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What Great Writers Can Learn From Children’s Books

Most experts agree: when you’re learning how to write, reading as much as possible should be part of your daily life. And that means reading everything! Here, New Milford, NJ teacher Matthew H. explains what you can even learn from your favorite childhood books…   Children’s books are normally our first introduction to reading and writing. As kids, [...]

Where to Find the Best of Hip Hop in NYC

New York, New York is prolific for many reasons, boasting only the best in art, food, fashion, and more. Music is especially influential in NYC, and just about every genre can be found represented at the various theaters, arenas, hole-in-the-wall dive bars, and everything in between. Hip hop in particular is a popular genre all [...]

Is it Unethical to Have a Piano With Ivory Keys?

The piano is, by nature, unethical, discuss. For students in music programs or conservatories, this is a common essay prompt you’ll come across. But academic thoughts aside, it’s an issue worth thinking about for any piano player. Pianos pre-dating the 1950s are inexorably linked with the universally distasteful business of hunting for the purposes of [...]

Makeup Artist Tips for a Pristine, Luminous Complexion

Want to have a clear, luminous complexion? Learn the tricks of the trade with these makeup artist tips from NYC-based Rudy M…   As a makeup artist, having the technical ability to create a balance, even complexion is a must. Skin is the “foundation” fundamental for every makeup look that is created. Here are some easy tips [...]

Crafting Piano Scores | 3 Tips to Get Started

Want to learn about writing your own piano scores? Find out how to get started in this guest post by New Paltz, NY teacher Cheryl E…   Being a pianist comes in very handy–and not just at family holiday parties when your in-laws are bellowing “Deck The Halls” in your ear as you try to keep [...]