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Popular Online Reiki Teachers

Jennifer P.

Catonsville, MD
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Tiffany V.

San Diego, CA
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Mary R.

Cypress, TX
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Jennifer P. Catonsville, MD

Would you like to learn to work with pain (physical or emotional) more effectively?
Do you want to learn how to come into energetic balance and self-awareness, and to make intuitively-guided decisions?
Are you looking for hands on healing work, with the added bonus of learning more about yourself and your energetic "habits"?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above, then you've come to the right place. As a Reiki healer, energetic guide/coach and meditation instructor, I can help you to find peace/balance, to learn more about what "makes you tick" energetically, and to come into alignment (body/mind/emotions/spirit).

Although I am not (yet) an accredited Reiki Master Teacher, I am a Reiki Master, with two full, comprehensive years of training and two more subsequent years of practice. I have also studied meditation and intuitive healing/"energetic self-healing/balancing" quite extensively.

About Jennifer

I am a professional singer-songwriter and have been teaching lessons fulltime for the last 12 years. I teach students of all ages and levels of experience. My current range of students include: kids with learning/developmental disabilities, teenagers who have starred in school musicals, and performing adult singer-songwriters. Whatever your background or desire, I can help you to cultivate your unique musical potential, and to strengthen your creative voice. As a professional vocalist and pianist, I have worked freelance, in a variety of settings, over the years--including solo, in wedding bands, small jazz and rock/pop groups and with big bands. I have been singing with the Mood Swings Big Band for 6+ years. During that time, we have performed at the White House, the Chamber of ...


Deanne F. January 13, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
My daughter clicked with Jen when they met on the 1st lesson! Luckily for us she is skilled at teaching piano as well as singing, because my daughter has taken more of an interest in playing the piano and is doing great under Jen's instruction. 1 lesson and she came home and could play 3 songs! 5 stars for sure!!
Tiffany V. San Diego, CA

Reiki= Rei which means œDivine Power + Ki which is œlife force energy

The universal energy surrounds us all from the air we breathe and share, to the vibrations one emits from their heart. We are all one, connected by the universe in which we live, in which we were created from all the same elements that exist around us. Since its energy is the divinity within all of us, its power to heal and bring us to a calm peaceful state is undeniable. I allow it to do its magic simply by acting a conduit for it to flow freely through me to heal the receiver.

Reiki healing feels like a divine radiant glowing river of love that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, mind and spirit creating a blissful state of relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being.

About Tiffany

From the first moment I stepped onto my mat, I credit my personal transformation along my own yogic journey to the great teachers who guided me along the way on my quest to my healthiest, best self and I feel that it is my mission to continue the ancient tradition by sharing the gift of yoga with others to inspire the same growth, lightness and empowerment. I found my authentic voice while completing the 200HR RYT training at CorePower Yoga. Being a natural artist, my classes are inspired by my fun, creative spirit taught from the inside out with focus on my students individual wants, needs and goals. I enjoy guiding power flow, vinyasa flow, deep stretch, chakra flow, meditation, prenatal yoga, and healing with the love of reiki energy! My fascination of the energetic subtle body ...


Crystal H. December 21, 2014
Yoga · Online
Verified Student
Awesome teacher and very interactive. Really personalizes instructions and goes at whatever pace you're comfortable with. Highly recommended.
Karen W. September 7, 2014
Yoga · In home
Verified Student
Tiffany is a wonderful person and great yoga teacher. I had no experience and wanted to learn the basics before I attended classes at the Y. She came into my home and got right down to business. She is very loving and friendly and I liked her right away. The yoga lessons are thorough and you really get a great workout. She is patient and helpful with the poses and instructs how you how to breathe very well. I really enjoy yoga time with Tiffany.
Mary R. Cypress, TX

I am an advanced Reiki practitioner and many times will make a personalized recording as part of a distance healing session.

About Mary

Adult Asperger, ADHD

Vincent P.

Princess Anne, MD
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Charles H.

New York, NY
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Lorien E.

Laguna Niguel, CA
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Vincent P. Princess Anne, MD

Many people know Reiki is a form of touch therapy that is used for stress reduction, relaxation & healing. This is the basis for the "Western" version of Reiki. Fewer are aware, that there is a spiritual component that was integral to the original Japanese system as it was taught in the past and in secret Reiki circles.

This spiritual aspect (not religious), is a process based in complete self discovery, unique to each individual, and exists to foster inner fulfillment and enlightenment.

The reason why the spiritual aspect is important, is because it directly affects the health of the Reiki Practitioner, which in turn, affects the health of any recipient that the practitioner treats. If you have two doctors, one is sick, the other healthy, who makes the better caregiver?

This is why those internal concepts are important, and how they allow for the Reiki Therapist to more skillfully apply their healing arts.

In your lessons with me, I will teach you a history of Reiki, ...

About Vincent

Vincent is a Holistic Development Trainer, Traditional Japanese Reiki Master Teacher, autodidactic learner & world traveler with over thirty years of study in applied metaphysics. Vincent has trained and is certified in both Western & Traditional Japanese Reiki methodologies, having studied Reiki and meditation abroad in India, Nepal and Japan. He is a fourth generation student of the original founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui and a first generation student of Hyakuten Inamoto, founder of Komyo Reiki Kai, having learned the more rare and traditional Japanese way. During his globetrotting adventures, Vincent studied with various spiritual pilgrims, shaman, and yogis, expanding his knowledge of cultural traditions and perennial philosophy, while uncovering the universal truths that may ...

Charles H. New York, NY

Qualified to deliver Reiki level one sessions to clients.

About Charles

Hi! I've been a teacher since 1988, which goes back pretty far. I was very young when I first started teaching science at a small school in NYC. For many years, I was a writing teacher in colleges like UMASS/Amherst and other Massachusetts colleges. I also taught English and writing in private high schools and middle schools in Boston and western Massachusetts. I graduated from Wesleyan with a BA in English and from UMASS/Amherst with an MFA in Fiction Writing. In addition to my experience as a writing teacher, I'm certified to teach English as a foreign language and I do so currently in an online, virtual classroom, part-time. I'm also certified as yoga instructor. I have many years experience in meditation, too. I have received Reiki level one training and performed Reiki on ...

Lorien E. Laguna Niguel, CA

I studied and achieved my Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki III Master/Teacher in the Usui lineage and method. I have taught all three levels to students in California and New York for a number of years. I am more than happy to share the beauty, ease, harmony and healing benefits that Reiki provides for Self, animals, loved ones and our world.

About Lorien

Lórien E. has been teaching in both public and private schools in urban, suburban and rural settings and internationally since 1998. Lórien E. has helped students feel more confident in themselves, attain college entrance and receive scholarships, achieve their academic and artistic goals and develop into individuals who have a passion and curiosity for life long learning. Lórien E. received her San Francisco State University and her M. St Lawrence University in New York. She is a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in Art, and holds a CA teaching credential. As an expert in her field, Lórien E. looks forward to helping new students achieve their goals with ease and joy. Lórien E.'s teaching style is holistic bringing inspired creativity, caring and focused attention and ...

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