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9 Proven Language-Learning Tips Just for Summer

We get it — summertime often means vacations where you’ll be out of your regular routine, and maybe even taking a break from your classes or lessons. Here, Spanish tutor Joan B. offers some tips for avoiding the dreaded learning loss, while still enjoying your summer…   Practice makes perfect, and language skills are no exception. […]

The SIELE: Here’s What You Need to Know | Spanish Proficiency Test

Aspiring expats, you’ll want to read this! If you’re interested in someday working or studying in a Hispanic country, you may need to take a new Spanish proficiency test called the SIELE. Learn more about it in this guest post from Matthew at Listen & Learn…   The Instituto Cervantes, a globally recognized non-profit organization created by […]

Are Genetics the Key to Language Learning?

Genetics can determine your physical appearance, your health outlook, and even some of your personality traits. And now, new research is confirming that your ability to learn a second language may also be predetermined. The newest study, from the University of Washington, followed Chinese international students taking a 3-week English immersion course. The researchers took brain scans […]