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Popular Speaking Voice Teachers Near Chicago

Dylan B.

Chicago, IL
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Wendy P.

Chicago, IL
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Earl H.

Gary, IN
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Dylan B. Chicago, IL

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Film Acting, Film and TV Acting, Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Screenwriting, Singing, Speaking Voice, Stage Performance, Theater Acting, Vocal Training, Voice Acting

About Me

There's a saying in Zimbabwe:
If you can walk, you can dance; if you can talk, you can sing!

I've been a voice teacher for eight years. Voice is my passion and my art, and teaching it fills me with a sense of wonder and joy--seeing the diverse range of expression possible within each of us. And anyone is capable of finding that voice within themselves.

With a background in classical singing, I emphasize technique and generally spend about half the lesson working on breaking habitual patterns and freeing up the voice. The second half of the lesson is spent on repertoire, and that can range anywhere from musical theater to opera to chanting or spiritual singing; I have experience singing jazz and improvising in a variety of different styles, I can even teach you a healthy way to scream, if that's what you want. For me, it's about assessing your goals and then helping you achieve those.

Here's what some of my students have said about me in the past:

"Dylan is a phenomenal singer and teacher. I am reclaiming my voice later in life, and she supported and encouraged me with skill, intuitive insight, patience and a great sense of humor. I highly recommend her." -- June, age 64

"When I heard the power in her voice, I said: I gotta learn to sing like that. And it's been an uphill battle, but I feel like I'm learning more than I did when I was in school." --Michelle, age 22

"I had Dylan as a TA at Issaquah High School for a special needs class and I have to say that the way she used music to connect with those kids was something else. I'm so proud of where she's ended up." -- Mary, age 52

Wendy P. Chicago, IL

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, Music Performance, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Singing, Speaking Voice

About Me

I am a professional singer, songwriter and actor working in the Chicago area for many years. I have a B.F.A. in Theater/Voice from The University of Kansas and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Columbia College Chicago. I've been teaching private vocal instruction since 2003: I host the Singer's Salon in Chicago, a unique and supportive venue for singer's to become more comfortable performing before an audience. I also instruct workshops for vocal technique and performance. For the past 10 years I was the lead singer for The Red Apples, an acoustic roots band that performs an eclectic mix of rock, swing, blues, country and jazz. I also have a cabaret/art song project consisting or original material with composer Jaroslaw Golembiowski. As a singer and actress I have performed with many major theaters in the Chicago area, including Court Theater, Victory Gardens, National Jewish Theater, Bailiwick Theater, and Prop Theater.

*** Lesson Details ***
As a classically trained singer I will instruct you in all aspects of singing technique, from breath control and support to improving your tone, range, flexibility and resonance. My familiarity with a variety of musical styles from pop/rock, R&B, and country, to musical theater, lounge and jazz makes me an ideal teacher for those interested in contemporary styles.

I have spent many years developing my own style of singing and instruction. I draw on my experiences and training not only in music, but theater and movement, (Linklater, Alexander Technique, Grotowski) to create a well rounded approach to singing and performing. As an instructor, I am most interested in helping students find their true voice and artistic style. I teach students to find expression through and with a foundation of technique, rather then in spite of it. I also am very interested in helping students deal with the mental/emotional aspects of performance, an all important area so frequently ignored by music teachers. My style is nurturing, yet disciplined, and sprinkled liberally with good-natured humor."

*** Studio Equipment ***
My studio space is fully equipped with a piano, P.A. system with microphones, CD, MP3 player for tracks, and ability to record lessons if the student desires.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Please have a piano (in tune!) or keyboard for use in your in home lessons.

*** Specialties ***
I am classically trained, but I am very adept at teaching music in a wide variety of styles, including most contemporary styles of music including pop/rock, roots, swing, jazz and blues, country, r&b, and of course musical theater and cabaret. My band performs an eclectic mix of originals and covers in the roots rock genre, and I write music as well. I have many years of experience in the theater as an actress, and I coach acting technique and performance. I coach singer/songwriters, and all types of singers, of all ages. I have a workshop that specializes in helping people learn to perform better in front of an audience, and I host the Singer's Salon in Chicago, which is a supportive opportunity to perform regularly! I also coach bands, to improve their vocals, harmonies, etc.

Earl H. Gary, IN

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Classical Voice, Gospel Singing, Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Singing, Speaking Voice, Vocal Training

About Me

I have taught voice for over 15 years and have 10 years experience in school teaching as well directing choirs. I have performed in R&B, gospel, pop, and classical styles. I studied and apprenticed with renowned Chicago voice teacher and therapist Randy Buescher for 8 years. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Vocal Performance as well as a Master's in Music Education. Member of ASCAP and the Education Board of the International Voice Teachers of MIX (IVTOM). In addition to my teaching career, I remain active as a singer/songwriter.

I evaluate a student by asking questions about their vocal goals, previous training and performance experience, and any history of vocal injury or trauma. After a diagnostic exercise to assess the student's vocal strengths and weaknesses, I immediately get the client working on exercises to develop an even voice that is connected from chest voice (lower register) up to the head voice (upper register). This 'mix' technique will allow the singer to access a very wide vocal range while building power without need for pushing and abusing the instrument.

My students sing in a wide range of styles- pop, R&B/soul, rock, metal, gospel, musical theater,contemporary Christian, and jazz. They have the vocal technique that allows them to express themselves artistically without being limited by what their voices can do. If you want to unleash your voice so that you can boldly sing the music you love, you should study with me. Train like a vocal athlete!!!

*** Lesson Details ***
I like for singers to view themselves as athletes. The mastery of their instrument should be approached in a similar fashion to runners, ball players, tennis pros, and gymnasts. Exercises that teach the muscles proper coordination is a necessity. This gives the singer more power, wider range of pitches, improved resonance, and command of tone colors and textures. The technique is then applied to the student's songs. Students are encouraged to record their weekly lessons so they can practice the exercises along with my explanations and demonstrations between sessions.

*** Studio Equipment ***
M-Audio ProKeys Sono 88 Digital Piano
Shure SM 58 Dynamic Microphone
Samson R21S Dynamic Microphone
Roland XP-50 Music Workstation
Audacity Recording Software
Ableton Live Lite 8 Software

*** Specialties ***
I teach the 'mix' method, heavily influenced by the Speech Level Singing approach. This technique has proven effective for my students who sing pop, rock, metal, R&B, pop, gospel, Contemporary Christian, blues, jazz, and musical theater.

Melissa S.

Oak Park, IL
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Elizabeth K.

Chicago, IL
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Danielle F.

Palatine, IL
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Melissa S. Oak Park, IL

Subjects Taught

Acting, Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Child Acting, Choreography, crocheting, Ear Training, Improv Acting, Knitting, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Theory, Pageantry, Piano, sewing, Shakespearean Acting, Singing, Speaking Voice, Spoken Word, Tap Dance, Theater Acting, Theatrical Dance, Vocal Training

About Me

"Let's discover what the voice is like, let's learn how to use it easily and effectively, and let's have fun in the process."

‹I discovered music at an early age, classical music and ABBA were what played nonstop growing up. That is until I discovered this little musical called Annie. *Insert a little montage of 5 year old Melissa singing all of the songs at the top of her lungs* Broadway became a huge passion and I have crafted my life around all aspects of the theatrical craft, from performing in professional productions around the world and Chicago-land area to working every aspect backstage from costumes to sets to choreography.

‹My love of theatre was cultivated at a young age by being a participant in Spotlight Youth Theatre (formerly Christian Youth Theatre) performing in over 20 musical productions produced by them. This sparked the desire to make theatre my life, leading to two degrees from International university's: Music Theatre Performance & Applied Theatre. Since returning to Chicago and creating a vibrant theatrical career, I have returned to my Spotlight roots by taking on the role of Director for their main stage productions. I have created theatrical productions that have been heralded by students, parents and peers as triumphs not only in children's theatre but also on the Chicago theatre scope. These productions instilled within me a heart for the young performer and a love of sharing music with them.

‹Introducing a child to the world of music is like opening a door to a magical place full of wonder, excitement and discovery. Nothing inspires me more then watching a student grow in confidence and knowledge about this magical world. I'm a firm believer that children of all ages can take and learn from voice lessons and that it's never too early to build a musical foundation. Learning to match pitch, understand rhythm and telling a story through song are all invaluable tools that can be learned at any age. With the youngest we begin to learn through games and stories, progressing all the way up to the college prep for a performing arts school where we delve deeply into character to bring the music alive. As a professional director I have the unique advantage of prepping my students for the theatrical world and helping to guide them on the path that is right for them. Music is the the language of the world, so let's explore the world together!

Elizabeth K. Chicago, IL

Subjects Taught

ACT, Acting, Arithmetic, Basic Math, Elementary Math, English, ESL, Film Acting, GRE, History, Improv Acting, Language, Math, Meisner Technique, Method Acting, Phonics, Pre Algebra, PSAT, Reading, SAT, Science, Shakespearean Acting, Speaking Voice, SSAT, Test Prep, Theater Acting

About Me

I am a passionate educator with over 25 years experience teaching in the classroom on a public and private high school level, as well as considerable experience as a college instructor; thus, I have the ability and experience to convey knowledge to my students from the unique perspective of teaching from the ground up -- elementary, middle school, high school and on to my students' college and professional endeavors.

I am consistently aware where my students are in the present moment and where they are going; I view their ongoing needs, challenges and accomplishments from a perspective of their past, present and future desires, challenges, accomplishments and requirements and am able to solidify their pursuits and prepare them for their academic and professional future.

I have taught in Inner City Schools -- The Bronx, Manhattan and Harlem in NYC for NYC Public Schools; in Gifted and Talented programs and Schools; and for the NYC Catholic Archdiocese in several of the city's finest schools, as well as NYC inner city public schools in the Bronx and Manhattan, NYC, on a full time basis from Grades 5 - 12; and as a long term substitute, from Grades K-4.

Two of the schools where I taught English Language Arts, and Test Taking Skills, graduated U.S. Supreme Court Judges Sonya Sotomayor, from Cardinal Spellman H.S. in the Bronx; and Elena Kagan, from Hunter Colege High School, a Gifted and Talented school in Manhattan (NY, NY). I also taught in innter city schools in El Paso, TX; Minneapolis, MN, and at suburban high school in New Mexico.

Since my move to Chicago in 2012 I have worked steadily as a writer and editor in my own Editing/Writing business as discussed in my advertisement.

I have home schooled Chicago students in English Composition, where we concentrated on writing, grammar and vocabulary; and in the Humanities areas of Social Studies, History, Math and the Sciences, where I designed and created curriculum for all of these disciplines that complied with IL State Core Curriculum requirements.

Extensive professional background and years of experience in the Arts - Theatre, Film, Art. Have taught acting for many years to children and professionals, and am able to expose and educate your home school child to these fields via formal instruction and field trips to cultural and educational events.

It has been my experience to teach and tutor elementary, middle school, high school, and College Students, along with Business Professionals and Adults in English Composition and ESL, where we concentrate on the writing of essays, papers, theses, reports and ACT & ESL Exam Preparation; Speech, which includes writing and performance; Acting; ACT & ESL Test Preparation; and ESL Writing and Speaking.

For years I have been writing curriculum and reading comprehension passages, which includes assembling enough of these reading comprehension passages and their accompanying questions, which include Fiction -- classic literature, creative fictional passages, poetry and fairy/folk tales; and Non-Fiction -- Biographies, Science, History and Social Studies passages -- in order to provide my students, including home schooled students, with a reading comprehension passage and their accompanying questions 7 days a week.

Studies have shown this is the most effective method of obtaining excellent, if not superior, reading comprehension skills, because this method of acquiring this skill is learned organically and over time; thus, students do not have to be taught how to achieve excellent results in any of the reading comprehension passages they encounter on formal, entrance or qualifying examinations that they will be required to take throughout their schooling, along with those examinations they will need to pass in order to qualify and achieve certification in professional fields. Teaching to tests is unnecessary, and it has been proven that this method of teaching is largely only an exercise in learning how to test, not learning to read with excellent reading comprehension skills.

I have produced, directed and designed for my own theatrical production company for the last 14 years and, upon request, will supply a list of the productions in which I was involved, along with a list of productions in which I have been involved on a professional basis as a Performance Artist, Producer, Director and Designer.

It may be because of my theatrical training and experience, but I've been told that I am an interesting teacher with whom to study, and come to the classroom and tutorial experience with instructional methods and real-world experience that is accompanied with a highly developed sense of humor. This enables me to help make learning fun, while providing my students with a more fully rounded education.

I'm always interested in and consistently strive to find those personal connections with each one of my students that illuminates a path to personalize and activate my students' innate desire and need for learning in all subjects tutored. I

I personally love to learn as much as my profession, and get along well with students of all ages. The great thing about teaching is that those of us in this profession learn as much from our students as our students learn from us!

I look forward to hearing from you!

*** Lesson Details ***
High School, College & Professional Composition:

English - Composition - Standard American English, which includes basic Grammar rules, along with all grammar rules for upper level and advanced students, as well as vocabulary study.
Journaling and Reading every day is practiced.

In all classes, emphasis is put on presentation and articulation of thoughts, feelings and critical analysis, along with utilizing Standard American Composition and rules of Standard American grammar,

Concentration on writing the essay, with emphasis on structure, which includes organization and easy-to-follow rules of composing the essay from start to finish, which expands organically from how to write a complete sentence, to a paragraph, then an essay, and finally, a paper.

Composing, organizing and developing reports and critical analysis is also investigated, begining with research, which includes development, construction and composition of reports and critical analysis writing.

Reports - research, development, construction and composition.
How to conduct research, writing w/o plagiarizing and utilizing formal citation for research reports and papers, including MLA, Chicago, APA formats.

Acting - Meisner Method: Preparation, Character and Scene Study; Disabling Performance Anxiety.
The Audition/Monologue - Preparation/Performance.
Speech - projection/allocution/accents.
Stage directions and movement.

Theatre - Performance based, including study of Classic and Contemporary World and American Theatre.

Literature - Classic, modern, World, American and European. Read classic works, along with short stories, poetry and plays. Reading outloud, presentation-based, along with analyizing and disussing plot, literary terms and writing in response to readings.

Shakespeare - Reading and comprehension. Taught by oral reading of the plays; analysis of Scenes; plot and character development and analysis.

Speech - writing and performance based, with special consideration to disable performance anxiety, including
Alexander Technique Exercises.

Journalism - We study how to write copy, interviews, commentary and criticism through research, interviews and composition.

Psychology - Lecture/notes from text, which includes professional journals/magazines/newspaper research and reports written, presented and discussed/reviewed.

Language Arts Grades 1-8 - Lessons structured as above, age and level appropriate. Reading, writing and presentation in all classes emphasized.

All subjects Grades 1-9 - Lessons structured as above, age, level and subject-appropriate. Reading, writing and presentation in all classes emphasized.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Internet Service
Video Camera
Virtual and Home Library

Classroom Areas:
Round Table for Discussion
Reading and Relaxation Areas
Exercise Area
Student desks

*** Specialties ***
Jr./Sr. H.S., College, ESL, Professionals, Homeschooling ~

English Composition, Reading, Reading Comprehension Passages/Exam Preparation; Social Studies; History; Religion; Philosophy; Latin, French; Algebra I and Geometry; Science; Psychology, Art.

Grades 1-6 - All subjects.

Danielle F. Palatine, IL

Subjects Taught

Audition Prep, Broadway Singing, Choir, Christian Gospel, Classical Voice, Country Singing, Ear Training, Jazz Voice, Musical Theater, Music Performance, Music Recording, Music Theory, Opera Voice, Singing, Speaking Voice, Stage Performance, Vocal Training

About Me

Danielle is a classically trained Soprano working with students of all ages to learn to and improve their singing, all while having fun!

Danielle works with singers to develop a healthy and effective singing technique that transcends musical genre - all while engaging in an environment and repertoire that is fun, relevant, and interesting to her students.

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