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Popular Guitar Teachers Near Daly City

Kevin S.

San Leandro, CA
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David L.

Alameda, CA
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Mark B.

Castro Valley, CA
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Kevin S. San Leandro, CA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Dance, Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, Upright Bass

About Me

I love sharing my passion for music with my students. They describe me as a Fun, Patient, Punctual, and Organized teacher.

I hold a B.A. degrees in Music and Spanish from San Jose State University, and have 15 years experience in teaching and performing.

My musical palette encompasses Jazz, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Symphonic, Opera, Reggae, Funk, Rock, R&B.

I am very fortunate to have shared the stage with many masters in the Jazz and Afro-Cuban/Salsa scenes, notably: Karl Perazzo and Jeff Cressman (of Santana), Louie Romero (Hector Lavoe and Wille Colon) Wayne Wallace (Wayne Wallace Quintet) the famous salsa vocalist Tito Nieves, Cuban-born vocalist Fito Reinoso,
legendary Bolivian charango player Eddy Navia, Bolivian guitarist Gabriel Navia, Eric Rangel y su Orquesta America, Julio Bravo y su Orquesta Salsabor, and the Pacific Mambo Orchestra.

Besides music, I enjoy salsa dancing. I have been dancing for ten years and have been teaching salsa dancing for three years. I also believe in furthering my communication skills. I belong to my local public speaking Toastmaster club for 2 years. I also enjoy art very much and have been drawing as a hobby for three years.

*** Lesson Details ***
My first belief is that music lessons should be fun and help foster self esteem as well as self confidence in musical expression. I believe in a safe and encouraging learning environment filled with curiosity, exploration, and laughter.

During the lessons I concentrate the building blocks of musicianship as we switch off from accompanist and lead roles in the musical examples in the lesson books. I also focus on music theory by discussing chord / scale relationships and how to apply them to improvisation or composition. I also stress students be able to vocalize what they play to help with their ear-training.

I strongly believe in student performances. I prepare my students to perform in recitals, performance groups, as well as auditions and entrance exams.

Buying instruments can be very confusing. I go the extra mile to help my students buy the right instrument and accessories by accompanying them to the music store and offer my feedback. Parents and students feel they've made the right choice after careful thought goes into the purchase of their instruments.

Whether you just want to play in a band or major in music, you can learn how to enjoy playing music and build your confidence on your instrument at your own pace.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Baby Grand Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Double Bass, Bass Guitar, Amplifier, Music Stands, Stereo System, 1/4 Inch Cables, Tuners, Method Books: Piano, Guitar, Bass, Comfortable Seating Area for Parents, Table, TV

*** Specialties ***
Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Brazilian, Rock, Classical.

David L. Alameda, CA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

I have been a musician for over 20 years. I have a BA in Music & Sound Recording, and am equally comfortable in the studio as I am on the stage. I currently lead my own band which plays all original music and I have released two CDs of my own music, in addition to playing and recording with many local acts. I also write, record and produce music for TV and movies. Let's just say I wear a lot of hats.

I love music, and surround myself with it at all times. There are very few styles that I don't like or don't listen to, and I try to stay current as much as I can. I play a number of different instruments besides the ones I teach, including harmonica, piano, organ, drums and percussion. I also have been singing for as long as I can remember.

I believe anyone can be musical, even if you don't play an instrument. Music is everywhere, and we all tune into it, whether we know it or not. I hope that we can learn something about music and each other, then throw it all aside and just jam!

*** Lesson Details ***
My goal as a teacher with a beginning student is to get them playing songs as soon as possible. I know how hard it is learning a new instrument, and how frustrating it is when it seems like what you play has nothing to do with the music you listen to.

The first thing I do with any student is have them bring in music they like to listen to. I want to know what you like, so I can tailor my lesson toward getting you there. I want to keep you interested in playing because music is supposed to be fun, not a chore. There's a reason that it's called PLAYing music!

With intermediate and advanced students, I like to focus on a students problem areas, or places that they feel they're stuck. I also like to teach from a performer's point of view, teaching you tips and tricks that work out in the club and on stage. I like showing my students practical tools that will help them play with other musicians, and teach them how to relax when the lights are on, the drums are banging away and all eyes are on them!

*** Studio Equipment ***
I hold my lessons in my living room, and I have amplifiers for both myself and my student. My computer which houses my 20,000+ song music library and my recording gear is also there as a resource for us to use. I expect that each student provide his or her own instrument, but I do have spare instruments in case of emergency.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide my own bass guitar/guitar and amplifier and the books. I expect each student to have his or her own instrument and amplifier if the instrument is electric.

*** Specialties ***
I have experience playing and teaching:
Rock, Metal, Pop, Soul/R&B, Funk, Latin, Jazz, Country & Bluegrass, Reggae & Ska

Mark B. Castro Valley, CA

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Blues Guitar, Guitar, Harmonica, Music Theory, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I have played on tour with several professional bands, playing rock, pop, blues, African, metal, and country. I now perform live in various bands and record original music as often as possible. My music has gotten airplay in many countries.

I started playing guitar at age 9, and recorded 2 singles in the LA area by age 14. I was a music major throughout High School and College. I also learned a lot by educating myself at the Brand Library in the Los Angeles Area, which specializes in the arts. I specialized in advanced music theory and improvisational techniques.

I have enjoyed teaching music lessons since 1978.

I custom tailor a lesson plan to fit your individual needs and goals! I can teach you songs you'd like to learn instantly when I hear them on your iPod, mobile phone, cassette or CD that you bring in. I can explain musical theory and concepts many different ways to make sure you understand them. I am very friendly and patient.

Sometimes I might inject humor into the learning process to make it an enjoyable learning experience, and to help you remember the important things.
I love the satisfaction of seeing my students grow musically proficient and and seeing the JOY that it brings them. Many of my students have gone on to become professional. I am well-versed in many styles: Rock, Pop, Blues, Alternative, Country, R&B, Metal (and a few plastics and wood as well).

*** Lesson Details ***
I will develop a personal lesson plan for each individual student. During your lessons, I might cover topics ranging from learning how to play, starting from the basics (if you are a beginner), to choosing music that will inspire you on your level, to improving your technique, ear-training, music reading (if that's what you'd like), reading and understanding tabs (if that's what you'd like), knowing what it is that makes certain chords and notes sound good together for writing your own music, as well as guitar maintenance and adjustments, getting a good tone, amplifier settings, effect pedals (settings & placing them in the most effective order), recording tips, and where to get a decent pizza.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living Room or Studio, both very comfortable. Amplifiers, guitars, effects pedals, bass, ukulele, balalaika, drum set, PA system and recording equipment.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide guitar, bass, or ukulele and amplifier when necessary, teaching tools. The student provides their guitar and paperwork I give them.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers classified as a Student Favorite
have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest
feedback rating from students. Teach note reading using Alfred's New Guitar course. Genres: Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Alternative, Punk, Metal, Folk, Country, Hip Hop, Funk, R& B, New Age, Ambient.

I currently have 4 albums out under my name. My music is on a major new age compilation, and has been played on the radio in several countries, and several internet radio programs. I have played on other people's albums.

Phillip D.

Alameda, CA
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Thomas K.

San Francisco, CA
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Andrew L.

Oakland, CA
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Phillip D. Alameda, CA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory

About Me

Hello Students and Parents!

I have been playing music for over 15 years and am currently playing/teaching mainly in the East Bay Area after receiving a bachelor's degree in Professional Music from the Berklee College of Music (2008-2012).

I'm very personable and friendly and love nothing more than sharing and listening to music.

Currently I am playing bass for Bay Area rock act Via Coma and am contributing guitar to several other acts. I also work as a "for hire" guitarist/bassist around the East Bay.

I've been fortunate enough to tour around the United States and have played several large festivals including the Vans Warped Tour, the Harley Davidson Music festival and Live 105's BFD.

I've also been fortunate enough to study with such esteemed musicians as Kenwood Dennard, Livingston Taylor, Michael Williams, Dave Fiuczynski, Dave Tronzo and many others.

I truly love all types of music from J.S. Bach to Metallica to Miles Davis to Radiohead and everything in-between. I've studied fairly extensively and can teach proficiently in nearly any genre and am always open to new music.

Thanks for checking my page out and hope to study with you soon!

All the best,
Phil D.

*** Lesson Details ***
I'm a pretty laid back teacher but can challenge students if they are ready for it.
All students start off with a basic outline of what they want to learn, what your musical goals are and what exactly will be needed to get them there.

I generally start out with beginners on basic chords and melodies, then we move on to learning the music that YOU want to play and showing the relationship between the two.

If a student has more experience, I will evaluate exactly what you want to learn, research it on my own time and teach you whatever it is you want to learn regardless of genre.

All students will work on reading notation, but nothing too heavy. I generally teach this material out of the William Leavitt Reading books from Berklee Press or even by having students compose their own pieces.

I also specialize in teaching improvisation by using methods from The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick (Hal Leonard Publishing), teaching students to transcribe solos and even by making custom exercises for students.

All students will also receive a suggested practice routine and will be encouraged to listen to and play music whenever possible. I love watching my students discover new things!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in the common room, amps, sheet music, music stands

*** Travel Equipment ***
As long as we both have guitars we are all set. Can bring amplifier if student is a rock or metal player.

*** Specialties ***
I can teach proficiently in many styles including rock, jazz, blues, funk, heavy metal, hip hop, indie, pop, classical, acoustic and more! I'll never turn any genre down

Specializing in use of improvisation using ear training and transcription. I can show you the tricks and methods used by the all time greats.
Can also assist with songwriting, arranging and developing technique.

Thomas K. San Francisco, CA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Performance, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

I've been teaching for over 10 years and I have never had more fun with it. I studied classical guitar for ten years earning a bachelor's and a master's degree in music. During my formal education I not only learned music theory, music history, ensemble playing, and composing, but more importantly I learned how to REALLY learn new things. This ability I try to pass on to my students.I love sharing the things I've learned from all of my various experiences whether it be from my classical guitar background or from one of my various pop/rock bands. I am a working musician and I still learn new things every time I go out to play. It could be classical music at weddings, Jazz at clubs, or Rock and Roll at rowdy venues. There's a lesson to be learned from each.  

*** Lesson Details ***
Playing and understanding music is easy. The notion that it is only for the gifted and super talented is a lie.Fun is the first priority. Everybody wants to learn different things.  I tailor the lesson to the student and their goals. With guitar or theory/songwriting, each person has an 'ideal' they are striving for (rock guitarist ala Jimmy Page, Acoustic folk ala Bob Dylan, songwriter like Paul Simon, or classical guitarist like Andres Segovia).  I work with students to reach their ideal in a laid back, friendly manner.

I might teach out of a book or make our own book as we go along depending on the student, their experience level, and their goals. Each lesson will stress the important music fundamentals and making things easier. Every lesson and every student is different.  I have students as young as 5 whom I help learn music while they are learning how to read and write.  AND on the other side, I have students like my 81 year old mandolin student who has exciting ideas on how we should perform in our next recitals.Learning music is an investment.  Everyone learns at a different pace. There is no norm.  There is no "place they should be" at after a given time of lessons/practice.  I've had students that stagnated for YEARS and then TAKE OFF musically once they really decided to apply themselves.  If you are the parent of a student the best thing you can do is to be involved. After that, nature will take it's course.    

*** Studio Equipment ***
Some amplifiers, spare guitars, and plenty of nick-nacks.  

*** Travel Equipment ***

*** Specialties ***
I am trained in classical guitar, but of course I've been playing and teaching electric guitar for years in different bands and professional settings.In addition, I am very passionate and knowledgeable about Irish/Celtic music and instruments i.e. Mandolin, Tin/Penny Whistle, Bouzouki

Andrew L. Oakland, CA

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Songwriting

About Me

My name is Andrew, and I've been teaching guitar for nearly seven years. Since 2006 I've been working at the Summer Rock Camp in Palo Alto, and I've served as the music director for the School of Rock in Palo Alto. I've taught everything from private lessons to group lessons at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital. From teaching so many students over such a long period of time, I've realized the power that music really has. Seeing my students progress has been one of the most fulfilling things in my life.

My teaching style has an emphasis on improvisation, rhythm, and playing with other people (among other things). I've been a rock and roller my whole life, and have played in countless bands, but am also highly trained in classical and jazz music. Jazz has always had a special place in my heart, and I love to play it among other styles.

One of the biggest things that I've noticed is that many musicians may be very well-trained classically, but lack all of the essential ingredients that make them viable to just pick up and play with. As well as learning the guitar, you'll be reading out of a drum book for rhythm exercises, sight-singing (when you get more advanced), and learning theory. Oh, and of course you'll be learning songs you love and jammin' out!

In addition to all of my real-world experience, I hold a Bachelor of Music degree from USC's Thornton School of Music in Studio/Jazz Guitar.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a laid back guy, but that doesn't mean I won't make sure you get your practicing in! I believe that music should be fun and should be the best part of your day, but you need to learn a few things in order to really enjoy it. In other words, I don't want you to look at music as a chore, but I also want to make sure you get something of value from your lessons.

You can expect to be able to play your favorite songs and be able to go to a jam session and play with musicians you've never met before. The more you put in, the more you'll get out! I'll just be your guide.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Organizational Materials

*** Specialties ***
No matter where you are on your musical journey, learning your first few chords or developing your career as a professional musician, I will be able to help achieve your goals.

As a Studio/Jazz Guitar major at USC, I was exposed to a wide variety of music ranging from Jazz to Rock to Classical. I specialize in Rock/Jazz/Blues, but am also very well versed in solo/fingerstyle guitar. I have played endless amounts of solo-acoustic guitar gigs. In addition, I compose electronic music and combine this with my guitar playing.

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