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Popular Singing Teachers Near Brighton

Ricardo P.

Broomfield, CO
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Kelly Z.

Littleton, CO
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Johanna N.

Denver, CO
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Ricardo P. Broomfield, CO

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Music Performance, Music Theory, Organ, Piano, Singing, Ukulele

About Me

I have been a professional musician and teacher all my adult life. Music is my passion and has always been how I make a living. I teach piano/keyboards, guitar, voice, bass and ukulele. I studied classical piano at SUNY at Buffalo and I initially learned to play guitar and singing on my own. Years later I studied voice and guitar with great professional instructors. I am familiar with different ways of learning music: from very structured and traditional methods (that we use in classical music) to more improvisational and "by ear" approaches as we often do in popular music. This helps me tailor my music teaching specifically to each student based on his/her musical preferences, abilities and learning style. I can teach all styles of music including: Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Jazz, many different Latin styles including Salsa, Bolero and Bossa Nova.
I have performed all over the US and toured many countries including Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, England and France. I have recorded more than 100 CDs for many artists (as well as my own original music) as a pianist/keyboardist, singer, guitarist and music producer. I have won many awards including most recently the Best Blues Band award as the pianist, guitarist and singer for the Lionel Young Band at the International Blues Challenge (the largest competition of blues bands in the world).
I have taught music through my whole career. Many of my students have gone on to study music as a career and have become successful professional musicians.
I am very comfortable teaching all levels from professional musicians to very beginners at any age.
I currently lead and perform with my group. We perform concerts, private events and some club work. My life as a professional musician has given me a lot of knowledge to share with my students.

*** Lesson Details ***
I adjust my approach based on what you want to learn, always with an emphasis on learning as much as possible while making the lessons fun and enjoyable. If you are a beginning piano/keyboard or guitar student I can teach you the basics of how to read music and how to play chords in the first few months and then we can decide whether you are interested in playing written music or more improvisational styles. I use different method books depending on the student and sometimes I use just my teaching materials if you are only interested in improvisational styles like Rock or Blues guitar or piano (for example). If you are a voice student, I teach with a combination of learning songs you like and using a CD/MP3s of vocal exercises that help develop good vocal technique. Whatever your instrument and musical preference you can be sure we'll have fun and you'll be making music from the very start!

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a Yamaha upright piano and keyboards. I have acoustic and electric guitars, bass and amps. I have Shure Sm-58 mics to teach microphone technique with.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student must have his/her own instrument and metronome (or equivalent) must purchase course book(s) if needed..

*** Specialties ***
I teach different styles depending on the students goals. I can teach a traditional classical style for those interested in classical music and I can teach more practical approaches for popular music such as learning by chords (for instrumental students- not voice obviously) and learning improvisation through scales, arpeggios and music theory.

Kelly Z. Littleton, CO

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Opera Voice, Piano, Singing

About Me

There is a musician and a singer inside every individual and I am here to bring it out! I believe singing can be a vehicle for learning discipline, focus, collaboration, music theory, self-expression, language, interpretation, short-term and long-term goal setting and achievement, musicality, literacy, history, confidence and passion, and I hope to instill these gifts in all of my students.

I completed my BA in Music Education from Fort Lewis College, and then moved to Denver to complete my Masters of Music in vocal performance at the University of Denver. During that time I have been blessed with many performance opportunities in choirs, operas, musical theatre, and jazz settings. Favorite roles include Roxie Hart in CHICAGO the musical, Marcellina in Le Nozze di Figaro, and most recently Denise in What You See is What You Get, a new musical by Denver artists.

*** Lesson Details ***
I tailor each lesson based on age, interests and level of experience of each student. We begin with learning how to practice, and how to use practice time efficiently. I can audio record each lesson and post that recording online where students (and/or parents) can listen and review what was learned that week, or simply go back to favorite warm-ups and exercises. In this same database I will post scanned copies of assigned sheet music, any assigned reading or exercises, and mp3 piano recordings of accompaniment.

I choose repertoire (songs) depending on the individual voice and ability level and try to give students the opportunity to perform at least once per quarter, even just for family or each other.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Lessons will be held in my home studio where I have an electric keyboard, recording equipment, music library with repertoire for all voice types and genres, printer/copy machine, and seating area for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide a small keyboard and can play recordings of music and/or accompaniment through my laptop. I will bring appropriate music selections from my library. The student may purchase his or her own copy of whatever book or music we decide to use, and is expected to have access to the internet to get recordings and sheet music. Access to a printer is a plus.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in voice pedagogy and vocal hygiene, and have an extensive background in jazz, musical theatre, opera, and art song, maintaining a foundation in classical technique.

Johanna N. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Broadway Singing, Music Theory, Piano, Singing

About Me

I love to teach music and I live to help my students learn about the joys that being a musician can bring. If you are looking for a piano or voice instructor or a theory teacher who is passionate about music and about teaching, then I am that person. I work to help my students achieve the best possible results in his or her lessons while still having fun.

I have a Master's of Education from Regis University and a Bachelor's of Arts in Piano Performance from Western State College. I have taught piano lessons for 12 years and voice lessons for 3 years. I am constantly looking for new ways to incorporate music into my life and into my students' lives and to help maximize everyone's learning experiences.

*** Lesson Details ***
I use a fairly traditional classical approach in the use of literature and materials, but I also prefer to take into account student learning styles and preferences. I understand that everyone learns in different ways and has different interests, so along with using the classical literature, I try to incorporate student interests and learning styles. I do expect students to follow my rules and procedures during lessons and practice times, and these are all common sense, such as be respectful and be on time, etc. I also expect students to practice regularly. I will find a way to make practice time fun and interesting for all of my students. I do expect all of my students to make adequate progress, and within 6 months they will most likely be progressing to either a Primer B or Grade 1. (All students start at Primer A, which is the most basic level, unless they have had prior experience). Otherwise, I expect students with prior experience to progress have a level every 6 months.

Piano lessons focus on using a combination of technique, theory worksheets, and performance/practice songs. This helps students to have a varied approach and it also addresses all aspects of musicality, as well as incorporating multiple learning styles. I prefer for students to begin with the Thompson series and to progress through that series while also working on level appropriate solo pieces.

Voice lessons focus on beginner technique, pronunciation and enunciation, breath technique, and English pieces to start. As students progress, they may work through Italian opera and operetta, German lieder, and other more challenging songs. The foreign series includes work on foreign pronunciation and operatic singing. If a student chooses, they may also focus on a more folk-based approach than the traditional operatic approach.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living room: piano, sheet music, metronome, pencils.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide some books, or I can purchase books at a discounted price. I can also bring a metronome. I expect the student to have a piano or a full-length keyboard. I sometimes bring pencils, but I expect the student to have one handy to mark their music.

*** Specialties ***
Piano: beg - adv
Voice: beg - inter

I teach piano and voice. For piano I teach classical, jazz, blues, rock, pop, and ragtime. I focus on teaching students how to sightread, memorize, learn theoretical and pedagogical concepts, and learn how to improvise. I can also teach accompaniment.

For voice I teach classical operatic style, Broadway/show tunes, popular, country, jazz, choral, blues, and rock styles. I help students to find comfort with their own voices, learn how to sing in a way that supports their voice, and keeps their voice healthy. I also work with teaching pitch recognition, sight reading, oral recall, and breath technique.

Amber J.

Englewood, CO
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Steve B.

Denver, CO
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Michelle M.

Denver, CO
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Amber J. Englewood, CO

Subjects Taught

Acting, Broadway Singing, English, French, GRE, History, Language, Music Performance, Opera Voice, Phonics, Piano, Reading, Singing, Speaking Voice, Test Prep, Violin

About Me

Growing up in Denver, I had a huge desire for singing and performing. By age 14, I was taking weekly singing & piano lessons, was acting constantly in local productions-many times getting the lead role.
Some of the productions I acted in: The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), Camelot, Anything Goes (Reno Sweeney), How to Succeed in Business (Smitty), Carousel, Oklahoma, Les Miserables, and Oliver (Nancy.)
I received a 4-year scholarship to the Conservatory of Music in Stockton, CA. at the University of the Pacific. Upon graduation, I entered graduate school at the University of North Texas to continue my singing and piano studies, along with music theory, history, and musical video production.
Upon graduating UNT, I was chosen among 200 performing arts majors to be the featured soloist at the UNT commencement ceremonies. This led to an offer to tour Italy with the Rome Festival Orchestra. For the next two summers I performed in Copenhagen, Istanbul, Rome and Berlin with the Berlin Philharmonic.

*** Lesson Details ***
My students progress VERY quickly! As a teacher, I can easily identify my students’ strengths and weaknesses, and plan an individualized study course. I will instill a solid set of production skills that will easily serve ANY style of music you choose (from rock to opera.)
I will make for you a personalized recording for you to practice with daily. We will also work on songs you LOVE!
My students will have performance opportunities every 3 months. I will prepare you for college entrance auditions, TV contests, and television appearances. My students make extraordinary progress-I want you to become one of them!

*** Studio Equipment ***
10x15 dedicated music room, piano, lovely mountain view, mirrors, microphone and sound equipment available for students. The parents of students are welcome to stay in the room with the students, if they choose.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I have a piano and I will purchase the method book I want the student to use but I do require reimbursement for books and shipping if required. Student provides notebooks and pens.

*** Specialties ***
*Teachers marked as a Student Favorite have taught a minimum of 25 lessons and have received the highest feedback rating from students.Seth Riggs, Popular vocal technique "Singing For The Stars"
John W. Schaum for piano

Steve B. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Music Performance, Music Theory, Piano, Singing, Songwriting, Ukulele, Vocal Training

About Me

When I was growing up I thought music was like magic and that only special people with super-human powers could play. I would think to myself, "How are they doing that? I would never be able to play music in a million years!" It wasn't until I was 14 I discovered guitar magazines and a method of reading called guitar tablature that I realized anybody can learn guitar! With determination, patience, and practice I learned as many songs and techniques from my heroes (The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin) as I could. I realized there is so much to learn about music that I could learn something new everyday. This still holds true to this day. I keep digging to find that magic place to which music can take you. It is my goal as a musician and a teacher to help other aspiring musicians (YOU!) find their way to the joys of music. After graduating high school my passion for music kept growing and I decided to go to a school to learn more about it. While attending Moorhead State University of Minnesota I went through a speed boost to gaining knowledge about music. The wonderful teachers of MSUM provided me with direction, encouragement, and plenty of opportunities to play through ensembles. I was in Jazz Guitar Ensemble, Jazz Combos, Jazz Big Band, and Commercial Ensembles. My aspirations are to pass along the information torch that I received while attending MSUM to people who are interested and have the desire to make a sound.I am friendly, patient, and fun to work with. I believe music should be exciting and make you feel good. I teach on an individual basis. Everybody learns at different rates and in different ways. My goal is to find the best way to teach you so that you get the most out of our lessons. There are many streams that lead to the big ocean of music so there are many different ways to learn. Whether you want to learn rock, jazz, bluegrass, or folk I am flexible with teaching you what you want to learn while at the same time providing you with little golden nuggets of information to further your skills through music theory, technique exercises, and how to avoid common pit falls. With enough determination, patience, and practice you too can discover the joys of music and be able to express your individuality in a way you never thought possible. It would be an honor to help you find your own path down the road to musical bliss.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a laid back person with an easy going approach to teaching. Music is meant to be fun! I teach you what you want to learn. I have had experience with playing rock, jazz, bluegrass, and folk. If you are not sure what you want to learn I'll ask you questions about yourself and your interests to determine the best route to go. Within the first few lessons you will learn how to tune your instrument, how to read tablature (TABS for short), and how to read chord charts. If you are interested in learning theory and how to read music I teach out of the Hal Leonard Guitar Method book series. After the first six months, depending on your level and how much you practice, you will be well on your to playing full songs by your favorite artists, have the ability to jam with other musicians, and understand the basics of your instrument. It is my belief that you get out of music what you put into it. There are no short cuts. All of the masters have one thing in common and that is practice. If you are willing to put in the work I am obliged to give you direction.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music stand, amp, instrument cable, picks

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide an amp and picks. I expect the student to provide an instrument, instrument cable (if using an electric instrument), tuner, metronome, notebook (either tab book or regular notebook),

*** Specialties ***
I play an eclectic blend of rock, jazz, folk, and bluegrass. My method of teaching is based on the individual's level and type of learning.

Michelle M. Denver, CO

Subjects Taught

Music Performance, Opera Voice, Singing

About Me

Michelle is active as both a performer and voice instructor. After a recent performance, Opus Colorado raved that “She has an absolutely enormous voice that is full of power and emotion.” As a soloist, Michelle has performed with such professional organizations as the Denver Philharmonic, the Salem Chamber Orchestra, and the Willamette Master Chorus. In November 2012, Michelle sang the role of Die Mütter in Hänsel und Gretel with the Lamont Opera Theatre. That previous May, she was featured as the soprano soloist for the Ralph Vaughan Williams Sea Symphony with both the Lamont Chorale and the Lamont Symphony Orchestra, and she also sang the role of Madame Pompous in Edwin Penhorwood’s Too Many Sopranos. In February 2012, she performed in a master class for world-renowned baritone Paolo Gavanelli. In 2010, Michelle participated in the northwest premiere of Ned Rorem’s Our Town. In March 2009, the Grace Goudy Distinguished Artist Series of Willamette University sponsored Michelle to sing the role of Fiordiligi as a guest artist in Così fan tutte. In February 2007, she sang the title role in Puccini’s Suor Angelica. Michelle previously sang the role of The Countess in Act II of Le Nozze di Figaro and performed with the Salem Chamber Orchestra as a winner of the Willamette Solo & Aria Competition in both 2005 and 2006. In March 2006, Michelle sang selections from Songs from Jewish Folk Poetry for a festival honoring the works of Dimitri Shostakovich. In April 2006, her composition Two Sketches for String Quartet was debuted by the Oregon Symphony Quartet. The following month, she performed in Carnegie Hall as a member of the Willamette University Chamber Choir.

Michelle graduated from Willamette University in May 2007 with a Bachelor of Music in Music Education, where she studied voice with Allison Swensen-Mitchell, choral conducting with Dr. Wallace Long, and composition with Dr. John Peel. In June 2013, Michelle graduated with a Master of Music from the Lamont School of Music at the University of Denver and her May 2013 graduate voice recital was honored as a Recital of Distinction by the voice faculty. Michelle is currently a voice student of Larry Glenn and Sara Bardill while pursuing a Performance Certificate in Vocal Performance at the Lamont School of Music. She was recently a voice instructor for Keizer Academy of Music & Arts in Keizer, Oregon and taught voice as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Lamont School of Music. Michelle also recently took a step behind the scenes to work as the Assistant Stage Manager for the Lamont Opera Theatre’s wildly successful production of Oklahoma! First a native of the Philadelphia suburbs and then a long-time resident of the Pacific Northwest, Michelle now resides in the Denver Metro Area.

*** Lesson Details ***

1. Please arrive on time for your lesson. If you are late, I cannot guarantee that the time will be made up.

2. Come prepared! Practice the previous lesson’s assignment, bring assigned materials to your lesson, and complete your journal entries (if applicable).

3. Order new materials as soon as they are assigned. The sooner you have the materials, the sooner we can forge ahead in learning activities! If you are worried about costs, try your local library or a local college/university library.

4. Have fun! Learning to sing is a crazy adventure. I guarantee you will face adversities, but do not let it get you down. Every singer must learn to forge through roadblocks and will ultimately gain a great deal of strength and experience. If you find something to be particularly agonizing, do not hesitate to bring it up at your next lesson, and we will work through it together!

*** Specialties ***
I teach classical singing methods to students of all ages. I specialize in teaching through use of age-appropriate art songs, folk songs, and arias. I also offer beginning students the chance to learn essential musicianship skills like note-reading, terminology, and the basics of rhythm.

Classical singing is demanding and requires both physical and mental maturity. Although each student is different, I believe that most students should not consider private voice lessons before the age of 13. Lessons offered to younger students will teach and reinforce basic musicianship skills, while offering a healthy introduction to vocal singing that does not ask too much of the singer too soon.

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