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Popular Violin Teachers Near Denver

Aaron A.

Denver, CO
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Kristopher E.

Denver, CO
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Lisa G.

Aurora, CO
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Aaron A. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Viola, Violin

About Me

It was in his youth that Aaron discovered his love of music. As a child Aaron spent a great deal of time simply listening to music and discovering the joys that each genre had to offer, but it was not until the age of 12 years that he would pick up his first instrument. In junior high school band Aaron first learned how to read music when he was put into the brass section and given a cornet. While he didn't stick with brass for much longer than a year, it did spark an interests in music that would grow as the years past. In the years that followed Aaron spent time playing drums and singing in local rock bands. It was at this time he decided to start taking vocal lessons to improve his singing. This, of course, lead to another spark, but this time lessons were not enough. It was decided that a proper education in music was what was needed. 

Now in his early twenties the journey of a music education was starting. The first two years spent at local community colleges where he took private voice, violin, composition, and piano lessons, to go along with the music history and music theory classes. It was at these schools that Aaron decided his focus would be on music composition and music theory. After four years at Metro State College of Denver (now Metro State University of Denver) Aaron received a degree in music composition and graduated with a 3.75 GPA. During his time at Metro State, Aaron had learned the basics of standard orchestra instruments and even learned how to play most of them. Spending two years in the Symphonic Band playing clarinet he picked up another instrument. While his degree was in composition, his primary instrument was piano which he studied with Dr. Tamara Goldstein. 

While attending Metro State, Aaron had picked up a tutoring job at the school. This is when he realized his talent and passion for teaching. Going beyond what was asked, Aaron became a dedicated teacher working extra with each of his students when they needed the help. Although his job as a tutor was meant only for music theory and music theory lab (ear training and sight-singing) Aaron was assisting fellow students with piano, music history and anything else he could. He realized he loved to teach! As it turns out, he was also quite good at teaching. Evidence for this is when he asked to tutor the daughter of the Dean of the Arts and Letters college at Metro. After graduation Aaron started giving lessons in other instruments such as piano and violin and quickly realized his heart wasn't in composing as much as it was for teaching. Thus, Aaron is now back at Metro State in order to earn another degree in Music Education with hopes of becoming a full time music teacher. 

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a bit demanding as a teacher in some ways, but that is merely because I like to see growth. However, as a teacher I understand that different students work better with a more laid back approach so I can change to fit the needs of each student.

Each student needs a different curriculum and each student learns differently so there is no set path. The goal, however, is the same. My goal is to make music fun and something students like to do.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The In-Studio lessons are taught in the living room which includes a piano, music stands, seating. 1 cat that is not in the room. Parking is on the street.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can bring sheet music, reeds and other small items. I do not have instruments to loan out.

*** Specialties ***
I always try to teach more than reading/ playing music. My approach is to create a well-rounded practice routine involving rhythm drills and even sight-singing the music before playing. 

Kristopher E. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Accompaniment, Audition Prep, Bassoon, Cello, Clarinet, Classical Piano, Ear Training, Flute, French Horn, Music Performance, Music Theory, Oboe, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, Viola, Violin

About Me

I am a Music graduate from Hunter College and a native of New York City, where I was once the music director for the Holy Rosary Theater Group. I have performed in various college ensemble and city groups across New York, New Jersey, and Colorado. I also had wonderful opportunities to perform in pit orchestras for Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels while living in New York City. I currently perform as the principal horn for the city of Thornton's community band and am continuing my journey in education with MSU-Denver!

As an undergraduate at Hunter College I studied horn with Richard Casparie, music composition with Shafer Mahoney, and piano with Gary Hammond.

After moving to Colorado, I have been busy teaching as a substitute teacher for Mapleton Public Schools and Adams 12 Five Star Schools. In March 2013, I was offered the chance to work with Mapleton's intermediate and advanced bands, specifically working with wind instruments. In October 2013, I was offered to assist the entire Band Department at Mapleton Public Schools by offering help to many of the young musicians there as the interim director for the high school ensemble. In April, 2014 I began working alongside the Broomfield Youth Symphony to start a summer band programs for beginning, intermediate, and advanced instrumentalists who are looking to continue learning about their instruments or even learn a new one!

My lessons offer every student a unique opportunity to have fun while also challenging them based on how much time they can commit to practice each week. I respond to the needs and the likes of each student and try to play towards those things.

I enjoy helping other people, especially through music and truly find joy in it. I love spreading that joy to others and hope to inspire my students to strive excellence in both music and beyond.

Thank you so much for stopping by my page. I look forward to meeting with you and creating music together!.

Best wishes,

*** Lesson Details ***
I will call all new students before the first lesson to learn a few things and plan out the first lesson together.

The following outline more directly applies to beginning students. After the first six months, students will know the following:

Notes: First 2 Scales on Instrument
Rhythms: Quarter Note, Quarter Rest, Eighth Note, Half Note, Eighth Rest, Half Rest, Whole Note, Whole Rest

Fundamental Technique on Instrument (e.g. Embouchure, 5-Finger Playing)
Breathing Technique
Correct Posture
Relaxation for Ease of Playing

My teaching style is adaptable and I try to see what works best for each student and will teach to their particular strengths. It is a cooperative process that revolves around the student.

*** Studio Equipment ***

*** Travel Equipment ***
I recommend that students who are new to an instrument rent before buying. In the first few months, students discover if their chosen instrument is something they would like to stick with! Feel free to contact TakeLessons and look for me with any questions regarding rentals or buying instruments!

As far as books, I would recommend that students purchase books. However, I can make copies for educational purposes and can be flexible as far as this recommendation.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in classical music, though I do have some experience with popular music and jazz. I could not fit all of my book lists onto the list below but I can share that via E-Mail or other method if you would like to know more.

Lisa G. Aurora, CO

Subjects Taught


About Me

I am a Colorado Native with a Music Degree from the University of Denver. I started playing the violin in elementary school and never stopped! I picked up the Viola in college. I enjoy playing that as well.
I have been teaching group classes for the Cherry Creek School district for over 10 years and love that. I have been teaching private lessons for over 10 years as well. Both are challenging in very different ways.
I enjoy watching my students learn and grow through music.
I love playing with an orchestra and playing with a quartet. I've played with several different local groups over the years.

*** Lesson Details ***
I do not offer one size fits all lessons. I tailor my lessons to fit the needs and goals of each individual student. I use a variety of different method books based on the musical background of each student.
You can expect that I will ask a bunch of questions at the beginning of your lessons, and I will try a bunch of things at first. And then will make a decision based on what I think will be the best fit.
I like to utilize what technology has to offer, and I have a keyboard and a computer available at every lesson. I use them for ear training and listening activities.
I like to make sure that music is fun, however I will expect that students are doing the work at home, so at home practice is expected.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living room w/ violin, piano, keyboard, music stands, and seating for parents.
Please note that I do have a dog in the home, please let me know if you have allergies.

*** Specialties ***
I teach beginning and intermediate violin. I teach a classic style.

Nicole R.

Castle Rock, CO
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Talia V.

Denver, CO
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Autumn D.

Denver, CO
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Nicole R. Castle Rock, CO

Subjects Taught


About Me

I have been studying violin for 12 years and have had diverse experiences in performing all kinds of music from classical to rock. As of Spring 2013 I completed two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music and Psychology. During my education i was fortunate enough to study violin with Jerilyn Jorgensen and perform in the Lamont Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Lawrence Golan. I was also able to study violin, music performance, and composition with Carlo Feige, Roberto Andreoni, and Simone Fontenelli in Milan, Italy for 3 months during my junior year. During my undergraduate degree i chose to accompany my music with a psychology degree, focusing on cognition as well as social and child psychology, becauseI knew that such knowledge would allow me to help my students learn better. Given the extensive nature of my musical training and my great passion for music and specifically violin, I can offer a student an engaging and instructive experience, that will allow them to reach any goal.

*** Lesson Details ***
I take an all inclusive approach to teaching violin, that encourages students to proactively participate in the learning process by having a choice in what they play, as well as by learning about the music's history. My lessons are really geared around encouraging a student's creativity and musicality while at the same time providing them with the tools to work through each piece and each technical aspect of playing the violin.

Within the first few months of lessons with me a beginning student will have learned several short student pieces from a variety of composers. They will have firmly solidified the first hand position and will have started developing a bow hold that produces a clean solid tone.

Moving forward beyond the first 3 months I like to move a student on to longer pieces with more variety in bow techniques and more variety in musical styles. Depending on how fast a student progresses I may also choose to start moving the student in to learning third position, which will expand the students tone and the kinds of pieces the student can play.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons take place in the living room. There is seating for parents and plenty of parking.

*** Specialties ***
Classical Violin

Talia V. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Violin

About Me

Talia’s journey as a musician began in the suburbs of Seattle, Washington, where she was born and raised. She studied piano, violin, and choral signing throughout her childhood and teen years. Her gifting for violin led her into years of private study, performance with the Tacoma Youth Symphony, Solo
Ensemble Competitions, weddings & special events, playing and signing at church, and local Farmers Markets.

 After earning her Bachelors of Music in Violin Performance from Western
Washington University, she moved to San Francisco in December of 2012 to further her career as a freelance artist and teacher. Here, she performed in the pit orchestra of Mozart’s Don Giovanni Opera with the BASOTI Orchestra. She also studied and performed as a Renaissance bass
violinist with Ansambl Luython, an instrumental and choral group that specialized in Eastern European Early Music. Talia also was involved in the folk community, where she recorded with Brother Chip and performed shows and recorded with You’re the Queen Cosette. She maintained a full teaching studio during her year in the Bay area, where she was able to use her knowledge of string pedagogy and her passion for children.


In December of 2012, she moved to Denver, Colorado, where she married the man of her dreams. She currently resides here and is enjoying the transition into a new teaching studio, as well as preparing for upcoming symphony auditions. She continues to specialize in violin, both private and group lessons, while also offering beginning piano and group music classes for younger children. 

*** Lesson Details ***
The repertoire and methodology is chosen based on the age and level of the student. Some methods
that I commonly use are Suzuki, Quick Steps to Note Reading, A Tune a Day, and All for Strings. I emphasize the value of classical music, and I incorporate music theory and ear training into each lesson. Scales and technical studies are also added early on. While I am upbeat and encouraging, I have high expectations for regular practice, attendance, and punctuality. I believe that through these regulations, students can expand their musical potential and discover the joy that music brings. 

*** Studio Equipment ***
studio space with extra seating
weighted keyboard, guitars, violins
music stand
sheet music of many genres
music theory games & flashcards

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide for beginners a foam shoulder rest, and they can purchase music from me. I expect them to rent a violin of appropriate size.

*** Specialties ***
While I specialize in violin, I am also happy to teach students of other musical interests. We begin with a classical foundation. With an advanced understanding and technical abilities, we can then begin to explore other genres, such as Celtic fiddling, bluegrass, gypsy, and jazz. 

Autumn D. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught


About Me

Autumn is a native of Wisconsin and has played in orchestras across the United States that include the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, New World Symphony Orchestra, and Boca Raton Philharmonic Symphonia. In addition, Autumn is an avid solo musician and has placed in such violin competitions as the Virtu Foundation Instrument Scholarship Competition, where she received a one year loan of a 17th century violin, and Schubert Club String Competition.

Ever active, Autumn has also attended and performed in numerous summer festivals that include the Spoleto Festival USA, Kent Blossom Music Festival, Meadowmount Music Festival, and Chautauqua Institution. Autumn's diverse role as a violinist has often allowed her to perform outside of the realms of strictly classical music and perform and collaborate with such artists as Amy Grant, Smokey Robinson, and most recently LeAnn Rimes.

Autumn's musical education includes a Bachelor of Music from the University of Minnesota with Sally O'Reilly, a Masters of Music from Southern Methodist University with Jan Mark Sloman, and two additional performance graduate degrees from Lynn University and the University of Denver with violinists Elmar Oliveira and Yumi Whang-Williams.

Autumn has been teaching for over thirteen years and has worked as instructor, coach and mentor. Autumn currently plays with the Colorado Springs Philharmonic Orchestra and serves as Concertmaster of the Longmont Symphony Orchestra.

*** Lesson Details ***
I have worked with students ages two through adults. I teach a mixture of Traditional and Suzuki Methods. I also integrate training in sight reading, ear training, and music theory.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stand, metronome.

*** Specialties ***
Over thirteen years in violin instruction. Students have placed in state competitions and won chairs as concertmaster in state youth orchestras.

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