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Popular Piano Teachers Near Huntington Beach

Jonathan B.

Burbank, CA
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Mary D.

Trabuco Canyon, CA
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Dustin C.

Fountain Valley, CA
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Jonathan B. Burbank, CA

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

Piano, singing, and songwriting began for me when I discovered really awesome piano music such as with bands like Queen, Yes, and ELP. After high school, I studied classical music composition at Wheaton College's Conservatory of Music receiving my Bachelors in Music Composition with a focus in piano. My professional experience includes singing on film/TV productions such as High School Musical, Hairspray, and Struck By Lightning. I compose and orchestrate for theater (Glendale Center Theater, Vanguard University Theater Department), film/TV, orchestra (L.A. Jewish Symphony, TCOTW, BIOLA University) and album projects (Anna Nalick, Oodle's World Productions).

Singing credits include High School Musical 1, Hairspray The Movie, High School Musical 3, Chris Kolfer's new movie Struck by Lightning, Atlanta Aquarium Dolphin Show recording, Boston Public, Who Wants to Be A Millionaire ad (New Wave Ent.), and The Drew Carey Show. I'm also a professional piano player for American Idol finalist Stevie Scott, various other bands, Mastro's restaurants, and local churches.

Currently producing my second children's music album for Oodles World, Inc.

I love to share musical knowledge. I really enjoying teaching.

*** Lesson Details ***
Music education environments can be tense and intimidating, but that's what causes averse attitudes towards learning. Learning is hard, but it's also extremely rewarding and should build confidence along the way. With me, lessons are all about progress and not about criticism. We will maintain an organized and detailed set of personalized goals all along the way, and you will see your progress in all different facets of music, playing, and singing. With any instrument, voice and piano especially, staying relaxed is key. How can you learn to fly over the keys or soar into your upper vocal register when you are tense or worried about making a mistake?

I guarantee:

1) That lessons will be fun. Learning takes hard work, but it can also be fun. That's part of my job!

2) That I will never make you sing in a way that can harm your voice.

3) That you will be empowered with tools of knowledge about your instrument (voice/piano) and about music theory that will help you to be a versatile musician.

I expect:

1) That you come willing to try new things in a low pressure environment. This will lead to progress!

2) That you come prepared to sing/play.

3) That you or your child will make mistakes. That's what lessons are for! Commit to not making the same mistakes the next time, and ENJOY the praise and feedback you get along the way.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Korg electronic non-weighted keyboard, recording equipment, and seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
Please have a keyboard instrument and a tape/digital recorder available for in-home lessons :) Thanks!

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.
Classical piano technique for strength and versatility. How to read music and grasp music theory concepts for self-confidence and self-sufficiency as a musician in all genres including pop and jazz.

Singing of all styles. I teach the fundamentals, breathing, resonance, intonation, tone, and text-focused performance.

For writing music, I have extensive knowledge and experience with different forms/styles of classical composition for piano and all orchestral instruments.

Learn how to record!

Mary D. Trabuco Canyon, CA

Subjects Taught

Piano, Singing, Violin

About Me

My name is Mary and I have been teaching voice, piano, and violin for more than 20 years. I have an undergraduate degree in music, a masters degree in special education, and a doctoral degree in education. I teach lessons at my private studio in Dove Canyon. I offer lessons in piano, voice and violin. I am a professional musical director and have directed over 50 shows. áI am also a music therapist and I have special skills in teaching instruments to children with special needs. I love working with kids!

*** Lesson Details ***
I teach "Music for Little Mozarts" for preschoolers, and Alfred's and other methods as well as classical repertoire for more advanced students. I teach Suzuki violin classes to children ages 5 and up. I teach musical theater and jazz voice. á Every 3 months I host a student recital. Students may choose to play a solo, duet, or be in a small group number with other students.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Grand piano, studio piano, 1/4 violin for young children

*** Specialties ***
Music, Piano, Voice, Violin
I specialize in musical theater, pop and classical voice lessons.

For piano I specialize in working with young children- Music for Little Mozarts (ages 4-6), Prep Course (ages 5-7) and Older beginners (ages 8 and up). I also teach intermediate to early advanced level classical piano.

Violin- I teach Suzuki Method (beginners through Book 7) to students age 5 and up. I also teach intermediate and early advanced classical styles.

Dustin C. Fountain Valley, CA

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Viola

About Me

I love being a teacher, but even more than just that, I thoroughly enjoy assisting others on their journey to learning and making music a personal experience for themselves.

Having said that, here is my teaching philosophy, including what you can expect from me as a teacher and as an individual:


Each student who comes to me is an individual. I customize each lesson, keeping in mind the student’s level of interest, goals, and intent. I put great care into judging when to push, when to pull back, and when to stop altogether and regroup.

Sometimes there is frustration and as a teacher it is very important to take that experience and turn it into a positive learning situation. During the course of a lesson, we’ll take a "breather" and simply talk about the day, or work on material that is enjoyable and instills a sense of self-confidence —anything to release the tension of acquiring a new language-the musical language. Within moments, we are ready to begin again, refreshed and renewed.

I believe it's important to maintain a relaxed environment that encourages self-confidence, self-motivation, musical growth and excellence. To push students too much, being insensitive to their needs and limits, is to fail them. Sometimes this may cause students to dislike not only piano, but music itself. That may translate into personal regret years later. As their teacher, I do anything and everything to avoid that occurrence, making adjustments to their course of study.

Children and adults choose to end pursuing lessons at times, but only on an up-beat note, with suggestions of other paths to explore, other ways to grow and evolve. Closure is consciously done in a respectable and healthy manner, and students are never purposely abandoned. Having musical experience, for whatever length of time, can have lasting positive, even trans-formative effects on a student-child or adult.

As a teacher, I never give up on a pupil and attempt to instill that same dedication in each student. The piano is an instrument that requires passion, discipline, and strength. Moreover, it requires humility in recognizing personal and professional limitations with understanding and peace. We are not all capable of being world-class pianists; however, we can all foster within us their qualities of the love, joy, and awe that music brings to both the listener and performer.

In short: I offer myself as your personal musical guide to assist you in honing the skills needed to become the best musician your mind's eye can imagine. Learning music truly is an adventure that is meant to be fun and rewarding. Our time spent together will uphold that ideal.


Fifteen years of private Classical Piano study under Martha Ashleigh, Hans Boepple, Santa Clara University, California. Seven years of private Classical Viola study under Christine Becktrom, Modesto, California.

Six years of private composition, music theory and counterpoint study under Martha Ashleigh, Dr. Pamela Quist at Santa Clara University and Dr. Michael Fiday at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.


In addition to studying piano and composition extensively for many years I've been fortunate to have many other valuable experiences both as a teacher and musician, including but not limited to the following:

As a teacher, I've been teaching for over 5 years, having worked with young children to college age and beyond in a private lesson setting. During my undergraduate years I substituted for my professor at a local community college teaching the keyboard lab class for two semesters in a group piano setting. I have taught not only music but, composition and music theory as well.

As a church musician, I've assisted the Music Director at a northern CA catholic church as organist and pianist. I also accompanied the church choir during holidays and feast days.

As a soloist, I've performed extensively throughout California as a solo artist presenting standard literature and original works, as an accompanist for vocalists, and in chamber ensembles.

As an orchestral musician, I've toured throughout Japan presenting standard literature in Kurume, Fukuoka and Tokyo.


Inducted into the Music Teachers' Association of California Young Composers Guild (2000)
Inducted into the Music Teachers' Association of California Young Artist Guild (2001)

National Finalist, Music Teachers' National Association Young Artist Composition Competition (2002,
2003, 2004)

Commissioned by Denexxel Domingo to write solo clarinet piece, Parano´aque (premiere 11/19/04)
Commissioned by the William Kapell Piano Foundation for Contemporary Music and Musicians to write
Enigma Rhapsody and Dance Illusions, two solo piano works (premiere 11/2/03)

Arrigo and Caterina Descalzi Prize for the senior music student who best demonstrates technical and
artistic growth and dedication to the art of music (2005)

*** Lesson Details ***
A typical lesson will vary depending on age and skill level when starting lessons. The first lesson will at minimum assess where your natural musical sensibilities are through a few interactive musicianship activities (rhythm etc.). Depending on the student and lesson time-frame we may also cover one or more of the following: basic hand position, keyboard geography, proper way to sit at piano (posture) and introduce some simple technique building exercises for building finger strength. From there the lesson content will be adapted to the individual's musical needs and goals. In future lessons music theory and musicianship skills will receive emphasis as well.

To what extent deeper aspects of music theory and musicianship are explored and taught will again depend on the student's musical goals keeping the following question in mind: Is music a hobby pursued only for enjoyment or is it being pursued as a serious course of study?

Neither path is better than the other, it is merely a matter of what degree of musical proficiency and understanding you want to walk away with during your time spent learning music.

As a beginner (in the 5-12 years old range), we will typically spend a lot of time discovering music through creative "musical games," flash cards and keeping the teaching atmosphere fun and inspiring. There will also be some technical exercises to build finger strength and dexterity early on which we will continue moving forward.

For younger children (ages 5-8), I prefer for the parents to be present and engaged throughout the learning process and to assist the teacher in supporting the child's musical development. A supportive home environment is important for not only personal, but musical growth.

While I will hold a student to his or her personal musical goals, I will not be overly strict especially with young musicians who are discovering and being introduced to music for the first time. During the early formative years a nurturing environment that instills creativity, self-confidence and self-motivation is the most important. The priority is to engage a young students interest and instill the belief that "playing the piano time" is not a chore, but something exciting and beneficial. Therefore, a mixture of effective musical activities and technique building exercises are implemented throughout the course of study.

Adult beginners will also be introduced to technique building exercises, music fundamentals and learning new repertoire in an age-appropriate context. As your teacher I will keep you accountable to your musical goals and monitor progress accordingly.

All students will be asked to purchase lesson materials that can be received either through the teacher, directly from the publisher online or local music store. Generally, these will include a piano method book, technique, repertoire and theory book. Supplemental materials such as flash cards may need to be purchased as well (often times students make their own flash cards though!)

*** Studio Equipment ***
Korg SV-1 88-key digital keyboard with weighted RH3 hammer action. 300-watt Behringer keyboard amp.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Korg SV-1 88-key digital keyboard with weighted RH3 hammer action. 300-watt Behringer keyboard amp.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.Primarily classical along with some popular music. I also teach composition, church music and contemporary concert/modern music.

Howon S.

Anaheim, CA
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Cindy K.

Mission Hills, CA
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MaryAnn D.

Playa Vista, CA
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Howon S. Anaheim, CA

Subjects Taught


About Me

Formerly in the field of international studies and marketing as an active professional, Howon resumed her music study with Dr. Heewon Kwon at Colburn School of Performing Arts and received first place at Sonata/Sonatina Competition of CAPMT in 2004.
Her formal music education in piano as a major started at the age of 16 when she entered Seoul Arts High School in Korea, followed by study at Seoul National University. Admission to master program at USC led her to redirect her career from marketing to music.
Currently she teaches in southern California as a member of MTAC.

*** Lesson Details ***
As a classically trained pianist myself, I help my students with classical approach for their piano lessons as well.
However, when I start working with new students, I start from where they are by trying to continue their previously followed methods and repertoire, regardless of musical genre.
Lesson time will be shared for theory upon students request especially when students are pursuing CM certificate, but, even for non-CM students, I normally plan to advance one level up per year in terms of proficiency.
In short term, I focus on helping students to master the repertoire they are working on, but
I will suggest pieces that can be a little challenging after they master current ones.
Bilingual in Korean and English, I'll be comfortably communicating with Korean-speaking parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I expect students having a digital piano, upright or grand piano for daily practice.
Eligible parking space must be provided to teacher.

*** Specialties ***
Classical music, use modern method such as Alfred or Piano Adventure for beginner to intermediate classical training.
Provide repertoires from intermediate to advance level.
Strong ability to help students for music theory up to advanced level.
CM and SYMF certified.

Cindy K. Mission Hills, CA

Subjects Taught

Clarinet, Flute, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Saxophone, Singing, Violin

About Me

Hello, my name is Cindy and I am a vocal and instrumental instructor. I received my BA and MAT degrees from Pepperdine University. I have taught privately for over 25 years in the San Fernando Valley, along with Pasadena and Simi Valley areas. During college I performed in several operas including The Magic Flute and Hansel and Gretel with the Burbank Symphony Orchestra. After college, I was a member of Musical Americans, a select touring group from Southern California under the direction of K. Gene Simmonds that toured South America and Japan. I also served as a minister of music at a local church for several years.

I began playing the piano at the age of 7. My mother and sister were taking lessons and, when they had finished practicing I would go into the piano and play what they had just played. My mother figured that I was the one with the talent so I got the lessons. When I was 9, I became interested in the violin. Back in those days, it was required for you to take private lessons if you were going to be in the school orchestra. I started lessons on the violin while continuing lessons on the piano. I began taking voice lessons while in Jr. High and for a while, I took lessons on all three. I was also very involved with my church music department, which was very large and well known in Southern California. During college, I had the opportunity to participate in The Living Christmas Tree . This was a great experience, one I will never forget. I not only sang in the tree but was able to play in the orchestra for a couple of years as well.

Being a classroom teacher for over 30 years, I have had the experience of bringing the joy of music to hundreds of students. I put a strong focus on musical theory so that my students understand not only how to play or sing, but understand the WHY of different musical concepts. Presently I have students attending CSUN majoring in music. I have a love for music that has been with me since the age of 7, when I started taking my first piano lessons. I took private lessons on piano, violin and voice till I graduated from high school, continuing while I earned my BA and MAT degrees. I have experience with students of all ages, ranging from the young kindergarten student to the adult student. I believes that there is a hidden talent in everyone and that if there is a desire to learn, I can teach them!

*** Lesson Details ***
My lessons are designed to bring a maximum level of enjoyment while giving a strong musical theory foundation. Being a classroom teacher for over 30 years, I understand what a student goes through regarding homework during a week's time. I always take that into consideration when making assignments. I find out what the student's musical likes are and use those in selecting songs to work on with them.I use different curriculum, depending on the needs of the student and the instrument being taught. With the wealth of my experience I can teach and guide the student through any performance and musical interest they may have and bridge the gap between genre's that so many are unable to do.

I teach beginning and intermediate voice, flute, guitar, sax and clarinet. I am able to teach up to the advanced level for violin and piano. I enjoy working with all levels of students, from young children through adults.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living Room, room for parents to wait.

*** Travel Equipment ***
They must have their own instrument. If they are taking piano, I am able to teach them on a keyboard that has at least 4 octaves. I have had great success with working with keyboards, especially with younger students. Students purchase their own materials. I will give you the names of the books and locations where you can buy them.

*** Specialties ***
I am from the old school of thought and teach the basics with a great deal of theory thrown in. My students that have gone on to major in music in college have done very well because of the foundation I have given them.

MaryAnn D. Playa Vista, CA

Subjects Taught

Accompaniment, Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Classical Piano, Classical Voice, Country Singing, Ear Training, Gospel Singing, Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing

About Me

Music is my passion, and I love to share it with others! I have been a musician almost my entire life. I began taking piano lessons in grade school and voice lessons in middle school. I continued to study throughout high school and eventually college. I graduated in music from The Ohio State University. I went on to teach music in the public schools as well as private piano and voice lessons. When not teaching, I spend most of my time performing by acting, singing, dancing and modeling. Some past performances include Company; Jekyll and Hyde; The Wizard of Oz; Meet Me In St. Louis; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; and Grease. I recently relocated to Los Angeles and am excited to share my passion for music with you!

*** Lesson Details ***
Whether you are looking to sing/play for a special performance, give a solo recital or just try something new for the first time, I will help you succeed and have fun along the way! I will help you build a technical foundation and let you help to determine the focus of the lessons based on what your goals are.

*** Studio Equipment ***
LivingRoom: electric piano, couch and chairs, dining room table and chairs, parents can sit in on lesson

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student must provide piano or keyboard if teaching in student's home

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.

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