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Popular Music Teachers Near Garland

Matt B.

Dallas, TX
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Blake B.

Fort Worth, TX
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Patricia O.

Denton, TX
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Matt B. Dallas, TX

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Piano, Songwriting, Speaking Voice

About Me

I love learning, and I love sharing and developing the tools for learning. I began as a self-taught pianist at age 12, and from ages 14 to the present I have had the experience of studying with some of the most phenomenal teachers of this generation. George Katz, former chair of the Drake University Piano Department and student of the legendary artists Alfred Cortot and Marguerite Long; Jerome Lowenthal, also a student of Cortot (and William Kapell) and former chair of the Julliard piano department, and Jose Feghali, winner of the 1985 Cliburn Gold Medal have been my most influential teachers. From them, I learned how to learn, how to teach, and how to teach learning, which I believe is the most important skill.

As a winner of the 2000 Interlochen Concerto Competition, I had my orchestral debut that year with the World Youth Symphony Orchestra at 16. Following that, I have given concerts all over the U.S., some parts of Mexico, Malmo and Stockholm, Sweden, and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Having become keenly interested in technology and recording engineering, I have produced many CD's for renowned artists, such as Joseph Banowetz, Jose Feghali, Mike Morey, Paul Tuntland Sanchez and Vladimir Ashkenazy. I also worked for two years as the recording engineer for the Fort Worth symphony, where I was exposed to dozens of symphonic scores and new works, and was able to study them while I was preparing the recordings for radio broadcast.

My interests expanded even further when I became interested in the study of memory. I felt that I was still a slower learner, and wanted to counteract this. Having taken up research into the functions of memory and retention, I became a student who, instead of spending 6 months perfecting a Haydn or Beethoven sonata, could learn a monster like the Ravel Trio and perform it in just over a week. It's these methods that I offer to my students, in full confidence that any one of them who applies themselves can, in time, equal and surpass my own efforts.

Anyone with an Xbox will quickly learn that I'm an avid gamer, and I am exploring using games in the fields of epistemology; i.e. using the naturally evolved need for socio-mental stimulation and the non-linear hypotheticals presented in games to affect the individual's study of rational and critical thinking.

*** Lesson Details ***
Music is a tool for the discovery of critical thinking as well as art, i.e. an excellent way to ready your mind for nearly all problem solving and learning. Even if you have been a prior music student, I will be able to help you advance your practice technique far beyond its current potential; my methods are original, new, and can be empirically shown to work in no uncertain terms.

I am now a Steinway partner; my students will have twice-yearly opportunities to perform at Steinway Hall, Plano, should they feel ready. These recitals will usually be held during winter or spring breaks.

For younger students, I prefer parental involvement in the lessons. The parent of a student will have more influence on their progress on a weekly basis than I can. They will be asked not only to help the student practice, but to help them practice correctly. The results of this approach can be profound. For these reasons, I ask that the parents follow the student's progress so that they can provide support for the 6 days of the week that I do not get to see the student.

I tailor my curriculum to the student, and their learning habits and interests. I draw from a wide variety of curriculum, as well as sometimes writing original pieces that focus on weak areas that must be quickly developed.

Lastly, the student's input will ALWAYS be heard and carefully considered when choosing pieces for study. The most important part of studying music is the joy of music itself. I do my very best to make sure that lessons and practice are both fun and engaging, as well as productive.

Important Note: Right now I am only teaching classical music for voice. That doesn't mean that I am not willing to supplement lessons with other styles, but classical vocal training and technique is universally applicable and should be the pop or rock vocalist's foundation regardless. Please only sign up for voice with me if you are prepared to study primarily classical repertoire. Broadway songs are also acceptable.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Steinway Concert Grand

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in training memory, technique, artistic sensitivity and the development of a musical mind. I am familiar with many methods and use them where appropriate. I will observe you (the student) and find out how you learn best, and tailor lessons accordingly, thereby using your preferred method of learning (aural, visual, or kinesthetic) to strengthen any weaknesses. Lessons with me are very fun and challenging.

Blake B. Fort Worth, TX

Subjects Taught

Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

Holding a BA in music and equipped with time proven methods for learning the guitar, I offer lessons to the north Dallas/Ft. Worth area. I specialize in the classical guitar; however, I also have 10 years of experience playing rock, blues, folk, and alternative styles with electric and acoustic guitars. I can teach you or your child the skills needed to pursue hobbies or serious musical goals! E.g. personal enjoyment, gigs, performances, recitals, university auditions, etc. The list goes on and on! I want to inspire you to continue learning music for the rest of your life.


Have a BA in music focusing on guitar.

I have experience teaching people of all ages.

Have performed in Master Classes for renowned virtuoso classical guitarists such as Michael Partington, Andrew Zohn and Richard Savino.

I am experienced in performing solo and group repertoire at a concert level with the classical and steel string guitar.

I am well versed in music theory ranging from Ancient to Modern.

Have completed proficiency examinations in sight reading, transposition, scales and juried repertoire performance for guitar and keyboard instruments.

I have performed in numerous guitar repertoire classes demonstrating techniques and theories for my peers.

*** Lesson Details ***
No two of my lessons are exactly the same. Each lesson is tailored and modified to meet the needs and desires of each individual student. I want to figure out who you are and where you want to go musically and use that as a foundation to build lessons on. I teach with a laid back style and never yell or scold. The more comfortable you feel during the lesson the more we can get accomplished. The perfect lesson environment is one in which you or your child feel free to ask questions and play an active role in the learning experience.

I use the Aaron Shearer (adult/teenager) and Suzuki (child) method books primarily for classical guitar lessons. These books help you develop technique and skills. At the same time I integrate various songs and pieces at your discretion that appeal to you personally. For rock, blues, folk, country, etc. I have various technique books to get us moving along until we know the exact direction you want to go. Within 3 to 6 months you can expect to be playing music at a respectable skill level and after 6 months, if you've practiced hard, you should have a repertoire of songs ready to perform!

*** Studio Equipment ***
private studio w/ 2 classical guitar, an electric, an acoustic guitar, monitor, amp, music theory posters w/ seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in Classical Guitar. I have experience in a broad spectrum of music ranging from early lute music to more modern pieces from composers such as Erik Marchelie. The style I teach is primarily the "Classical Style." For younger students, I root my teaching in the Suzuki method but take a more lax approach that focuses on the individual learning needs of different students. I use metaphors and hands on exercises to explain technique and musical theory in a way that is easy to understand. The goal is to have fun while encouraging a love for music that will keep students motivated. For older children, teenagers, and adults I keep the fundamentals of the Suzuki methods prominent but primarily focus on the teaching methods of Aaron Shearer. I was taught from his literature and still refer back to it regularly.

Patricia O. Denton, TX

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, French, Music Performance, Opera Voice, Singing

About Me

I am a Doctoral student at the University of North Texas with 3 years of experience teaching college level students as a Teaching Fellow in Voice at UNT. I currently work with HEB ISD and BISD teaching private lessons to Junior High age students. I enjoy working with a variety of age groups, styles and skill levels. I have extensive experience as a recitalist, church soloist and as an opera singer and I specialize in classical voice. I am a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) and the College Music Society (CMS).

*** Lesson Details ***
I teach all styles and types of music and I always want my students to really connect with and enjoy the songs they sing. I like all my students to have a good foundation in the 'basics' of good voice production. No matter what kind of music, the fundamentals of posture and good breath support are the first things I address with any new student. I use vocal exercises tailored to the individual student's needs and goals. After the first 3 months or so a committed student will improve their breath control and coordination and improve the strength and stamina of their voice. I find that personal confidence in all areas of life is improved by the process of understanding and developing the voice.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living room w/ electronic keyboard, laptop, and seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide my own copies of music. Student should provide their own copy of any music or books necessary. Student should provide a piano or keyboard for lessons involving music (not necessary for speech).

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.I enjoy teaching all styles, from pop and rock, jazz and blues to Broadway and classical voice. As a performer I specialize in classical/operatic singing including choral styles.

Marilyn S.

The Colony, TX
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Kasey M.

Richardson, TX
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Carlos R.

Garland, TX
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Marilyn S. The Colony, TX

Subjects Taught

Music Theory, Piano

About Me

Music Job History:
2005-present Private Piano Lessons at home studio
Was Elementary Principal, Owen Elementary, Lewisville ISD
My music teaching/playing background also includes: private piano instructor at home studio, elementary music teacher in Lewisville ISD and Odessa Public Schools, piano accompanist for middle school/high school band Solo Contests, former church accompanist for Methodist churches
Personal Information:
Have 3 children, now ages 22, 24, and 26
Love gardening, reading, playing piano, ringing handbells.

I believe performing is an important part of music learning, so I schedule at least 2 recitals each year. Some of my adults prefer not to perform and that is okay too. My students played a Christmas recital recently and played so wonderfully! The more you perform, the easier it gets!

*** Lesson Details ***
I believe that most people would say that they wish they could play the piano. Taking piano lessons keeps you practicing and working on improving your skills. I can always help a student to play better in some aspect of their playing. I break down skills into as small a step as needed so the student can understand what needs to be done. Reading music is similar to reading words, so sometimes the problem is not with the fingers being able to play, but what the student is seeing. I can take whatever series you are currently playing out of and move forward with you from that series.
Rhythm can often be a problem when playing and that usually is just a matter of getting that rhythm into your vocabulary and really hearing how it goes.
Fingering is another area that can be the reason that a passage is not working for you and I can help you figure those areas out. I always try to correct and help you improve by using humor and positive reinforcement. I have several books that work on technique in fun, short exercises that will apply to any songs or literature that you are working on.
We will spend some of every lesson sight reading (looking at music that you will practice at home). Improving your ability to read music at sight will make your piano playing more enjoyable for you.

As with any lessons, the more you practice, the more progress and fun you will have! Every student needs a spiral notebook that we will use to keep track of your lessons. I have found it best if I buy the books you need and then you pay me for the books - that keeps you from having to search at a music store for the correct books and I make sure you have the correct book/levels. If you prefer to find the books yourself, that will be fine also. I am flexible and want your piano playing years to be lifelong for you.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Yamaha Grand Piano, Baldwin Acrosonic Studio Piano, Suzuki 88 key electronic keyboard,

*** Specialties ***
marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and
have received the highest feedback rating from students.
Piano, Handbells, Music Theory, Sight reading
I can teach from any series, have tended to specialize more with beginning and intermediate students. I have taught from almost every series over the years.
Right now I have students in Faber & Faber, Bastien, John Thompson, Schaum, David Carr Glover, Hal Leonard, FJH, Dozen a Day, and Alfred series.
When students begin lessons with me and have a music series with which they have started, we can stay with that series. I think that breaking skills down into small steps works well for mastery and understanding. I also travel to people's home for lessons, but prefer students come to my house.
I like to expand my students' appreciation of different types of music, from classical to pop, looking for music that is at the student's playing level.

Kasey M. Richardson, TX

Subjects Taught

Music Theory, Piano

About Me

Kasey is a patient, fun, imaginative, and well-trained musician who loves passing on the gift of music to anyone wanting to learn!

Becoming a musician is not reserved only for the naturally gifted, but for those who are ready and willing to dedicate themselves to learning. I have been teaching for 4 years and have had experience teaching a wide variety of students. One of my favorite things is getting to know each student. I discover their learning style and adapt my teaching accordingly. I have found that each student progresses at their own pace, so I don't hold the same expectations for all students. I discover their strengths and their weakness, and I shape my approach from there. I love seeing those 'lightbulb' moments when various aspects of music come to light in a student.

I also love to see parents that delight in their child's musical learning. The more a child sees their parent's commitment to his or her musical growth and celebrates that growth, the more a child will value this gift.

Kasey's philosophy of teaching is...

1. Growing as person comes first, music second. Taking on any new task requires time and discipline, and part of learning sometimes means failing. However, mistakes are allowed and expected! Mistakes provide opportunity to grow as a whole person because it's a part of life, and often, the biggest challenges reap the greatest rewards.

2. The student and teacher are a team! The teacher and student will work together to learn together. As the student is learning new skills and techniques, the teacher is learning all about the student and their specialized needs.

3. Music is truly a gift from God. Very few other day to day experiences can move and touch people the way music does. It is truly an extraordinary artform, and going from being a listener to the performer opens up a unique and beautiful personal expression and experience.

Kasey's Education:

Kasey is a graduate from Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX with a Bachelors in Music Education. Her major instrument was voice and minor instrument was piano.

She also received her teaching certificate, certifying her to teach music for grades Early Childhood-12th.

Kasey's Experience:

Kasey's experience in music began at the young age of 5. Her mother ran her own private piano studio from which Kasey began her musical studies and continued through the age of 16. She performed in a number of recitals and contests throughout her childhood. She won many awards for her musical performance, including 1st place in the Midland Contest in 1993. Kasey also scored highly on the yearly State Theory Test from the age of 7 to 16.

Kasey competed in numerous competitions throughout high school for vocal performance earning chairs in the All-Area Choir. In college, Kasey privately studied voice and piano and demonstrated her skills in numerous recitals involving group and solo performances. She maintained a 3.98 GPA (on a 4.0 scale) throughout her college career.

Kasey had an active imagination and creative spirit from a very young age. She began composing short piano compositions at the young age of 8. Her composing abilities really took off when she began her singing/songwriting career at 19. Throughout her college years she played piano and sang in numerous praise and worship bands. She also performed her original songs at coffee shops and churches. She opened for a number of local performers in the area as well. After completing her 1st CD, she was able to use the money from sales to help her travel to Washington State to do mission work for a summer.

Before graduating from college, Kasey student taught music at Alta Loma Elementary School and Lee Middle School. She taught general music and choir, working one on one with numerous middle school students preparing for all-city tryouts.

"Many talented musicians want to teach others their skills, but unfortunately do not have the knack for acutally teaching. Of all the student teachers I have had work under me, Kasey is definitely one of the top three! She gets it. She can teach!" Patti Wetzel: Choral Director for Lee Middle School in San Angelo.

Now, Kasey resides in Richardson, TX, along with her husband and two cats. She has been teaching private piano lessons out of her home since the Summer of 2009.

*** Lesson Details ***
Within a lesson, students can expect to be given instruction on developing proper technique and form to act as the foundation for the rest of their learning (scales, chords, arpeggios, basic music theory, etc). The learning environment will involve the student and teacher setting goals together, and reasonable expectations will be held for both the student and teacher.

Weekly practice (5 days a week, timeframe depends on age and stage of student) will be encouraged. For a child to become proficient at reading and writing, they typically practice this skill 5 days a week at school and often times on the weekends as parents and their children read together, etc. Reading music is learning to read a language of it's own and teaching the fingers to move and coordinate for playing on the piano takes regular practice to refine and strengthen those fine motor skills. This is why 5 days of practice is strongly encouraged.

Students will have the opportunity to learn to play music by composers such as Mozart and Bach. They can also learn how to play movie soundtracks, tunes from their favorite broadway or Disney songs, and more! Students will typically work consistently from a Lesson Book that introduces musical elements step by step along with a corresponding Theory Book. Extra songs will be provided from the Mahan Music Library for seasonal songs, recital songs, and more.

Those interested in learning how to play in a band, or develop accompaniments for songs they have written will learn how to read chord sheets, and how to write their owns accompaniments.

Lesson Materials: 1 to 1 and 1/2 inch 3 ring binder and pencil.

Also, EVERY student should be prepared to invest some expense into purchasing music books/materials. This usually amounts to no more than $25 per year. Purchases vary depending on student need.

Metronome - this is not typically needed for young beginners, but eventually every piano student will need to purchase a metronome.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I teach out of my home. I have a beautiful pecan wood upright piano with a great sound and a great touch! We have a sliding glass door that opens up to a back porch. Families can park literally right in front of my apartment and enter through my back porch. My piano and teaching studio are right inside!

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in teaching classical piano and vocal lessons. I am also qualified to teach music theory for levels from beginner to intermediate. In addition, I teach piano for improvisational praise and worship styles, or for singing/songwriting.

I am currently not offering voice lessons. Piano lessons only.

Carlos R. Garland, TX

Subjects Taught

Acting, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Audio Engineering, Basketball, boxing, College Admissions, Creative Writing, DJing, DSLR Video, English, Essay Writing, Film Acting, Film and TV Acting, Filmmaking, Film Production, Film Studies, Fishing, Football, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word, Music Performance, Music Recording, Photography, Poetry, Pro Tools Software, Public Speaking, Reading, Screenwriting, Sociology, Softball, Speaking Voice, Stage Performance, Stand Up Comedy, Strength and Conditioning, Table Tennis, Theater Acting, Video Production, Voice Acting, Volleyball, Web Design, Writing

About Me

I have worked in many exciting fields such as but not limited to film, music production, television, education, public speaking and radio. My past music industry experiences have exposed me to employment with Island/Def Jam Music Group and Elektra Entertainment. I possess a Bachelor's degree and I have served as the program/promotions director for KGRM and operations manager for GSUTV. I have 20 years of radio experience and 16 years of television experience. He has worked with many notable recording artists and a few film directors. Not only am I an experienced broadcaster, but I'm a writer as well with screenplays that have received finalist nominations in various film festivals. As a theatrical trained actor I have starred in touring plays and I have stage managed several productions.

I have taught at the middle school, high school and collegiate level for 7 years along with being the director of a technical college.

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