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Popular Drum Teachers Near Houston

Rene H.

Conroe, TX
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Joel G.

Santa Fe, TX
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Patrick M.

Houston, TX
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Rene H. Conroe, TX

Subjects Taught

Classical Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Singing

About Me

Through my experience teaching I have found that music is a bridge that brings people together. With that being said I am very laid back, my whole goal is to make the learning process a fun one. When I was being taught I find that I learn more when I am enjoying myself, so this is the type of environment I strive to create for my students. I can specialize in guitar, such as rock/shred/blues/ and classical. I would say my strong points are in that of shred and classical, so all you shredders, I’m your guy! I have guitars and amps on hand if need be. I also specialize in drums such as rock and metal. I have roughly 16 years of experience on the kit. I can teach fundamentals like rudiments and how to apply them to the kit. If double bass is your thing, once again I’m your guy. For these types of lessons I would have to travel to you. I can also teach beginner piano, vocal, as well as some recording techniques.

*** Lesson Details ***
When it comes to the lessons I take everything in small steps. Repetition and consistency is key. Now I'm no drill Sgt, but I do love to have some sort of structure. All lessons are catered towards each students individuals skill level and needs. The MOST important thing is to have fun!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living room: music stands, amp, chairs, guitar, NO piano, NO drums at this location. Macbook, interface, protools, garage band. additional seating for parents if needed.

*** Travel Equipment ***
The student will need to posses the instrument that is being taught.

*** Specialties ***
Progress Based method. Rock/metal/Lead guitar, Classical guitar, Piano beginner, Voice beginner, Drums/single pedal technique and double pedal technique/rudiments. I know the fundamental of Recording techniques and even had my own recording studio for a year back in 2002. I know theory basics into some partwriting.

Joel G. Santa Fe, TX

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Upright Bass, Violin

About Me

Hey guys, my name is Joel. I would love to work with you as a student of music. I have 5 years of teaching experience (ranging from private guitar lessons, guitar group lessons, to drum, and bass lessons), and over 17 years of music playing/performing experience. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance in Classical guitar from Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

I began playing guitar when I was eight years old, and began playing in my church when I was ten. My Bachelors in Music Performance in Classical guitar studies gave me a wealth of knowledge of the guitar, and I have taught classical guitar to a certain level,but my passion however, is contemporary styles, such a rock, pop, blues, and church worship. I have had several private guitar students most being 12-18, but I am experienced and love working with all age groups 5- 65. I have played lead guitar in a touring worship group, and also tour with my own music, which is acoustic/contemporary christian rock, under my name. I am currently the worship leader at my church, and also lead worship for various church events along with performing my solo music.

I began playing bass shortly after guitar, when I was about 12, and am able to teach various levels and styles on bass. Drums was an instrument that came naturally to me, and I have played drums in various worship services, and for many years. I teach rock, contemporary pop, and contemporary worship drumming. I also incorporate the fundamentals of rhythm, and being a percussionists, such as lessons on hand drums, and auxiliary percussion instruments included.

I took 2 years of violin lesson while in college, and also studied in a group class in which I practiced the fundamentals of all bow/ string instruments. I would be very comfortable teaching a first to second year violin student.

This is just a brief snap shot into some of my history as a teacher of music, and a musician. I would love to work with you, and help you accomplish every goal you have set for yourself regarding music. Thanks, God bless.

*** Lesson Details ***
I'm not the strictest teacher in the world. I motivate through gentle and direct instruction. I evaluate where every individual student is, and what they are trying to do, and I get them there. I'm more like a coach/ teacher. I motivate, encourage, and instruct. There are parameters and guidelines that I have found help my students succeed, but the curriculum is based upon where the student is. I can go the more contemporary route of just teaching you how to play the instrument with chord charts, and by feel using modern arrangements. I can also do the more traditional route of teaching you how to play be sight reading, and drills of technique with classical or Jazz pieces. I prefer to do a blend of sight-reading/ music theory, and contemporary practical playing. I typically use Berkley guitar books, along with my own materials for guitar curriculum. I have a good amount of material that I've accumulated and created from my schooling, in my years of guitar and other music lessons. I also use proven curriculum for bass, drums, and violin. After 6 months of lessons with me, you should either have accomplished every goal we set at the beginning lesson, or have been motivated in your instrument so that you will only continue to play and grow as you move forward.

*** Travel Equipment ***
for myself: Guitar, music stand, seat, metronome/tuner, curriculum
for my student: Guitar, music stand, seat, metronome, tuner, and folder

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in contemporary styles. Rock, Christian worship, pop, and blues. I also have some experience in classical and jazz.

Patrick M. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Theory

About Me

I was aware of my love of music and drumming at a young age. I was exposed to and gained an appreciation for a variety of music genres. I have been obsessed with learning as much as I can about drumming and rhythms. As I learned more and formulated my own ideas, a book started to take shape and is almost complete.

Also, as I learned more and more about drumming and music, my desire to share my passion with others became overwhelming. This is why I wanted to join TakeLessons. I want to expose as many people as I can to the joys of drumming!!!

*** Lesson Details ***
My ultimate goal with my students is to cultivate creativity. I try my best to make drumming fun. I even try to make "exercises" musical.

My aim is to give my students the skills needed to play along to their favorite songs and to be creative enough to compose rhythms of their own. After 3 or 6 months my students should have a good grasp of the main styles of music/drumming- Rock, Funk, Jazz and many World Groove Concepts.

Music is a language, and the language of drumming is easier to learn than English, Spanish or any other language known to man/womankind. Many people are frightened by the sight of written music (a.k.a. “Black Page Syndrome”) with all those notes all over the place. The good news is, when one learns the A-B-Cs/rules (music theory) of drumming, the fear dissipates. There will be some challenges but if it’s too easy you might take it for granted.
First we learn the 8 main types of subdivisions (whole-notes, half-notes, quarter-notes, 8th-notes, 16th-notes, 8th-note-triplets, 16th-note-triplets, 32nd-notes). Later for fun we’ll learn about quarter-note-triplets. Then we’ll learn some rudiments (sticking patterns).

I have also written an instruction manual/encyclopedia on drumming. One of the main tools I use is the music software Sibelius. With Sibelius I can put any drumming idea in drum notation (sheet music). It can be played back in real time or transferred to a word document to be emailed to my students.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Full 7 piece drum set including double-pedal and left-foot clave pedal.
A multitude of DVDs, CDs and books.
Computer and printer.
Simmons SD1 Electronic Practice Pad.
Various percussion instruments including shakers and claves.
Boombox (CD and cassette player)

*** Travel Equipment ***
Computer. DVDs, Books and/or CDs.

*** Specialties ***
I enjoy all styles of music, being exposed to a variety of genres from a young age. Of course it is important to establish a good foundation (technique, music theory, etc) for all students. I teach Rock, Funk, Reggae, R&B and a variety of World grooves.

Johnathan E.

Houston, TX
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Connor O.

Dickinson, TX
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Eric P.

Houston, TX
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Johnathan E. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Drum, Percussion, Piano, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

First giving honor to God the head of my life, ever since i was was young i developed a gift of music without lessons, God has anointed me with a strong ear for music. all my life i played music for my church weather it was on the drums or the piano(keyboard)or leading worship vocally. now I'm the minister of music at Latterday Prayer Band Ministries. i been serving for 3 years. i went on to study music and received my associates degree in instrumental music from Sul Ross state university on a football scholarship. I'm a fun young playful guy that loved to teach and have fun doing it. hopefully i can share my gift and keep the music flowing hope to hear from you

-Johnathan E.

*** Travel Equipment ***
yamaha dgx-530 keyboard
roland juno g keyboard

Connor O. Dickinson, TX

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Performance, Songwriting

About Me

My name is Connor and I give Guitar lessons to all ages. My best work is done with beginners for I have a great lesson plan and an inept ability to teach the ways of the guitar. I taught myself guitar at a very young age then dove into musical theory when I became older which has given me a very unique and fast approach at learning the guitar. I consider myself a great listener, and most importantly a great teacher. With all my students we will develop a plan with YOUR real goals on guitar, and work on getting you to playing what YOU want to play. I also teach how to write music, improvise, and play with a band! I can get you ready to rock in roll in just a few months!

*** Lesson Details ***
Typically the first lesson will be to see where you are at in your journey of learning guitar, establishing what you want out of the guitar, and figuring out goals for you to start heading towards. Lessons will include a dive into music theory, Fundamental training of mechanics, work towards playing your favorite song, and Ear training. I will be giving out handouts of information for you to take home and sink you teeth into as well. Of course from there the lesson plan will vary based on your goals and what you wish to achieve.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a Mesa Boogie 5 50watt Express head, with a 4x12 Mesa Boogie Slanted Cabinet.
Ibanez Art Core Semi-Hollow Body Guitar
Ibanez Acoustic Electric
Varity of sound boards and effect pedals
Varity of different amps.

*** Travel Equipment ***
My travel equipment will include my Ibanez Art Core Semi Hollow Body Guitar
Ibanez Acoustic Electric Guitar
Mesa Boogie 5 50 Plus Head

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in teaching people how to become a musician. A lot of the times, people will become great players, but do not know how to transfer their skills over to a band environment or have difficulty writing their own music. I am excellent at creating intermediate guitar players out of beginners in no time. I have a very unique approach to teaching that will get you up to speed very quickly!

Eric P. Houston, TX

Subjects Taught

Arrangement and Composition, Composition, Conga Drums, Djembe, Drum, Elementary Math, Gaming, Hand Drums, Marimba, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Music Performance, Music Theory, Percussion, Reading, Study Skills, Trumpet, Xylophone

About Me

I graduated from St. Cloud State University (St. Cloud, MN) with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Instrumental Music Education and have applied for teacher certifications in Minnesota and Texas. For over a decade, I have been a composer, educator, and performer specializing in percussion and the marching arts. During this period, I have worked with numerous high schools and independent performing organizations to create unique productions that capture the attention of the audience, and challenge performers.

As an educator, I am confident in my ability to provide individualized instruction that is tailored to each students' unique learning style. This is accomplished by utilizing strategies that allow for aural, visual, and kinesthetic learning activities.

Prior to completing my undergraduate degree, I earned an Associate’s Degree in Sales and Management from the St. Cloud Technical and Community College (St. Cloud, MN), and worked as a business to business customer service and sales representative at a print communications company.

By hiring me as a tutor, you are choosing to work with an individual who maintains the highest standards of professionalism, and whose only aim is to enable students to achieve their educational goals.

The Effects of Percussion on Education

By Patty N. - Houston Drums Teacher

As a percussion instructor and teacher of Houston drum lessons, I have seen firsthand how learning percussion affects other areas of education. The skills needed to read percussion music are also needed in reading, rhythm, mathematics, and many other areas of "everyday" education. My students have all improved their reading skills, and in turn their grades as well.

When I start teaching my students percussion as part of their Houston drum lessons, the very first thing I work on is counting and reading ahead. In order to keep a steady tempo, lead a group of musicians, and play with musicality and dynamics, a drummer needs to be able to read ahead and know what is coming in the next few measures. This transfers directly into their studies. When ...

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