Piano Resources: 7 Piano Blogs We Love

As a student, teacher, or even professional musician, sometimes you need to have an outlet that whisks you away from lessons and routine practicing. After all, it doesn’t need to be all scales and etudes!

The Internet can be a useful tool for this, as it’s a great way to connect with others who share our passions. Whether you simply need a break, some inspiration, or advice on a technique you’re struggling to master—others are out there ready to share, guide, and help. Here are some of our favorite piano resources and blogs to check out:

Color In My Piano

color in my piano

Attention, teachers: this one’s for you! Color In My Piano is hosted by blogger Joy Marin, who is based in Ohio and has been teaching group and private lessons since 2005. The majority of her posts are geared toward helping fellow instructors, offering teaching tips, ways to inspire students, and advice on how to set your studio policies. You’ll also find various piano resources, including printable worksheets, piano app reviews, and repertoire lists.

Piano Addict

Piano Addict

Piano Addict is all about breathing, living, and discovering everything piano! Here, students, teachers, professional musicians, composers, and music fanatics can stay up to date with the variety of articles, news, artist profiles, and more. It doesn’t matter if you are a classical or contemporary fan, this site is for piano addicts of all types!

The Collaborative Piano Blog

Collaborate Piano Blog

The Collaborative Piano Blog is exactly what it sounds like—a blog about accompanying and working with others. As a musician, you won’t always be a soloist—you may be a part of a band, ensemble, or group. Your role may vary, and each atmosphere demands a different skill set. In this blog, piano teacher Scott Foley dives into the world of piano, providing a comprehensive guide to collaborative piano (a potential career for pianists), news, event listings, and more. You can also get access to his free e-book, 31 Days to Better Practicing, which is a great resource if you want to make your piano practice more effective!

Frances Wilson’s Piano Studio

Frances Wilson's Piano Studio

Frances Wilson’s blog is a fantastic resource for students, teachers, and piano enthusiasts. It’s packed full of excellent information, including lesson plans for teachers, song recordings for your listening pleasure, infographics, guest posts and interviews with other piano teachers, and much more! And as if this blogger isn’t busy enough, check out The Cross-Eyed Pianist, her companion blog that covers music, pianism, and culture.

Kids & Keys

Kids & Keys

Dana Rice created the blog Kids & Keys with the hope of reaching teachers and parents of kids learning to play piano. Not only is her blog super-cool and easy to navigate, it’s also chock-full of information to help with motivating, inspiring, and teaching young musical minds, which is not always an easy task! Alongside advice on songwriting, practicing, and performing, you can also find printables to get your creative juices flowing.

The Blue Note Classical Piano Blog

The Blue Note

While Kids & Keys is lighthearted and fun, The Blue Note Classical Piano Blog takes a more cerebral look into classical music. But don’t let that scare you or your student off—you’ll find incredibly valuable content about technique, composers, and issues that arise as we teach and learn the piano. One of the best entries, Opus 10, no.1, talks about the necessity of why you do what you do when you are learning. What do scales help you accomplish? Why should you think small? Sometimes a dissected look into the components of learning the piano can give you an “Aha!” moment as to how it all comes together in the big picture. It’s easy to complain about practicing the “boring” stuff, but just look what that boring stuff will help you accomplish in the future!

Music Matters

Music Matters

Natalie Wickham may have a piano studio in Kansas, but her blog Music Matters reaches a much bigger audience! It’s full of helpful articles, ideas for parents, and piano resources for students. There’s also a huge list of links in pretty much any category you might want to explore, from finding local teachers to finding free piano sheet music.

Other Piano Websites

Beyond piano bloggers, there are also a variety of websites that every piano player should bookmark! Here are some of our favorites:

The Internet has expanded our global connections. It doesn’t matter where you live—you have access to amazing experts and professionals in the music world, whether you’re looking for local piano teachers or simply resources and videos to supplement your learning.

These blogs are only a small glimpse into what is available to you. There are also a variety of websites dedicated to providing Have fun exploring what’s out there!

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