different and has their own goals when it comes to learning an instrument. I try to create an environment where the student feels free to express themselves anyway they want. I listen to the student and try to introduce new ideas to them that they can use to improve their playing. In our lessons, you would set the goals and we will have a ton of fun along the way.

Examples of method books we would use for our lessons include:

Guitar: Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course Complete, Alfred
Guitar Method Books 1, 2, & 3, Hal Leonard
Open Chords Guitar Method Supplement, Hal Leonard
Music Theory Guitar Method Supplement, Hal Leonard

Classical Guitar: Pumping Nylon, Alfred
Introduction to Classical Guitar,

Bass: Bass Method Books 1, 2, & 3, Hal Leonard
Music Theory Bass Method Supplement, Hal Leonard

Drums: The Visual Drumset Method, Hal Leonard
Kid's Drumset Course, Alfred
Drum Lessons for Kids of All Ages, Mel Bay
Basics in Rhythm, Meredith Music Publications
Alfred's Drum Method Complete, Alfred

*** Studio Equipment ***
During lessons, I use my iPad that has internet access that allows us to look up any song your heart desires.

Drums: Drums students play on my 5-piece Ludwig drumset with 7 cymbals.

Guitar: Students are encouraged to bring their own guitar. I have an amp for students with electric guitars.

Bass: Students are encouraged to bring their own bass and amp.

Mandolin: Students are encouraged to bring their own mandolin.

Ukulele: Students are encouraged to bring their own ukulele.

*** Travel Equipment ***
For In-Home lessons, I travel with acoustic instruments.
I also bring my iPad with Wi-Fi so that we can look up songs when you want to learn them.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in music theory and applying it to your instrument. I want to make learning and understanding music as easy as possible. I can teach you to play in many different styles and help you learn how to approach learning new songs. I've learned that many people can play little bits of songs, but have trouble putting together full songs. I want to help people learn how to put together full songs and transition from one section to the next.

I also have experience with very young children as young as 4 years old, as well as experience with special needs students, both adult and child.

Cristina H.

San Antonio, TX
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Neil D.

Boerne, TX
Learn More

Alfredo V.

San Antonio, TX
Learn More
Cristina H. San Antonio, TX

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Theory, Percussion

About Me

Hello! My name is Cristina and I have been playing drums since I was a child. After graduating high school, I decided to continue to pursue music. For the past 4 years I have been studying Percussion and Drums, first at the University of Houston, and presently, and the University of Texas at San Antonio with plans to finish my Bachelor of Music degree. I specialize in drumset, and percussion instruments such as marimba, snare drum, vibraphone, etc. I also am able to teach marching band percussion and drumline instruments. Along with teaching, I am a gigging musician with great versatility and experience in many genres of music. Not only am I able to teach basic fundamentals of music such as technique, reading music, styles, etc., I can make learning to be a great musician a very enjoyable process!!

*** Lesson Details ***
My style of teaching is very relaxed and patient. I use real word analogies and use a student's personal interests to help make music easier to understand. I take the time to get to know my students' personalities and interests in order to accommodate their needs. My curriculum would consist of understanding drums/percussion instruments, rhythms/styles/timing, technique, music notation, and performance manners. After 3-6 months of lessons, students will know the basics of what I have listed above. I believe that if you have patience with yourself, that you can achieve any kind of goal. All it takes is a good teacher, faith in yourself, and practice!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Upstairs room. Two drum kits with seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
I have various mallets and sticks. I can bring a small drum kit. I expect my students to provide their own mallets and sticks, along with EARPLUGS, and a folder for all of your papers.

*** Specialties ***
Rock, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Tejano/Folk. Very Familiar with most genres.

Neil D. Boerne, TX

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Drum, Flute, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet

About Me

I am a music educator of eight years: I have taught both middle school band and choir to at-risk youth, as well as elementary music at a private Christian academy. My principal instrument is the saxophone (which I began playing in 1990), and I play many other instruments. As for my formal education: I received the Bachelor of Music Education degree in 2005 from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; and the Master of Music Education degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA, 2010).

*** Lesson Details ***
My goal is to create life-long musicians...
I focus on the needs and interests of my students, thereby representing all musical genres and including all cultures.
My lessons are structured into activities that incorporate various aspects of music appreciation:
Music theory, music history, music technology, performance practice, etc. (making such lessons comprehensive)

*** Studio Equipment ***
As a musician of over 23 years, I believe it is the "musician that makes the instrument", and not the other way around. That is, I do not believe it is necessary to purchase the 'top' brand for your instrument in order to achieve the desired sound. Example: Compare instrument brands to cars: Would you start a young driver on a Cadillac, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, let alone a Ferrari or Lamborghini just because you can afford it and you believe this will make them happy? No, novice musicians will bump, scratch, bang and even drop their instrument...better to start them off with a Chevy, Buick, Ford or maybe a Chrysler. Frequent practice builds skills and results in the desired tones people wish to hear; therefore, if one considers themselves to already be a decent musician, then if they are 'worth their salt' then they should be able to make any instrument sound great.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I always bring my instrument, metronome, tuner, music stand and stand for my instrument, including lesson materials and supplies.
I expect students to obtain a metronome and to always have their music folder (with ALL music etc.) available for lessons.

*** Specialties ***
All genres, all styles & all cultures! I teach students of all ages--mostly at my home studio, but I also travel to students' homes, churches, and I meet with students in the Practice Rooms in the Fine Arts Building at UTSA.

Alfredo V. San Antonio, TX

Subjects Taught


About Me

I studied classical percussion in college and then specialized on drums at the Drummers Collective in New York City. I have toured with bands and played many times in front of crowds of more than 25 000 people. I have TV experience as well. I also have worked as a session drummer on several records for big labels (BMG and Sony Music among them). I work as a producer and my approach to teaching comes from my love of Music in general. I have been a drums instructor for more than 30 years and my students always get the gigs. I speak English and Spanish. My teaching style is fun and has a very clear outline, remaining flexible within it. I keep learning and practicing every day, and am very open to having fun together while learning. If you practice, the results are shown on every lesson and you will really notice it!

*** Lesson Details ***
We start by learning how to read. Everyone can do it and if you feel you can't, I'll prove otherwise during the first lesson. Afterwards we practice simple techniques and start with simple independence exercises, which feel great. You will be playing a beat with simple independence the first time we try it, which can be during the first lesson and no longer than three lessons afterwards. As you progress with the independence in rock style, we will work in other styles like funk, jazz, Latin, odd meters and African and the main focus will be that you become a great drummer. Whether you are aiming to become a pro or playing as a hobby, you will find great value in these lessons.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have 11 drum sets, recording gear, guitar and bass amplifiers and a pa system.

*** Travel Equipment ***
His own set. I could also rent them a set if needed, but having their own set is better for me. Sometimes I rented a set to my students in order for them to decide if they wanted to buy one.

*** Specialties ***
I use the Drummers Collective method. I teach styles such as rock, jazz, funk, Afro-Cuban, pop, Brazilian, etc...

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