Teaching to Impact the world

Scholarship Entrant: Elijah from Lake Park, Ga
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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Teaching comes natural to some and for others it’s just a job, or a way to receive benefits.Not for me teaching is something that I really care about. I want to become a teacher to change the way that students look at teachers. As did you text her at my church I hear students talking about teachers who don’t care about them for teachers who just teaching for the money and how some teachers competition because of who you date new and not because of the educational background. I want students to know that they are some people who is out there trying to change the world by impact and students. I was one of the students who had a teacher who didn’t care about the way the student learns don’t care how the student learns. As a teacher you have to have a positive attitude about the outlook of a student, some teachers already have an ideal just stop by the way a student’s look or just about by the way a student appears to be in the classroom but if we don’t take the time to know our students or learn about a student and learn why he is acting to wait at that we would never reach him in if we don’t we chill we can reach his school because we are leaders and we are supposed to help them. In schools teachers hear what others say about a student. They take the assumption and run with it instead of trying to reach out and be there for the students. I want students to be able to feel what they are learning and making learning a fun experience. We you show someone that you care, their eyes open and they began to care. Teachers never know who they are teaching, it might be the next president, movie star, congressmen, Manager of a Fast food company, or millionaire; we never know, we need to teach the to impact the world and not impact our pockets. I had a teacher who never gave up on me, and i want to show students that there are more teachers at their that’s teaching with a passion.

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