My fashion passion

Scholarship Entrant: Madeline from Savannah, GA
Essay Question: If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world? Describe the specific goals you would set to make that dream a reality.
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My Fashion Passion

When I hear the word fashion, I think of innovation, creativity, inspiration, and imagination. I think of how it impacts my life and how being fashionable makes me feel inside. I can take me true natured feelings of emotion and put them into my fashion drawings and designs and create a masterpiece. I love to vision myself moving towards the top of success at Seventeen or Interview and putting my talent to the test.
I have been fascinated with fashion design since I was six years old. My addiction to watching Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model was like a mouse with its obsession with cheese. I always tried on my mother’s dresses and heels and would “strut” my stuff down the hallway. My inspiration has always come from the famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. I have loved her work and her story ever since I can remember hearing about her for the first time. I’ve always dreamt of creating my own clothes with the very same threads and fabrics as any other designer. My imagination has grown from not just to loving fashion but creating it.
In my whole entire lifetime, I have had the pleasure of being a model and a designer in several fashion shows. I was a model for a close friend of mine for a local show in Savannah. It was nerve racking but a great experience for me to have. Then in my senior year, I was a fashion designer for my school fashion show, which is known nationally across the United States as “Junk2Funk.” It was the most thrilling and remarkable experiences of all my life. I had to create three garments representing koi fish with using natural materials and not fabrics. It required a great deal of creativity and time but it was completely worth every minute.
For my future career, I would like to include not only fashion but also photography. Together, they create a great combination of creation and vision of point of view. I am currently majoring in photography at Jacksonville University to proceed to transfer later. I would like to transfer to the Fashion Institute of Technology and major in fashion merchandising and minor in photography. Now you may wonder what the difference between fashion designing and merchandising it’s creating and selling. Merchandising you sell and arrange clothing for a specific event or corporation. Design you build and invent you’re own creations and bring them to life.
So from age six until now I have grown to become the “fashionista” that I am today and I’m still learning new concepts everyday. I have learned patterns, concepts, and so many inspirational figures that I can’t wait to see myself succeeding in New York City and working for Seventeen or Interview magazine. I’m going to be in the big city and I’m going to put my tools to the test.

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