Blog Submission Guidelines

**Idea list updated 5/29!**

Thanks for your interest in writing for TakeLessons! Submitting an original article for the blog is a fantastic way to share your best advice with potential students and families browsing the website, and earn extra exposure as a TakeLessons instructor. On top of that, if your article is published, you’ll earn $50!

We welcome submissions from all teachers listed in the marketplace, but we do have a few guidelines we ask you to follow. Adherence to these guidelines will influence whether your piece is published.

  • Currently, we’re only accepting blog articles about the following subjects: guitar, ukulele, singing, drums, piano, violin, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, German, and Italian.
  • Priority will be given to articles about these specific topics. If you’d like to write one of these, please email us at to let us know, so we can remove it from the list to avoid duplicate submissions.
  • Articles must be your original work and not published elsewhere on the web.
  • Currently we are NOT accepting additional articles, outside of those listed on the topic list.

Writing Your Article

  • Write to an audience of prospective students, families, or parents. Use your article to share your knowledge, but also feel free to showcase your teaching style and your personality! Example: Try tackling a common question you get from students: Do Online Voice Lessons Work? The Surprising Truth.
  • Keep your paragraphs short and break the article into easily-digestible sections (with clear subheadings) or bullet points, so it’s easy to scan and identify your main points or tips. Example: How to Find the Right Tutor for Special Needs Students
  • Share concrete tips. Students come to you because you’re the expert! Articles that share “insider” information, step-by-step instructions, or real-life tips are always a big hit. Example: Preparing for a Drum Audition: Cruise Ship Musician Gig.
  • Don’t be afraid to get creative or take a controversial stance. Example: Here’s Why You Don’t Need to Play the Drums Like Travis Barker.
  • When in doubt, keep it simple. Can your advice be condensed into 3-5 tips? That’s all you need! Add an introduction, and you’re all set. Example: 3 Tips for Vocal Projection.
  • Include “extras” when applicable. For example, if you’re discussing music theory, would a picture of a scale or the Circle of Fifths help readers understand? Do you know of a great YouTube clip that demonstrates it? If so, then include it (and make sure to credit, if you’re taking it from another website)! (Example: Cool Songs to Learn on Guitar: How to Play “Breathe”)
  • Stay positive! Readers should feel inspired to book lessons and learn more.

Submitting Your Article

  • Use this form to submit your article (500-800 words).
  • Our Editorial Team will review your article, and reserves the right to edit for stylistic purposes, including grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • Personal information, such as last names, email addresses, and personal websites are not permitted.
  • Expect a response from us within 30 days of submission – we’ll let you know if your article has been accepted, if it requires additional edits from you, or if we won’t be publishing it at this time. All editor decisions are final.
  • Not a TakeLessons teacher? We do accept outside guest posts; in exchange, we’re happy to provide a link back to your website/blog, but we cannot provide payment. Please email with your topic idea to discuss.

Published posts will appear on the TakeLessons Teacher Blog, tagged with the category you teach. Quality articles may also be featured on the main TakeLessons Blog, and/or included in promotional emails.

When we’ve published your article, we’ll give you the link for where to find it. We encourage you to promote your post on your social channels, and add it to your TakeLessons profile so potential students can see it!

**Please keep in mind that submitting an article does not guarantee payment. Acceptance is determined by the subject covered in the article, the overall quality of the article, and the number of submissions we receive. You must have a live profile on to be eligible for payment. Priority will be given to those who cover the topics listed here. You must teach the subject you’re writing about to be eligible for payment. 

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