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Test Your Piano Trivia Knowledge! [Infographic]

Think you’re a piano know-it-all? Whether you’re an ace at knowing famous piano composers or a viral piano video connoisseur, I bet you don’t know all the crazy facts on this piano trivia infographic! Whether you love classical, jazz, or pop, the piano is a versatile instrument that can do it all. If you’ve always wanted [...]

10 Piano Covers That Are (Almost) Better Than the Originals

When most people look at the piano, they’re reminded of classical music written hundreds of years ago. However, the piano is a much more versatile instrument, and these modern covers of pop songs on piano prove it! These 10 covers show off the wide range of genres and styles of music that you can learn [...]

5 Awe-Inspiring Kids Playing Piano

Whether playing Mozart or the Muppets, or even “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, nothing beats the joy on a child’s face when they’ve conquered a new song! No doubt you’ve seen or heard video clips of children showing off their talents on the keys, and it’s pretty inspiring to see. A quick search on YouTube [...]

No More Sticky Piano Keys! | How to Clean Piano Keys

Ever get “in the zone” when you’re playing piano? Your fingers glide effortlessly across the keys and you feel like the music is a gentle breeze that blows through you. Suddenly, you hit a sticky key and the moment crumbles around you. Sticky piano keys can be a real pain in the butt, but with [...]

10 Simple Ways to Transform Yourself for the Better

September is Self-Improvement Month, but why put off working on yourself until next September 1st? You can start your own month of radical self-improvement whenever you want! Here are 10 things you can do to make a positive, lasting change in your life. Try working toward at least one of these things every day for [...]

You Will Love This Mesmerizing Marching Band

What’s up with the terms “band geek,” “band nerd,” and “bando”? From what we can see in this video, marching band is pretty cool. Watch as the Ohio State Marching Band plays a medley of popular TV theme songs and transforms from a surfer for Hawaii Five-0 to a smoking dragon for Game of Thrones. [...]

The Anatomy of a Hit Pop Song [Infographic]

When you’re learning how to write a song, looking at how other songs are structured can be a great place to start. Like looking at a map before you go on a roadtrip, checking out the basic elements of songs you love gives you a sense of how they were written and what you need [...]

11 Super Relatable Whisper Posts About Music

Have you ever wondered if someone out there loves music as much as you? Check out these posts from anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper. Do any of these secrets sound like the story of your life? 1. 2. 3.   4.   5.   6.     7. 8. 9. 10.     11. What do [...]