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Popular Guitar Teachers Near Houston

Marlon L.

Spring, TX
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Joel G.

Santa Fe, TX
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Octavio M.

Houston, TX
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Marlon L. Spring, TX

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Blues Guitar, Classical Piano, Composition, Drum, Ear Training, Gaming, Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Singing

About Me

Thank you for visiting my profile! I'm confident you will find me a more than able teacher for your musical needs! To start things off, I'll tell you a bit about myself.

After moving here in 2000, I began taking piano lessons at the age of 10. I was classically trained and progressed quite quickly, tackling many challenging pieces in the years to follow. In my time training on piano, I was taught college level music theory while I was 16 years old, and completed 2 Texas State Theory Tests with a perfect score, making me the highest scoring student in both exams. During high school I found I had a passion for jazz, and so, in years to follow I took my already strong foundation in classical piano, and used it to teach myself about jazz and blues. This has become one of my greatest passions! I now am proud to show off my improvisation skills, as well as some jazz/blues songs I've spent time writing on the piano! If you're looking for a strong background in piano, ranging in genre styles from classical, to pop, to blues and jazz, then you've found the right teacher for you! Additionally, the passion I found for music on the piano, quickly drove me to learn other instruments as well.

Right around the time I began exploring the realms of jazz, I also began teaching myself guitar. I had some help from a local guitar teacher at first, but quickly found that my background on the piano was providing me an excellent foundation for guitar as well! I've explored an extremely wide range of guitar genres including rock and roll, blues, classical, pop, metal, and many more. I spent much of my time on guitar learning theory and exercises that not only propelled my efficiency on the instrument at great velocity, but also enabled me to pass my knowledge onto other like-minded music lovers! After spending a few years learning every facet of guitar I could, I began writing my own music, and have loved every bit of it.I have the knowledge and tools that will help turn you into a capable and talented guitarist. If you want to learn how to rock out on the guitar, I can help make you great! But finally, what would a piano and guitar player be without a little background in voice?

When I was young and learning piano and guitar, I was always a little shy about my singing voice. I had not the control nor the courage to sing in front of people, and it began limiting the types of music I played. This is when I found a local voice teacher to help me out! I spent some years with this man learning the in's and out's of vocal instrumentation, and found that my already strong background in muscle memory, pitch and ear training, and music theory, made it quite easy for me to start singing loud and proud! My teacher noticed this, and commented frequently that he was impressed with how quickly my voice became stable and gained range. After some time he made an offer to me: "You've learned quite well how to sing, but to teach is a different story. Would you care to learn how to pass this gift onto other people?" To this I responded with a resounding Yes! I spent the next year not only practicing my own techniques, but learning different ways you can help unlock another persons voice so that they can learn to sing with a stable, balanced, and clean quality. Eventually he cut me loose and said I was ready to begin teaching other students. If you want a powerful voice, a larger range, and the confidence to sing loud and proud, then you have the right man for the job!

With this, I would like to say thank you very much for reading my profile, and I hope to hear from you very soon! I can discuss materials for lessons with you when I contact you. Have an excellent day!

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching style is flexibly structured and laid-back. I want my students to relax and enjoy their lessons and learn at the best pace for them. Not all students are the same, and I enjoy tailoring lessons to meet the needs of each individual.During my lessons, a number of topics or exercises will be covered. Students will learn extensive musical theory along side their regular pieces of music. Many manners of technique or play-style will also be described, as well as occasional ear training to let the students develop a 'feel' for the music as well.

Most lessons will follow a basic guideline. In a one hour lesson, we will start with 20-30 minutes of music theory. This will develop a strong foundation for students and a thorough understanding of music across all planes. This will also allow for branching out and expansion in the future, and will allow students to explore their musical impulses at their own pace. After the theory portion of the lesson, the majority of left over time will be dedicated to listening to assigned music the student has worked on the previous week. Depending on progress, we will also assign and analyze additional pieces of music to continue the growth of the students comprehension and muscle memory. Finally, depending on left over time, we will spend the last portion of the lesson on listening exercises. These are specifically designed to teach students to eventually play by ear, and will make it easier for students to compose as they can identify intervals and chords that were once just 'feelings.'

One of my biggest goals in each lesson is to insure a student enjoys him/herself during my time there. Once a student enjoys the instrument, and feels eager to show me their progress during the week, they will begin to practice on their own and can accelerate at an exponential rate compared to a student who feels unexcited about each lesson. I encourage fun in my lessons so long as it does not hinder progress. On this note, I expect a few things from my students.

1. A commitment to practice. I'm not asking for much of your day. A beginner student can practice only 30 minutes a day and still see drastic improvement from week to week.

2. Communication. This includes informing me about scheduling conflicts as well as explaining problems you may be having during the lessons. I promise I have the tools to help you, all you have to do is communicate with me.

3. Stay open to enjoy yourself! I understand that sometimes a parent might be a little more eager for music lessons than their child. When I was starting, I didn't even want to learn piano, but my mother asked me to try it, and now it is my greatest passion! Keep open-minded and I promise this will be something that you enjoy!

Finally, I have a few things that I like to promise to my students and/or parents.

1. Professionalism. I will arrive on time and well presented every week at the given time. If there is a conflict, I will inform the student/parents as soon as possible to insure a trusting relationship.

2. Adaptability. I will develop lesson plans according to the needs of my students, and will learn to guide them on the path that suits them best.

3. Fun! I will do everything I can to share my passion for music with my students, and will attempt to inspire them to feel the same!

Thank you so much for your time! I can discuss book curriculum and needed materials whenever I contact you! I hope to see you soon, have a wonderful day!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Digital keyboard, stereo sound hand recorder, direct microphones, boom stands, 2 user interfaces, protools 9, acoustic hole pick-up.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Travel equipment, when needed, includes guitar tuner, metronome, guitar (electric, or acoustic), amplifier, some piano exercise books, and sheet musics that may be needed.

*** Specialties ***
I am mostly classically trained in piano, with some newer work on jazz and blues.

Joel G. Santa Fe, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Upright Bass, Violin

About Me

Hey guys, my name is Joel. I would love to work with you as a student of music. I have 5 years of teaching experience (ranging from private guitar lessons, guitar group lessons, to drum, and bass lessons), and over 17 years of music playing/performing experience. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance in Classical guitar from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

I began playing guitar when I was eight years old, and began playing in my church when I was ten. My Bachelors in Music Performance in Classical guitar studies gave me a wealth of knowledge of the guitar, and I have taught classical guitar to a certain level,but my passion however, is contemporary styles, such a rock, pop, blues, and church worship. I have had several private guitar students most being 12-18, but I am experienced and love working with all age groups 5- 65. I have played lead guitar in a touring worship group, and also tour with my own music, which is acoustic/contemporary christian rock, under my name. I am currently the worship leader at my church, and also lead worship for various church events along with performing my solo music.

I began playing bass shortly after guitar, when I was about 12, and am able to teach various levels and styles on bass. Drums was an instrument that came naturally to me, and I have played drums in various worship services, and for many years. I teach rock, contemporary pop, and contemporary worship drumming. I also incorporate the fundamentals of rhythm, and being a percussionists, such as lessons on hand drums, and auxiliary percussion instruments included.

I took 2 years of violin lesson while in college, and also studied in a group class in which I practiced the fundamentals of all bow/ string instruments. I would be very comfortable teaching a first to second year violin student.

This is just a brief snap shot into some of my history as a teacher of music, and a musician. I would love to work with you, and help you accomplish every goal you have set for yourself regarding music. Thanks, God bless.

*** Lesson Details ***
I'm not the strictest teacher in the world. I motivate through gentle and direct instruction. I evaluate where every individual student is, and what they are trying to do, and I get them there. I'm more like a coach/ teacher. I motivate, encourage, and instruct. There are parameters and guidelines that I have found help my students succeed, but the curriculum is based upon where the student is. I can go the more contemporary route of just teaching you how to play the instrument with chord charts, and by feel using modern arrangements. I can also do the more traditional route of teaching you how to play be sight reading, and drills of technique with classical or Jazz pieces. I prefer to do a blend of sight-reading/ music theory, and contemporary practical playing. I typically use Berkley guitar books, along with my own materials for guitar curriculum. I have a good amount of material that I've accumulated and created from my schooling, in my years of guitar and other music lessons. I also use proven curriculum for bass, drums, and violin. After 6 months of lessons with me, you should either have accomplished every goal we set at the beginning lesson, or have been motivated in your instrument so that you will only continue to play and grow as you move forward.

*** Travel Equipment ***
for myself: Guitar, music stand, seat, metronome/tuner, curriculum
for my student: Guitar, music stand, seat, metronome, tuner, and folder

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in contemporary styles. Rock, Christian worship, pop, and blues. I also have some experience in classical and jazz.

Octavio M. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Opera Voice, Singing

About Me

I have been teaching voice for 5 years and my beginner students are already singing their own gigs. I have had only one advanced student in singing and in 2010 he got the zarzuela prize in the most prestigious opera competition in the world "Placido Domingo´s Operalia). I can teach in Spanish, English and Italian. and for voice I specialize in opera and mariachi music. In guitar I only do beginners.

*** Lesson Details ***
For voice I only take students from 17 years old and on. This is only because the childrens voice is very delicate and I think it requires a teacher who specializes in children for it is a big responsibility. Once the puberty voice change is gone: this is my field of expertise. with great discipline and a huge desire of success, a student could be singing in less than 6 months in a proper, healthy and beautiful way.

For guitar, since it is for beginners, is very simple and fast, and as well as singing, if you do your homework, then the achievements will come faster than you think!!!

*** Travel Equipment ***
I need from students to provide a piano or a keyboard for voice, I would provide the music to be copied, or they can buy their own music. For guitar they have to have a classical guitar and I would bring mine so that we both can use a guitar.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in opera (for voice), but it is adaptable to any kind of singing. In guitar is only for beginners.

Robert M.

Houston, TX
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Andrew D.

Houston, TX
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Gabriel G.

Katy, TX
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Robert M. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I am a Music EC-12 Certified Educator with a degree from The University of St. Thomas, working as the General Music Teacher for Stafford Elementary School in Stafford Municipal School District. My teaching experience covers many schools and programs in the Houston area, including various HISD schools as well as working for the University of St. Thomas Music Preparatory school as vocal, ukulele,bass guitar, music history/theory, and piano instructor.
My background in music is mostly vocal, working in and with choirs and ensembles my entire life. I have also spread my abilities to work with Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, recorder flute, ukulele, and voice. I have teaching experience to work with instruments including Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, and most of Concert Band instrumentation. I have many experiences with different genres such as American Folk Music, Jazz (Early to Fusion), and contemporary Rock/Pop, Christian, Rn'B, and Country music.
As an Music Educator, I have the strengths of being a distinguished musician and Professional educator which provides me with advanced knowledge in my field of study and interest, teaching for every age group from pre-school to Adult as well as influencing the fun, creativity, and expression of music no matter what the instrument.
I am also part of the online instructor team which is a great convenience for students who cannot easily travel, have limited schedules, or even allergies!

*** Lesson Details ***
The music lessons will consist of a concise and strong education of their instrument as well as essential theory and history. I develop individual lesson plans for each student and subject, working on formative goals and objectives to work towards for every lesson and throughout the year. I look forward to being able to help students accomplish and enjoy their instrument, utilizing their interests and genres with a variety of texts and literature at many levels, looking to always expand my own collection to meet the needs of the students. I am comfortable with providing digital and paper materials as well as providing recordings and video studying resources with YouTube. I know in my heart and mind that I have something to offer to any student at any level in my studio, and, I am equally as passionate about providing an honest atmosphere for evaluation and positive criticism. With every lesson I always encourage brief reflection over the practice, study, and instruction, responding to every critical juncture that comes along the way. Being a certified educator and music instructor, I know that respect, understanding, honesty, human emotion, communication, and professionalism are the most critical components of a healthy Teacher-Student relationship.

Over 800 Lessons taught since 2010

*** Studio and Resources ***
I have the necessary tools to operate in and out of my studio. Within my workplace I always have my electric keyboard, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, music library, printer/scanner, recording equipment, full sound system with mixer amp, guitar amp, microphone and stand, tuner, music stands, iPad stand, and comfortable space and seating. I also have expanded my studio capabilities that is an entirely digitized database and curriculum.
I expect for the students to provide their own instrument so that they are able to practice at home. I operate on MAC OS and IPad systems that maximize the technological uses of my in home studio.
Be prepared to learn more than you ever anticipated as I provide many resources. I also push for supplemental music instruction within the lessons, adding basic training and music learning skills needed for accompaniment instruments such as the acoustic guitar, ukulele, and piano which allow for students to have a stronger understanding of their music.

Andrew D. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, English, Guitar, Reading, Songwriting

About Me

Music is my life. As cheesy as that phrase goes, for me, it holds true. I'm Andrew. Everything I do and have been doing has been geared towards music. I've been in one working/gigging band or other without break for the past 8 years. I began intensely learning to play guitar at the age of 9 and have not stopped. The second I started learning I knew that that was what I wanted to do. Fast forward to now, and here I am loving every minute of it. I took lessons of my own as a kid, which helped shape me greatly. I then picked up bass at the age of 13.
I've taught personalized lessons for over 4 1/2 years now without a single complaint. At this point in my musical career, the majority of my experience and attitude has come from being "in the field". I've played South By South West, Westheimer Block Party, opened up for bands like the Misfits and Rage Against the Machine, shared the stage with bands like Minus the Bear and Echo and the Bunnymen, and been on tour and lived the whole life more often than not!
YOU can be an active musician. If you have the passion and desire. The first step though, is learning your instrument. Learning an instrument is something that stays with you for the rest of your life. It's an unfaltering companion that can benefit you in so many ways. I like to toss out the strict "teacher/student" regiment and create a laid back, fun, easy going atmosphere. I want to be buds and SHARE music with each other and introduce you into this world that I have grown to love so so much. There is nothing more rewarding. I promise. So let's get started!

*** Lesson Details ***
I am very laid back. Your progress is directly linked to you. I will give it my all to teach you and help you, but if you don't practice or soak it in, that's on you! I hate having a tense, seminar type lesson atmosphere. Lessons with me will be easy going and relaxed. I don't want to have to put on a sweater vest and wag my finger as a I scold you. That's just not me.
However, I DO expect you to get things done. Why waste your time with lessons if you're not going to take them seriously on any level? The curriculum will be totally personalized for YOU. After all, not everybody likes the same music and style. The first lesson or two will be getting a handle on exactly what YOU want to learn and what YOU want out of it. Finding out your favorite bands/artists, guitar players, bass players, etc. There's nothing worse than being taught something you have no desire for, but having it drilled into your head week after week! So whether that be blues, folk, metal, whatever, that's the first step. With that information I'll begin constructing and laying out the rest of your lesson plan.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Although I assume you have an instrument of your own (if not I recommend getting one, it sort of helps), if you're looking to just try things out at first I have more than a few extra that I'd be happy to let you use. My teaching studio doubles as a recording studio as well. This means 2 things: if ever you would like to record some of your music you know where to go! And also, I have the means to record the entire lesson if you'd like. You'll need to supply the blank CD(s) of course. It's not a requirement to record the lesson, just an option! Basically, I have everything you could ever possibly need for music lessons here. So you're set.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Guitars, amps, etc. anything that would be needed I've got!

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.I am versed in blues, rock, metal, folk, hardcore, acoustic-finger-style and various other acoustic styles, and more. Through teaching and experience as a working musician I have mastered most genres and styles. When sitting at home jamming in my free time, I probably most frequently find myself playing acoustic finger-style, blues, folk, or hardcore!

Gabriel G. Katy, TX

Subjects Taught

Algebra, Anatomy, Basic Math, Chemistry, English, Geometry, Guitar, Math, Music Performance, Music Recording, Physics, Pre Algebra, Pre Calculus, Science, Test Prep, Trigonometry

About Me

Hey, my name is Gabriel. During much of my early life I was in search of what would be my passion in life to pursue. It was when I began playing the guitar that I found my true passion in life. It has allowed me to grow and develop myself both as a musician and as an individual. Not only am I extremely experienced as a guitar player, but I also have extensive In-depth knowledge about music theory, technique, and styles. Along with guitar, I also play the Trombone and Drums. My goal is to spread music to others because I firmly believe that music should be an integral part of everyone's life. Please contact me if you are interested in learning how to play guitar. I will develop you into a musician with no limits.

*** Lesson Details ***
In my opinion music is often misunderstood, especially when someone is beginning to learn how to play a certain instrument. You see, I believe music needs to be understood and approached as if you are learning a new language, however it is a language that is natural to everyone. I have always viewed music as the spiritual language of our soul, and often I see many musicians mistake that. They see music and play it in a mechanical, almost even robot-like way, which creates for them so many limitations to their abilities. I promise that you will love my style of teaching. I will develop you into such a strong musician that speaks the music they play with emotion, inflection, and impact. Not just "sound" it out, so to speak, which is what many do. I am very flexible and we can work out a schedule that best fits your needs. In my lessons I will teach you all the fundamentals of music, guitar techniques, styles of playing, music theory, improvisation, and composing as well as many other aspects of music and playing. Each lesson will be tailored to each individual. This means that in the beginning I will evaluate where you are as a guitar player as well as a musician in general, and create a lesson plan that focuses on identifying and mastering your strengths/weaknesses, developing your style of playing, and teaching you to play at a professional level. Yes it will be an extensive and thorough process, but I promise that I will make it so enjoyable, pleasurable, and therapeutic for you that you will not even realize how far you will progress. Please contact me so we can get started. It's all up to you.

Guitar Lessons in Houston: More than Just Strings

By Andrew D. - Houston Guitar Teacher

Have you ever wished that you had a secret world -one that you could retreat to any time you desired? A world that you alone could shape and, each time you returned, remained completely untouched by any hand other than your own? That world exists, and not in some distant galaxy or in the dreams of those deep in sleep (although they may exist there as well). That world exists in music; more specifically, that world exists when you dive into the world of learning to play music and musical instruments. Learning, growing, changing, and moving with music as it moves with you. When you take guitar lessons in Houston, all of these things are possible.

This is the reason I love to teach guitar lessons in Houston. To be able to share MY world that I ...

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