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Scholarship Entrant: Ashley from Lima, Nebraska
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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What I love most is making music and finding talent, so if I was blessed to become a successful Music Producer I would make over $1 million a year if I had the right guidance that I’m praying I get from Full Sail University, Full Sail has all the tools I will need to learn to run my studio and they have a program to help me with my career once I graduate. Making that much I would be able to conquer all my dreams, from helping my people in Ohio where I’m from with opening affordable daycares and recreational buildings to start a dance team and band team that would learn how to dance, or play their instruments of choice, and perform during the St. Patrick’s Day parade in March. I would give my people jobs and have second chance programs for felons to find jobs. Then I would open a music studio there and branch off in the west and eastern states to help talent be able to reach someone to help them be heard. I don’t really understand why record labels are only in certain parts of America when talent is in the whole country. My record label would be very diverse so we would invite all genres of talent to apply. I would then give back to my country by having huge music contests in the northern and southern part of the country for $50,000 scholarships. I also always want to stand up for battered women and infants somehow, and I know a lot of women that have mistreated their infants or children and it pains me how the innocent children can’t stand up for themselves and the government thinks it’s best for the child to stay with their parent when they have black eyes, or are malnutrition, or even over dosed with medicine to where they can’t even stand straight, Some people aren’t able to have kids and then these people with the blessing of having such beautiful miracles in their life just abuse it and I don’t feel like we are fighting hard enough for them or the mothers who are afraid to speak up because they know we won’t protect them from him or her. These are just the small things of my plans in life, my biggest way that I want to change the world is by making music that changes the way our kids will think instead of money, clothes, drugs, and sex I want them to know they are beautiful, smart, and important no matter what anyone says. Some people turn to music for therapy and I want to be that for the world when a lady feels lonely, or ugly, or unfit, or when a man feels less of a man that’s how I want to change the world.

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