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Top 5 Piano Lesson Books for Adults

Piano Lessons

Have you been thinking about taking piano lessons, but aren’t sure where to begin as an adult? No problem! Learning musical theory and practice as an adult just means that you’re more likely to be a dedicated, intelligent student!

Learning with the help of piano lesson books is an ideal way to get comfortable with your new instrument and grasp the basics of musical theory. Once you have covered the basics, you can work with a specialized, private piano teacher to enhance your skills!

The following piano lesson books are the most highly rated among adult learners:

Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Piano Course

The Alfred’s collection of piano books is one of the most popular among adult students because it’s easy and enjoyable to use. Each section covers a piano lesson, musical theory, and technical information about the elements of music and the piano itself. This is the most highly recommended adult piano book on the market right now!

John Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course

Thompson’s Easiest Piano Course is not an overstatement: this series of piano lessons is perfect for beginners. Thompson introduces each note in his book one at a time and reinforces his lessons with colorful illustrations and characters. This lesson book, complete with writing and reading assignments, is a great supplemental resource when working with a professional teacher one-on-one.

The Classic Piano Course Book

Written as a series of piano lesson books, the Classic Piano Course Book starts at the beginning with notes, names, pitches and keys. From the first book in this series, you’ll be guided carefully through the practical exercises, as well as theoretical learning. Beautiful classical songs, like “Swan Lake” and “Fur Elise” are included, which will motivate you to complete the lesson! There’s no better feeling than achieving the ability to play a beautiful piece of music. Understanding classical music fundamentals will also help you to play different genres of piano music, and a piano teacher will be able to show you exactly how these principles apply.

Bastien Piano for Adults

The Bastien Piano for Adults lesson book was truly designed with adult learners in mind. Not only does the sample music include songs from all kinds of musical genres and eras — jazz, blues, folk, ragtime and classical — but the lessons are more progressive than children’s versions, at least in terms of musical theory. In addition to the text, the Bastien book includes a CD accompaniment to the lessons. The CD will help you gauge your understanding of tempo and timing, but it still can’t replace the private teacher’s pinpointed guidance.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Musical Theory

Don’t be embarrassed by the title — The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Musical Theory will help you complete your learning experience! A lot of adults worry that they have no musical affinity or natural talent. Is that how you feel? Then this book is most definitely for you! This guide is not specific to piano, but it will help you on your journey to understanding the theory behind all music, from the piano to vocals. Confusing theories are explained as simply as possible, which will help you on your way to being a virtuoso in no time. Musical theory can seem very complicated to the untrained student, so you should never hesitate to seek out the professional guidance of a music teacher.

With the right piano lesson books in hand, you can really tackle your new instrument with gusto! Once you feel more confident at the keys, you will benefit the most from learning with a good teacher. TakeLessons piano tutors can help you find the right person to help with any questions or struggles you experience on the piano, as well as suggest new course books to enhance your learning even further.

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