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Popular Music Recording Teachers Near Las Vegas

Mark G.

Las Vegas, NV
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Stanley D.

Las Vegas, NV
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Billy S.

Las Vegas, NV
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Mark G. Las Vegas, NV

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Music Recording

About Me

I am a full-time working drummer currently residing in Las Vegas. In addition to guiding up and coming drummers with their musical careers, I am working on music & soundtracks for film and television projects with platinum-selling recording artist Mark Slaughter.

In April of last year I was inducted (for the 2nd time!) into the Las Vegas Rock Hall of Fame for my collaboration with "Ripside." I performed at the induction concert with fellow inductees Xcursion (Mark Slaughter, guitar/vocals; Kelly Garni, bass guitar). A picture of this performance is included in my "photos & video" section.

I started playing snare drum at age 8. Two years later I got my first drum set and began studying with jazz great, Irv Kluger. I haven't looked back since. I started playing music in the Wm E. Ferron Elementary School band. In my junior year in high school I co-founded Dream - my first "œpro" gig. After high school, I joined the progressive-rock band "Ripside" and my journey into all things music began.

*** Lesson Details ***
I'm all about helping you take your drumming to the next level. You decide where you want to go with your playing -“ my goal is to help you unleash your potential. Whether you're a beginner, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, I can help you build the tools you need to succeed. For beginners, we'll focus on basic techniques and simple songs to get you playing music as quickly as possible. We'll work at your level -“ and at your pace. And we'll have fun doing it.

I specializing in drum set performance (rock and metal), snare drum performance, reading, and getting results fast by learning how to practice.

Teaching resources include: CDs, DVDs, transcriptions, method books. Method books used depend on skill level, examples include: Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer (Jim Chapin), Future Sounds & the Code of the Funk (David Garibaldi), Rockin' Bass Drum (John Lombardo), Rhythm & Meter (Gary Chaffee), Podemski's Standard Snare Drum Method, Polyrhythmic Studies for Snare Drum (Fred Albright).

*** Studio Equipment ***
5 piece drumset with recording capabilities; Alesis Controlpad for midi programming using Toontrack Superior Drummer 2.0, Acer PC, M-Audio BX5a monitors.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students should supply all of the necessary equipment, including snare drum or drum set, sticks, music stand, etc.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in hard rock drumming on drumset, snare drum performance, reading at all levels and midi drum programming.

Stanley D. Las Vegas, NV

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Cello, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting, Speaking Voice, Upright Bass

About Me

I HAVE BEEN A PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN, COMPOSER, RECORDING ARTIST , MUSIC TEACHER (PIANO, BASS, GUITAR & CELLO) FOR OVER 4-DECADES. I use a "situational approach" in teaching and gear my lessons towards making lessons & Music FUN!!! I stress "collaboration" with all students and build a strong foundation with a goal towards performance and a thorough knowledge regarding theory, harmony, reading skills and self-motivation.

I have multiple music, music therapy and sound technology (studio) certifications from: Kansas State University, State University of New York (New Paltz), Catholic University of Nijmegen (the Netherlands) & UNLV (University of Nevada Las Vegas). I have an extensive background in individual student teaching as well as group leadership & teaching.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am not a "task master," and if a student chooses to dedicate themselves, the sky is the limit. For me, MUSIC = LIFE. Within six months, if a student practices, he or she can expect to be performing in a recital that includes a full-blown sound system, back-up band and fairly large outdoor concert area (with many guests, great food & lifetime memories. I have been having these "events" (twice yearly) for the past six years in Las Vegas & in addition to relatives and friends of the music students, there are many of my friends and neighbors who attend these outdoor concerts. The atmosphere is very professional and each student is given a good opportunity to showcase their talent. Plus, I always include group (i.e. "bands") of students, backed by my professional group.

In addition to reading skills, I stress improvisation, theory and composition, and design a specific "method" fpr each student. I use "Finale" for transcription of songs, arranging them to suit each student's particular skill level(s). I encourage lyric writing and singing, plus teach fundamentals of recording & sequencing.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Guitars, Basses, 2 Keyboards, multiple computers and recording devices, microphones, and all the accessories. I provide 256-track sequencing and 160track professional recording setups, plus amps & speakers & sound system.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Arrangements, diagrams, folder, syllybus, teaching materials. Students need instruments and open minds....a pencil (#2) and staff notebook is handy. I provide staff paper & printed music, unless a student brings a particular piece of music on which to work. FUN & WORK are very compatible.

*** Specialties ***
Cello, Basses, Guitar, Piano, Voice, Theory, compositions specialize in Jazz & R&B also I teach sound technology (certified) and recording. I have a teaching/recording studio attached to my home with top professional gear.

Billy S. Las Vegas, NV

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Guitar, Ear Training, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I have been playing guitar for 20 years or more and I play everyday. I really enjoy teaching and learning myself from others and I'm always pushing myself to be the best that I can in my guitar playing. I played in high school and in college and I used to have my friends come over when I was in high school and we would all help and teach each other. These days you can find me out on Freemont Street playing my guitar and singing which is a lot of fun and helps to keep me in practice and become a better player.
If you find yourself excited about taking in some guitar lessons with me here's what you'll learn. I will teach you the names of the strings, how to tune, chords and how to play them and there locations, I will teach you songs and playing by ear and how to train yourself to hear music and play it. I will teach you to read notes or tablature, whatever you prefer. You will learn, scales, key signatures and the circle of 5th's. Does this grab your attention, I hope so?
I've taught many satisfied customers and the reason they come back is they know how much i enjoy the guitar and how much i love to teach and how much pleasure i get out of it .

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide a study packet for the student. I will teach them to read music, notes, chords, etc. I expect them to have a guitar, and the will to study the material .

*** Specialties ***
All styles. I want the studentto show me what they want me to teach them. I want them to start from scratch and go from there. I would rather they learn to read music instead of tab .

Scotty S.

North Las Vegas, NV
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Becca H.

Las Vegas, NV
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Andrew C.

Henderson, NV
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Scotty S. North Las Vegas, NV

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Clowning, English, Film Scoring, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Percussion, Podcasting, Songwriting

About Me

Scotty S. has over twenty seven years of guitar/bass r playing and has played in bands since 1986. His teaching approach is simple yet fun and effective. He treats all his students no mater what level their at , like rock stars. From rock to reggae , jazz to punk , no matter what you want to learn,
Scotty can have you playing day one.

*** Specialties ***
My style is in funk, rock, blues and pop.

Becca H. Las Vegas, NV

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Film Acting, Improv Acting, Method Acting, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Shakespearean Acting, Singing, Speaking Voice, Theater Acting

About Me

I have enjoyed the stage and the thrill of entertaining since I was a child. I have been in numerous productions, including Las Vegas Academy’s “Sweeney Todd” starring as Mrs. Lovett, which was selected as a highlighted show at the National Thespian Conference, “Cats” as Pouncival, “Little Women” as Marmee, National Thespian’s “Hairspray” as Prudy, Super Summer Theatre’s “Annie” as Pepper, and many more! I have also been studying voice with the famed Jeffrey Skouson for the past decade and continue to study teaching with him as well. I have received theater training from many different sources including workshops with professional broadway performers. As I grew up, my love of performing transformed into a new love for teaching people to sing and act so that they too can experience the same joy I feel when I'm on the stage. Because of this love I studied music education at Brigham Young University ID and became a certified Vocal Instructor in the Institute for Vocal Advancement (previously a certified Speech Level Singing Instructor) in an extensive program where I must complete education and testing each year. I focus on building a singer’s range and strength in healthy ways in all genres of music. I work with all types of performers from recording studios to the stage.
During your first lesson, I will assess your voice to determine your tendencies and weak spots. In each lesson we will begin with a series of exercises that will turn your weaknesses into strengths. We will then apply these techniques to songs of your choice. During each lesson, we can work on performance, styling and any areas you may need instruction in. If you would like to sing from the bottom to the top of your voice with strength and ease, I am the teacher for you!

*** Lesson Details ***
During your first lesson, I will assess your voice to determine your tendencies and weak spots. In each lesson we will begin with a series of exercises that will turn your weaknesses into strengths. We will then apply these techniques to songs of your choice. During each lesson, we can work on performance, styling and any areas you may need instruction in. Each lesson you will receive a CD of your vocal exercises and song to practice during the week. You will be amazed at the progression you will make in just one week of practice!

*** Studio Equipment ***
I use garageband to record our lessons and any parts you may need me to record of a song to better learn notes.
I also use garageband to edit and cut karaoke tracks for your performances.

*** Specialties ***
Vocal Instruction in all genres of music by understanding the voice and how it functions and knowing what tools to use to achieve the most success in any voice.

Any type of acting whether it be on the stage or on screen by using Acting techniques that help the actor connect to their character on a more personal level providing for honest, real acting.

Andrew C. Henderson, NV

Subjects Taught

Banjo, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

Andrew earned an Associate of Arts in Performance (Guitar) Degree from Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, graduating in October 2008. He was one of 6 honors graduates in a class of 2000, learning every day from the best contemporary music teachers in the world. Nine months after graduation, he took a gig as a show/orchestra musician with Holland America Cruises. The same orchestra was also responsible for playing party/dance sets around the pool areas and in other lounges on the ships. After eight contracts with them over a 3.5 year period, he did one contract with Royal Caribbean, and one contract with Celebrity Cruises. These experiences took Andrew to over 70 countries on 5 continents, while working with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. On a daily basis, these gigs entailed receiving a stack of music charts in the afternoon, having a one-hour rehearsal with that night's entertainer, and then playing the show the same night, as if the band had been practicing it for years. Between this responsibility, and the diverse backgrounds of his co-workers, Andrew learned people skills and stress management skills that most musicians will never get the chance to learn. After arriving in Las Vegas in October 2013 he was asked to join "The Las Vegas Goodfellas" in early November. They are a group fronted by three male singers that has been a regular fixture in many casino showrooms on and off The Strip, at various corporate events, and at private parties. Since 2007, they have been 3-time winners of "The Best Band in Las Vegas" award from the Las Vegas Review Journal Fan Poll. Andrew has also recently taken on five private students ranging from ages 7 to 55 which include instruction on guitar, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele. Lessons will teach students the academic, artistic, and conceptual parts of music, as well as the subjects that can only be learned from working professionals, such as performance issues, the right and wrong ways to practice, modern equipment and technology advice, networking, and what it really takes to actually make music a career if the student so desires. Although students can learn a scale or how to strum a song if that is the goal, they can also go significantly beyond that if necessitated, requested, or desired.

*** Lesson Details ***
Music Theory (Building Scales, Harmonizing Scales into Chords)
Ear Training
Single String Concepts (Scales, Arpeggios, Intervals)
Rhythm Concepts (Chords, Blending with a Band)
Learning Songs
Writing Licks, Lines, Chord Progressions, Charts, and Songs
Techniques (Pick vs. Fingers vs. Hybrid Picking)
Acoustic vs. Electric vs. Nylon String
Slide and Steel Guitar
Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele, and Other Doubling Instruments
Playing in a Stylistically Appropriate Manner
Choosing the Right Equipment for the Gig or Project
Music Reading
How to Practice
How to Market Yourself to Acquire Work

*** Studio Equipment ***
various electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, ukulele, banjo. A few different amplifiers, and many different pieces of effect and accessory equipment.

*** Travel Equipment ***
various electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, ukulele, banjo.

*** Specialties ***
All Contemporary Styles (Rock, Blues, Country and Country Rock, Mo-Town, Jazz, Latin, Latin Jazz, Fusion, Metal and Tapping Style, Theater)

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