Open Mic 101: How to Overcome Stage Fright & More

open mic

Thinking about stopping by an open mic night, or hitting the stage for karaoke? Performing in front of others is a fantastic way to boost your confidence and meet other musicians in the area – but it can also be pretty scary if you’re a newbie! Luckily, learning how to overcome stage fright is easy when you focus on the right things. Read on to learn more about how open mic nights work, how to prepare for your first performance, and how to overcome your stage fright:

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San Diego’s Top 10 Hot Spots: Open Mic and Karaoke

karaokeIt’s a new year, and a great time to set some new goals! What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to be with your music-making this time next year?

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been playing for years, performing in front of others is a great way to increase your confidence – not to mention show off what you’ve accomplished!

Here in America’s Finest City, there are tons of events to improve your musical chops, from low-key karaoke bars to crowded open mics in San Diego. And it’s not just for singers. Many open mic nights cater to all types of instruments, from drums to guitar to keyboard. It’s also easy to find all-ages events, if you’re looking for some family-friendly fun.

Nervous? Don’t worry – everyone is the first time they perform on stage! But the more you perform, the easier it will get. You might feel comfortable checking out a few events to get a feel for the environment before getting up on stage, and that’s totally fine.

To get you started, here are a some of our favorite San Diego open mic nights and karaoke venues:

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Behind the Scenes at X-Factor With Vocal Coach Stevie B.

photoDid you catch The X-Factor last night? There’s definitely a lot of talent on the show this season! Among this talent is power pop trio Girls United, who earned a coveted spot in the Top 16 last night.

But behind every great performer is also a great teacher, coach, or mentor. And in this case, the girls can credit Los Angeles-area teacher Stevie B., who has been working with the group since the beginning.

We recently caught up with Stevie to get the low-down on the behind-the-scenes action, the role of a vocal coach, and more. Here’s what we learned…

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Get into the Rock Star Mentality

rockstar mentalityThe risqué performances of Elvis Presley, the screaming crowds that followed the Beatles, the instrument-smashing antics of The Who, and the countless other charismatic and iconic contributions to the music of their day are all defining chapters of rock-n-roll that would shape the outcome of nearly all popular music to follow. Just like the swing-dance halls of the 1920s and 30s, the music would draw the attention of the masses and bring uncountable patrons together for something that can only be described as an experience. Read more

Change Your Thinking to Get Better Stage Presence

How do great performers seem to “become” their characters? Knowing your notes and your lines goes a long way, but what else is there? New York singing teacher and performer Danya K. muses on the lessons and experiences that have helped her get better stage presence and push her performances to the next level…

Imagine your heart pounding at 150 beats a minute. Each thump against your ribcage is a pulsating reminder of the adrenalin surging through your veins. Each accelerating heartbeat strikes your eardrum like a thrashing timpani in an orchestra. Your heart is a small, but feisty, animal desperately trying to free itself from the confines of your chest cavity. Read more

Stage Fright: Your New Performance Secret

overcoming stage frightRapidly-racing heartbeat and sweaty palms are symptoms most musicians experience at one point or another.  Stage fright is certainly no fun.

But a recent study aims to shift the perception of these all-too-familiar feelings of stress. The idea: overcoming stage fright is as simple as thinking of it as your ally!

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Share Your Stories, Photos, and Videos!

student spotlightWhether you’ve been playing music for one month or several years, recognizing and celebrating milestones along the way is important!

Our students inspire us every day – so we want to hear your stories, and share them with the TakeLessons community! Did you perform at a recital, talent show, or open mic night? Did you ace an audition, or get accepted into a prestigious music program or school? Maybe you mastered a difficult song quicker than you expected.

Whatever your story is, let us know and you might be featured on our Facebook page! Every Friday, beginning April 12th, we’ll select one student to shine the spotlight on.

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