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25 MORE Spanish Writing Prompts for Beginners

A while back, Spanish tutor Joan B. shared a list of easy writing prompts for practicing Spanish. Readers loved these, so we’re back with even MORE Spanish writing prompts to try!    Writing in Spanish is not only an essential skill on its own; practicing writing will also improve your vocabulary, increase your understanding of grammar concepts, and […]

50 Best Audition Songs for Musical Theater

Looking for recommendations for musical theater audition songs that are sure to impress? Take a look at this list from voice teacher Liz T…   So you have a musical theater audition coming up and you’re panicking about what song to sing? Have no fear, the list is here! In this article, I’ve compiled some of […]

The 25 Best Karaoke Songs for Women With a Twist

Want to be the star of your next karaoke night? We’ve got you covered. In this article, voice teacher Elaina R. shares 25 recommendations for karaoke songs for women — and a twist that makes them work so well…   Have you ever noticed that guys like Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, and Adam Levine sing so high that barely […]

9 Must-Read Tips for Singing High Notes

Looking for the best tips on how to sing high notes? Check out this helpful article by voice teacher Tristan P…   Do you struggle with singing high notes? You’re not alone! It’s something that most singers need to practice, especially if you’re just starting out. If you’re ready to take your singing beyond karaoke night, […]

15 MORE of the Best Tutor-Approved Spanish Apps

We’ve reviewed some of the most popular language apps out there — but there’s always more to talk about! Read on as tutor Breeana D. shares her recommendations for 15 MORE of the best Spanish learning apps to check out…   These days, it’s easier than ever to learn Spanish. When you’re not getting conversation practice […]

8 Places to Visit in France Outside Paris

Are you planning a vacation to France? French teacher, Carol Beth L. shares eight wonderful places to visit in France outside of Paris… Chances are the “City of Light” is one of the top places to visit on your travel itinerary. Visiting Paris, however, doesn’t mean you’ve seen all that France has to offer by a long shot. […]

50 Fascinating Facts About the Spanish Language [Infographic]

Calling all linguaphiles, trivia buffs, students, teachers, and world travelers — you probably already know that a country’s language carries many clues about its history, culture, and values. Understanding the intricacies can often make it easier to learn a language, also, since you’ll likely recognize patterns, or how certain language relate to each other. The Spanish language […]

12 Things I Learned After Moving to Mexico | An Expat’s Take

Want to learn Spanish fast? Moving to a Spanish-speaking country is a great way to immerse yourself in the culture and fast-track your language-learning experience. While Spain is known for its beauty — and the Spanish culture is certainly exciting — don’t forget about Mexico as an option! Living in Mexico can be a fantastic […]

5 Talented Singers You Can Learn From in 2016

Ready to make 2016 your best year yet? Many vocalists stood out last year, and looking at their strategies and success stories can be a great source of inspiration — especially if you want to be famous someday! Read on as voice teacher Molly R. shares her thoughts…    2015 was a stellar year for […]