Writing to Change Lives

Scholarship Entrant: Sabra from 211 Greensville Avenue, VA
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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Hello, I’m a college Sophomore at Southside Community College. I was accepted into Longwood, but couldn’t make tuition unless I pulled out a bunch of loans. I knew I wouldn’t be able to cover them later so I decided I’d transfer down later.

My dream is to continue my writings. I love to write and make people happy and I really want to publish a series, fictional, to help people in school get over discrimination and bullying, something I struggled with a lot in middle school. There are so many minds and worlds you can open up with vivid words and emotional tales. I just need some more structural training. I have tons of stories in my mind to be unraveled. I just need the help getting them out.

Now as far as what I would do if I were to be awarded this scholarship, I’m glad I did decide to go to Southside this year and transfer later though… because a month ago my father went into the hospital after having a Basal Ganglia stroke and he hasn’t woken up. Now as my mother has to be at the hospital with my father I have to help with my brother, doing my classes online.

The reason I want this scholarship is because the more money I can pay to my school through another means than my pocket the more I can use to help my family try and stay stable and as normal as it can possibly can be in this time of need.

My father was our means of income because he didn’t want me to get a job with college/high school and my mother had to stay home to care for him most nights because he has a seizure condition. There is still a chance he can wake up and if that ever comes to be I want him to have nothing to worry about. If I could get this scholarship, pay for college (which he very much wanted me to be able to do), and help my family out in the process it would be amazing. Thank you for your consideration.

Vote for Sabra: 3

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