How to Write a Pop Song in 4 Easy Steps

Anyone who is interested in, or has a friend, child or relative who is interested in, becoming a singer, the message of this post is meant for you.  The musical scene of today would make it seem like becoming a pop star is as easy as queueing up and simply claiming your 15 minutes of fame in front of a panel of celebrity judges.  While this formula works for a handful of performers out of millions of contestants each year, the fact of the matter is that most of the final contestants have a fair amount of musical training in their background. Read more

Teacher Spotlight: Comedy Music on Life, Love, and Unicorns

Combining comedy with music can be a tricky art. If you do it right, however, you wind up with a tune that’s both catchy and hilarious. New York teacher Jessica D. works in the comedy music genre, crafting songs that showcase both her musical chops and her sharp sense of humor. We had a chance to pick Jessica’s brain about her influences, booking gigs in New York, and some exciting projects she has coming up. Check out our exclusive interview with Jessica…

Teacher Spotlight: Buying Socks For The King Of Pop

Michael JacksonDreaming of a career in the music industry? Whether you’re interested in recording, performing, promoting, or some other career path, it’s often all about your network – which sometimes means taking odd jobs along the way, just for the experience. Read on for Winston Salem guitar teacher Rob D.‘s story…


I would guess that most people who graduate from college with a music degree have an image in the back of their mind. They may see themselves on stage, singing in front of thousands of people. Or maybe they imagine writing that hit song that gets on the radio, or working on those hit songs in the studio with some of the world’s biggest artists.

In my case, one of these aspirations actually came true, but not nearly in the way I had imagined it would. Right after college, I moved to Los Angeles and started looking for my first job in a recording studio. Since I was one of the few people knocking on the door with a degree in music production and engineering, I had no problem landing a position at one of the major studios in Hollywood.

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Nail Your Audition for X Factor and More

Do you think you have what it takes to be America’s next big singing sensation? With shows like The Voice, The X Factor and American Idol holding their open castings, you might be thinking about grabbing that microphone and sharing your talent with the world. As you prepare for your audition day, take some tips from expert TakeLessons certified vocal instructors to make sure that you really shine on camera! Read more

Finding Your Musical Passion

guitar booksMusic has a way of impacting us to our very core – no matter if you’re listening to it, playing an instrument or singing. Cultivating that passion will help you go far in your music lessons. Read on as Mesa, AZ teacher Karen R. explains…


My musical passion was ignited as a little child because I was raised in a musical family where I was surrounded by music. My parents, sisters, and I were singers and instrumentalists. Through private music lessons, musical ensemble, and group experiences, I learned to sing and play instruments well. I latched on to music as a child because it gave me joy, hope, inspiration, self-esteem, delight, and enjoyment, especially during difficult circumstances. It became my flotation device in hard times. Through music, I could escape into a world of beauty and joy.  I have seen “The Sound of Music” innumerable times, because it captures the truth of how music powerfully transforms lives by creating joy, encouragement, and healing. Therefore, it is important that we, as musicians and music teachers, not only find our passion for music, but develop and sustain it.

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Music To Money [Infographic]

Forget the “starving artist” cliche – with the right skills and network, it is possible to make money in the music industry! Whether you want to write your own compositions or get the party started as a DJ, there are tons of career options to consider. A strong music background can help, no matter what your preferred instrument is – so signing up with a private instructor for guitar, piano or singing lessons, for example, can give you a great head start.

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Getting Started with Composing for Films

film composersLearning how to read and write music can open up tons of possible pathways for music careers, including composing for films. Read on for some helpful advice from Linden, NJ piano teacher Richard D




Have you ever found yourself listening to your iPod or stereo, and felt like the music was perfect for whatever you were doing in that moment?  Sometimes, when I’m walking to the store or heading to work while listening to music, the song plays with my imagination and emotions, almost as if I’m in a music video or a movie. Maybe I just have an overactive imagination, but this is the power that music has over us. We can feel the emotions that the piece is expressing. If you’ve ever wanted to be a film composer, I have a few tips that I’d love to share with you.

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