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5 San Francisco Concerts That Changed Music Forever

The history of live music in the United States is rich with groundbreaking discoveries of artistic potential, inspiring stories of artists overcoming opposition, and the innovation of new musical styles and genres. Coastal cities, particularly, have been the birthplace and incubator for many distinctively American genres, ever since the jazz era. Along with the important [...]

Beginner Basics: Steps for Buying a Violin

Your first violin purchase might seem rather daunting. If you haven’t purchased a string instrument before, you may not be familiar with the different makers or size ranges. A good violin is an investment, which means that a bit of research may be required beforehand. Buying a violin will be a purchase that will bring [...]

Planning a Party or Event? How to Find San Diego Bands for Hire

Looking for the perfect San Diego bands for hire, so you have some great options for your upcoming event? Great! Here are some ways to connect with the one that will suit the occasion best – be it for a school dance, wedding, party, bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah, quinceañera, or any type of celebration: [...]

6 Drum Techniques to Take You to the Next Level

A typical goal for any musician, whatever your proficiency level, is to make it to the next level with your instrument.  Drums and percussion are the foundation of most bands and ensembles, so the skills you possess can benefit the whole group.  Keeping the rhythm and adding a unique element is the goal for drummers. [...]

An Actor’s Life: Your Career Path to New York Shows

If you’re an aspiring Broadway performer, the steps you take during high school play a significant role in your success on the stages of New York shows in the future. Sure, you sometimes hear stories of people who book amazing lead roles in shows after a single audition, but that’s not a realistic view of how [...]

5 Best Drum Books for Beginners

Learning to play the drums is not something you can do in a single day or a single lesson. Drumming is an art form, in many ways, and it takes time to develop. Beginner drummers can get frustrated easily, but stick with it and you’ll be playing the drums (and playing them well!) sooner than [...]

Drums for Kids: What Should You Do if Your Child Wants to Quit?

Parents, you know that your child’s likes, dislikes, and interests can change at the drop of a hat. Maybe your toddler started by banging on your pots and pans on the kitchen floor, and went on to develop a strong affinity to rhythm-making in the years that followed – so much so that you took [...]

Our 8 Best Tips for Effective Drum Practice

What’s more important: the amount of drum practice you do, or the quality of the  practice? Although you might be tempted to lock yourself in your room for a week to goof around on the drums, studies have shown that the amount of practice isn’t always an indicator of outstanding drumming performance. Rather, drummers who [...]