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How to Sing While Breaking a Sweat: Tips for Triple Threats

John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, and Catherine Zeta-Jones are just a few of the Hollywood celebrities known for being “triple threats”–skilled in singing, dancing, and acting. Here, Corona, CA teacher Milton J. shares his tips for reaching their superstar status…   So you’ve decided to take vocal lessons to learn how to sing better, but the buck doesn’t just [...]

7 Tips to Master Staccato on the Piano

As you learn how to play piano notes, chords, scales, and songs, at some point you’ll come across the term “staccato.” What exactly does it mean, and how do you play it? Read on as New Paltz, NY teacher Cheryl E. shares her helpful tips…    Mastering staccato on the piano can be extremely beneficial, not only [...]

5 Fascinating Examples of Unexpected Beauty in Math

If the idea of sitting down to study math makes you grumble, you’re not alone. But have you ever thought about how beautiful math can actually be? Math is all around us–in nature, in architecture, and even in music–and exploring these sides of the subject can make it much more interesting! Here are a few ways that mathematics [...]

5 Things We Love About The New Children’s Museum

Looking for a exciting family activity this weekend? The New Children’s Museum (NCM) in San Diego is a great spot to take your children for a daytime outing that is both fun and educational. Located at 200 West Avenue in the Gaslamp district of downtown San Diego, this museum is open every day except for [...]

Singing Tips: How to Sing Into a Microphone

As a vocalist, there are many core techniques to learn in order to excel at your craft. From proper breathing and support to tone, range, and pitch, mastering the art of singing takes practice and dedication. One of the singing tips that is frequently overlooked is microphone technique. All of your hard work can be [...]

5 Swing Dance Trivia Tidbits You May Not Have Known

For almost a century, swing dancing has attracted enthusiastic, carefree, and highly musical people from all walks of life. If you love its unrestrained movements and nostalgic charm, here are five interesting facts to know before you hit the dance floor. 1. Swing dance goes by many names Swing belongs to the jazz school of [...]