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Popular Music Teachers Near Cleveland

Angel F.

Oberlin, OH
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Udell H.

Cleveland, OH
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Keith P.

Olmsted Falls, OH
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Angel F. Oberlin, OH

Subjects Taught

Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum, Guitar, Music Recording, Music Theory, Percussion, Piano, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I have been teaching many instruments to all age groups for over 17 years. I have a lot of diverse musical experience in performing, singing, playing many instruments, recording, songwriting, and teaching. My Bachelor of Music Degree is from Heidelberg University with an emphasis in percussion and music business. I have been mostly a working musician since I graduated from college, so my knowledge comes not only from books, but also from real life work in the music field.

I am also a Board Certified Music Therapist and am experienced in teaching adapted music lessons to those with unique needs. For example, I am currently teaching drum set to a young student with cognitive and auditory impairments. I also have taught older adults to play piano or guitar who are interested in learning to play their favorite songs for fun in a short amount of time.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a fairly laid back teacher that wants the student to enjoy the lessons (music is about having fun). I do, however expect my students to practice consistently and come back to the next lesson ready to learn more. I regularly assess my students progress, how they feel about where they are as a musician, and where they are headed. My curriculum varies depending on the instrument I am teaching, but on average I will use books along with some handouts of my own for the lessons. After 6 months in lessons with me you will have a basic understanding and background in music theory, know the basic skills it takes to play your instrument and will be having fun playing some songs you've been longing to play.

*** Studio Equipment ***
1) Music studio room w/ piano, guitars, bass, drum set, ukulele, and seating for parents

2) Prior reserved and lesson studio, piano, guitar, bass, drum set, and seating for parents

*** Travel Equipment ***
in studio.....12 years exp....Ages 5 to 70.....Guitar Beg to Int....Piano Beg to Int....Bass Guitar Beg....Open to any style....helps with writing songs

*** Specialties ***
I have experience teaching all ages and abilities.

I do very well with younger children on up through adult students who want to learn to play songs on the acoustic guitar. I was a percussion major in college so I can teach many levels of percussion or drum set. I also have been playing piano since the age of 7 and can take students quite far in levels of piano and theory. I have written, produced and engineered my own original songs into a CD so I can easily teach songwriting and recording.

Udell H. Cleveland, OH

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Music Theory, Organ, Piano, Singing

About Me

I have love and a great passion for music. I have been a musician for over 30 years, I have been a private instructor in piano, organ and voice for 10 years. I have trained and arranged music for several choirs and musicians. I have been music administrator for the church I attend for 12 years. I have instructed children's music classes at The Cleveland Clinic Children's Rehabilitation Hospital. I have toured with choirs, soloist, and musicians in the United States and Canada. I play for weddings and am currently on staff as a musician at a Funeral Home.

I am a graduate of Evans Academy of Music in Buffalo, New York. I have studied music at Cuyahoga Community College.

*** Lesson Details ***
I have great patience in teaching. The piano and organ lessons start with music theory which is studied each lesson. The lessons develop into learning scales, techniques, developing skills, learning to play songs. The singing lessons start with vocal scales and breathing exercises. Diction, pronunciation, and tone quality are perfected.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Studio is at a church with separate music rooms for training. Each room has a piano and organ inside and seating is available.

*** Specialties ***
I start with description of notes, meaning of symbols, measures, lines, spaces, learning to read notes, how chords are formed, teach scales and chords, introductory theory, simple sheet music of popular songs. My genres are mainly popular music, jazz, and gospel.

Keith P. Olmsted Falls, OH

Subjects Taught


About Me

I specialize in teaching and performing Country, Blues, and Rock n Roll (to name a few) along with a variety of other musical styles. Because of my experience and educational background, I am able to help my students learn what they "need to know" in order to play the songs they want to play. Students will benefit from my unique teaching methods. I won't waste any time learning things that don't apply to your personalized objectives. You tell me what you want to be able to do and I will teach you what you need to know to get there.

Here is some more information about my experience and educational background.

I've been a working musician almost my entire adult life. I’m a student of the guitar as well as a teacher.
Here is a little about my background. I started teaching guitar lessons to a few students in my home in 1978. Wow can’t believe it was that long ago. That led me to teaching private guitar lessons at two different music stores as well as guitar class for an adult continuing education program. After a run of 15 years and graduation with a Masters degree in Adult Learning and Development I became a serious student of the guitar studying around the country and in Canada. During this entire time I performed as a working musician in several bands. I’m currently the leader of three different musical groups performing locally and mostly on weekends. I have a easy going personality and a user friendly teaching style tailored to the students individual needs. But most of all I just enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience with others.

*** Lesson Details ***
I can teach a student how to:
Read music and tablature
Form and play chords needed to play songs
Music Theory and ear training
Good Timing
Proper right and left hand technique
Both Lead and Rhythm techniques
Acoustic and Electric guitar
And I can help the experienced player break bad playing habits and advance to higher levels of playing.
I like to incorporate visual and audio aide as well as demonstration when I teach.
I use all or part of these teaching methods and more in order to enhance the learning experience. I always base my instruction on the needs, abilities and goals of the student..

*** Studio Equipment ***
Basement studio w/ guitar, amps, keyboard, pa system, vocal microphones and seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
Country, Blues, Light Jazz, Classic Rock, Motown, Soul. Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Soloing, Chords and progressions and reading music and preparing for performance. Vocals and Guitar.

George F. H.

Cleveland, OH
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Alex B.

Lakewood, OH
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Traci N.

Cleveland, OH
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George F. H. Cleveland, OH

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Classical Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Singing, Songwriting, Ukulele

About Me

I've been playing guitar and singing professionally for about 20 years. As a family man and father of two, I also I earn my living and support my family with music. I have a very student-driven teaching style, work with students of all ages, with focus on helping the student achieve his or her individual goals, small or large. I try to keep the lessons fun but focused at the same time.

I bring a balanced and personalized teaching style to my lessons, based on a well rounded education and wide range of real-world life experience. I have a B.A. in Liberal Arts and have performance experience on many different fronts, from local rock cover bands to Top 40, from acoustic soloist to fronting a nationally touring Metallica tribute.

I come from a musical family - my father is also a pro musician. The biggest thing I've learned as a teacher of guitar, bass and voice is teaching the instrument has only made me a bigger student. The learning process never ends and that is one of the great things about music.

No matter where you are with the instrument - a beginner picking it up for the first time, or a seasoned pro of 10 years that just needs help "putting it together," I believe I can help you to get wherever you want to go.

Regarding availability - make sure to inquire if you don't see a time open that suits you - I am flexible. I perform 4-6 times a week and teach full time. Flex lessons tend to work very well.

*** Lesson Details ***
My teaching method is very practical and customized to every individual. I do not believe that you can use the same style with every student because everyone learns differently. With any instrument I teach, I usually approach things from a three-part method, technique, theory, and application.

Examples of technique:
Beginners :
Guitar - how to hold a pick, hand placement on the neck, how to palm mute, amp settings to achieve different tones, etc.
Bass - right/left hand coordination, proper right (or left) hand technique for fingerstyle playing.
Vocal - resetting the body and preparing it for singing, proper breathing technique, vocal warmups, etc.
Guitar - sweep picking, fingerstyle, hybrid picking,etc.
Bass - pop/slap method, picking, harmonics, etc.
Vocal - vocal warmup routine / stretching, how to achieve dynamic range, extend your range, control and power, pitch control

Examples of theory:
Guitar - knowing what note you are playing on the guitar, names of chords and different ways to grab them, finding the same notes in different places on the neck.
Bass - similar to guitar.
Vocal - relating notes you are hitting with your voice to a guitar or piano; intermediate ear training.

Guitar - Chord building, scales and improvisation, arpeggio shapes and application to song structure.
Bass - Chord theory learning, key building, scales and application.
Vocal - how to find harmony, key building, study of how vocal lines relate to chord patterns, improvisational technique.


Guitar - finding three favorite groups and or songs of the student and setting achievable goals to play music that they enjoy. Depending on the level of the student, just like Guitar Hero, there is usually an 'easy' way to play a song which will sound very close - and an 'expert' way, or album accurate way to play the song. Again, this approach is customized to where the student is and the difficulty of material they want to learn.
Bass - similar to guitar
Voice - singing songs by the student's favorite artist.

Guitar -This is where the customizable approach comes in. Everything ties together here. A student, for example that wants to learn a lead from a Stevie Ray Vaughn or Metallica tune may some of the skills required to play it, but may have to work on bends or vibrato. This is really where everything comes together.
Bass: Teaching not only the exact bass lines in student chosen songs, but tying together the theory of why that player chose the lines they did.
Voice: Instruction of where the voice fits into the mix of range, power and personality.

I also do hybrid lessons (guitar/voice, bass/voice, guitar/bass etc).

After 3-6 months, as long as the student is practicing, they should be able to play/sing some material they chose, have a basic understanding how the neck of a guitar/bass is set up or for vocal, be comfortable with knowing how their vocal mechanism works and have better control/command of their tool. All this depends on if the student is an absolute beginner of has been playing/singing for a few years.

As far as materials I ask students of ANY instruments I teach to bring a HARD cover binder with about 30 sheets of looseleaf in it. With every lesson, I enter the date into the binder and the student will walk away from the lesson with 3-5 very achievable goals, which will be entered into their binder.

For guitar/bass students: a CHROMATIC tuner & metronome. Korg and Boss make some nice units that combine these features into one device.

For young students - Mel Bay Children's Guitar Method 1 & 2
For older students - Mel Bay Mastering the Guitar 1A
Also highly recommended for ALL guitar students - The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer

Mel Bay's Electric Bass Method 1 & 2
For slap style - Slap Bass Lines by Joe Santerre

No books besides the binder required

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons in recording studio / basement, internet acess, amps provided (bass and guitar), parents can sit in on lessons

*** Specialties ***
Methods - Guitar: Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, Fingerpicking, Hybrid Picking, Tapping, Theory/Applied Theory, Strumming Mechanics, Acoustic and Electric Playing, Sight Reading, Tab Reading, Song Teaching, Tone Production
Bass: Slap, Fingerstyle, Pickstyle, Sightreading,

Styles/Genres: Metal, Rock, Pop, Metal, Some Classical, Country, Folk

Alex B. Lakewood, OH

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Singing, Songwriting

About Me

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from internationally recognized Baldwin-Wallace College. I have been playing and touring professionally for 9 years now with a band called Ward 9, and 4 years with a band called Dan Miraldi & The Albino Winos. I currently produce and run my own recording studio, and offer lessons as well. I am certified to teach all ages, any instrument, but focus mainly on bass, guitar, piano and vocals.

*** Lesson Details ***
When taking lessons with me, students can expect to move just a little faster than their perceived pace. I say this because students feel like they can accomplish A, but I know they are capable of more! They can expect to be held accountable to correct technique and gain a fundamental base of music theory as well. If they put in the practice time, they can expect to achieve much success with me.

*** Studio Equipment ***
studio set up in attic seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
I am well-versed in Kodaly, Orff, and Dalcroze methodologies. I can teach classical or modern voice, and most styles of guitar.

Traci N. Cleveland, OH

Subjects Taught

Phonics, Reading, Trumpet

About Me

Trumpet performer and educator Traci is known for her rich tone, her highly developed sense of musicality, and her passion for sharing music with others. Traci currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

Traci has performed with numerous ensembles across the country including the Denver Brass, the Wheaton Band, the Oistrach Symphony, and the elite ensembles of DePaul University's School of Music and Denver's Lamont School of Music. Traci was principal trumpet of the Tuscia Opera Festival in Viterbo and Rome, Italy in the summer of 2010. She was also featured as a trumpet soloist with the Lamont Symphony Orchestra in May, 2011. As a member of the International Trumpet Guild, Traci was honored with their Young Artist Award in June 2005.

Traci is passionate about making music and sharing her passion for performance with others. In addition to music making, Traci is also an award-winning and widely sought visual artist, specializing in acrylic and pastel paintings, ink and charcoal drawings, mixed media art and cartooning. Traci is also seeking ways to integrate her passions for music and art.

*** Lesson Details ***
Traci enjoys teaching trumpet players of all ages and ability levels. Traci believes that studying music teaches a person much more than the art of self-expression; studying music reveals a lot about life. In addition to music performance-specific skills, whether on trumpet, piano, or any other instrument, great lessons such as being a team player in an ensemble, creativity, dedication, habit-building, self-motivation, and the reward of daily practice become second nature. Traci enjoys teaching because she enjoys this process of self-discovery.

Lessons with Traci will focus on musicality, fundamentals, creativity, that problems and challenges are opportunities for success, and attitude. A comfortable environment and atmosphere between student and teacher is necessary for growth!

*** Travel Equipment ***
Students should have their own instruments.

*** Specialties ***
Trumpet: any level, beginner to advanced!

In lessons of all ability levels I stress the importance of a vocal approach to playing the trumpet, understanding how to make anything musical, that fundamentals are important, and that challenges are opportunities for success. Individual problems are always addressed in personalized ways for each student.

Music Lessons in Cleveland, OH

Cleveland, Ohio is the home to a number of world renowned musicians, including Tracy Chapman, Dean Martin and the James Gang. It’s a shame to say this city of opportunity is often overlooked when it comes to being the credited hometown of so many well-known musical geniuses. With such magnificent history, there is no reason why you or your child shouldn’t be a part of this growing list!

Takelessons is equipped with the technology to help you find the best Cleveland music teacher possible, at an affordable price. Our instructors will ensure you have the highest-quality learning experience based on your interests, skill level and playing style. Scheduling Cleveland music lessons has never been easier, with available teachers in surrounding towns, including Lakewood, ...

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