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Popular Guitar Teachers Near Cicero

Payton W.

Brownsburg, IN
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Chris B.

Indianapolis, IN
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James H.

Sheridan, IN
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Payton W. Brownsburg, IN

About Me

Are you or your child a beginner and are looking for someone who is great with kids and is patient with nurturing the needs of each specific student. Or maybe you have been playing for some time and wonder how your favorite artists come up with these amazing solos,riffs, and licks with every song they write? Look no further, because I have always enjoyed working with kids and doing whatever it takes to get my student's to the goal they are trying to achieve in the wonderful gift that God gave us in the guitar. I will lay out the foundation for beginner, intermediate, or advanced so everyone can enjoy playing guitar while achieving their goals.

Hello, My name is Payton W., I am 24 years old and am happily married to my beautiful wife, Sara. I received an Associates in Guitar Performance from Hollywoods Musicians Institute with a major in Guitar. I graduated Zionsville Community High SchooI in '08 before leaving for Hollywood, CA. I have been playing guitar for almost 9 years. I have extensively studied Music Theory during my study at MI and I will show you the intricacies on how music works and how to understand it. You will be able to improvise and write songs on the spot with this vast knowledge of what is under the hood of Music. You will also improve your "Ear Training" in being able to tell exactly what the songs on the radio are doing, without even touching a musical instrument!

I am currently attending the Berklee School of music in Boston to receive my Masters Certificate in Orchestration and Tv because my dream is to compose music for movies, tv, and video games. Have an interest in writing your own songs along with learning the guitar? I can help you write, create, and even record your ideas into a formal form to make that idea of yours into a real song in my own home studio! I have been able to learn and study with some of the best guitar teachers in the world. It would be my pleasure to be able to pass as much information on to you as possible!

Who should be interested?

Rock/Metal Heads-
Learn your favorite style and how the greats wrote amazing riffs and even better solos!

Country "Chickin Pickin" Players-
Nashville's Top Dogs have mastered this and ill show you how you can too!

Need to learn how to play guitar and sing at the same time? I can help! (Songwriting and beginner voice instruction included)

Jazz Cats-
Learn the intricacies of music and how you can be on your way to be the next Jazz Monster!

The Blues Baby-
Ill show you what makes the Blues Legends shine and how you can sound great from your very first lesson!

Playin' it by Ear-
I'll teach you how you can learn songs just by ear and not have to look at incorrect tabs that just make you even more confused!

Have Song Ideas?-
I can help turn those ideas into real songs and even record them for you! Lyric, music, and songwriting guidance and advice.

Want to get better fast?-
You found the right teacher. I will put you through a "Boot Camp" that will help you unleash your potential at a fun rate that you can understand and apply :)

Some of the names i've had the pleasure jam or learn from are-

Johnny Hiland - Nashville's A-List Studio Musicians
Scott Henderson - Rock/Fusion master and one of the best guitar players in the world.
Jude Gold - Sponsered by DeltaLab Effects
Al Bonhomme - 2nd Guitarist for Dwight Yoakam
Alan Hinds - MI Teacher with a ton of Experience in the Music Business.

You can find most of these players on Youtube, go check them out they're amazing!

*** Lesson Details ***
You should expect to get every penny's worth every time you take a lesson from me. You will always have a lesson provided for you so we can get straight to business and not waste a second of your time. I'm a very laid back teacher and love to laugh and have fun with the student. You will be in a friendly atmosphere and enjoy learning not only from a teacher but a friend. The best part about my teaching style is you get to learn what you want to learn! No series of books or lessons that don't grasp your interest or anything that doesn't grab your attention. By telling me where you would like to take your playing, i will give you a very detailed explanation on what will be needed to learn to be able to get there and also describe how these things apply to your favorite artist. I don't like to limit my curriculum to a certain book or lesson so i may take many examples out of the HUGE stock of books i have and will copy them just for you to take home and practice yourself. I'm very resourceful and I will even pull internet examples or even part of a lesson, if it is something i do not have. I will pull many lessons straight from the school curriculum that i received for my college degree! You will get to learn the very things i learned that took me above and beyond the dreams of my guitar abilities, and ill take you down the path as well!

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano in front room w/ mics, stands, recording equipment, seating for parents, Amps for students to play on.

*** Student Materials ***
I expect all students to at least have a guitar. Folder, pencil, tablature paper would all be appreciated.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all and helping you on your journey with guitar!


Chris B. Indianapolis, IN

About Me

I am a certified music teacher and board certified music therapist. I began teaching private piano lessons 8 years ago during my undergraduate degree. I attended William Paterson University and received a degree in music education. Upon graduating, I received the William Paterson University 2010 Outstanding Classical Performer award. I recently earned my master's degree in music therapy at Montclair State University, where I was awarded the David Ott Scholarship for Outstanding Music Therapy Intern. Learning music therapy has given me deeper insight into my teaching. My favorite part of music is the learning process. I enjoy performing music, but I personally get more out of learning it. Teaching allows me to be involved in the learning process with other people. I can assess a student's abilities and develop plans and materials that address his or her musical needs. A deep understanding of music and the learning process guides me during my lessons, and I enjoy guiding students through their musical struggles and victories. In addition to classical piano, I also play upright bass in a bluegrass band and keyboards in a rock band. I also play acoustic guitar in my spare time and in music therapy sessions. Most of my students are piano students, but I can also teach guitar and bass.

*** Lesson Details ***
Since each person is different, my lessons are tailored to the individual. I don't have set lesson plans that all of my students adhere to. The lessons are designed to fulfill each individual student's unique needs. My specialty is in classical music, so my students learn how to read sheet music. I also provide a solid foundation in music theory, piano technique, and interpretation. I'm laid back and easy to get along with, but I do expect my students to practice. I see my role as a musical guide. That means that I can help students who want to learn, but I can't makeanyone learn music. The more you put into music, the more you get out of it. When my students take my advice during the lessons and practice at home, they progress quite quickly.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I will provide music books, staff paper, pencil. I expect the student to have an instrument of decent quality to have a lesson on.

*** Specialties ***
I'm primarily a classical pianist with experience playing in a variety of settings. I play in a rock band, I've done musicals, and I play upright bass in a folk/jazz band. I have an in depth understanding of music theory and moderate understanding of jazz harmony.
I don't adhere to any one specific teaching method. I find that since every individual is unique, individualized teaching approaches are necessary to suit a student's personal needs.

James H. Sheridan, IN

About Me

I have been performing and teaching music for over 25 years. After having piano lessons as a young child, I began studying both French Horn and Classical Guitar at the age of 12. At that time I had two great mentors, John Miller of the Indianapolis Symphony and Joylyn Hague at University of Indianapolis. I hold a Bachelor™s degree in Music Performance in French Horn and a Master™s degree in Music Education from the Indiana University School of Music. At Indiana University I studied with celebrated horn players Philip Farkas and Michael Hatfield and received certification in K-12 instrumental music as well as Kodaly Method certification while continuing to study classical guitar with Joylyn Hague at University of Indianapolis and Brent Terrell at Butler University.

My first teaching job after college was with a company called Music on the Move, where I traveled once a week to 12 different private (mostly Catholic and Christian) k-8 schools and I taught individual and small group lessons in brass, winds, strings, piano, and guitar, as well as general music. From there I went on to teach band and orchestra for several years at Brebeuf Preparatory School in Indianapolis. At this time I was also performing frequently with a classical guitar quartet, œThe Franklin Quartet. After 6 years of teaching at Brebeuf, I owned a tutoring service, Head of the Class Educational Services, where I traveled to students'™ homes for academic tutoring and help with home school instruction. With Head of the Class I gained a lot of valuable experience helping students with learning disabilities and worked particularly with many students struggling with Asperger™s Syndrome. During this time I worked with many home schools and gained much appreciation for the achievements and challenges that home schools face.

I took a few years off from music and teaching and worked in some different sales positions. I wasn't happy in that role, missing the music and missing the students. I have now returned to teaching music and currently focus my energy on playing guitar and teaching private music lessons.

Over the years of working with students of all ages and various backgrounds, my greatest strength has been building excellent relationships with my students. Experience has taught me that is first and foremost important requirement for students' success. I have been fortunate to study with several great teachers and perform with many great musicians. It is my greatest joy in life to be able to pass that down to my students.

*** Lesson Details ***
I hold the highest standards of accountability for my students' learning. My goal is to provide each student with individualized instruction on the techniques of their instrument beyond what may be provided through school, in order to enhance the student™s enjoyment of participation in school and community music that will, hopefully, remain with them well into adulthood. Even more than technique on their instrument, I strive to help each student find the ability to express themselves through music, to share what makes each one of them special through the vehicle of music, and to encourage their own uniqueness to come through in not only music, but in any endeavor they may pursue.

In order to assist you in your decision to study music privately, I would like to present you with some educational guidelines that I will follow in order to maximize your growth student'™s growth as a musician:

- Help you achieve a lifelong appreciation of music and the arts

- Bring about an understanding of how to learn music effectively

- Introduce guidelines for developing strong self-motivation

- Make learning fun

- Cater towards individual learning styles

- Encourage students to attend concerts and support their peers

- Enhance listening skills by increasing musical diversity and exposure to various musical styles

- Develop general musicianship

- Effectively prepare interested students for a career in music

- Promote performing opportunities to improve the learning experience


Parental Responsibilities:

Have the student available for their lessons on time
Pay tuition in regular and timely payments. Checks should be made payable to Sheridan Music.
Provide necessary materials, support, and an encouraging practice space.

Student Responsibilities:

- Sufficiently prepare for each lesson through the appropriate amount of practice (4-6 days per week):

- 30-minute students = 20-30 minutes each day of practice

- 45-minute students = 30-45 minutes each day of practice

- 60-minute students = 45-60 minutes each day of practice

- Cancel lessons with advanced notice. Standing Make up lessons are available every week with reservations required to participate. A lesson may be rescheduled only when 24-hour advanced notice is provided if your instructor has space available. Tuition is not reimbursed for missing a lesson.

- Have all materials at each lesson

- Treat your instrument and your peers with care and respect

Teacher Responsibilities:

- Utilize the best materials and teaching methods to encompass all areas of your instrument.

- Expose the student to the various components of musicianship

- Promote participation in contests, festivals, performances and summer study

- Prepare the student for auditions and competitions

- Publicize concerts and recitals related to your instrument

- Maintain a positive attitude

- Develop curriculum

Lesson Policies and Procedures

In-Home Lessons

I provide lessons in the student's home for several reasons, primarily to provide both the student and the parents with a convenient and enjoyable experience. Students are comfortable having their lesson in the same place that they do their regular practice. I as a teacher can gain valuable insight into students' practice habits. You save time not having to drive back and forth to your teacher's studio. This means parents have more time for the things they need to do and students have more time to do what they need to do, like homework, etc.

Free Consultation

If you are interested in lessons, my first step is usually to meet with the parents and student in your home. There is no fee for this consultation. At this time I can go over all the details with you and you will have an opportunity to meet me and ask any questions you may have.

Books and materials

- All students need to purchase the required books and materials for lessons. You will have an option of buying from Mr. H. directly, or purchase by yourself at the local music store or on-line.

- Hard-cover, -inch, 3 ring binder with pockets for extra copies of music and sheet activities is required.

Lesson Calendar

There will be no lessons held on the following dates:

- Labor day

- Thanksgiving Break

- Christmas Break

- Spring break

- Memorial Day

Student'™s piano

Students must have a piano in good condition or a digital piano at home, which has 88 fully weighted keys, full sized pedals, a music stand, light and a bench of the correct height prior to the piano lessons.

A digital keyboard will suffice for the first year or two of piano study, but eventually an acoustic piano is strongly recommended.

Dismissal of Students by the teacher

Mr. H. reserves the right to terminate lessons with a student for any or all of the following reasons:

- Uncooperative or repeatedly disrespectful, disruptive, or abusive behavior during lessons

- Repeated failure to prepare assigned material

- Lack of progress due to insufficient effort to practice minimally on a regular basis

- Excessive absences or missing lessons without prior notification

- Parents failing to meet payment obligations

*** Specialties ***
Private In-Home music lessons offered in piano, classical guitar, french horn, and trumpet.

Students of all ages welcome.
Homeschools welcome.

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