The journey to becoming an aspiring physician

Scholarship Entrant: D’Angelo from Brooklyn, NY
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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If one was to ask close relatives and friends of mine about my leadership roles, the first thing they would talk about is my positive perception towards school. Since elementary school, I have been dedicated toward getting the educational skills and knowledge I need for my future endeavors. Whenever I step foot into a classroom, I give my teachers 110% of my attention and efforts. Many students at school believe just simply passing a course matter. I get upset whenever hearing this. My motto towards school is achieving at least a 100% in all subject areas. This motto of mine is ironic due to my love and dedication of mathematics.
It felt great to be a leader at my high school ranking among the top 5% of my graduating class. This is so because I am one of a few individuals of the African American race at my high school to achieve this. I feel proud of this continuing role, in college, whenever people tell me, “You are the smartest black guy I know.” This quote I hear from new and current friends keeps my hopes and ambitions going strong.
One aspect of life I have learned as a leader in my community is to overcome mistakes. As a young child, I made many mistakes I now regret having done such as disobeying my parents and teachers. The encouraging words and the traditional Christian values of my family members, close friends, and teachers eventually drove me off course this dangerous road. These important people’s engagement of living an exemplary life encouraged and continues to encourage me to become a well rounded individual every day. I promise myself every single day that I will do whatever it takes to be a God fearing child, and to always have my mind frame focused on the wall of my family’s teachings.
When waking up every morning, I vow to myself to show leadership wherever I go and in whatever I do. Besides school, I am also a leader at home. I do this by setting an example for my brother and showing my parents I am ready to catch the adult football whenever it’s thrown my way. Helping my brother with his homework and teaching him to never fail without trying as a teenager keeps his motivations up. Whenever I do these amazing things for him, it doesn’t only benefit him but improves my character as well. Being a leader is absolutely not difficult. One does not need a throne, a crown or even lots of money. All one needs is dedication, ambition, and drive. I dedicate myself to these three powerful words to reign stronger within my life during my college experiences and beyond.
I am currently a work-study student for the Head of the Biology Department. I started working during the spring semester of my freshman year at St. Francis College. The work I am assigned to varies each day. On occasion, I would do errands such as making copies and picking up and organizing office supplies. On other occasions, I assist Dr. Nolan in researching biological articles and case studies for her Biology classes and for lectures she performs outside St. Francis College. I enjoy engaging in all these tasks but the one I enjoy the most is grading quizzes.
In addition to working with Dr. Nolan, I also assist another Biology professor by the name of Professor Braun. Whenever I work for Professor Braun, he usually assigns me to grade quizzes. Two quizzes I will never forget grading for him are an Anatomy and Physiology quiz on the hormones of the body and another on the circulation of blood to and from the heart. Grading sixty quizzes on the hormones of the body at the end of the day was exhausting but beneficial. This is so because a couple of weeks after grading the quizzes, the same topic was covered in my General Biology course. I was very happy because I knew all the hormones discussed during the lecture. This ironically helped me to do excellent on a quiz on hormones the following lecture.
The circulation of blood to and from the heart quiz, similar to the Anatomy and Physiology quiz on hormones, makes me have the confidence I need to know the flow of blood to and from the heart. Grading this quiz helped me to do well on two quizzes, an oral one from Dr. Nolan and a written one from my General Biology course, a short answer response on my second General Biology test and also answering questions about the heart in Biology lab.
I am gratefully for this opportunity given to me by Dr. Nolan. It is nice doing something I am passionate about, helping others, and also receiving the same service and gratitude back in return. This environment is very similar to the one I will be around as a Physician in the future.
My future profession is to become a physician in the medical field. This is a great profession match for me because it involves a wide variety of science and mathematics; two subjects I love and look forward to in life. Throughout my entire educational career, I have been exposed to a lot of science and mathematical materials. Recognized as a role model at school for my attitude towards getting good grades and my peers, I always try to the best of my abilities, working hard every day. As a responsible young adult, I am keeping other options open when it comes to achieving my academic and career goals. Becoming a doctor is one of many options available in the growing medical field of today’s society and the future. Being a Chemistry major and a Public Health minor at St. Francis College also keeps my options open as well when it comes to choosing other professions in the medical field. These two clashes will inevitably change my perception in the career and/or careers I will like to pursue in the medical field in which the majority of them have similar paths.

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