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Popular Drum Teachers Near Denver

Lane P.

Wheat Ridge, CO
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Chris S.

Aurora, CO
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Scott B.

Broomfield, CO
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Lane P. Wheat Ridge, CO

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Theory, Percussion

About Me

Let's get straight to it, I truly love teaching. Helping others attain the pure satisfaction that comes from musical accomplishment is one of my greatest joys. I strive to create an atmosphere that makes students feel comfortable so they are able to learn in a healthy way. Music should be fun and not something one feels forced to do, right? My goal is to stimulate creativity and inspire a drive in students to be the best musician they can be.

I have taught a wide variety of students in terms of age and musical direction, and love working with you to find what you want to play. With my experience in areas such as, orchestral percussion to rock drumming, as well as winning scholarships and attending college, I am confident I can help you do whatever you want in music.

Want to know a little more about my musical history? Here's a bio of my education and accomplishments:

I am a drummer and percussionist currently residing in Denver, Colorado. I began studying piano at age 5 with Barbara Rubenstein from DePaul University as well as congas with esteemed world percussionist Doug Brush.

During my high school years, I began studying four mallet marimba, drum set, and hand drumming with Sherri Dees (former associate professor, Arkansas State University). During this time I was chosen for the IMEA Honor Band and Orchestra twice, the McHenry County Honor Band, played drum set for five musicals, was the youngest player ever, at age 12, to be chosen for McHenry County Youth Orchestra where I played percussion for three seasons, was the drum captain of the CLC drum line for 2 years, was chosen by Mayor Aaron Shepley of Crystal Lake to perform originally composed drum set and marimba solos in the inaugural “Strikers Benefit Concert”, and was awarded the Outstanding Musician Award for sophomore, junior and senior years, the June Naponelli Memorial Fines Art Scholarship, and the national “John Philip Sousa Award” for excellence in music.

I then went to study percussion at Northern Illinois University under professors Greg Beyer and Robert Chappell. During my time at NIU I won the orchestral mock auditions for snare drum and two mallets, was chosen to be the featured xylophone soloist for the NIU percussion ensemble and steel band, was the principle percussion in the NIU Philharmonic, and gave a solo percussion recital that was highly attended and received rave reviews.

I have also been drumming with bands across the US. I have played all over the Chicago-land area, as well as throughout Wisconsin, Colorado and Arizona. I am currently set to record on the up coming album with 'The Silent Still' as well as record and release a solo percussion EP during 2013.

*** Lesson Details ***
As mentioned in my bio I am focused on making students feel comfortable in lessons. I believe this makes students perform at a higher level during lessons, as well as learn and retain information more efficiently. To do this I make lessons light but focused. When presenting material I explain in a streamlined fashion, with alternative methods whenever they are struggling. I try to make students smile and know that I'm learning right there with them. As cliche as it sounds I don't just teach, but learn the student. I can't help but innately find what methods of learning, problem solving and musical preferences each student has!

Want to know what other students and teachers of mine think about me? Here are some testimonials to give you and idea:

"Lane is a great teacher because of the way he blends music, technique, and improvising together. Lessons have never been boring, he even makes rudiments fun! If something is difficult, he'll always try a different approach to it, and in a matter of a few minutes, I'm playing it smooth as ever."
- Daniel S.

"Lane possesses an innate musicality, an extremely disciplined work ethic, and he is capable of centering himself under pressure. This rare combination of traits is a recipe for success in music and in life. You will be hard pressed to find a better mentor than Lane for your musical studies."
- Dr.Gregory Beyer
Associate Professor and Director of Percussion Studies
Northern Illinois University
President, Illinois Chapter of the Percussive Arts Society

"To me, Lane was an extravagant instructor. He had shared his expertise by helping me develop strategies to work forward and learn rudiments in my music."
- Peter C.

"Lane is one of the most gifted drummers we have ever employed in the Northern Illinois University School of Theatre and Dance. Lane was accompanist for our modern dance classes and I can honestly say he was as much of a "teacher" in the class as I was. The students absolutely loved having him around, and so did I. I would recommend Lane as an accomplished dance accompanist and musician, and commend him also as a decent, friendly, outgoing person who uses his accessible personality to bring his art to life in others."
- Professor Paula Frasz
School of Theater and Dance
Northern Illinois University

Here are some of the areas you can expect to learn on drum set, and percussion.

These areas include, but are not limited to:

Drum set:
- Hand and foot technique (beginning to highly advanced)
- Limb independence and coordination
- Playing your favorite songs
- How to sight read a rhythm chart
- Rudiments (fundamentals of snare drumming)
- Playing fills
- Developing a unique and sophisticated musical vocabulary (making ''your" playing style)
- How to play in a band
- How to play a variety of styles
- How to tune your drums quickly
- How to set up your drums so they work with your body to be easier to play
- How to listen critically and analytically

- Hand technique for snare drum and 2 mallet marimba/vibraphone/xylophone
- Hand technique for 4 mallet marimba/vibraphone
- How to sight read rhythm and melodic material
- Play famous orchestral excerpts
- How to play accessories such as concert tambourine
- How to be a section leader or principal player

*** Studio Equipment ***
I own multiple full drum sets with space. Seating available. 2 dogs kept separate during lessons. Parking on the street or driveway.

*** Specialties ***
I plan lessons based on the students goals and interests. I work with the student to find these goals and areas of interest so they are learning what they want to learn, thus more attentive in lessons, motivated to practice, and overall having fun with music. I strive to always deliver instruction in a clear and streamlined fashion. When a student does not understand a concept I am presenting, I can nearly always find a different way way of explanation, through demonstration, notation, visualizations, ect... that is effective.

Having heavily studied congas, djembe, marimba, orchestral percussion and drum set, I feel comfortable teaching a wide variety of students. I have also performed professionally and been paid in all the areas above. I am comfortable and have taught students in areas from concert snare drum to 4 mallet marimba to rock and jazz drumming.

Chris S. Aurora, CO

Subjects Taught

Algebra, Basic Math, Bass Guitar, Drum, Elementary Math, English, Guitar, Math, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Pre Algebra, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

A short history of my experience with music and education:Learned guitar in 2001. Guitarist at FBC of Midway in Plant City, FL from 2001 to 2005. Taught private music lessons from 2003 to present. Bassist of Anastasis from 2003 to 2005. Guitarist of Family Worship Center in Lakeland, FL from 2006 to 2012. Began freelance audio engineering and recording from 2006 to present. Bassist of Skyline from 2007 to 2009. Taught music and trained student led worship team at Hope Christian Academy from 2009-2010. Began playing independently from 2009 to present, guitarist and lead vocalist of A Story Familiar from 2010 to 2012. Taught utilizing my English degree in Polk County from 2010 to 2012. Moved to Aurora, CO to help plant Livingstone Church and volunteer as a guitarist in late 2012. Hired as Worship Director for Livingstone Church upon arriving from my honeymoon in January 2013.As for me personally, I love Jesus, my wife, and music. As I'm sure you can tell by my brief history, I do a lot of church service and ministry, if for this for any reason makes you wary, let me assure you: I play a lot more than just church music. As a lover of music, there is not much that I don't enjoy in the world of music, and I've taught most of it. I've taught the young and the not-so-young, and whether you're just beginning to read music, or you're just eager to learn your favorite song, I work closely with you to ensure you achieve the results you desire!

*** Lesson Details ***
Four things I focus on:Creating individualized lesson plans, learning new techniques and polishing old ones, building confidence Having a fun, rockin' time!When taking lessons from me, students can expect an environment that is a balance between being strict and laid back.Music is something that must be learned, and as such, it must also be practiced week-to-week in between lessons. I consider myself strict because I'll hold you accountable to doing your best to learn the best. Despite holding you accountable, I think the overall mood of the learning environment is laid back; we'll have a lot of fun learning music. Everyone's different, and I make sure that we'll be learning at your pace, but keep in mind, this doesn't mean I won't push you to be your best! My teaching experience has taught me one thing: everyone is different. That being the case, I create lesson plans that are unique to you. Where you will be in a month, six months, a year, largely depends on your commitment to learn, but I'll promise you this: all of my efforts will be utilized to maximize your potentiality.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I provide the following equipment for in-studio lessons:Guitar amplifier. Bass amplifier on request Computer Recording equipment. Pleas note: I do NOT provide acoustic drums in the studio-I only have a small electronic kit; that being the case, I only teach drums on an acoustic kit for in-home lessons with students who have their own acoustic drum kit.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide the following when traveling for in-home lessons:ComputerFor in-home lessons, I expect students to have whatever equipment is necessary for learning their instrument of interest.

*** Specialties ***
Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Praise/Worship, Indie

Scott B. Broomfield, CO

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance

About Me

Hi! I'm Scott, and I'm a native of this great State of Colorado! I fell in love with the drums in 6th grade, and have never looked back! I too, began by taking private lessons, having been fortunate to be able to study under one of the best performers and private teachers in the Rocky Mountain West at the time. Beginning private instruction in Elementary School, I continued for 7 years even while embarking on a performance career in high school. Since then I've both performed and recorded a wide variety of styles including most forms of rock, country, jazz, pop, Gospel, symphonic/orchestral styles, and concert and marching band styles. I've also been fortunate to be able to teach many other students over these last 29 years of my career, and watch them achieve their own goals in drumming. It's my belief that, whether you want to do well in school, drum corp, or perform or record professionally, private instruction is absolutely necessary in order to succeed. It's also my belief that you can have a lot of fun along the way!

*** Lesson Details ***
First, we start in a studio environment with no distractions, enabling us to get a lot done in the time we have. I supply all of the appropriate teaching materials at no additional cost to the student/parents. I also strongly encourage parents, especially of the younger students, to sit in on the lessons so they know first hand what's being taught (I have a designated, comfortable parents and guests area for that very reason). Then, if you're just starting out, we'll work through the basics. If you're already an Intermediate level student, we'll review basics to make sure the foundation is there. Basic techniques are the building blocks on which all careers or school successes are built. Then we move into areas that take the you where YOU want to go, whether it's great grades in school, auditions for a high profile drum corp, or performing and recording with either your own band or an existing pro band that you've auditioned for and taken the spotlight in. We can focus on one or more forms of rock, country, jazz, pop, Gospel, symphonic/orchestral styles, or concert and marching band styles. No matter the end goal, it's your life - and it's my job to build the foundation in you and help you get where you want to go. Above all, the key to successful private instruction is providing an atmosphere that promotes quality teaching in a safe environment, and instills the confidence a person needs to stand out in the crowd!

*** Studio Equipment ***
I supply all of the teaching material at no additional cost. The in-studio lessons are taught in the basement which is finished w tile flooring and area rugs under the main set. The room also includes a work study area, waiting area with seating for parents, and parking is available. Home includes 1 dog that is not in the studio or student entrance. Parking is in the driveway.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I supply all of the teaching material at no additional cost. I can also bring sticks if needed.

*** Specialties ***
I have been performing professionally since 1982, and during that time have played a wide variety of styles, including most forms of rock, country rock, Gospel, jazz, Broadway, symphonic arrangements, and marching band styles. The recording/studio work I've done has also required a variety of custom playing styles and techniques.

Paul F.

Denver, CO
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Vic S.

Denver, CO
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Mike M.

Littleton, CO
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Paul F. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Drum, Music Performance, Percussion

About Me

Hello drummers!

I have been playing music since I was 5 years old, and the drums have been my passion for over 20 years. I was self-taught for the first 10 years, just playing along to the rock and roll I grew up on, and I bring some of this DIY sensibility to my teaching as well. Since then, I have studied many musical genres and have played in bands ranging from jazz to Latin to rock, and have performed on three different continents!

As a teacher, I am focused on love of the instrument and student-centered goals. I teach multiple subjects at the same time to provide an exciting and varied practice regimen. I can teach many styles of music, from pop to rock to hip-hop to metal, as well as jazz, latin, reggae, marching beats, you name it! Lessons will focus on the music you want to learn, as well as basic techniques to get you there. Improvisation and creativity will help you create exciting solos when you want to jam out! So if you're somebody who loves to drum away on the nearest table or chair, and wants to take it to the next level, then let's do it!

*** Lesson Details ***
• Warm-up
• Stretching
• Playing beats in various styles
• Transitions (drum fills)
• Technique
• Coordination
• Ear training
• Playing along to your favorite songs

*** Studio Equipment ***
First floor room set up with two full drum sets. Stereo, headphones and assorted educational materials (books, videos, laptop). Other instruments such as various percussion, piano and guitars. Seating for parents and parking available on the street in front of the house.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Drums for the student to use would be ideal, but I can teach with a drum pad if that is all that is available. A metronome and notebook are extremely useful also, but I can bring a metronome to the first few lessons.

*** Specialties ***
Rock, jazz, latin, funk, almost any musical style
Ear training, sight reading, improvisation

Vic S. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Algebra, Arithmetic, Basic Math, Drum, Elementary Math, English, History, Language, Math, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Pre Algebra, PSAT, Reading, SAT, Test Prep

About Me

I am a classically trained drummer and percussionist who's been performing for 18 years and teaching for over 10. Did you know that many of the best drummers in the world did a wealth of learning before they even sat down before a drumset? Hand technique and rhythm theory fundamentals are crucial to being able to play ANY song later! I can guide you down the path of learning to play music on the drums correctly, efficiently, and most of all musically. Don't go to someone else and be the punchline to a drummer joke!

*** Lesson Details ***
When a student takes lessons with me, we will have quite a bit of fun. I use plastic building blocks as visual aids to demonstrate musical concepts, which is fun for students of any age. I start out students with simply sticks, a metronome and a practice pad for the first month or so. The speed that we progress at will be entirely up to the dedication of the student. Music is not like a test you can cram for; you have to put in daily practice, even if its only for 10 minutes. Once we have completed the requisite rhythmic foundation, we will move on to coordination on the drumset. If the proper amount of practice is exercised, any student can be playing a complete song in roughly 8 weeks! From there, we will continue our progression into other songs, styles of music, techniques, and much much more! Remember, the study of music is a way of life, not a race that can be finished. So, get ready for a Rhythm Life!

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide a practice pad, which I often demonstrate techniques on for the benefit of the students. But, if I am traveling to their location, I expect that they will have an instrument which they will be practicing on available for the lesson.

*** Specialties ***
I teach any style of music for drums and percussion, including rock of all kinds, jazz, funk, latin and world, country, really everything. I teach all students to read music, and counting rhythms is a requirement for my students.

Mike M. Littleton, CO

Subjects Taught

Drum, Percussion

About Me


I'm a professional drummer, percussionist, and composer here in Denver offering a fresh new approach to drum instruction. I teach at two separate locations complete with dual drum sets and a complete sound system that allows for both my students and I to play simultaneously and at full live volume!

As a Graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, I've been lucky enough to have studied with some of the most diverse masters of drumset and percussion from several continents around the globe. I've been a player of the drums for over 26 years now, and I'm still practicing and perfecting the art, gaining new friends, students, and live stage experiences on the way.

Let me start by saying that I highly value the freedom that I've been able to enjoy by passionately perusing music as a career. Any field where you get to socialize, interact with other musicians, and have fun performing with your friends, is a dream gig by any measure, but it does take hard work, sacrifice and tenacity to achieve that level of recognition. Fortunately I have the background and skills to not only make our lessons interesting and exciting!, but to also get you up to speed so that you can enjoy the life of a musician as well!!

My Complete Education:

Born in Santa Monica, California, I lived in and around Los Angeles in several areas before moving to Denver in 1990. I began on the Piano at age 4 and slowly gravitated towards playing the drums by my 9th birthday.

My first teacher, AND first mentor in music: Mark Foster (Metro College of Denver & Colorado Symphony Orchestra), At a very early stage he introduced me to Jazz and Latin and gave me a solid understanding of Classical Percussion as well.

My second instructor and Mentor: Jimi Bauchet, whom I took Rock, Progressive Rock, and Fusion lessons from, was a session and commercial artist in Los Angeles during the eighties and nineties.

Upon High School Graduation I left Denver to study percussion with Dr. Pennington at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado. It was here that I would get my first taste of performing music on a high art level, as Dr. Pennington was one of Michael Udow's young prodigies when he attended the University of Michigan, a nationally regarded school for the percussive arts.

Two years at Fort Lewis College provided me with the perfect spring board to transfer and I then returned to my home state to earn a degree at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts (CIA). It was here that I had the honor to study with the likes of John Bergamo (Master Percussionist), Randy Gloss (John's closest disciple), Joe Labarbera (Jazz Drumset Master), David Johnson (My Mallet & Orchestral Mentor), Alfred Ledzekpo (African Percussion Tribal Leader), Wenton Welojo (Balinesian Gamelan Master and Celebrity), and Swapan Chardui (THE Tabla Guru, Truly an Honor). The Multi-Focus Curriculum allowed me to study a wide array of disciplines while still receiving a degree based heavily in Classical Percussion. My BFA is essentially a custom built degree with a strong background in Theory, Composition, Jazz Drumset, Tympani, Mallets, and a variety of pitched percussion instruments from around the world.

*** Lesson Details ***
My Personal Philosophy:

In many parts of the world there is no separation between music and culture, and to that end I strive to bring my students closer to the outside world through the strength of their own musical bond. Having music be a part of my life has brought me great opportunities to meet other players and fans of the trade, through which I have experienced some of my most rewarding moments with, as well as making some life-long friends along the way. So to me, MUSIC IS SOMETHING THAT YOU ARE!!!, not just something that you do, and that concept is the fundamental reason why my lessons will often go far beyond just the common practices of instruction, to not only show you WHY you would want to use a certain rhythm or technique, but also HOW to apply it in a real situation in the most musical way. Through the deeper understanding of music, there is an equally deeper understanding of ones self..........

My Approach:

Drumming is a very root level based instrument. It is primal in its nature and very emotionally driven. This is great in many ways, for playing the drums can be meditative, or used to relieve stress and pent-up energy, but the bottom line is that drumming is expressive and FUN!!!

So keep in mind that while there is a student-teacher relationship that I must keep, in order to get my points across, you really should enjoy each and every lesson while you're learning. It's proven that you'll retain more of the information that I'm teaching if I can get you to leave with a SMILE on your face!!

OK, so the real trick to what I do as a teacher that sets me apart is my approach. I don't have a "cookie cutter" format for stamping out drummers that all sound the same and have the same library of beats to pull from. If you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, I will custom tailor a lesson, or a set of lessons in order to maximize our time together, all while allowing you to develop your own individual voice on the instrument.

For beginners, I will set up a more structured program to get you up to the level where we can begin to experiment a little more and be able to play along with some popular songs. Using a few time tested books, some rudimentary exercises, and few hand written examples, you will begin to see results immediately. Together we will keep a binder of notes that contain all of your previous and current exercises, and from lesson to lesson you will be able to see the progress that you are making through your collection of notes and music. With this method I have taught everyone from 5 to 65 how to navigate their way around the drums, so you will be in good company if it's your first time on this instrument.

As far as the intermediate to the advanced player is concerned, well, we are going to have a great time jamming together and sharing amazing contemporary concepts. I will still offer the structured program to anyone that is interested, but for the drummer that already has years of playing under their belt, I really have something special to offer you. Odd time, Mixed Meter, Four Limb Independence, Ostinatos, Displacement, and even Polyrhythm

*** Studio Equipment ***
Pearl Drumsets, Ludwig Drumsets, Sabian cymbals, Istanbul cymbals, DW drum pedals, Various reading materials, a stereo, mixer and isolation headphones for playing along with music tracks at full live volume. Comfortable thrones to sit on while playing. Various instructional DVDs that can be borrowed from time to time.

*** Specialties ***
Music, Drum set, Orchestral Snare Drum Technique, Hand Drums, World Percussion
Moeller Technique, Multi-Fulcrum Technique, Four-Limb Coordination and independence, Odd time, Polyrhythms, Mixed Meter! Capable of teaching drum set Reading and Notation! Also capable of teaching ALL STYLES of music. If you can think of it, I have played it. Too many to list here.

The Denver Music Scene - A Drummer’s Perspective

Let me introduce myself. I’m a drummer with 24 years in the music business, and for the last decade I’ve been lucky enough to be an active and integral part of the music scene here in Denver Colorado. It’s been a long and interesting ride so far and I thought I would use this opportunity to share some of my experiences through the unique perspective I’ve gained as an in demand drummer with those of you who are currently taking or looking to take drum lessons in Denver.

Colorado has a diverse musical background, and there seems to be more room for hybrid musical styles here, rather than most places that have an older, more established scene. Between the location, the weather, the close proximity to the mountains and the sister vibe of neighboring Boulder, Denver just seems to ...

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