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Seven Easy Jazz Guitar Songs for Beginners

Interested in jazz but not sure where to begin? Jazz has a long history and a wide variety of subgenres — it’s easy to get lost in it all! Here, guitar teacher Dylan P. shows you seven easy jazz guitar songs to get you started…   Jazz music can sound very complicated, to say the […]

17 Useful French Expressions for Talking About Your Feelings

Quick — how do you feel right now? Wouldn’t it be fun to say that in French? In this article by French tutor Roman N., you’ll learn how to express your feelings in French, no matter what the situation…   The French are very expressive people and they use a great number of interesting phrases to make their feelings […]

5 Essential Classical Guitar Exercises to Tone Your Left Hand

  Earlier, we took a look at how to develop your right hand for classical guitar. In this article, guitar teacher Raymond L. will add to the balance by teaching you exercises for the left hand…   The classical guitar repertoire covers more scales and arpeggios than any other technical skill. Therefore, I consider it important for […]

Halloween in France: French Vocabulary and Traditions for Halloween

Have you gotten your costume and spooky playlist ready for Halloween yet? How about your French vocabulary? In this article, teacher Annie A. gives you a lesson in French Halloween history and teaches you 10 words you’ll want to use this October… The History of Halloween in France Did you know the French didn’t begin celebrating Halloween until sometime […]

Flirting in French: 25 Head-Turning Phrases You Need To Know

Looking for amour? Tutor Emmanuel N. shares 25 phrases for flirting in French… French, among a few other languages, is known to be beautiful, romantic, and poetic. People adore the way French sounds and would love to speak the language of love to the person of their interest. Because French is such a romantic language, […]

11 Annoying Things People Say to Female Guitarists

Female guitarists rock just as hard, if not harder than some men, yet the things people say to us sound like they’re straight from the 1950s! Ladies, women, and girls, here are 11 of the most annoying things I’ve heard in my years of playing guitar. Maybe a few will sound familiar to you too? […]