Shoot for the Stars

Scholarship Entrant: Anna Marie from Norman, Oklahoma
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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As a student at the University of Oklahoma I have many choices as to what major and life path I choose. As a Chemical Engineering major I have a realm of unlimited careers available to me upon graduation. As a Chemical Engineer with an emphasis on Biomedical Engineering I have the education and opportunity to change the world. As you know, chemical engineering is a degree in the coveted field of engineering but is an anomaly in that it opens a myriad of doors and opportunities. With this degree, one can work in industry, academia, or research much like any science or engineering related degree. But, with chemical, the types of jobs and careers are limitless. One can work as a consultant, scientist, developer, analyst, creator and more. This type of diversity is why I chose Chemical Engineering. In this ever changing world, I do not desire to have one set career. I long to be whatever the world or career field needs me to be while still obtaining my dreams. With a biomedical emphasis one can work in the medical industry, research, or academic areas to directly improve the condition of human life and health. With my degree, I aim to change the world drastically. I long to find a cure, create a vaccine, or unearth a discovery that will directly improve the health of our society. These dreams may seem vague or overly ambitious but that is exactly why I keep them as such. An old wives tale states, “Shoot for the stars, you might miss and hit the moon”. With my degree in Chemical Engineering: Pre Biomedical I aim to shoot for the stars. I desire to spend my life researching and developing medicines, technology, and innovations to cure common genetic illnesses. I firmly believe that with diligence and determination a cure for genetically linked disorders such as Cystic Fibrosis, Down Syndrome, and Celiac Disease can be contrived. The cure for such diseases lies in researching and understanding which genes are mutated to cause these defects and then finding a preventative treatment to correct the anomaly. I long to dedicate my life and work to researching these genetic mutations and techniques of prevention. With copious dreams and tenacious aspirations I will one day change the world the better. Igor Sikorsky once said, “The work of an individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward.” With my life and work I long to leave a spark worth following. With my degree in Chemical Engineering: Pre Biomedical I yearn to change the world and improve the lives of those around me.

Vote for Anna Marie: 30

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