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8-Year-Old Girl is Gnarliest Guitar Shredder Ever

I’m willing to bet that “playing like a girl” will stop being an insult within this little lady’s lifetime! At just 8 years old, Lisa-X is able to play rapid fire metal solos that will melt your face off and blow your mind.

She’s smaller than her guitar, but she sure knows how to make it sound big and mighty. Plus, the sweet grin she gives the camera as she’s bending a note around 1:46? Priceless!

Child prodigies like Lisa are absolutely amazing, but there’s really no wrong age to start playing guitar. Enrolling in guitar lessons is the perfect first step to get your musical journey going. The right guitar teacher can help you learn to play the music you love, and give you personal attention to make sure you’re progressing as you should. Search for a teacher on TakeLessons and get started with guitar lessons today!


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Video thumbnail for youtube video This "Happy" Children's Choir Will Make You Smile For Days

This “Happy” Children’s Choir Will Make You Smile For Days

Does Pharrell Williams’s upbeat hit “Happy” put a spring in your step? Get ready for a new version that will make you even happier! The students at Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences have great dance moves, and the two soloists are perfect mini-popstars in training. Put your dancing shoes on and check it out!

These kids are too cute! We’ll definitely be turning to this video whenever we need a smile this week.

What’s making you happy this week? Share it with us in the comments below!

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Video thumbnail for youtube video You Won't Believe What This Kid Did When He Got Lost at Costco

What This Lost Boy Did at Costco Will Astound You

In my younger days, getting lost at Costco meant mooching extra cookies at the sample tables and frantically looking for my mom. Not so for this amazing young man, who turned his solo time into an opportunity to shred on the piano.

They say all the world’s a stage, and this boy is living proof! Check out the video below to see him in action: Read more

San Diego Spotlight: Why Our Music Teachers Rock

benfSan Diego’s music scene has exploded in recent years, as talented local artists and bands are recognized, and big-name acts add venues like the House of Blues, the Belly Up, and Humphreys to their tour schedule. Make the rounds in neighborhoods like North Park and the Gaslamp, and it’s easy to find live music on any given night. Whether you’re looking for an intimate jazz trio at Croce’s, an all-day, outdoor EDM festival at Sleep Train Amphitheater, or a relaxing evening with the San Diego Symphony, the city’s events calendar typically has something for everyone.

If you’re dreaming of someday making it big yourself – or, if you’re simply curious and want to pick up a new hobby, taking private music lessons can guide you in the right direction. And here at TakeLessons, we’re passionate about helping new students of all ages take that step. We’ve connected tons of students with local teachers in the San Diego area, as well as nationwide. We’re proud of our teachers, and we love hearing how our students have reached their musical goals!

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Tips for Traveling with Your Instrument

travel with instrumentsWith the holidays approaching, many musicians, music students, and music teachers are starting to make their travel plans. Sure, you’ve got plane tickets and turkey on your mind, but don’t forget about your practice time! Most musicians can easily travel with their instruments with just a little extra preparation, so there’s no need for the holidays to disrupt your music-making.

Can you bring a guitar on a plane? What about a flute? Does your violin need any extra care while traveling? Read on for answers to these questions and more… Read more

Don’t Start Lessons Without Asking This Question

how many lessonsAs a Student Counselor at TakeLessons, I get to talk to lots of new students and help them find the right private teacher for music lessons, academic tutoring, or performing arts. The question I always ask new students to help them plan for success is: Are you ready to commit the time you need to achieve your goals?

When you’re just getting started, thinking about a time-frame for your lessons will help you set goals and plan for success. While there’s no magic number of lessons that is guaranteed to bring you top grades or rock star skills, I have noticed some general trends as I talk with our students. Read more

Using Colors to Understand Breathing and Technique


Understanding the connection between proper breathing and great singing is essential to your success. But it can also seem a bit silly to re-learn something you’ve been doing your entire life! Here, Pittsburgh teacher Jen V. shares how she explains the technique to her students…


Have you ever thought about what happens in a voice lesson? The preconceived notion is a room filled with musty old books, a well-worn grand piano and a 90-year-old woman who smells of Aquanet and flecks of Poligrip. You walk into your lesson and are welcomed with a hearty handshake and are instructed to take a seat on the rustic piano bench to begin your scales. This version of a musical education might suffice for some people and for all intents and purposes, it works just fine. However, sometimes what gets forgotten is that particular scenario can often send students running for their lives for fear of Mozart and vocal arpeggios.

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Parents, Should You Monitor Your Kids’ Listening Habits?

It looks like “Blurred Lines”, the smash hit by Robin Thicke, is set to be 2013′s song of the summer. With a great beat and catchy hooks, “Blurred Lines” is the song to get a dance party started. However, “Blurred Lines” has also started some debate with its sexually-charged lyrics and NSFW music video. No matter where you stand on the controversy surrounding Robin Thicke, one thing is certain about today’s most popular music.

Lyrical content is increasingly explicit when it comes to sex, drugs, and violence. Additionally, artists’ wild behavior is under closer watch than ever thanks to Twitter and gossip blogs. As a parent, how do you guide and encourage your musically inclined children when the content of their favorite songs may not jive with your values? Read more

3 Must-Try Summer Music Activities for Kids

“What are we going to do today?” “I’m bored.” “There’s nothing to do.” Does this sound familiar?

When school lets out kids often don’t know what to do with their free time, and they might start spending a lot of it complaining to you. Getting children involved in creative activities will get them excited and energized, and you’ll get some of your sanity back! Summer music activities for kids are a great way to keep little ones busy, learning, and having fun through the long, hot days. Here are 3 of our favorites… Read more