Blog Submission Guidelines

Please note at this time we are NOT accepting guest posts from teachers, external freelancers or other websites/bloggers. 

Thanks for your interest in helping out with the TakeLessons Blog! Our goal is to publish meaningful articles, guides, and resources that will really make an impact on readers — and we need your help and expertise to make them awesome!

Why write for us?

By helping us out with the blog, you’ll be sharing your expertise with potential students and families (more than 500,000 visits per month) browsing the website, plus you’ll earn extra exposure as a TakeLessons instructor! Posts are also shared on our social media channels, and select articles will be used in email marketing campaigns.

On top of that, if your article is published, you’ll earn $50!

How Does it Work?

We want to hear your topic ideas for blog articles — you’re the experts, after all! Take some time to browse through the blog and look at the types of articles we publish. We’re looking for articles that provide concrete tips and actionable advice (see examples linked in the “Tips for Brainstorming Topics” section below).

When you have your topic in mind, submit your idea through this form. Our Editorial Team reviews those monthly, and we base our decisions on research, online search demand, and other factors. (We get a lot of idea submissions, so please be patient! Feel free to submit more ideas if you don’t hear back.)

Tips for Brainstorming Topics

Other Blog Guidelines

  • Currently, we’re accepting blog articles about the following subjects: guitar, singing, piano, violin, Spanish, and French, as well as general language-learning and music-learning topics.
  • Aim for a length of 500-800 words. Some topics may call for longer articles or dividing the article into parts (we’ll work with you on this).
  • Articles must be your original work and not published elsewhere on the web.
  • Our Editorial Team reserves the right to edit your article, including grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • Personal information, such as last names, email addresses, and personal websites are not permitted.

Writing Your Article

  • Before you begin writing, please review the style and formatting guidelines.
  • Write to an audience of prospective students, families, or parents. Use
  • Keep your paragraphs short and break the article into easily-digestible sections (use subheadings to stay organized!). Example: 3 Simple Steps to Choose the Perfect Key to Sing In
  • Include “extras” when applicable. If you are able to provide additional learning tools such as audio files, YouTube links, or images/charts to enhance the post, we encourage you to do so. If you have ideas for additional media, but aren’t sure how to execute them, please let us know so we can work with you! (Examples: 3 Fun Rhythm Guitar Patterns So You Can Learn to Sing and Play, Top Eight French Phrases You’ll Need to Know Before Traveling in France)
  • Stay positive! Readers should feel inspired to book lessons and learn more.
  • Double-check your work. As a guest writer, we’re relying on you to be the expert in your field. Please double-check your work BEFORE you submit to make sure there are no musical errors or language translation errors.

Published posts will appear on the TakeLessons Blog, tagged with the category you teach. We promote all articles on our social media accounts, and our top articles are also featured in email campaigns and additional promotions.

When we’ve published your article, we’ll give you the link for where to find it. We encourage you to promote your post on your social channels, and add it to your TakeLessons profile so potential students can see it!

**Please keep in mind that pitching and submitting an article does not guarantee payment. Acceptance is determined by the subject covered in the article and the overall quality of the article. You must have a live profile on to be eligible for payment. 

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