To Love The World

Scholarship Entrant: Angela from Lompoc, CA
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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They are sometimes hated, scrutinized online over actions video taped incompletely and without all information, but they would lay down their life for you without hesitation. They are the police. As a toddler I would put on my grandfathers old “motors” helmet, get on my tri-cycle, and circle the livingroom and backyard as soon as the “Bad Boys” theme song came on “arresting” people. As a teen I would get a taste of the “dark side”, the evil that does lurk behind the scenes these brave men and women try so valiantly to hide from most of the population. In my early twenties I would explore this career opportunity from the front lines knowing police officers personally, and going on many a ride along on a dark night. Even in the worst of times I have never had a doubt of where God wants me to be.
Nevertheless, and without blaming failure on circumstances, growing up in poverty and becoming a single mother has put this dream on the back burner. That’s true no more, I am going back to school full time, I will put my pride aside and take assistance I qualify for. There’s nothing I would not endure to be in that arena, because I have a gift to give the world. I am a person who runs in where others are running out, its a gift and a curse. I see beauty and hope in the hopeless. I stand up for the weak, I know what its like to suffer and believe anyone has potential to turn their life around. As the clock ticks on this public computer I am using, I leave you with this, I can’t change the world. However in my future career, as they say, the number of lives I can touch in a positive way I will never truly know. Help give power to the ones who are in it for the right reasons, evil will not prevail, not on my watch.

Vote for Angela: 31

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