“No Regrets” by Nathaniel Williams

Scholarship Entrant: Nathaniel from Benton Harbor, MI
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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At 3 years old, I was a toddler who knew any and every song played on the radio, word for word. My dad was stuck in a 80s time capsule, listening to artist like S.O.S. Band, Loose Ends, and Cameo and the old soul was instilled in me. Through my years of elementary, my closest relatives always told me that I had the voice of someone who deserved to be successful. That same inspiration also caused pressure and made me nervous to perform those same talents in front of crowds. There were always kids in my school who loved to rap and I was one who loved to make the beats for them. The table, desk, and heater provided the sound and it didn’t matter as long as it had the bass. The first beat I learned was Aaliyah’s “One In A Million.
Sound has always driven me to escape from a poverty driven community. A CD player and headphones were my true best friends. Not to be mistaken, I was very social. I played multiple sports and my parents kept me in leadership programs and community service from a young adolescent to my last years of high school. Conversations with friends and family always included who’s album was out, who’s was the best and what kind of mixed CD we made with their singles or even album fillers. They were sometimes the most important because the singles we may have hated and often wondered why they didn’t release the right songs. Call us young A&Rs I guess.
After graduation, I moved to Kalamazoo, MI where my cousin was already working on music and had a pretty good makeshift studio to produce beats, record and mix down or creations. He taught me everything he knew and gave me the resources to do the same at my apartment. I had friends back home who were also working on music and we collaborated from miles away, not knowing at all how we would be discovered. In 2009, I moved to Atlanta with opens that it was room for a rapper/singer/producer/engineer from Benton Harbor, MI in the industry.
In the 26 years of my life I’ve become a radio personality, DJ, promoter, and self proclaimed A&R with the same but stronger hopes to change sound forever but now behind the boards. In October I plan to further my education at Art Institute Of Atlanta for audio production. To further a career in mixing and mastering sounds and music for the most successful artists. Maybe even running sound on Broadway in NY or even the Atlanta Hawks Arena. My dreams are limitless and will be conquered before I leave this earth with a legacy that will be remembered as one the greatest moguls, musicians and philosophers to walk the planet. Hopefully!!! Thanks for your time and consideration.

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